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  1. Again, changes coming mostly from PSA! Mate those guys have hijacked the Laser class, and everyone here is happy about it now because we're used to the rule of LaserPerformance. I bet we won't like our new masers very much in 2020. Name changes of all the sails, pushing people to do their C rigs on Lasers. No consultation of the class. Just changing everything! because they have a crack in the door from our hatred of LP. World Sailing fell for it, and so did everyone else.
  2. BlatantEcho

    Laser 4.7

    This is correct. It's a vastly compromised boat, fed by the power of the former Laser brand power. Anyone not involved with Laser/ILCA mess hopes *anything* else replaces it.
  3. JFC, this is one of the biggest disasters ever. The Australian builder has changed the name of all their products (laser 4, 6 and 7), while the entire class is officially silent on things. EurILCA is at war with ILCA, and PSA employees are posting defacto statements in the class magazine about.... god knows what. As a long-time Laser sailor (20+ years), who has supported the class while it attempted to get away from LaserPerformance. It sounds like we've just been sold out to PSA. They're just making new rigs, advertising all this stuff as class legal, and there is limited official communication from the class? No wonder my friends talk about switching to Aeros and why more people do it. Who the hell wants to deal with a boat or class like this anymore? Goddammit it's so tiresome guys.
  4. A lot of the smart builders, whom the class would want to attract, are having the exact same discussion. I would be extremely surprised if any of the best builders in the USA pursue building ILCA dinghies with any vigor. The costs are high, the class is divided, the international building community is willing to drop its drawers to paid their own wallets. My crystal ball isn't perfect on this topic, but, if you review, I've been pretty close. Many sideshow builders will come out, but, the big ones I talk (that the class would, actually want to have building their boats), are avoiding this mess for a couple years to see how things play out.
  5. Yeah, that's not a lot of production actually. I believe PSA builds 1.7 boats a day. A 40'HC fits 20x boats on trollies. So, 80 boats is 2 months production. That's really not a lot of boats. Anyone know if Ryan has prepaid for a full container yet?
  6. BlatantEcho

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Mate, no one has any idea why your computer skills are as bad as your English language skills. I think most of us assume you are posting while drunk **which is fun sometimes ** I think I speak for everyone here when I say, you really come off as know nothing tosser. Please STFU!
  7. BlatantEcho

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Everyone needs to listen to this guy. Sturgis was the builder. They are responsible. They subbed out to a Chinese company. They asked Chinese company to build infused boats, they did so. Why would the Chinese company if they were class legal or not in the USA? That doesn't concern them at all. This is the end of the story. *************************** SCANAS, mate, you have the story so backwards!! are you drunk?
  8. BlatantEcho

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    I believe they have folded after all the illegal C420s they sold as legal....
  9. BlatantEcho

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Anyone been given any credits, or offered any solutions? I saw their website has been down for a bit now.
  10. BlatantEcho

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Which is, ironically, how this whole mess started in the first place. Rich parents want an advantage for their kids so they can use their kids to feel better about themselves - cost be damned. ***** Kinda fitting that 'more of the same' is the answer to the current situation.
  11. BlatantEcho

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    ^^ Anyone, private or organization, filed suit yet against Sturgis? Or is what has been offered here exactly the case - $10,000 just isn't enough money for most of the rich families to chase him. So, his strategy of going underground is going to work and this all blows over? Still has 4.8stars on google. I mean, is this actually hurting their business, or is their strategy perfect? Ignore it, and it will go away?
  12. It's pretty god damn depressing to see all this just reconfirm the same boat. I can't imagine how many dollars, hours of WS/class/builder time were spent here arguing with people around the world. The class divorcing itself from a name. The builders fighting and suing. And where are we? Back at the same place we started. ************* Having the Laser in the Olympics was clearly driving *massive* growth in sailing worldwide. I mean, it was crazy. Everyone is excited to sail the boat, kids love it, supply is no problem around the world. And, look, after all this energy, time, money and shit fighting for the last year. Here we are again. Same as where we started. Just more tired, angry and another year older. The outcome is just unbelievably depressing. This doesn't feel like progress at all.
  13. The leaky, low quality 29ers they built hoping it would be an Olympic class (29erXX) didn't scare you off mate? I'm impressed anyone would consider giving them money for a boat under 24' after that fiasco.
  14. BlatantEcho

    ongoing concerns

    I know NZL is far from the rest away of the world, but, are you part of this planet, or just so isolated that right and wrong don't matter there mate?? He built infused boats. Infused boats are not allowed. There isn't like a negotiation here. Or, some 'interpretation of the rules'. Carbon is better than fiberglass, but you can't build carbon 420s. So, you're just being daft. He sold cheater boats - got caught, and is deep underground hoping it will blow over. .............And YES, 420s are shit at garbage, no question. It's embarrassing that they are used in the United States. Heavy, old, symmetrical kites. Good lord. But, this isn't about how bad they are, it's that someone built lighter and faster ones under the guise that they were legal (whether parents knew that or not is not really important, but I would guess a number of buyers knew full well they were getting lighter boats here...).
  15. BlatantEcho

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    LOL. That's too funny. And, of course 10000% he knew, there is zero question from anyone here that he didn't know exactly what he was doing. No credible source has given a single shred of evidence that a builder just randomly switched to a more expensive, more complicated build process without asking him.