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  1. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Yank boats need them as when we step to the stern to pull the aux, the boat would flood.
  2. Craigslist Finds

    Did it sell Guv?
  3. You old farts with old YT posts act like teenage girls with Snapchat. Worst thread ever, cluttered with shit.
  4. GPS tracker for dinghy racing

    I have run iNavX and RaceQ's on an iPhone and have a 10,000mAh battery backup from Amazon attached. Have run it for a day of racing and on a keelboat for overnight and had no issue. Since you already own RaceQ's this might be a good route to take. Make sure you have your screen blackout set to something like 15 seconds, screen use is a bigger battery expenditure than GPS. Unless you need it, turn off bluetooth when racing and kill all other apps until you are done racing.
  5. Show and tell!!

    That chevron is in the incorrect place to have any meaning other than the sail maker and they are not the only one with that on their sails. It's more common than you think. For a chevron, diamond, medallion, or bar to have any meaning it must be located between the top and middle batten. Otherwise it is just stuff on a sail.
  6. Laser sailing

    Feel free to ask John D., he's your regional rep. Change the rigs, no class. If a vote is taken at a Maserts event it is sometimes allowed but you'll never find a typical ILCA event permitting changes. You sail what you want, but you stick with the rig until the event or series is over.
  7. Laser sailing

    From the district rep its because we don't sail OD at all since we allow people to change rigs in the middle of an event or series. Besides, 2nd hand sails are often used at the other clubs. And Laser's are a drag unless you are sailing them as a kid or doing the Masters. I'd sail something else until the latter applies.
  8. The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    Club serves well made, top shelf drinks, check. Very good restaurant with a nice view, check. Has a complete rebuild on the way making the bar and restaurant even more desirable, check. Adding a tiki bar and pool, check. Has space for my powerboat, sailboat, and racing dinghy, check. Seems to be firing on all cylinders as far as I can tell. Racing is not what it used to be and too many J/70's, Etchells, and H20's pollute the yard, but otherwise it's a nice place with good racing. Now the other club I belong too, nice people, small fleets, but otherwise it has no long term plans and thus no future. A basket case waiting until the day the fickle landlord doesn't extend the lease. Then poof, what club?
  9. Singlehand 49'er?

    What do the following mean? H/T & Designwind. Where did you get the CoE of each craft?
  10. Singlehand 49'er?

    Interesting, I wanted to do that but didn't bother to look it up yet. Selden has had this around but it doesn't permit changing the crew weight by distance which is immense in a trap boat versus a non trap boat. I guess I could cheat by using the beam of where your butt would be when trapped. http://www.seldenmast.com/en/services/calculators/rm_calculator.html
  11. Singlehand 49'er?

    I always forget about PM's here, you have a reply. Thanks for reaching out.
  12. Singlehand 49'er?

    Heck, sounds like I;m better off just single handing a VX/One and calling it a day. Wanted something easier to set up and launch, less than 20 minutes from cover off to dropping in the water. Attached is a spreadsheet I've put together to give numbers to the ideas including displacement ratios for no, 1, and 2 crew, traping, etc. The one boat you will not recognize is the Flamingo, that is the square headed Laser. NewBoat2017.xlsx
  13. Singlehand 49'er?

    I have singled a 505, figured the 29'er cannot be too much worse, at least the boat wouldn't be a bathtub after each capsize. I tried an Aero 9, it was slower than the turbo'd Laser. Stable boat, but unsure I'm willing to go that direction unless I decided to travel to the OD regattas. Mr. Clark, I've been watching your UFO project with a lot of interest, looks like you and your son have really nailed concept down and I'm hoping to go north later this year and give it a go. But as with everything, wind is key and the Chesapeake Bay in the summer is not a great place for breeze. Would it be impossible to build a turbo rig and get a sail made to match and use it in the 9kts and under days and go to the regular rig in the 10kts+ zone? With 2 rigs for us in less spirited wind conditions, it could be interesting. I'd be willing to build my own rig and get a sailmaker to match it up.
  14. Singlehand 49'er?

    JB, Your post alone was worth asking all this, thank you. I am starting to think a 29'er might be a smarter move but there is a good condition 49'er for sale at what seems like a very good price. I'm assuming the sails are shot considering the price. TGBR, The issue of launching and retrieval is a good point. It's a tight area so I would have to find a beach to launch if I go this direction. A more enjoyable experience to do a beach anyway and I think I know of one that would work. No one knows what that Bongo is? Is it slow, fast, nothing special, amazing?
  15. Singlehand 49'er?

    29'er or 29'erXX? I forgot about these...