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  1. Tanton Y_M

    Wind Hippie

    I follow her and also . "How to sail Oceans". They have their acts together in a very simple way.
  2. Tanton Y_M

    Rig modification: longer+higher boom and more sail area?

    Or maybe something like this as seen on the Palladium 68 and serendipity 63.
  3. Tanton Y_M

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Sailbydate. Old foils.2014
  4. Tanton Y_M

    Daysailer for old people

    SemiSalt Jim in Halifax. You can read more about this type of boats on my Blog: see below for access. Search: Chine Boats. Letter of Mark. My 40' Waterline Day sailer.
  5. Tanton Y_M

    Daysailer for old people

    kinardly. For your pleasure.
  6. Tanton Y_M

    Daysailer for old people

    Daysailer for young and old.
  7. Pano. The lines along the wishbones are lazy jacks to receive the sail. Jiffy reefing is the method, you can see the reefing lines on the back of the booms. Tanton 43, about a dozen in Europe; 48 in total built. Stream. Hard to get any production going, in the US and elsewhere especially for a totally different concept from the norm. - Tanton 43-45 has its own Group on F.B. Made special for owners and interested party. You can also consult my Blog. - I am presently working on 2 custom projects featuring free standing sailplans, one 50' in aluminum, the other also 50', but in wood.
  8. When you try or, have free standing rigs, there is a very good chance that you do not want anything else. Photo by David L.
  9. Panoramix. The design fee ought to, not be a problem, if cost of building is not.
  10. DDW. Panoramic. 1983 Magie Noire TYD#834.
  11. Tanton Y_M

    Whatever happened to the Classe 950?

    Class 950, a boat one can handle!
  12. Especially, with an only Deck Length of only 37'. The extra cost is only on the extension for the tender. Dam it. Hell of a boat for the length with an interior of a 45 footer .28.pdf
  13. Rasputin22. I like this form of construction in an aluminum boat, especially with chine (s). Using standard extrusions out the shelf, much cheaper that manufacturing frames for example. No need to snipe for self fairing stringers against the shell and, sitting atop the internals. SemiSalt. I know what you mean! I designed this boat not as a motorsailer, but as an exciting vessel under power or sails. You can always lop off 5 ' of mast.
  14. Panoramix. The Head location is not the reason. With a metal boat the mast can be stepped on deck with relatively little interference in the interior. No, the main reason on this boat is for the performance orientation and to be versatile. The rake is permanent to be able to sail with the jib alone; fast under just about any conditions and with no lee helm. The large main is for light air performance and, under full sail should be reefed in moderate wind. Other advantages for a rake mast; a longer luff with a tauter stay. aerodynamically speaking, the swept -back wind effect, probably of slight value at the relatively low wind speeds yachts operate on.