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  1. F_L

    pre fair top sides?

    Fill and fair any obvious repairs before sanding. The first sanding will show more repairs, low spots. After priming more will show up. After sanding primer there will be more. Always have some fairing compound ready.
  2. F_L

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    Our 2 hens quit laying last summer and I have heard the same reasons as to why. We got 4 chicks late last summer. One died, one grew into a rooster (WTF), and 2 are now laying. So my flock has 2 roosters, 4 hens and only 2 birds are laying. I'm glad it's just a hobby.
  3. F_L

    What's in your arsenal??

    The SFP doesn't bother me as I am not the long range type. With you shooting 1000+ it matters. And the FFP scopes are a lot more $$$. I agree the Razor reticle is nice, very easy to understand. I'm curious as to why Vortex puts shit reticles on their cheaper scopes. They could have put the hash marks at 2,4,6,8 MOA.
  4. F_L

    What's in your arsenal??

    Scope manufactures seem to like that. Here is the reticle layout on a couple of Vortex scopes I have. It's all MOA but FFS . 2.4 MOA? What the hell were they thinking. How are you supposed to remember that shit. And both scopes are different. Fortunately I don't see me shooting either rifle where I have to worry about holdover.
  5. F_L

    Boom to Mast Coupler

    I might have something that will work. What diameter is the long clevis pin?
  6. Well, I'm in the business so extra sheets is not a problem. For DIY, by a few and try it out.
  7. Remove most of the paint with 36 grit. Finish sand with 60-80. The heavier grits last longer, cut faster. I'm a fan of 3m"s purple sandpaper.
  8. F_L

    Random PicThread

    Damn. Google lied to me. Not a MOH recipient, but still a bad ass.
  9. F_L

    Random PicThread

    This guy has balls of steel. Medal of Honor recipient,
  10. F_L

    Trail Cameras Again

    I got a cheap trail cam off Amazon a while back. It eats batteries like crazy so don't run it 24/7. I did set it out last month after finding a dead axis deer in the woods next door. I was just interested in what would visit the carcass. Got a good deer selfie. This guy is a regular around the house. Between his legs is a fox munching on fresh venison.
  11. F_L

    What's in your arsenal??

    That is awesome. Our troops deserve the best equipment available. Unfortunately, 30,000 suppressors is just a start.
  12. F_L

    80% build

    I followed the Polymer deal pretty closely. I think Polymer push the line with their kits. The ATF also went after pistol braces (since backed off) and "solvent trap" companies. Interesting times indeed.
  13. F_L

    80% build

    I have one siting in the garage I haven't started on yet. I have a hobby mill/lathe combo so it should be "easy" to complete. Still wish I bought the jigs/templates/guides. I have no desire or need for another AR and no plans to work on it soon. Got it just in case and because a ghost gun would be a fun way to irritate a gun grabber.
  14. F_L

    Random PicThread

    Well played. What a beautiful cat.
  15. Damn, that sucks. Sad story. Kill switches are now required by Tx law. We had a similar incident early this year while the optis were out. RIB pulled along side a pontoon boat, driver took the lanyard off his wrist (engine running) to tend the bow line. Slipped and landed on the throttle. RIB took off, did a few circles and ran right up the back off the pontoon boat. No injuries but a very close call.