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  1. This is the easiest upgrade to a mainsheet system. I did this to a J27. 6:1 purchase originally with 3/8" sheet. It was a PIA. Replaced it with 3/16" amsteel. There is only enough amsteel to let the boom ~half way out. Then added enough 5/16" cover to go from close hauled cleat position to all the way out. For a cover I stripped the core out of 5/16" XLS. Works very well. No more pushing the boom out unless nearly drifting conditions. FWIW - I don't like the fuzzy, easy on the hands braids. That's what gloves are for. The soft braids add friction.
  2. F_L

    Trump trying to put opponents in jail - again

    That's the redacted and recently released version that's now available. There is plenty of classified stuff that has been redacted. Pretty much makes Hillary a liar when she said she didn't have classified stuff on her private server. Also means Comey was a POS that white washed the email investigation. Some of Trumps opponents need to go to jail.
  3. F_L

    Trump trying to put opponents in jail - again

    If that pisses you off, this will give you a stroke: https://foia.state.gov/search/results.aspx?collection=Clinton_Email That's the missing emails that were deleted by her staff. Supposed to be "personal stuff". I guess this is still a witch hunt?
  4. F_L

    What's in your arsenal??

    E-filing a form 1 is complicated. Like most things .gov, the website is buggy and hard to navigate, website instructions suck. There are plenty of tutorials to help. Stay away from carbon. Suppressors get hot. Aluminum is fine for rimfire. Parts are cheap and easy to work with. Everything you ever wanted to know about Form1 suppressors.
  5. F_L

    What's in your arsenal??

    Form 1 suppressor wait is less than 3 weeks. Rimfire can would be cheap and easy to build.
  6. I don't shoot plain lead. Everything is powder coated. The suppressor is user serviceable. Titanium tube with endcaps and removable baffles. The majority of Form 1 (DIY) suppressors are built this way. It's been a fun project. I still need to develop subsonic and supersonic rounds for it. There is a lot of trial and error to follow.
  7. After the many Obama era buying panics I started casting my own bullets. I'm in the sailboat biz so have access to a lot of junk boats with lead keels. My cost is about a nickel a shot. I also sold my .556 upper and replaced it with a Blackout because the Blackout is much more cast bullet friendly. Just completed a couple of Form 1s for a suppressor and SBR for the Blackout. First range trip for it is scheduled this week.
  8. F_L

    Broken Ribs

    Alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen is very effective for pain.
  9. F_L

    Random PicThread

    I was hoping IB would chime in. My 1st thought was photo op. Pretty impressive!
  10. F_L

    Multiple Battery Grounding.

    It takes a pretty big bus bar to handle the 5/16" lug of a battery cable. They are available but certainly don't try to put a battery cable lug under the #10 screws of the smaller bus bars.
  11. F_L

    Multiple Battery Grounding.

    Yes, that's how most dual battery systems are wired.
  12. F_L

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Pulled the brisket off the smoker @3:10pm, then let it rest for 2 hrs before serving.
  13. F_L

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Nothing wrong with propane. A few years ago I made an offset smoker out of an air compressor tank. I built it with a gas option. The gas gets used a lot, 3-4 times per week. The fire box doubles as an excellent grill when you have the time and want to add mesquite flavor to your steak or burgers. A few times a year the gas burner comes out and I'll smoke a big ole hunk o meat. Today it's brisket. Up at 5am, smoker up to temp by 6:30 am. Should be done around 3pm. Here it is with the required pot of beans on the firebox.
  14. F_L

    J/88 top batten hooking on backstay

    I helped commission a new J88 last year that came with a flicker. It should have one. Also, battens hanging up is a feature, not a bug.