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  1. Doyle Cable less Code Zero

    So? You still need an external cable to Top Down furl the sail?
  2. Enforcers

    Not only when boat meet on the water, but the same can said about how boats cheat on thier ratings.
  3. Port-Starboard

    No matter the outcome. WOXI will always be known as “The Village Idiots”!!!
  4. Smart Watch

    So? Of all the watches out there? Which has the longest operating life between charging?
  5. TackTick twin-screen patent expires Jan 2018

    I have always liked the TackTick product. I also understand the throw away nature of the product. At least out here it is easier to replace than repair. I like that I have been able to connect a Raymarine chart plotter to the system and get very good racing functionality. I like the ease of installation and the low power draw. It is a good product. And like all good pr£cuts there is room for improvements.
  6. Martec 2 Blade Folder Replacement...

    I was told by Sergio at EWOL that one of the Martec guys is working there now. Actually got a three bladder for my J35 and a Gori three blade folder for the Mills43. Really like both of them.
  7. Sail on Ian

    Just read of the passing of Ian Farrier. A bunch of them built here in Subic. A relative by affinity had an all Carbon one built here. Very nicely built. And a fun boat to sail! Our condolences to the family.
  8. Hey Bruce, I hope this letter from Darryl helps? George 

    1. Bruce Sutherland

      Bruce Sutherland

      Brilliant  thanks - but sounds a bit of a mess for them.

      Have you got an email for Daryl please - the link is just to the Pontos site?

      We will see what they have got but bit of a tricky dilema - do you fit an expensive winch that you may not be able to get spares for.....

  9. Hello Bruce,


    I apologise for not answering your email by return and the news is not good.


    Pontos as financed by friends and family plus a high level of bank debt needed to finance the development and industrialization of our winches. Unfortunately, because the sailing industry is too “niche” and because of our high level of debt  we have been unable to attract an institutional investor to help us support the very high cost of holding inventory.


    We have been working since February on a merger with another French company and the deal was supposed to complete last week. However, we were totally unaware that the other company was in the process of being sold to a 3rd party via an LBO. To cut matters short although the new owner wants to buy Pontos the banker who is financing the LBO debt has refused to take on board the Pontos debt and so the merger deal has ended. We are obliged to declare ourselves bankrupt.


    The good news is that our winches have a solid reputation in the market place. For example in the recent Transat Jacques Vabre boats fully equipped with Pontos winches took 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th place. Quite an accomplishement in not even 4 years on the market.


    We know that the French company I mentioned above will make an offer for our assets (now there is no debt), and I fully expect other players to make a bid. I am not sure of the timing, but remain optimistic that production will recommence by next spring.


    Given the situation I understand that you may wish wait and see the outcome. If you wish to proceed I can see what inventory is available in the retail network to help you out. What size Trimmers were you interested in ?





    Darryl Spurling


    7 rue du Mottais

    35400 Saint Malo,










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    Envoyé : dimanche 3 décembre 2017 02:59
    À : Contact
    Objet : [Pontos] Message from contact form [no_sync]






    Customer e-mail address: sailingrp@gmail.com

    Customer message: Hello Darryl,

    It has been awhile. I found this question on Sailing Anarchy which I found disturbing. Please read below.

    Warmest Regards,


    Bruce Sutherland
    Bruce Sutherland
    93 posts
    Location:United Kingdom
    Report post #1
    Posted yesterday at 01:00 AM
    Can anyone shed any light please as there is normally someone who knows out there?

    We are thinking about 2 pontos trimmer winches but have been told by the UK dealer that Pontos has been bought and that there are none.......

    So does anyone know what is going on and when there will be some? 

    Many thanks 

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  10. Pontos Winch

    Even the homepage is up. I still do not know what to make of all this. I have replaced all the Harken winches on my boat with Pontos while Darryl was moving house in France and we were moving house here. Admittedly things went quiet recently and this explains why. I know the Humphries43 “Zanzibar “ also swapped out thier Lewmars for Pontus. I love these winches, especially when doing Mexican Drops and watching that mainsheet shooting across the cockpit in the jibe!!
  11. 3200 R2

    Actually I look at it as “IRC adjusts” for any changes made to a boat.
  12. Pontos Winch

    A friend of mine from HYS in Hambles just confirmed they are closed. I got no response from the owner either by Skype or email. Most interesting.
  13. Pontos Winch

    Hi Bruce. I just sent your question to Darryl, the owner of Pontos.
  14. Best Semi-Pros?

    To me? An amature worth cattle class airfare, cheap room, and one meal a day!
  15. How to build large format display