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  1. Newbie just bought a Thistle

    I'll be out of town that week. Shall I try to find you a crewing spot on a boat? If you just want to look at boats before they head out show up about 5:00. Click on the envelope symbol at the top right of the page and you'll find a message with my e-mail address. Let's correspond off-list. Best, Eric Rayl
  2. Newbie just bought a Thistle

    Everything I can see in the photos is good-45 degree braces added, newer spars, hull stiffeners added, jib leads in the correct position. Let me know when you want to sail and I'll find you a ride in my boat or someone elses.
  3. Newbie just bought a Thistle

    Great that you have an aluminum mast-what color? black and clear anodized are both OK, gold anodized is sailable but not competitive in racing due to being too stiff. The mast butt sits on a board about a 1.5' wide that runs between the rails about a foot ahead of where the shrouds pass through the rails. On newer boats than yours there is a small board, about 1" x 2" that runs from the rails near the shroud holes to the mast supporting board at a 45 degree angle. Your boat would not have had them when new, but they may have been added. I ask because if you sail in higher winds the 45 degree braces will keep the rails from delaminating or breaking where the shrouds pass through. Prominently shown in this pic: How to add them: http://www.rziha.net/sailing/resurrecting_2682/installing_45s.shtml There are a few other things to make an older Thistle like a new one, this is the one you should do if it hasn't been done.
  4. Newbie just bought a Thistle

    I'm active in the Seattle fleet. We mostly communicate on the seattle thistle fleet yahoo group. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/seattlethistlefleet/info?referrer=wintersail which you can ask to join. We have boats actively racing from older than yours to almost new. Like Alan said, go here to see hundreds of photos of how 4 pristine thistles are rigged: http://photos.apsltd.com/One-Design-Photos/Thistle If you want more, go here: http://www.dwinchester.com/thistle/ Feel free to PM me and we can correspond off-list if you like. If you want to have a look at how all the boats at Leschi are rigged, that can happen before racing any Wednesday. Best, Eric Rayl, #3940 PS-did your boat come with wood spars or aluminum? Does it have 45 degree braces located near where the shrouds run through the rails?
  5. Bird Deterrants

    What worked for me based reading that birds hate shiny things blowing in the wind... Go to your local party supply store and buy one of these for $5: https://m.partycity.com/products/giant+rainbow+spray+centerpiece?bypass_redirect=1 Make a halyard retriever line with this thing taped to the top of the line such that when the halyard is hauled to the top of the mast thins thing sticks up some above the top of the mast.
  6. 20 / 21 Foot Beach Cat w/Wings

    There is a Nacra Inter 20 with wings in Ketchikan, AK that is very likely for sale, contact the R2AK organizers.
  7. Dinghy Racing in Seattle?

    Mondays at SSP is super casual and fun. Renting a boat from them is inexpensive. Thistles at Leschi on Lake Washington on Wednesdays, competitive fleet of 15-20 boats. 5 fleets on Thursdays at Shilshole, have a look here to see who comes out to play: http://www.cycseattle.org/results/2017_specific/spthu.html PM me if you're interested in Thistles and I can likely find you a ride.
  8. Swiftsure

    Yes, interesting race indeed. We did the lightship so went through race rocks later than most of you. At race rocks 24 kts of wind, 11 kts boat speed through the water, but 6 kts adverse current so the gybe angles over the ground were horrible. The nav. would tell us "time to gybe", and halfway through the gybe the rock that caused us to gybe would appear out of the fog...very memorable.
  9. One week charter in PNW

    I've contacted all the charter companies, and there are reasonable options. Posting my ideal charter here in the extremely low chance it turns up something fitting my idea of perfect. You'll understand why perfect probably won't happen through a charter company: 1. Week of Aug 13 2. 36'-42' sailboat 3. 4 adult sized folks, 2 of them are my kids so we don't need any double staterooms or the like 4. Far more interested in sailing performance than floating condo features (save the comments about no wind in Aug....I know) 5. Would come with a 10' rowing/sailing dinghy rather than a rib with outboard 6. Not too particular about home port, mainland side between Seattle and Vancouver inclusive is OK, or the Olympic Peninsula. 7. Glad to pay market rate, which varies widely between $2k and $4.5k for a week Thanks, Eric R
  10. I14s at Kaneohe YC Pac Rims

    Are results posted anywhere, I didn't have any luck finding them?
  11. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    We can hold a waterproof camera underwater by hand from the open transom of the boat I'm on, anything wrapped around the keel or rudder shows up clearly looking straight forward.. Not so easy on your boat!
  12. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    You can be almost certain it was kelp or eelgrass-the description fits perfectly. That close reach to Blakely Rock was a dream come true for the boats with a lot of waterline relative to their rating. I think with clean foils you would have made it to the rock ahead of all the IRC boats. That's one of many good uses of a decent set of polars - if we can't hit ours even by 0.2kts I want to back down. Doing so is temporarily painful but so much better than spending hours being frustrated.
  13. money wins!

    Any event that takes place at a track meet.
  14. From windsurfer to Dinghy.

    JanB, Like you I have lots of windsurfing experience, and am comfortable sailing in gorge conditions and breaking surf. I own a Musto skiff for the same reasons you are contemplating-just blasting around when the wind is under 15 kts. The difference is I also have 50+ years of boat sailing experience. You could do what you are contemplating, it will be a very big step. The learning to sail a boat step and the being comfortable on a trapeze step are both pretty big hurdles. Anyway, if I was you I'd take an interim step of buying a single handed boat with trapeze but no racks. I don't know what fits that description besides a contender.
  15. Musto Skiff

    I'm 54, only owned my Musto for 8 months. I didn't buy it to race, just to have something challenging to sail that I wouldn't get bored with. There is a lot of 7-14 kts here in Seattle in the summer. So far, so good, and no regrets. I do dress expecting to capsize, although it happens less and less every time out. SSS is right, everything about sailing a skiff is about anticipating, or at least having reflexive reactions. There isn't time to think things through as they are happening.