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  1. What worked for me based reading that birds hate shiny things blowing in the wind... Go to your local party supply store and buy one of these for $5: https://m.partycity.com/products/giant+rainbow+spray+centerpiece?bypass_redirect=1 Make a halyard retriever line with this thing taped to the top of the line such that when the halyard is hauled to the top of the mast thins thing sticks up some above the top of the mast.
  2. There is a Nacra Inter 20 with wings in Ketchikan, AK that is very likely for sale, contact the R2AK organizers.
  3. Mondays at SSP is super casual and fun. Renting a boat from them is inexpensive. Thistles at Leschi on Lake Washington on Wednesdays, competitive fleet of 15-20 boats. 5 fleets on Thursdays at Shilshole, have a look here to see who comes out to play: http://www.cycseattle.org/results/2017_specific/spthu.html PM me if you're interested in Thistles and I can likely find you a ride.
  4. Yes, interesting race indeed. We did the lightship so went through race rocks later than most of you. At race rocks 24 kts of wind, 11 kts boat speed through the water, but 6 kts adverse current so the gybe angles over the ground were horrible. The nav. would tell us "time to gybe", and halfway through the gybe the rock that caused us to gybe would appear out of the fog...very memorable.
  5. I've contacted all the charter companies, and there are reasonable options. Posting my ideal charter here in the extremely low chance it turns up something fitting my idea of perfect. You'll understand why perfect probably won't happen through a charter company: 1. Week of Aug 13 2. 36'-42' sailboat 3. 4 adult sized folks, 2 of them are my kids so we don't need any double staterooms or the like 4. Far more interested in sailing performance than floating condo features (save the comments about no wind in Aug....I know) 5. Would come with a 10' rowing/sailing dinghy rather than a rib with outboard 6. Not too particular about home port, mainland side between Seattle and Vancouver inclusive is OK, or the Olympic Peninsula. 7. Glad to pay market rate, which varies widely between $2k and $4.5k for a week Thanks, Eric R
  6. Are results posted anywhere, I didn't have any luck finding them?
  7. We can hold a waterproof camera underwater by hand from the open transom of the boat I'm on, anything wrapped around the keel or rudder shows up clearly looking straight forward.. Not so easy on your boat!
  8. You can be almost certain it was kelp or eelgrass-the description fits perfectly. That close reach to Blakely Rock was a dream come true for the boats with a lot of waterline relative to their rating. I think with clean foils you would have made it to the rock ahead of all the IRC boats. That's one of many good uses of a decent set of polars - if we can't hit ours even by 0.2kts I want to back down. Doing so is temporarily painful but so much better than spending hours being frustrated.
  9. Any event that takes place at a track meet.
  10. JanB, Like you I have lots of windsurfing experience, and am comfortable sailing in gorge conditions and breaking surf. I own a Musto skiff for the same reasons you are contemplating-just blasting around when the wind is under 15 kts. The difference is I also have 50+ years of boat sailing experience. You could do what you are contemplating, it will be a very big step. The learning to sail a boat step and the being comfortable on a trapeze step are both pretty big hurdles. Anyway, if I was you I'd take an interim step of buying a single handed boat with trapeze but no racks. I don't know what fits that description besides a contender.
  11. I'm 54, only owned my Musto for 8 months. I didn't buy it to race, just to have something challenging to sail that I wouldn't get bored with. There is a lot of 7-14 kts here in Seattle in the summer. So far, so good, and no regrets. I do dress expecting to capsize, although it happens less and less every time out. SSS is right, everything about sailing a skiff is about anticipating, or at least having reflexive reactions. There isn't time to think things through as they are happening.
  12. FrankC-where do you launch when you sail in the Gorge? You're from the Spokane area, right?
  13. To these questions: "Can it handle the waves and chop of a big bay (e.g. Corpus Christi Bay)? At what wind speed do you find it to be no longer fun to sail (upward limit)? Maintenance: is it a prima-donna, or can it take some abuse w/o need for constant repair? Have you sailed the RS 700, and, if so, how does it compare? When you're locked in and sailing well, is it as fast as the mystique - i.e. are you beating all the other boats around you?" Southseassailor is better for some of these, I'm a relative skiff beginner with a lot of hours in old stodgy boats like Thistles and Lasers, and at the other end of the spectrum lots of hours sailing sailboards in high wind and big wave venues. Chop seems like a non-issue. I haven't had mine in anything one would call a wave. For me at 80kg if the wind is over 18 kts I'd rather go windsurfing, but as I said my skiff skills are still limited. Yes, it can take abuse. I've capsized in every manner possible at every speed and so far the worst thing that happened is one of the trap. t-terminals in the mast got sideways and came out. I have not sailed an RS700 The only boats that seem to go about the same speed where I sail are some of the bigger beach cats that have daggerboards and kites. It's not easy to sail, that is a price of admission and would apply to any skiff and more so to a single handed skiff. Fully powered upwind is fun, fully powered downwind is heaven on water.
  14. I've owned one for a year, it's #276 so relatively old. They are extremely well made, I can't see how a brand new boat would be any faster. The range of sail numbers in the worlds results seem to reflect this too. 12 kts is a great wind strength for fast sailing fully on the racks at my 81 kg, both uphill and down. I find sailing it both fun and challenging in anything over 5 kts. There have been some design upgrades over the years to fittings and hardware, all well documented and it's pretty easy to bring an old boat up to current spec. The upgrades are all for durability, and don't make the boat any faster. The class pays appropriate attention to keeping it a one-design fleet with older boats competitive. There is a ton of information on the class website that will answer your questions. There is also a really excellent "how to sail this thing" DVD. The class in Europe looks to be extremely healthy and well supported. I'm not racing mine, just sailing it for fun and to learn skiff sailing. This guy is a multiple time world champion at 95kg http://www.mustoskiff.com/sub-pages/profiles/richard-stenhouse.htm What else can I tell you?
  15. When my wife signed up for a new phone plan the service provider threw in one of this for free: http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=LGV480W&ref=PLA&omid=103&utm_source=GooglePLA&utm_medium=CSE&utm_item=LGV480W&CAWELAID=230005120000816352&catargetid=230005120000819813&cadevice=c&gclid=COmpleWZjskCFc9gfgodBtwBiA I'm very happy with using it for nav. instead of a phone due to the bigger display and battery life. It will go many days with the GPS running and not need a recharge. It's the biggest thing I can hold in one hand without without having a thumb wrapped over the front. You'll get a million opinions on software. I chartplotting I use Marine Navigator which uses raster charts, and have tried a couple others. Happy with marine navigator. Waterproof case consists of a ziplock bag when needed.