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  1. George Hackett

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    And my understanding is IRC treats upwind sails more harshly than kites. Jibs in particular?
  2. George Hackett

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    Yes, IRC will “Adjust”, not penalize your rating.
  3. George Hackett

    Instrument overhall suggestions

    Well,,,,stay with Raymarine. At least the new stuff will talk to the autopilot stuff. And thier MFD with Lighthouse II have very usable racing programs for the type of racing you might do. And if you want to lessen the amount of wires? Get the GateWay and run Raymarine’s Wireless Readouts?!
  4. George Hackett

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    So as I was suggesting. With the GateWay, you can keep things like the Wireless masthead unit, the Hull Transmitter and it associated transducers, and then feed all that information to what ever MFD brand you like and the MFD feeds information to the GateWay which will feed information wirelessly to the Raymarine Wireless 20/20 types readouts on the mast that can be single, double, or triple stacked.
  5. George Hackett

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    If you connect the new MicroTalk gateway of Raymarine to a NMEA2k backbone then you will get all the data from the N2K bus that uses standard N2K PGNs, including heading, speed, depth, log, position, COG, SOG, BTW, DTW, XTE, apparent wind, etc. You would need Maxi repeater(s), MicroTalk and a Remote Display and end up with a rather nice setup with a lot less wire.
  6. George Hackett

    "pioneering electric propulsion systems"

    So who supplied the engine?
  7. George Hackett

    J35 Anarchist

    Thanks Lex
  8. George Hackett

    J35 Anarchist

    Prop Question. i currently have a Martec, but they are out of business if i am correct. so, who else can make a folding prop? not sure i want to go with a Max Feathering Prop.
  9. George Hackett

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    I had Forte build me for my J35 a carbon pole with Bridles. And also with trip lines. This way, in light to moderate winds, we do end for end gybes and then switch to dip pole is wanted for heavier stuff.
  10. George Hackett

    A brief history of instruments/electronics.

    Back in the 70s, racing with my dad, he had a speedometer that had a gauge with a needle. Do not know what brand. But it made a ticking sound. The sound would increase as the boat got faster and slow down as the boat slowed down. My dad was really big on no noise on the boat. And we always knew when thing were good or slow by listening to the ticking sound. Best instrument I have ever sailed with!!
  11. George Hackett

    Alternative to sewing canvas and laminate

    Try Dr. sail
  12. George Hackett

    Rating question

    So you are asking a perfectly flawed system to take into account that It takes you longer to do thing compared to a fully crewed boat? Seriously?
  13. George Hackett

    Boracay Race on life support

    On the surface, yes. And I believe this happened also back 2015. As explained to me. New regulations came out, fines and new permits paid. And all were happy. So I suspect the same will happen again. I have also been told that a lot of,the hotels have actually built to the building codes including waist management. Then of course there are those that didn’t. Par for the course. friends of ours who have been there recently say it is business as usual. The alge bloom which is a normal thing at this time of the year has not closed the beachs. And the waters are clean. Oh well.
  14. George Hackett

    Boracay Race on life support

    The major sponsor of the Boaracay Race and Series has pulled out. SBBR IS CANCELLED! To: Subic Sailng Much to our regrets, Standard Insurance is pulling out its sponsorship together with its support equipment to the above Regatta as a result of President Duterte's calling Boracay Island as a "cesspool". As a responsible company which adheres to strict environmental compliance, we are restraint in exposing the regatta, its organizers and participants to health risks aside from also risking our reputation. Please be guided accordingly. Thank you. ERNESTO T. ECHAUZ Group Chairman Standard Insurance However, the organiser are doing thier best to make sure the Race is on. The Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company recently approached the MYC about sponsoring a sailing event. Bryan Levinge I discussed this and felt that in the interest of the sport that we should direct PLDT to the Boracay Race. As of yesterday afternoon I believe they have talked. Marcus Avecilla has said that they are doing their best to make something happen. “Noted. We will scramble to get this thing going still. As we do not want to loose credibility as the organizers. Appreciate your support. Will keep you posted.” We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.
  15. George Hackett

    Taffeta Repair - Exposed fibers in composite sail

    Dr. Sail and laminate cloth that your sailmaker can supply from thier scrap pile. Clean the area, spread the Dr. Sail, and lay the laminate on top. All will set in 22 seconds, and ready to go sailing?!