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  1. Vorticity

    WTF did they do to this J/125!?

    So what in SA’s “collective wisdom” is an appropriate amount to pay for this particular J/125? I’m tempted (double handed day sailing, weekending, occasional beer can and around the bay type racing) but as detailed here, this boat has issues, the 8 foot draft is constraining, and it’s a LONG way from home (NE) at the moment.
  2. Vorticity

    Dick Carter design boats

    We attended Dick’s presentation at the Falmouth (Ma) library yesterday. Sandy Weld in audience as well. Dick mostly covered highlights from his book. Fun that his earliest sailing experiences (northern end of Buzzards Bay) is where we sail now. One anicdote from the Q&A session - in response to a question involving learning from one’s mistakes, Dick said his biggest failures were in navigation - sailing to the wrong mark because he didn’t read the SI’s carefully. Been there, done that.
  3. Vorticity

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    Exactly why I dream of an after market lifting keel system. Restricted draft in our harbor (off Buzzards Bay) has certainly capped my searches of used boat listings.
  4. Vorticity


    For those of you into sea ice forecasting, here's a useful site based on satellite microwave observations: https://seaice.uni-bremen.de/sea-ice-concentration/ The NW passage is still socked in, but melting fast. The other way around is almost open now, but might run afoul of the Russian "toll booth" for passage through their waters.
  5. Vorticity

    Hard dinghy oars & oarlocks - what works best?

    Shaw and Tenney paddles and oars in Orono, Maine. https://www.shawandtenney.com/
  6. Vorticity

    A case against colored lines?

    For a couple of years, we couldn't figure out why one of our crew kept making errors trimming lines - then he told us he was color blind! Duh.
  7. Vorticity

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    Try $500,000, not 200k.