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  1. Get on the waiting list for Sail Sand Point, something should open up this Winter.
  2. There are LOTS of pictures of modern thistle rigging here, both on newer and very old woodie hulls: That thing you're calling a topping lift block (correctly) is for a spinnaker pole topping lift, not for the mainsail. Outhaul, hard to respond to that question as there are many different setups. Are we talking a wood or aluminum boom? On my boat the aluminum boom has a cast cap with an integral pulley for wire rope, and the purchase is forward on the underside of the boom where the wire exits.
  3. ericrayl

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    No names on dinghies. This started when I was sailing with an ex-navy guy and the topic came up. He said "The lifeboats on my ship didn't have names, and they were 40' long"
  4. ericrayl

    I just bought a 'Mystery Dingy'! What is it?

    Many rotating mast steps are nothing more than a delrin ball on the end of a piece of thereaded rod, see or google "catamaran mast step" and look at images. I might approach this by setting up the mast on some wood blocks to figure out how tall the mast step assembly should be so as to put the shrouds and headstay all in the middle of their adjustment range. After that weld a stainless nut to a plate, get a piece of stainless threaded rod and the ball and away you go.
  5. ericrayl

    Henderson 30?

    I've sailed on that boat some, and sailed with its owner a lot. It did do Pac Cup in 2012, and otherwise has been sailed very little since coming to the PNW. I believe it came to the PNW in 2011, formerly called Reach Around from Dana Point, CA. The owner is a good friend, and the most honest guy you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Here's an ad from when it came to the PNW. Other than probably needing some cleaning it's in excellent condition and has always been dry sailed.
  6. ericrayl

    Help with a Vxone tour and demo near Portland or

    Did they waive the outboard motor requirement for the 5.70 and Viper? The S.I's indicate waiving that requirement may be possible.
  7. ericrayl

    Moving up from a Hobie 16

    Given you description I'd second staying with a cat and finding one with an asymmetrical kite. I got my Nacra inter 20 within your budget but got lucky. If you want a monohull my suggestion would be a 505.
  8. ericrayl

    J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    I already answered that, re-read comment about lack of bow wave. To make it simple, if a person standing at your bow can see the back edge of the horizontal portion of the radar arch you don't have an overlap. I'm using the radar arch for reference because the transom is slightly curved on Good as Gold. On boats with flat transoms that's a good reference. You tell us when in the video you believe someone standing at your bow could no longer see back edge of the arch. In the meantime, those of us that watched the video are ALL making a judgment that an overlap didn't happen until very close to the mark.
  9. ericrayl

    J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    OK, here you go... Yes, the zone is a circle, The other boat is the Perry 42 "Good as Gold". Looks to me like they were travelling at 7.3'/sec (a bit under 5 knots, as evidenced by very little bow wave). They reached the mark at 1:11 in the video-and no you didn't reach the mark before them, look at your video at 1:11. The overlap question is answered when their bow is 42 x 3 = 126' from the mark, which would have taken 126/7.3=17.2 seconds. Dial your video back 17 seconds from 1:11, to 0:54. Do you have an overlap? I don't think so, I don't see an overlap until about 1:03. If someone with OD racing experience had been driving the Perry, they would have driven higher starting maybe 10 length from the mark, so that at 3 lengths they could have cracked off directly on your line thus shutting the door to any overlap question and also giving you bad air. To Meat Wad's comment above and just for clarification, this wasn't a windward leg. It was a close reach leg of a distance race. Lot's of folks were approaching the mark lower than rhumb line because they had sailed high to avoid bad air earlier in the leg.
  10. ericrayl

    Arm Fatigue

    Contrary opinion - Look through the videos of the Musto Skiff worlds, you'll be amazed how much of the time mainsheets are cleated going upwind. You'll see pretty frequent adjustments but in-between the sheet is cleated. Generally run more cunningham to loosen the leech and let the rig auto adjust to the puffs. Lots of vang is counterproductive in puffy conditions. If I'm fully on the wire upwind I'm cleated most of the time, 100% focus on keeping the boat flat with subtle rudder movements. All of the above is somewhat skiff-specific, I never cleat when racing my Thistle.
  11. ericrayl

    Newbie just bought a Thistle

    I'll be out of town that week. Shall I try to find you a crewing spot on a boat? If you just want to look at boats before they head out show up about 5:00. Click on the envelope symbol at the top right of the page and you'll find a message with my e-mail address. Let's correspond off-list. Best, Eric Rayl
  12. ericrayl

    Newbie just bought a Thistle

    Everything I can see in the photos is good-45 degree braces added, newer spars, hull stiffeners added, jib leads in the correct position. Let me know when you want to sail and I'll find you a ride in my boat or someone elses.
  13. ericrayl

    Newbie just bought a Thistle

    Great that you have an aluminum mast-what color? black and clear anodized are both OK, gold anodized is sailable but not competitive in racing due to being too stiff. The mast butt sits on a board about a 1.5' wide that runs between the rails about a foot ahead of where the shrouds pass through the rails. On newer boats than yours there is a small board, about 1" x 2" that runs from the rails near the shroud holes to the mast supporting board at a 45 degree angle. Your boat would not have had them when new, but they may have been added. I ask because if you sail in higher winds the 45 degree braces will keep the rails from delaminating or breaking where the shrouds pass through. Prominently shown in this pic: How to add them: There are a few other things to make an older Thistle like a new one, this is the one you should do if it hasn't been done.
  14. ericrayl

    Newbie just bought a Thistle

    I'm active in the Seattle fleet. We mostly communicate on the seattle thistle fleet yahoo group. which you can ask to join. We have boats actively racing from older than yours to almost new. Like Alan said, go here to see hundreds of photos of how 4 pristine thistles are rigged: If you want more, go here: Feel free to PM me and we can correspond off-list if you like. If you want to have a look at how all the boats at Leschi are rigged, that can happen before racing any Wednesday. Best, Eric Rayl, #3940 PS-did your boat come with wood spars or aluminum? Does it have 45 degree braces located near where the shrouds run through the rails?
  15. ericrayl

    Bird Deterrants

    What worked for me based reading that birds hate shiny things blowing in the wind... Go to your local party supply store and buy one of these for $5: Make a halyard retriever line with this thing taped to the top of the line such that when the halyard is hauled to the top of the mast thins thing sticks up some above the top of the mast.