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  1. George Hackett

    J105 IRC

    Well, most common response is bigger kites. IRC treats kite nicely. However I have a real problem with getting people to understand that when a boat is designed to carry Genoa’s as the 105 was originally designed. Why sacrifice up wind performance for the sake of a good rating. take two J35. One with Genoa, the other with a Jib. W/L course. The Genoa boat will owe the Jib boat roughly a minute and ten seconds per hour. they come off the line. By the time they get to the windward mark, the Genoa boat is easily two minutes ahead. Downwind, no gains or losses. That race was over at the start. And this come from experience. the only time I can see rating for a jib is for a long distance race with 75% of the race in reaching/running conditions. Or if you know it will blow 18kts from start to finish when you need to be on a jib instead of a Genoa. But generally speaking, I favor a Genoa over a jib if the boat is designed that way.
  2. George Hackett

    J105 IRC

    We raced against a J105 some ancient years ago with our J35. The 105 had a Genoa and was just quick as us upwind. Suffered downwind because of the short hoist of the kite. So, I would say, go Genoa and masthead hoist for the kites.
  3. George Hackett

    Best way to get code zero luff tension?

    2:1 on the tack line with some separation to aid in twist stopping.
  4. George Hackett

    Falsification of Race Data

    Something different was a PRO adjusting the finishing times of one boat so the score line is 1,2,3,4,5,6
  5. George Hackett

    Are all the fastest sails black now?

    Are all the fastest sails black now? no
  6. George Hackett

    Dick Tillman

    Never met him but have read his book. A name that is sailing! RIP
  7. George Hackett

    Sailmaker versus sailmaker, Quantum, court ruling

    So Ulman Sails needed technology and decided to steal it instead of going to one of those OEM Sail Lofts that already have string sail production which the public would not be the wiser? Just like Quantum? Hmmmm
  8. George Hackett

    Help with TCF improvement Beneteau 31.7

    You could go to your old loft and check their IRC data base if they are an IRC cert. loft. IRC has a web page to look up basic data. IRC certs can be purchased and use trial carts. Work on the premises that ratings are adjusted, not penalized. Genoa’s/Jibs are adjusted the most, then Mainsails, and then Kites. Less draft, shorter WLP, and more overhangs are favored. these are my understanding of IRC but more important is a clean bottom, tuned rig, good sails, and above all,,,,sail the boat with the least amount of mistakes.
  9. George Hackett

    This is the best of Long Island Sound honesty

    I remember on many occasions it can pick up in the sound. Remember doing one of the Gear Buster on the IOR-80 Congers. Talk about straining deck gear?!!
  10. George Hackett

    Significant Other Participation

    I met Rainbow in early 93 and she learned to sail on my Flying Fifteen. We did the 95 Worlds and bought our J35, “Jo de Ros”. She has been the trimmer and crew boss of both our boats until recently due to having her left lung removed. We learned early that, Divorced on Friday and married on Monday has worked so well in keeping the peace. During the week, Rainbow is the law. Then she allows me the weekend!!!
  11. George Hackett

    What is it?

    Well, it look like an IOR boat with the stern filled in. Almost Mull-ish looking?
  12. George Hackett

    Need a list clubs sailing and or racing

    There are supposed to be IRR for what they are calling Intrazonal Travel. And that is ok by me. I just want to go for a sail around the bay. And I can’t. yet politically powerful types can go off from Manila to anywhere they like with no problems. Double standards at it’s best.
  13. I am trying to show certain individuals that the Philippines is the only country Not allowing us to go for a day sail! So please help me grow a list That I can present?
  14. George Hackett

    The new revolution in spinnakers