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  1. George Hackett

    Powering T121 transducer

    I use a 9V battery to run my T121. I usually go for about six months till I need to replace.
  2. George Hackett

    Genoa question

    When I hear a question like that! I walk away.
  3. George Hackett

    Synthetic Backstay Chafing Damage

    I used heat shrink tubing that you can buy by the roll. Put three layers on.
  4. George Hackett

    Just bought a J105

    Why not look at the Ubi Maior single line drive units that are now be supplied to the new J-Boats?
  5. George Hackett

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    You can hook into the NMEA Transmitter which is 0183, not N2K, but not to the Hull Transmitter. Does the new system include masthead unit and hull units? Because you can keep the the TackTick stuff and the GateWay will bring that info to the new stuff. And it can take all the info from all hardware and send it wirelessly to Raymarine/TackTick readout.
  6. George Hackett

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    Here the setup as I understand it. The cable on the left can go to N2K backbone or you B&G Chartploter.
  7. Hi Sail12m.  May I ask who you are? Did we work Horizon at the same time?  George

    1. Sail12m


      Yes we did. How are you George? Dave schrader

  8. George Hackett

    Jim Bishop Sr. - Fair winds and following seas

    RIP in peace. While I never met Mr. Bishop, I have always read and known of him. Now, I am not sure? But did he not own the Doubroth42 called Mokowahi or something along that line? I remember the boat as one of the many Horizon Sails projects and I actually drover her for a photo shoot for a Horizon Sails advert.
  9. George Hackett

    Rusty stainless

    I was having the same problem of rust or what I thought was rust until a friend suggested I check to make sure I do not have an electrical short? Turned out there was a short. Something to look at?
  10. George Hackett

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    And my understanding is IRC treats upwind sails more harshly than kites. Jibs in particular?
  11. George Hackett

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    Yes, IRC will “Adjust”, not penalize your rating.
  12. George Hackett

    Instrument overhall suggestions

    Well,,,,stay with Raymarine. At least the new stuff will talk to the autopilot stuff. And thier MFD with Lighthouse II have very usable racing programs for the type of racing you might do. And if you want to lessen the amount of wires? Get the GateWay and run Raymarine’s Wireless Readouts?!
  13. George Hackett

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    So as I was suggesting. With the GateWay, you can keep things like the Wireless masthead unit, the Hull Transmitter and it associated transducers, and then feed all that information to what ever MFD brand you like and the MFD feeds information to the GateWay which will feed information wirelessly to the Raymarine Wireless 20/20 types readouts on the mast that can be single, double, or triple stacked.
  14. George Hackett

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    If you connect the new MicroTalk gateway of Raymarine to a NMEA2k backbone then you will get all the data from the N2K bus that uses standard N2K PGNs, including heading, speed, depth, log, position, COG, SOG, BTW, DTW, XTE, apparent wind, etc. You would need Maxi repeater(s), MicroTalk and a Remote Display and end up with a rather nice setup with a lot less wire.
  15. George Hackett

    "pioneering electric propulsion systems"

    So who supplied the engine?