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  1. Foredeck Shuffle

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Ah, sorry, I assumed aluminum strut but was referring to a steel bolt, good engineering to go with ertacetal. Thanks for the update.
  2. Foredeck Shuffle


    Hmmm, I quit before they were called that but there were about 3 I've hopped around the front of, 1 that let me play with the sails, and 1 that I acted like I knew which way to go on, always ended in beers. I thought it might be Christian's V830 (RIP).
  3. Foredeck Shuffle


    I have a bad feeling I know you.
  4. Foredeck Shuffle


    I'm a mostly retired former foredeck with failing vision and other time and abuse ailments stacking up, but, get off my lawn!!!
  5. Foredeck Shuffle

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    A 14 or two could fall out of a 28R...
  6. Foredeck Shuffle


    This thread is a prime example of why the back of the boat should shut up about the front of the boat. The pole is on the correct side, multicolored sail is on port side, pole is on starboard side; do you short sighted Napoleons just put the pole up any ol'place? The pole is not on the forestay; save the image off and use a "line" shape to draw a straight line from top of forestay to bottom (in photo), note no deflection and get your eyes checked. Pole height is fine as far as anyone can tell from this picture and if it isn't, talk to the holier than thou headsail trimmer and distracted pit and get on with it. Spinnaker heads are cut nothing like that and if they are, you are being sold some third rate shit by the sail maker, though apparently it is not that you would know the difference. Same thing with tapes, you can't see them downstairs anyway so shut up and look at the pretty colors, no scratch that, look at your damn VPP chart and sail straight and turn the boat down in the puffs rather than asking someone to grab the vang. The pole is shiny, shiny like your wife's eyes when they glaze over and roll back in her head at 1am in the forepeak on a pile of expensive, but apparently poorly built, spinnaker sails. And the bowperson is right there on the deck, staring at rig set up and wishing you were not so damn cheap and your crew so incompetent that she could not have a nice double sheet, double guy setup, then maybe you would get a peel to the proper weight spinnaker for your reaching antics caused by your guesstician who appears to have over stood the next gybe mark, again, like usual, and the gybe would be easier with two guys, but instead she will have to make death threats to the guy trimmmer who is hauling in on the guy like their life depends on it while she is trying to make the inside end of the pole to the mast. But hey, what do you care? /s
  7. Foredeck Shuffle

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Are we really applying tariff's to all EU products? Did some research before posting and I believe that the answer is no as the US is putting tariffs on EU steel and aluminum and the EU is hitting back at US goods with a 25% tariff on boats. See below for related article and the link after that for the document with the list. And damn, the tariff is until 2021 or until the dispute is resolved. If I am in error, can someone post relevant information? 89039110 Sea-going sailboats and yachts, with or without auxiliary motor, for pleasure or sports 25% 89039190 Sailboats and yachts, with or without auxiliary motor, for pleasure or sports (excl. seagoing vessels) 25% 89039210 Sea-going motor boats and motor yachts, for pleasure or sports (other than outboard motor boats) 25% Might be a good idea to put in an order before this gets worse. This has been very poorly thought out...
  8. Foredeck Shuffle

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Trolley is interesting, carbon or G10 struts and a bolt insert that is not steel would be more desirable. Not a fan of steel near, at or below the waterline, if steel rusts is expands. Will contact directly, would like to know where the boat will be in the very near future.
  9. Foredeck Shuffle

    video evidence

    The boat just came out and you expect it to be sailed as well as some POS from two decade ago?
  10. Foredeck Shuffle

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    The fall show seemed an ambitious target and I didn't see it around, nor the spring but far fewer race boats even bother with the spring show. Is there a N.A. presence yet?
  11. Foredeck Shuffle

    The VX Evo

    Or a boat. "SCT"
  12. Foredeck Shuffle

    The VX Evo

    After 25+ years of OD in a town that only supports OD, moving to an area that is mostly handicap is refreshing. It is hard to believe but I'm tired of the same 20+ keelboat and 12+ dinghy OD's. I know I'll come to rethink that, sometime, later, after I get done racing what ever sport boat and modern dinghy I feel like racing. I'm sure that will grow old. Eventually. If you haven't toiled in OD boats most of your life and you read about or have traveled to large OD events and see how cool the OD's are, I can see your point. But damn! It's fun to go fast without having to engineer and number tune the rigging of a 505 to do it. I don't care about the rating, or how I did against a dissimilar group of boats. I know how to sail well and know when I did or didn't and that along with going fast is a great time.
  13. Foredeck Shuffle

    Cup Holders

    Flasks do not fit in cup holders. Next question.
  14. Foredeck Shuffle

    What about keeping sailing classes in the olympic games?

    By these observations the following sailing classes are under represented by WS and the IOC selections.
  15. Foredeck Shuffle

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Interesting. I like the idea of a spring Oxford, CB summer time makes for miserable racing except during the weekday evening races or over night races. 20nm farther south was a much smaller race and the RC simply told us that it was going to be light, hot, and they had chores to do so we had to sail to the iron mark that made up half of the finish line and take our own finish time when we passed a line 120 from the bow of the mark. It nearly died about 30 minutes into the race, then picked up, then died again 2/3rd of the way through the race, then it was barely reasonable for the remainder. I was wondering how this was affecting the Oxford race. Boats finished and took their time and the time of the boat behind. Ended up being a classic CB light air race day but very enjoyable. I would have liked to have had a party but it was a small race so a/c and bar stools worked out well. As much as I hate racing in light air, I hate pulling the pin before TLE after spending hours fighting to keep the boat moving. SG's a great PRO and wonderful person, the rest of the RC are volunteers and at a minimum always deserve a "Thank you for your time." if you have nothing kind to say. If you have issues take it up with the PRO and sponsor club after the fact, in person or in writing. Anything else is inexcusable.