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  1. Foredeck Shuffle

    The VX Evo

    After 25+ years of OD in a town that only supports OD, moving to an area that is mostly handicap is refreshing. It is hard to believe but I'm tired of the same 20+ keelboat and 12+ dinghy OD's. I know I'll come to rethink that, sometime, later, after I get done racing what ever sport boat and modern dinghy I feel like racing. I'm sure that will grow old. Eventually. If you haven't toiled in OD boats most of your life and you read about or have traveled to large OD events and see how cool the OD's are, I can see your point. But damn! It's fun to go fast without having to engineer and number tune the rigging of a 505 to do it. I don't care about the rating, or how I did against a dissimilar group of boats. I know how to sail well and know when I did or didn't and that along with going fast is a great time.
  2. Foredeck Shuffle

    Cup Holders

    Flasks do not fit in cup holders. Next question.
  3. Foredeck Shuffle

    What about keeping sailing classes in the olympic games?

    By these observations the following sailing classes are under represented by WS and the IOC selections.
  4. Foredeck Shuffle

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Interesting. I like the idea of a spring Oxford, CB summer time makes for miserable racing except during the weekday evening races or over night races. 20nm farther south was a much smaller race and the RC simply told us that it was going to be light, hot, and they had chores to do so we had to sail to the iron mark that made up half of the finish line and take our own finish time when we passed a line 120 from the bow of the mark. It nearly died about 30 minutes into the race, then picked up, then died again 2/3rd of the way through the race, then it was barely reasonable for the remainder. I was wondering how this was affecting the Oxford race. Boats finished and took their time and the time of the boat behind. Ended up being a classic CB light air race day but very enjoyable. I would have liked to have had a party but it was a small race so a/c and bar stools worked out well. As much as I hate racing in light air, I hate pulling the pin before TLE after spending hours fighting to keep the boat moving. SG's a great PRO and wonderful person, the rest of the RC are volunteers and at a minimum always deserve a "Thank you for your time." if you have nothing kind to say. If you have issues take it up with the PRO and sponsor club after the fact, in person or in writing. Anything else is inexcusable.
  5. Foredeck Shuffle

    Craigslist Finds

    The wife has come to me to talk about a VX/One instead of me going solo. I'm confused as to why I cannot have both?
  6. Foredeck Shuffle

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Will the SS14 be at any North American boat shows?
  7. Foredeck Shuffle

    Craigslist Finds

    I emailed with the owner, it's a good boat. Also Steve Clark has one he is willing to part with. I was about to buy one but the wife wants to talk about a VX/One rather than my going out by myself in this. Have to make a decision today.
  8. Foredeck Shuffle

    Laser full rig or laser radial

    If you can spare the $190, pick up the square head from Intensity. It behaves like a very different boat and is quite enjoyable on a lighter wind day. No good for OD, but if you have a Portsmouth fleet you can go challenge spinnaker boats with it, or just bang around.
  9. Foredeck Shuffle

    Laser full rig or laser radial

    Aero, M14, SS14, Evo, or just square it if you want to go cheap.
  10. Foredeck Shuffle

    Craigslist Finds

    Nah, no interest. I'm looking into a Vector but waiting for Mr. Clark to check a message from as he sounds like he has a better idea in mind.
  11. Foredeck Shuffle

    Craigslist Finds

    It's a Sidewinder. There is another one in TX.
  12. Foredeck Shuffle

    Craigslist Finds

    What is this?
  13. Foredeck Shuffle

    What's the most popular 2 person raced dinghy in US?

    The club should ask their YRA what is popular in the area and pull from that list. Local used boats, local knowledge about boats, local chandlers and lofts likely to carry parts and sails for said boats, local events on said boat, local market to dispense with same boats should they be deemed undesirable. Otherwise they'll end up with a boat one of us has a prejudice for, likely some class that is on its last legs, or never really was. Or they should just buy UFO's, VX/One's, VX/Evo's, M14's, RS Aero's, Open Bic's, Melges 17's, and Nacra 17's. Or make it simple and only buy boats that have been designed in this decade. That would be my unsolicited, highly biased, advice.
  14. Foredeck Shuffle

    Craigslist Finds

    Antique nautical furniture. 1966 Pumpkin Seed scow - Allentown, PA
  15. Foredeck Shuffle

    What's the most popular 2 person raced dinghy in US?

    Folks are not reading the requirements.