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  1. George Hackett

    California boaters card???

    Blue Crab. May I suggest you read from the top and tell me who is bitching. All I did was show what could happen.
  2. George Hackett

    California boaters card???

    Exactly. So why are you all bitching?
  3. George Hackett

    California boaters card???

    Well, you can come here to Subic and every time you want to go sailing, you have to file a request for a permit to sail with the coast guard.
  4. George Hackett

    Line choice: continuous line splice

    On Misty, we had the German Mainsheet System spliced as a continuous line. In the beginning, it was great. After a while, the core and the the line started twisting and created a snarling ugly twist which made life miserable for the trimmer. We eventually cut the line at the splice, pulled out the buried cores and have twist free lines. So we have to even them up once in a while. But life is good again.
  5. George Hackett

    Sailing Bucket List

    Just be able to go out on the spur of the moment without having to get a fucking permit. Welcome to Subic Bay.
  6. Well, maybe IRC is saying, make a choice? Sprit or pole. Or it could be as simple as they want to know how long the pole is and how long the sprit is?
  7. George Hackett

    Is this a good idea? advice needed

    Is the event really going to happen? While publicly they are saying yes. What is the reality? Are athletes really going to take a chance of getting infected?
  8. George Hackett

    What plotter to go with?

    As best as I understand it. The MicroTalk will take what ever is fed to it and send it wirelessly to the Raymarine Readouts. As I said earlier, I hooked it into our H5000 and it worked just fine.
  9. George Hackett

    Happy 2021

    2020 was an ugly year. And not just because of the pandemic, but because of what we are doing to ourselves. Can we please change this for 2021?
  10. George Hackett

    Hide your hardware

    Go Raymarine Wireless. I take the readouts home with me when not sailing. Plus a lot less wires to run.
  11. George Hackett

    What plotter to go with?

    well, not true. They have stabilized the system and introduced the MicroTalk. What they haven’t done is change the look of the hardware except to change the name from TackTick to Raymarine. And that is why one would think they have done nothing. i have hooked up a MicroTalk to our B&G H5000 and it sends out all the information to the Raymarine Wireless Readouts. So this means a lot to those who want to add readouts without running wires. Something to think about.
  12. George Hackett

    What plotter to go with?

    Are you going to use the MicroTalk to send info wirelessly to the chart plotter? If so then yes. That is how I have it setup in our boat.
  13. George Hackett

    New sail order headache

    Eight thousand dollars for a mainsail for a thirty foot sailboat?
  14. George Hackett

    State of RaceQs

    One of the guys of the Hobbie Fleet at Taal Lake Yacht Club going around the volcano.