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  1. F_L

    Used Car Anarchy

    Mrs F_L recently bought a 2019 GMC Terrain that was a rental. No issues and it's a pretty nice ride.
  2. I don't know what could have been done to prevent rioting. I am a believer in our court system. It is not perfect, but it's all we have. I don't think the people that own the burnt out, looted businesses should be paying for the wrong of the police officers. I am all for peaceful protest and 1A rights. But violence is not the answer. I lose all respect for someone that resorts to violence against innocent people.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/george-floyd-protests-05-31-20/h_cb459ab077b164295d8d61d80987e3fb More than 60 US Secret Service Uniformed Division officers and special agents were injured starting Friday night through Sunday morning near the White House as protests rocked Washington, DC, following the death of George Floyd last week, according to a statement from the Secret Service. The officers and agents were injured when protesters threw “projectiles such as bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks and other items,” according to the statement. “Personnel were also directly physically assaulted as they were kicked, punched and exposed to bodily fluids.” That doesn't seem very peaceful.
  4. A few days ago a lot of lefties were celebrating all the mayhem outside the White House. Now complaining about a heavy security. What the fuck did you expect the result to be?
  5. F_L

    irresponsible gun owners?

    "we were met with anti-protesters, automatic weapons, and hatred." The woman appears to be a drama queen. Either that or she didn't get the "anti-protesters, automatic weapons, and hatred" on camera. Even the cops didn't seem overly concerned.
  6. F_L

    irresponsible gun owners?

    It looks like a group of people peacefully practicing their 1A rights, another group their 2A rights. I fail to see the outrage.
  7. F_L

    irresponsible gun owners?

    Maybe they are protecting property from being looted or burned. They don't seem to be threatening anyone.
  8. F_L

    Rocket Launch!

    Launch scrubbed due to weather.
  9. F_L

    Random PicThread

    Hobot. What a great tribute to Memorial Day. Thanks Today every american needs to drink a toast, say a prayer, or at least think of the men and women who died in service to our country. I'm a drinking kind of guy so I propose a toast to our fallen soldiers. You have my deepest thanks and respect. Clink!
  10. F_L

    The 2nd Amendment

    Jeff mentioned cheek weld. Google it. On an AR (with a straight stock) you HAVE to put your cheek against the stock to see the sights or scope. High end precision rifles have a place on the stock for the cheek weld. A proper cheek weld insures you line up your eyes with the sight/scope the same for every shot.
  11. It was a recommendation from FBI Washington field office to close the Flynn investigation. It was over ruled by upper management. I'm sure they have that authority but what does upper management know that the investigating agents don't? What took so long to get that released? What else has not been released? We know one of the FBI 302 forms (field agent notes) has been "edited". What happened to the original? What else hasn't been released? Edited to add: I think a recommendation to close the investigation would be exculpatory.
  12. If what you say is fact, why didn't they prosecute him for it? Why are they dribbling out exculpatory evidence for over 2 years? According to you it would be a slam dunk if his guilty plea was withdrawn to get him on the other charges. I'm willing to let it play out in the courts. More documents were released yesterday. One of them was dated Jan 4, 2017. What took so long to get that one released?
  13. How long does ink take to dry? The Flynn prosecutors have been under a court order to release all exculpatory evidence for over 2 years. Some of the recent documents release are over 3 years old. Dragging their feet a bit? But I'm sure you thought the Horowitz report was a witch hunt. The Carter Page FISA warrants perfectly acceptable and legal. The Steel Dossier was a hard hitting, factual, deep diving investigation. The pee tapes will surface anytime now.
  14. The article claims he "illegally" obtained the firearms. How much more "illegal" does it have to be? YCMTSU
  15. Don't forget Louisville. My brother flies for UPS. He said it's mostly UPS and Fedex late at night.