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  1. GybeSet

    Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    Final NZ, NZ, Aus, Aus, Aus, U.S.A. , NZ, NZ, note: Harken USA skipper was Riley Gibbs standing in for Howie Hamlin
  2. GybeSet

    Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    only 3 sails per season, and you need six sails across the two rigs, as mentioned they must be stamped in about 4 months prior to the JJ Giltinan If you sail a US, NZ or European regatta in the aussie off-season you can gain an extra sail or two, an aussie main might be a little heavier because its built to be reefable? Maybe Frogman can expand on any other differences?
  3. GybeSet

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    there's distortion in that pic, but nevertheless he's the biggest loser in the fleet
  4. GybeSet

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    1. Comanche are expected and obliged by the rules to ENFORCE them, e.g. protest 2. the gentlemanly option was for the infringing party to RETIRE after the incident. RRS Basic Principles. SPORTSMANSHIP AND THE RULES Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire.
  5. in Dubins sphere already might just take him one phone call !
  6. GybeSet

    ART & Eyedeens

    credits (above) to michael chittenden . original image credits to Cath Theaux photography
  7. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    art eyedeen style
  8. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    from pro Sports Photographer Catherine Theaux, first day at the 18s, copyright the panasonic Lumix 'dive' sequence worth checking out. click on the image
  9. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    . what other class rewards its champions like this one? . .
  10. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    yet to be finalised also the scoring can't 'do' the averaging, which won't be known till the series completes your prediction may be realised, or .....
  11. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17
  12. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    find out Wednesday, can't see why not
  13. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    I think that is C-Tech yeah C-Tech has 'aero' down the luff & Yamaha has the vang triangle foiled in sailcloth
  14. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    progressive after 2 series scratch after 2.pdf
  15. GybeSet

    18'ers 2016/17

    ha ha, no, yes, kinda fact is the League rolls a huge percentage of it's budget into the fleet/ racing, more than any other sporting club i'd say. Probably the only reason there is a quality fleet of 18s racing. Woody was a steady hand in directing and managing the club to this position. As Ate mentions the 16s have quite large and vibrant community clubs and support the fleet, the association , basically the combined clubs, have set up a new boat package, and sails/rig package that is a huge saving