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  1. Kinardly. A little less time to build than the 47'. eliboat. A compliment that I did not think of!
  2. #257. Aluminum 48'-5"/ AlStrong method of construction.
  3. Tanton Y_M

    IOR is dead for a reason

    I hate to tell you, but at Carter Offshore, or on my own, we did not have too many crashes and burn to go downwind under spinnaker. I.O.R could have been adjusted by changing some freeboard measurements and stability. To tax U.L.D.B a 10% arbitrary surcharge did not help either.
  4. Star kindler. No shoes. Turn of event. As I completed the drawings, I found on Yachtworld a Lobster Yacht that I was involved with. I sent the link to the client and then, what you know? He literally bought the boat sight unseen. Either way, I made money; and she is a good boat. The normal access to the forward cockpit is to go on the flush deck. The removable ladder is there in case of fire, for example, preventing exit aft.
  5. Bugsy. 1) Please find the deck plan. 20 Closed private cabin. This is the 10th. boat I have designed for the same client who, as you can see has very personal ideas. But I agree that a private cabin is important but hard to implement on this model.
  6. For Gentlemen more on the Farmer side. Aluminum 40'
  7. Tanton Y_M

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Mr. Clean. SloopJonB I like schooner. Below my old schooner under a new rig. Inflation brings my aspiration now to a 24" schooner.
  8. Tanton Y_M

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    For sale now. On my Blog: Brokerage.
  9. Often overlooked for offshore work; the Tanton 43. Plus working on this one now. at 48'.
  10. Gentlemen de Fortune exploring the Canals.
  11. Radical Design Concept? Not really, simply a boat that I would not mind to be seen around. Kimbottles. Thanks for the compliment. I know that you have good taste.
  12. I would start with a metal boat. Now, preferably in aluminum. And 40 to 60'