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  1. We need Art and Chuck Paine on this side show. Very hard to find better talented watercolor and oil painters.
  2. Just noticed. 132 Pages both, for Origami and Sliver. Pardon my French; WTF.
  3. I like trim tab on cruising boats. Less draft; can be used as a spare rudder and less strain if the auto pilot is branched it.
  4. Chines on racing boats have become quite subtle and do not stop at the topsides deck location. If you observe the stern and especially the transom, you will notice if you look carefully, the flat at the centerline, the slight rise around the 1/4 beam followed by a quicker elevation to the transition topsides to deck. On this drawing, I have used more roundness at that point, before going vertical.
  5. Doug and I go back a long time. If he only stayed at the Tower for only one week, sleeping in his car. I do not really know what bug caught up with him when suddenly, he announced about going back to California to build a boat. Well,we all know about GANBARE. But, what many not know is that is love of boats had him owned classic yachts and be part in research and design of the mighty replica of the Atlantic, the record older of that Ocean for 75 years. ( the black one in the picture, the other one is Adix).
  6. Doug, Doug, Doug! Man O man. We had to change our minds. Live for ever.
  7. When I designed this Sport boat, I was asked the question why I did not put a bulb at the bottom. I replied that in this case where draft was not a concern per say, I just went as deep as possible to reflect the same CG that if fitted with a bulb of lower draft. This solution will always be faster.
  8. Girth Measurement at 55% or sta. 5.5. so for a draft of 1.5M. without penalties, it is advantageous at that depth to end in a triangle between the trailing edge of the keel and the bottom of the hull. Older 12M. did not take the benefit advantage of the aspect ratio.
  9. I am paid for the Cad drawings. The way Builders use them to built the boat. Beside a nice image, the rendering has little to do with the building of the vessel. I am not paid for the renderings, I do them on my own time and are not full fledge since I am paying for them. But in these days and age where an image is worth thousands words ( drawings) it is a tool for the client to see, who is very often ignorant as far as reading 2d. plans. Going back to the essence of this tread; long keel and rudder, I have a little side story for a project dating 14 years ago. You can read about it on my Blog: Metre and J's.
  10. I only designed a few boats with the Wing keel configuration. The owner of this schooner said that the lead keel wings probably saved his boat when stuck on a reef in Papua somewhere. The wings crushed with the swells, like falling onto a cushion. He managed to sail back to Australia on a wing and a prayer.
  11. It happens all the time !
  12. Speaking of Chloe: third in the One Ton World of 1973. Yahoo search: RB sailing: One Ton 1973. Same year Carter 37 Helias came first Class 3. Fastnet race.
  13. Small is one thing, but the other is displacement for offshore work. I would never consider a Melges 24, a J 24 etc. far too light to be reasonably well equiped for the task.
  14. Hey thanks. I follow Chuck on F.B. A Canal Boat, restricted on heights and beam.