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  1. George Hackett

    Are mast mounted displays better wired or wireless?

    It is workable to hook up a MicroTalk to other brand of electronics. I did with our B&G H5000. While upgrading the Raymarine/Wireless System for our J35, I experimented on Misty with the H5000 by adding t(e MicroTalk via NMEA2000 hook up. And it worked. So in theory, it will work with just about any other brand.
  2. George Hackett

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    Over the years, I have tried everything from Balltoplate to local stuff, and Mr. Fast Bottom is spot on. I have a diver wipe down both boats every Friday like clock work.
  3. George Hackett

    31 does not go into 13

    and this is different from 36 into 15 how?
  4. George Hackett

    Rigid Boom Vangs... Seldon?
  5. George Hackett

    Tracking app on your phone

    This has happened worldwide. Not worried as long as I don’t activate.
  6. George Hackett

    Block Costs and Value for Harken?

    Remember. Buy cheap, get cheap!
  7. George Hackett

    Racing Crew Management Software

    The little anchor on the brass dial cover indicates the software!
  8. George Hackett

    Racing Crew Management Software

  9. George Hackett

    Eight Bells Brion Toss

    Oh my. I bought a bunch of stuff and really like those Wands. What a shame. Our condolences.
  10. George Hackett

    Poled out headsail pole length

    One, maybe two blue pills depending on J?
  11. George Hackett

    Earl Lyden - Eight Bells

    Condolences Cal20
  12. George Hackett

    I hate Yacht brokers

    From Ballard Sailor. - this is generally at the buyers expense. when we bought Misty, we always assumed it was our responsibility. If you are not ready to accept responsibility, then don’t waist people’s time. after that, due diligence. Again, if you can’t be responsible to do due diligence, don’t waist people’s times. last but not least, if you expect cheap you will get cheap. There will always be good deals. But cheap deals will cost you later.
  13. George Hackett

    Has the Proverbial Shoe (prices) Dropped Yet?

    In HK$
  14. George Hackett

    Has the Proverbial Shoe (prices) Dropped Yet?

    She was sold many years ago. I think she is in Malaysia?
  15. George Hackett

    Has the Proverbial Shoe (prices) Dropped Yet?

    Well thanks to the wankers in China, HK is getting screwed Royal and people are fleeing. I hear two RP-75s up for sale. Pyewacket for around 350K and Enigma for about 250k?