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  1. If you take the top right pic. 1) Make the keel solid. Take the picture to the bottom left. 2) Move picture from 1 to 2. Then you have the answer, at least the tools to make your own judgement about motion, speed to weather, grounding. Personally I love the combination.
  2. Little Cloud : an aluminum expedition boat with a keel but with less than 7' of draft. Personally I like Keel Centerboard combination. More protection to the rudder and propeller, more tankage and lower ballast, good performance upwind with or without the board; lesser draft. Ilgaz; a smaller version at 40'
  3. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    Cold Molded Boats were the rage in the seventies. Designed for racing, they were light, fast and affordable. I even started a boat building company when i got tired of waiting for quotes from builders from all around the country. Racing owners wanted the boats for the next SORC, the next Block Island Race Week and tutti quanti. There is not always, there is only now.
  4. Work in Yacht Design Offices

    Hope. I have worked in 4 different Yacht Design Firms before striking on my own in 1974. The first one in England, at the office of Illingworth and Primerose, soon to be Illingworth and Associates. The second office in France, at Marseilles with Andre Mauric. And the third one , in the US. working with Richard E. Carter. All, of International reputation, and acknowledged to be at, or near the top of the game. The three Principals actually did very little design work, if any at all. With any success came responsibilities and, frankly Yacht Design is very much time consuming with several projects coming at you. So, the Designer in name becomes more of a PR machine , a Leader keeping the whole Team together and chasing Customers. A glance over your shoulder is what you can expect, from time to time. The rest is left to who is in charge on the Floor.
  5. Coolboats to admire

    A ketch is a ketch even on a cat ketch said with a mouth full!
  6. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Found a perfect place!
  7. blooper time!

    Say Blooper. Sandy brown picture. Became a Poster for Perry Topsider.
  8. 8 bells Guy Bernardin

    A sailer's sailer. Having boats from ULDB. to a Spray. I did preliminaries for him when he had the idea of creating sort of a fleet in steel to commemorate the centennial of Joshua Slocum. No taker, so he went on buying the actual St. Briac and went around the world.
  9. which yacht designer ?

    Do not worry. They always leave me out. 12 Meter. Admiral's Cup, One Ton. Transpac. Free standing. Wood, steel, aluminum, composite, black stuff. Anything that floats. Surprising that after 50 years I am still designing and almost more than ever.
  10. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    We need Art and Chuck Paine on this side show. Very hard to find better talented watercolor and oil painters.
  11. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Just noticed. 132 Pages both, for Origami and Sliver. Pardon my French; WTF.
  12. Wing Keel Theory: problem solved, or not?

    I like trim tab on cruising boats. Less draft; can be used as a spare rudder and less strain if the auto pilot is branched it.
  13. Chines in yacht design

    Chines on racing boats have become quite subtle and do not stop at the topsides deck location. If you observe the stern and especially the transom, you will notice if you look carefully, the flat at the centerline, the slight rise around the 1/4 beam followed by a quicker elevation to the transition topsides to deck. On this drawing, I have used more roundness at that point, before going vertical.
  14. RIP Doug Peterson

    Doug and I go back a long time. If he only stayed at the Tower for only one week, sleeping in his car. I do not really know what bug caught up with him when suddenly, he announced about going back to California to build a boat. Well,we all know about GANBARE. But, what many not know is that is love of boats had him owned classic yachts and be part in research and design of the mighty replica of the Atlantic, the record older of that Ocean for 75 years. ( the black one in the picture, the other one is Adix).
  15. RIP Doug Peterson

    Doug, Doug, Doug! Man O man. We had to change our minds. Live for ever.