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  1. bellum

    caption contest

    You know it foils, right.
  2. bellum

    what is it?

    The long lost Henderson SR 25 cruiser version.
  3. bellum

    what is it?

    An I-14 with the new stealth cockpit. All lines are near invisible filament that pass through vision repellent black blocks and cleats that have black labels that light up in black. Or something to that effect.
  4. bellum

    caption contest

    Did you find the gerbil? Nope. Might as well wait till the front falls off.
  5. bellum

    lucky number

    Unfortunately, the Crowhurst rapid auto-inflating pod (CRAP) normally attached to the mast head and used to prevent inversion, was used on this day as a mark for the race. The exact one can be seen in the background. Too soon?
  6. bellum

    what is it?

    Heavily modified Nonsuch 33 PHRF 87
  7. bellum

    J33 Stories

    Please disregard the mildly excited owner. You would think he had never seen an asymmetric spinnaker on a boat before. Just posting to show what can be done to make a beauty of a J 33 bring even more joy to its owners. 2 foot deck mounted aluminum retractable sprit with bobstay and a previously enjoyed J105 A2.
  8. bellum

    J boat advice

    J33 with a deck mounted bowsprit. PHRF of 92. Standing headroom (5'10"). Does well in the light stuff. 4 on the market and all under $50 000 CDN. Add the sprit and asymmetric for $5 000. Yes, I have one, but it is not for sale. The WEE BEASTIE is at Highland Yacht Club in Scarberia (Bluffers' Park) should you wish to take a look.
  9. bellum

    J33 Stories

    For your viewing pleasure. A little bit of deck work, he said. It will be fun, he said. You can hear the pain in my voice. Early April 2016. Still below freezing in Toronto.
  10. bellum

    J33 Stories

    Nothing like a good keel falling off story to give you some confidence in your new sailing toy. You must also be ready for many hours of sanding your deck after your get 20 square feet of core redone. Wee Beastie's bottom rudder bearing is near dead and currently in for repair/replacement. Be assertive when your magnificent J 33 is being lowered into her cradle. Do not let them bump the leading edge of your keel. It just adds another epoxy repair in the spring. Maybe I will finally get to finish the sanding of the repair this coming spring. Oh darn, yet another reason to drive 2 hours down to Toronto and mess around on/under boats. Wiring may be somewhat suspicious. During the 2015 Full course Lake Ontario 300 we had a mini fire in behind the breaker panel. Mostly smoke. Casing of one wire touched bare wire of another circuit. For the record, we love the boat. Too much fun and not enough time.
  11. bellum

    J33 Stories A nice little article about the 2016 Lake Ontario 300. There are a few errors in the article. Our course was 300 km or ~ 200 miles not 300 miles. Yes we were racing in the non- spinnaker class as we lost half our crew only a few days before the race. We had already paid the entry fee, so we just changed divisions. Three up for a 2 day race with spinnaker was more challenge than we were prepared to take on. The race gave us the usual Lake Ontario 300 conditions. Perfect winds of 8-10 knots, 0 wind and a surprise 25 gusting to 35 for a bunch of hours. The wind by itself was no big deal, but the steep chop with what seemed like only 30 feet between waves was boat breaking. We were dead tired and just looking to survive the storms. This fatigue may have lead to the tragic part of the story that is not in the article. We were ahead by a few hundred metres of the C+C 115 coming into the finish area. The finish involves passing a few marks to starboard and then thru the finish line. One of the finish area marks had been deleted from the course with proper notification (printed amendment) and we did read the amendment. Unfortunately, we misinterpreted what mark was dropped and missed a turning mark. We crossed the finish line and did not receive any sound signal nor radio contact saying something like "Congratulations. You are a Lake Ontario 300 Finisher." We quickly figured out that we missed a mark. As we headed to the mark we missed, a few hundred metres away, the 115 crossed the finish line and we heard on the radio "Congratulations. You are the Lake Ontario 300 LINE HONOURS WINNER." That sucked the life out of us for a while. We should have had the trifector for the race. First in Division, First Overall and Line Honours. Lessons learned: Always stay between the competition and the next mark, even if you think it is the wrong mark. Have the race instructions close at hand when there is some confusion. Get more sleep. Two sub-stories. We ripped the main on the delivery to the host club for the race (~5 hours under normal conditions). Managed a quick pit stop at our old club. Had a crew member collect the sail and take it to the local UK sails loft. One hour later we had our sail back and made the check in dead line by 5 minutes. New main is on order from UK. We were flying on the delivery home. Full main and #3. Broad reaching we hit 12 knots, which is our current record. Had our first broach on the same delivery. Normally during a puff a quick tug on the tiller straightens the boat out. Not this time. No breakages. Looking for information of on proper rigging of J33 check stays. Bellum
  12. bellum

    J33 Stories

    New owner of the former DAYBREAK now WEE BEASTIE up in Toronto. First year of ownership. Growing pains as we train the crew, but epic fun in our first season. During the Donald Summerville race, hosted by my former club, Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club, our goal was to finish the season with a fun out and back kind of race (16-20 miles). We were a crew of 4 which is a little light for the 15-18 knots of wind we had for the first hour. Our division consisted of a J120, J109, J35, Turboed 1D35, and a Sunfast 32. Our expectations were to finish the race, eat well, have some fun and beat a well sailed C+C 35 MK3. During the morning delivery to the start area (7 miles away) we hoisted the used J105 A2 (uncut) on our recently installed 2 foot bowsprit. Great fun, but wrong angle to get to the start. We start in 15-18 knots of wind and are in for a bit of a beating going upwind (yes, a pun) heading east along the north shore of Lake Ontario with a SE wind a deep chop. The common and often effective strategy is to head for shore and short tack the shore. We noticed that the wind was failing inshore and we chose to stay offshore of the lead boats. The big boys were not getting away from our wonderfull J33 with her crew of 3 over 50 boys and one amazing female crewmember who I believe is still 39. Coming into the rounding mark we assumed the aymmetric boats would take off as it was to be a reach becoming a tight reach on the ride to the finish. We watched the J120 The Cat Came Back round and absolutely launch. A pretty site, but not when they are the competition. The J109 Lively rounded and similarly hoisted a beautiful asymmetric spinnaker and launched. We were next. A quick hoist and the pole to the forestay, genny down and lets have at them. The two boat ahead seemed to be heading towards land and we knew from the upwind ride that heading for shore is a mistake. We again stayed as high as possible with our symmetric spinnaker and more offshore. Our strategy started to pay as the we gained on the two leaders. At one point both of the sprit boats had to drop their kites and with us further offshore and in more breeze we drew even with the J109. During the last hour of the 3.5 hour race the wind faded to about 8 knots, but the damage had been done and the lead boats now had no chance of correcting out ahead of us. The end of the story is not so happy. Yes, we won our division, but we ended up 3rd overall in PHRF. We were bested by a J24 by a little over a minute on corrected and by 2 minutes by a Benetub 38. They must have followed our lead. Did we achieve our goals? Let's see. Finish the race...check. Eat well..oh yes. Have fun...massive yes. Beat the well sailed C+C 35 mk3...yes by a few minutes. Our long term goal is to race offshore double handed and for that reason we have installed the short bowsprit. Can't wait for next season. More J33 stories to follow. Bellum
  13. bellum

    Being prodded to sprit

    I went through the same thought process that you are experienceing. Our new to us J33 came with seperate guy and sheets. I loved how it all worked until we factored in new crew. Most of our new crew had never seen a spinnaker. Training took all summer to get to a decent performance level by September at the club race level. My boat partner and I are Scottish do-it-yourself people. Our main objectives with the boat are to have fun, be safe and eventually race double handed. Asymmetrics became our best option. We have added a deck mounted aluminum sprit with a bobstay. The extention is in the 2 foot range. We managed to source a used J105 A2 heavy (being cut down as I type) and a J100 A2(?) less heavy, that fits perfectly. We only managed 3 sails with the uncut J105 asymmetric, but what a breeze it was to launch, gybe and douse. We will receive no penalty from PHRF for our change. All in cost of sprit, 2 used spinnakers, assorted tack lines, blocks and tack line cleat...$2500.00 Canadian. Will we be as fast on W/L courses? Probably not. Will we have more fun doing point to point races? Yes. Will we put up an asymmetric spinnaker with our wives and 3 (combined) daughters? Yes! Just go race.
  14. bellum

    what is it?

    It is a Binford 5200 bifucating octomatic bilge duhickie.
  15. bellum

    Is there a J 33 Web Site??

    I need to replace the bottom bearings on the rudder. Who knows what replaces the old Harkens? I would prefer no restructuring be needed. I have been told the current bearings are "unique". I start digging the hole to drop the rudder tomorrow (Saturday October 29). I am hoping for warm temperatures and rain. We have already had snow and below freezing temperatures. Bellum