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  1. F_L

    impeachment hearing play by play

    In true dem shit slinging fashion none of your paraphrases are even close to what was said. If Schiff had conclusive proof of a crime I would expect to see it. Instead we get an endless "Trump is bad" statements. Remember when Schiff said he had proof of Russian collusion? If he had given that proof to Meuller we wouldn't be having this discussion. Prove an impeachable offense and let's get on with it.
  2. F_L

    impeachment hearing play by play

    This is all just a continuation of the Russian collusion, obstruction Schiff show.He failed with that so is trying a new angle. Which of the following do you think is Quid Pro Quo/Bribery? Trump to Ukraine: I'd like you to do a favor....... Biden to Ukraine: You fire that sob investigating Burisma or else.....
  3. F_L

    impeachment hearing play by play

    I don't have the stomach to watch that shit for 5hrs. At the risk of "cherry picking": __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stewart: "I would now feel compelled to ask you, Madam Ambassador, as you sit here before us, very simply and directly, do you have any information regarding the president of the United States accepting any bribes?" Yovanovitch: "No." Stewart: "Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the United States has been involved with at all?" Yovanovitch: "No." _____________________________________________________________________________ If she doesn't have any info, WHY THE FUCK is she testifying? I guess the other 4hrs 59 min was her saying Trump bad because she got fired?
  4. Opencpn is free and works on a tablet or phone. I used both Opencpn and Navionics. Navionics method for entering coordinates manually kinda sucks. Opencpn has a learning curve, being a bit of a geek helps also.
  5. F_L

    Tablet/Chrome problem help

  6. F_L

    Best Genny Sheets

    The jib sheets for the J27 are tapered 1/4" amsteel with the cover from 3/8" XLS . There is only amsteel 10-12' per side. Use the XLS cover where the amsteel hits the winch and is handled under a load. The rest of the sheet is just the cover. That ~30' of sheet wrapping around the boat doesn't need to be the expensive stuff. It's a bit labor intensive but I like that stuff. The mainsheet and halyards on the J27 are all tapered amsteel.
  7. F_L

    Atomic 4

    Thanks to Moyer parts and upgrades are available, and they are easy to work on. Simple, dependable motors. I've wrenched on a few and NEVER spark them up without opening the engine compartment, bilge and smelling for gas. I went to troubleshoot one and smelled gas as soon as I went below. The carb was flooding, gas everywhere. I'm surprised that boat owner didn't blow it up. Also watched an Islander 30 burn almost to the waterline at Oklahoma City Boat Club. It caught fire while leaving the fuel dock. I was there for the J22 NA's and I think Gouv was there also. No one hurt but the burning boat was drifting towards a dock full of J/22s until a sailor swam to it and got a stern line on it.
  8. F_L

    Sunset pictures

    Lake Canyon Yacht Club
  9. F_L

    Selling My .22

    Not quite right.The receiver is the part with the serial number. It is considered a firearm even if it doesn't have the barrel ,bolt, trigger, grip ,stock, etc.
  10. F_L

    Selling My .22

    Be careful. Even in pieces the receiver is still a firearm and there are laws, carrier restrictions. Much easier to go through a FFL. Even using the "Internet Loophole" is a PIA.
  11. F_L

    Trail Cameras Again

    Larry is a laid back rooster .Daily they share their scratch with the squirrels and deer. As long as they don't threaten a hen he is OK. I startled a doe once that jumped back and ran into a hen. The hen squawked and Larry went ballistic. Pretty funny watching a chicken chasing a deer.
  12. F_L

    Trail Cameras Again

    Hadn't thought of a live trap. My only rat removal techniques have involved poison or snaptraps . The rat doesn't seem to be much of a problem but I'll keep that option open.
  13. F_L

    198 20' Santana

    Check your PM
  14. F_L

    Trail Cameras Again

    Good thread .It got me interested in my trail cam again. Mine is a cheapy that eats up 12 AA batteries in a few days. I set it out last night to see what's eating the chicken feed. All the camera caught was a rat and bunch of chicken selfies. The rat is a regular visitor and can't figure out how to get rid of him without poison. Here's one of the chicken selfies. That's Bertha and Larry.
  15. F_L

    Hey, Gun Nuts, This Is On You!

    FFS. Both a grand jury and DOJ investigation didn't call it murder. The whole "hands up, don't shoot" was a fucking lie. Her calling it murder was a bullshit political move.