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  1. Heavy #1 vs #2

    We race our J35 under a rating system, not one-design. And I experimented with an old HV1 where in I hollowed out the leech so that around the top spreader it had the width as #3. I know had a sail with power down low and a lot less heeling force up high. The first race we used it, boats that owed us time were behind us on the beats. This was because sometime a #3 lacks power when even #2 can be overpowering. That sail lasted two races as it was a panelled sail. Which was ok as I was just answering my “What If” question. So I then ordered a Tape Drive #2 with the hollowed leech and never needed a #3 since.
  2. Ropeye story

    Yes, it is amazingly simple to produce. The only down side is that like a marriage, you need to be really committed to where you are going to drill a hole in your boat! And while imitation is a form of flattery, I use Ropeye for the sheer brilliance, ease of installation, and the cool look it gives my boats. And for that, they get my dollars every time! Keep up the good work!!! now Ropeye, tell us more about the new clutch!?!?!!
  3. Helly Hansen buys Musto

    I have been using Musto since 1983 when I went to work for Horizon Sails in South Norwalk, CT.. I have tried other brands along the way and find myself returning to Musto. They have never failed me and now that I am back in the Philippines I still get great online service and have even returned item despite ordering the wrong size in exchange for the right size. Personally, I love the product, and I have never been let down by the staff at Musto.
  4. Work in Yacht Design Offices

    Yes harsh and typical here. Just ignore him. It seems to me that the bigger design houses have a stable of designers doing all sorts of design work that all come together? Maybe just ask them?
  5. Best Owner/Skipper

    My dad
  6. Adhesive Recommendations

    Thanks WHK. She is a Mills43. I have ordered the through deck pad eyes setup. When finished, I will post some photos.
  7. Adhesive Recommendations

    Thanks Overboard.
  8. Adhesive Recommendations

    I plan to use Ropeye padeyes for tweakers and block anchoring points. And a bunch have been used in the stern as tie down points. And these were not through deck, rather glued on deck. And they hold real well. But the guys at the boat yard are tight lipped on what they used.
  9. Club racer electronics

    The H5000 system is really nice. Have it on my Mills43. Just about to buy 9” Zeus3. On our J35, I am running Raymarine Wireless with an e7D chart plotter hard wired into the NEMA Transmitter.
  10. Adhesive Recommendations

    So there is 5200. There is Sikaflex. What else is out there that is really aggressive for bonding fitting on deck without using bolts?
  11. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    UK Sails HK has proven themselves. So yes. Others can!
  12. Game On

    If this is an "International Event" then they can boot you out only if they have proof of unsportsmanlike conduct like cheating and it has to be done in writing. If it is a piss ant club race, then they can get away with a blanket statement.
  13. Which factors do make us attend a race event?

    I like regattas that do not have blow hards waisting hours of our time with speeches till they hand out the loot!
  14. Hanks vs Luff Tape

    Yes the other half of UK Sails. Is he still alive? The last time I saw him was in a bank in Norwalk CT. with Bob Barton.
  15. True?