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  1. Since the M14 is a OD travel boat, most will likely sail Portsmouth for some time. Has anyone seen a D-PN for the M14 yet?
  2. This. So many boat owners think they are planing when their boat is clearly surfing, going partially through waves not really over. Having driven a 505 doing 9 upwind and then turning down, the amount of boat in the water and the way the boat tracks changes dramatically.
  3. I almost put on a different rudder to the boat but at that point it's going too far. This is a cheap project for fun and self entertainment. I bet a rudder from an Aero would be ideal?
  4. And we have a route for a Standard Rig Laser with today's predicted wind with a resolution of 1hr and .25nm. This route is unlikely to be conditions for the race, it rarely blows out of the NW this time of year. Not sure why Expedition thinks I can go 8 degree off the wind, will need to look into that. It will be a beat down the Bay (pun intended) but very manageable in similar winds. It's a GO prediction putting me at the bar before it is even opens. Hadn't thought of that, will make sure that I have a cooler with iced beer staged in the tow vehicle. Planning is everything! Eastern Daylight Time Twd°M Tws Twa Targ Bsp Brg°M Tack Dist nm Mode Latitude Longitude 08/18/2016 10:51 335° 9.3 -147° 152° 6.9 122° Port 0.62 Sail 38 19.025n 076 24.063w 08/18/2016 10:57 335° 9.3 -147° 152° 6.9 122° Port 0.62 Sail 38 18.804n 076 23.325w 08/18/2016 11:02 335° 9.3 -147° 152° 6.9 122° Port 0.62 Sail 38 18.583n 076 22.586w 08/18/2016 11:07 335° 9.4 -147° 152° 6.9 122° Port 0.62 Sail 38 18.361n 076 21.848w 08/18/2016 11:13 334° 9.4 (174°) 152° 6.7 160° Strbd 3.46 Sail 38 18.140n 076 21.110w 08/18/2016 11:48 333° 9.4 151° 152° 6.7 182° Strbd 3.89 Sail 38 15.166n 076 18.847w 08/18/2016 12:23 332° 9.1 149° 152° 6.7 183° Strbd 3.67 Sail 38 11.328n 076 18.049w 08/18/2016 12:56 333° 8.7 127° 151° 7.4 205° Strbd 3.19 Sail 38 07.688n 076 17.415w 08/18/2016 13:23 335° 8.2 130° 150° 7.1 205° Strbd 3.19 Sail 38 04.593n 076 18.413w 08/18/2016 13:50 337° 7.5 (8°) 041° 5.8 329° Strbd 2.83 Sail 38 01.498n 076 19.409w 08/18/2016 14:29 344° 6.8 (18°) 042° 5.5 326° Strbd 2.71 Sail 38 03.599n 076 21.814w 08/18/2016 15:07 352° 6.1 22° 326° Strbd Sail 38 05.517n 076 24.250w Route distance 25.25nm Optimal distance 27.34nm Optimal route time 4h 15m 28s Created 08/18/2016 11:24 Sail chart Polar Laser Polar % 100 Model GFS Current Wind % 100 Algorithm Grid based
  5. So I found a decent set of polars, then used the Bethwaite polars and fudged the in between #'s by using the incremental seen in the polar graph of real recorded numbers and when the boat seems to plane and came up with this. Not perfect but suitable for what I want to do. !Expedition polar 2.0 35 1.2 40 1.4 50 1.5 60 1.6 75 1.7 90 1.8 105 1.7 120 1.6 135 1.5 150 1.4 165 1.3 180 1.1 4.0 35 2.5 40 2.8 50 3.0 60 3.1 75 3.2 90 3.2 105 3.1 120 3.0 135 2.9 150 2.6 165 2.4 180 2.1 6.0 35 3.0 40 4.0 50 4.5 60 4.7 75 4.9 90 5.4 105 5.3 120 5.2 135 5.0 150 4.6 165 4.3 180 4.1 8.5 35 3.1 40 4.3 50 5.0 60 5.6 75 6.0 90 6.4 105 6.5 120 6.3 135 6.2 150 6.1 165 6.0 180 5.9 10.0 35 3.1 40 4.5 50 5.1 60 6.0 75 6.5 90 6.9 105 7.1 120 7.2 135 7.1 150 6.8 165 6.4 180 6.3 12.0 35 3.2 40 4.8 50 5.2 60 6.3 75 7.0 90 7.4 105 7.7 120 8.1 135 8.0 150 7.4 165 6.8 180 6.7 13.5 35 3.2 40 4.9 50 5.4 60 6.5 75 7.3 90 7.5 105 7.9 120 8.5 135 8.7 150 7.9 165 7.1 180 7.0 16.0 35 3.3 40 5.2 50 5.7 60 6.7 75 7.7 90 8.8 105 9.9 120 10.3 135 10.3 150 9.5 165 8.7 180 8.6 19.0 35 3.4 40 5.3 50 6.0 60 7.0 75 8.1 90 10.0 105 11.9 120 12.0 135 11.8 150 11.1 165 10.7 180 10.5 22.0 35 3.5 40 5.4 50 6.2 60 7.5 75 9.2 90 12.4 105 13.8 120 13.8 135 13.7 150 12.6 165 12.1 180 11.8 25.0 35 3.6 40 5.5 50 6.4 60 7.9 75 10.2 90 14.8 105 15.6 120 15.5 135 15.4 150 14.0 165 13.4 180 13.0 30.0 35 3.7 40 5.6 50 6.7 60 8.2 75 11.8 90 18.0 105 19.7 120 19.4 135 19.0 150 18.7 165 18.0 180 17.9
  6. I used to race a 505 out of WRSC, always jealous of the A-Cat's so I asked to take one out, guess that was somewhere around 2009. I've always kicked myself for getting a 3rd 505 rather than an A-Cat, or even an F-18. Was it 2010 that a large F-18 event was held? I went out to watch the racing. In 2013 I was going to get an F-18 to do the Tybe 500 but found out they have stopped having the race. If that ever comes back I'm definitely going to get an F-18 and practice up. You don't have to sell this to me, it's obvious. If I didn't already have a job on a boat in SMSA for a distance race for the 10th for Oxford I'd beg and bribe for a ride if anyone on a F-18 or NACRA is short crew. Always forget about that race and that the cat's do it, I need to plan better that would be an awesome ride. I'm not sure how wise taking an F-18 into an adventure race is as the water depth for the courses can go to as low as 2'. I would have to have a way to keep the boards up reliably, or just get a spare set of straight, short boards so that I do not weep during the race when ever they take a hit. There is also the issue that some of the bridges you have to go under can be 4'-10' in height, wonder how quick I can unstep and restep an F-18? The races are always multiple days long so unstepping is a common occurrence. So why do the Laser in distances? Because used hulls that are not soft are easy and cheap to buy, reasonably quick for its size, and because its hard to do. But a cat is definitely in future plans.
  7. Don't be mean. I'm one of the only Laser folks in this area that will still head out on a Laser in 35kts. Seriously, how the hell does anyone keep a Laser uprights at 20kts? I did a race in 30-32kts on the downwind for over 11nm and the result was that I had come off flat from so many waves that I put a 9" crack in the starboard quarter, literately crushed the stern section of the hull and it has to go to the dump. I had Race Q's running and while it had me at over 12kts for a solid 15 minutes, there was a 2 minute run of 14-15kts (I had come behind a point and the water flattened). Are those numbers just tank tests and CFD? I have a hard time believing that the Laser hull is stable enough to handle 20kts+. Maybe with a radial? The real goal is to slowly bring myself up to the ability to do one of the Water Tribe Adventure Races in the not so distant future. At some point I'm going to have to add some kind of cat to the fleet as some of these races are too long to consider in a mono with my time constraints. Check it out, cool stuff. http://watertribe.org/ The OkoumeFest Ultra Marathon is a local goal. Not sure yet about the Everglades races. But for now I have Laser's to destroy in distance races, buy more, destroy, repeat. Either with the hull smashing or ripping cups out with the square head mounted on a carbon top section. Hulk smash puny Laser.
  8. Getting closer... !Expedition polar 2.0 30 40 50 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 4.0 30 40 50 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 6.0 30 40 50 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 8.5 30 3.1 40 4.3 50 5.1 60 5.6 75 6.0 90 6.4 105 6.5 120 6.3 135 6.2 150 6.1 165 6.0 180 5.9 10.0 30 40 50 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 12.0 30 40 50 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 13.5 30 3.2 40 4.6 50 5.4 60 6.1 75 6.9 90 7.4 105 7.6 120 7.6 135 7.7 150 7.4 165 7.1 180 7.0 16.0 30 40 50 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 19.0 30 3.4 40 5.4 50 6.0 60 7.0 75 8.1 90 10.0 105 11.9 120 12.0 135 11.8 150 11.1 165 10.7 180 10.5 25.0 30 3.6 40 5.5 50 6.4 60 7.9 75 10.2 90 14.8 105 15.6 120 15.5 135 15.4 150 14.0 165 13.4 180 13.0 30.0 30 3.7 40 5.6 50 6.7 60 8.2 75 11.8 90 18.0 105 19.7 120 19.4 135 19.0 150 18.7 165 18.0 180 17.9 35.0 30 40 50 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 Found some numbers from an olympic campaign. Having done 14-15 on a Laser with both a standard rig and the square head I have a problem with the upper ranges. Perhaps with a radial rig I could hit them, or perhaps as a non-olympian I have no idea what real speed is.
  9. That really requires a 2nd boat with instruments to record the TWS, TWA, and ToD to compare to the BS, Heading, and ToD to match the #'s and time stamps. And then go out and do the same for various wind strength days. I wish I had that kind of time to spend on the water.
  10. Awesome on the kid being at the NA! That's great! Nah, no hard feelings. I love SSA. While a small part of the club is ruining a good thing I'm no longer going to financially enable them. When that contingent is no longer allowed to manipulate the club for their own interests and the club has a chance of building a new fleet of boats where the design is younger than me, I'll come back. I'm working on a VX/One purchase later this year, no chance of bringing that to SSA, so it will also be somewhere else and I'll travel to race it OD. I like OD, but an ancient design no longer captures my interest and I will not spend time or money on anything older than a Laser, and only a Laser because of how stellar the Laser Master events are and competitive the class is. I'd rather spend the money and time to travel and race a boat that I find interesting. Sooooo, anyone have a VPP for a Laser? Pretty please? I'll clean it up and return in Expedition format.
  11. I want to enter a Laser (unmodified) into a few different distance races that I have found that allow a dinghy to race against all comers, one in 2 week is a 26nm course. So, if you are onshore making a go/nogo decision because the wind is marginal I want to pull up Expedition, plug in a VPP, download PredictWind's pro forecast with high resolution, and make a sound go/nogo decision that ensures that I do not require outside assistance. Others are starting to jump on the dinghy distance race bandwagon that I've been touting and are asking me to help them make a similar call. Big wind is a decision that is based on personal capabilities and boat condition, everyone must make their own call. But in light air I want to make a good call. I've been travel sailing more than local sailing and I spend some time down in Solomons playing on different boats (Laser, Flamingo, VX/One, J/80, GP26) because the wife is from there and the people are a lot of fun. So we have rented a room down there and sail / race out of SMSA a lot. I also keep a powerboat down in Solomons and enjoy Z's pool and pool bar every so often. I'm going to start sailing local in Annapolis starting this winter but travel racing is going to increase. Oh, and I resigned from SSA and got rid of the 505, Shaw650, and V15 with the Laser moved to AYC. Too many angry letters from the Soling crowd against my paid for sportboat. They would rather have an empty, unpaid for space so I left.
  12. Does anyone know of any dinghy VPP's that have been created and published? I have read white papers where the Finn, Laser (usually Olympic classes) have been studied and modeled in both CFD and tank tests to figure out issues such as optimum heel and yaw at different boat speeds and they always reference a VPP but never show VPP data, just test results. Does anyone know of, have and will provide, or can point to web links of dinghy VPP's?
  13. I picked a non ILCA top section from Intensity. Mast bend is a little earlier on the Mk I sail. Haven't put up my Mk II sail yet, still have a new Mk I with 0 days on it. Having bent my top section many times on 2 different era boats this would be nice to see happen. Though I bent the bottom section once on a super heavy wind day, that was a shock.
  14. Get a Laser because you can race it OD everywhere. Then go get this sail and play with it, race dinghy distance races, or when available go Portsmouth racing. Depending upon your weight around 16-18kts of breeze, go back to the standard rig as the increased sail going upwind is useless and downwind the center of effort is too far forward and the boat wants to pitch pole, especially in 25kts+. Have a lot of fun on the cheap and race a very competitive, large, OD class in the same boat. And if you bust the mast cup you will learn essential fiberglass repair skills, so really it's a tri-fecta of new sailing pleasure. http://www.intensitysails.com/insapohesafo.html
  15. Any results on this? Recently added a carbon top section to the Laser with the square head (Intensity Power Head) sail which also saw the boat introduced as the new Flamingo Class (my boat is called Torched Flamingo). Took it to Ware River for the VA Guv Cup and WRYC puts on an excellent event with good people, RC, racing, and social. Never been before and the old school lodge styled club is well appointed and maintained and has wide fields for large visiting fleets, a large water front area, and friendly hosts. Such an excellent place to sail, I will be going back. I had brought my standard rig and sail in case a Laser OD opened up but only 1 other Laser showed up and was put into Portsmouth so I rigged the Flamingo and went for a sail. The gentlemen on the Laser was quick with a strong read on the shifty conditions and was overall extremely well sailed so he deservedly won 1st, I snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory by sailing into a massive wind hole on the last race but the Flamingo and its silly amount of sail area still claimed 2nd, 2 Aero's followed up with a a mixed bag of boats including a freshly restored Mutineer sailed by two young men who had just finished their boat on Friday, some things I didn't recognize, and a Prindle 16 that would either go crazy fast or sit like a nice swim platform. If you haven't been to WYSC's VA Guv Cup I would highly recommend it. The Portsmouth fleet lets you race what you want if you have a D-PN, and otherwise the fleets were healthy with 3 Opti classes, jr. Laser Radial, Hampton OD, Buccaneer 18, and the Albacore with Barney getting his name on The Cup for the 5th time. I wish a club like this was located closer to where I live.