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  1. I never installed it. For the others on the boat that looked at it, it always seemed to be working fine. Sorry, not much of a data point.
  2. Since you asked, here are a few notes from a prior e-mail I sent. Only 3 boats started, Sonic finished in 22 hours, Back Bay in 33. The race had a lot of symmetry... It started very light, West wind slowly built so most of the way to Neah Bay it was 10-13 kts upwind. It faded as we approached Neah Bay. We ghosted around the buoy, got out into the ebb, and the wind died completely. We drifted toward Japan for 3 hours in ebb tide, rocking in swell. The wind started filling from the East, and eventually we were in 12-16 sailing upwind most of the way back. It faded as we approached the finish and the last 1.5 miles took an hour. Raining between 2AM and 5AM, so cold and a bit miserable. 102 miles and never used a spinnaker. As a bonus the last 12 miles of the delivery to P.A. on Friday was into 30-35 and big ugly swells, that part took over 3 hours. Having said that, we didn't break anything major, and we kept the boat going reasonably well.
  3. ericrayl

    What is the closest 40’er to a TP52?

    I believe that was the design goal of the Rogers 46 at the time it was designed. RP45 seems close as well.
  4. ericrayl

    Craigslist Finds

    Yes, any Thistle mast anodized clear (silver) or black is sufficiently flexible to be competitive. It's the gold anodized ones that are to be avoided because they are too stiff.
  5. ericrayl

    Moth or MUsto Skiff

    With my laser, I expect to go sailing and am surprised if I end up in the water. With my Musto, I expect to be in the water and am surprised to be sailing....or something like that. From my observation learning the foiling moth is the same. You will find either quite challenging. OTOH the rewards of a boat that one never sails dead downwind or by the lee are many. If you could spend some time both driving and crewing in a 2-up skiff it would make the Musto transition much easier.
  6. ericrayl

    Craigslist Finds

    It it's like a musto skiff in that the halyard both extends the pole and launches the kite, with it being a continuous line that also douses the kite into the snuffer and retracts the pole then here is a reference:
  7. ericrayl

    Cheap and cheerful lightweight training dinghy

    For your use I'd want a boat with a halyard, rather than a sail that sleeves over the mast. I'll suggest a Europe. It'll save you 3' and 30 lbs compared to a laser. Unfortunately, you'll have to compromise on the "not interested in performance" because they sail very well.
  8. ericrayl

    2019 Van Isle 360

    Thanks for sharing the video, and congratulations on a well sailed race! I was on Freja.
  9. ericrayl

    Craigslist Finds

    Yup, D&M hulls, and later GMW (Great Midwest) hulls are much better.
  10. ericrayl

    Here Comes The Night

    VanIsle 360 2019, downhill ride to Victoria. Wind 25, eventually building to 37 AF1QipO4lT1fEQo-xfsfq8QmPJUmsEoXzowmodMnHJTQ[1]
  11. ericrayl

    Craigslist Finds

    Since you asked, no, Clark and good don't go together. My observation is Clark boats are the worst for hulls getting soft.
  12. ericrayl

    Annapolis Q's-survey etc.

    Both Robert Noyce and Derek Rhymes seem to have excellent reputations and have some availability. Any other suggestions would be welcomed.
  13. ericrayl

    Annapolis Q's-survey etc.

    To your point, I did intend to put this thread on the SA forum. It got here by error and then I couldn't figure out how to move it. Since the signal to noise ration is generally a lot better here I thought I'd see what happened. If the boat will get raced across the pacific ocean, does that make it OK for this forum? Sent you a PM.
  14. ericrayl

    Annapolis Q's-survey etc.

    A thread for you to study:
  15. Surveyor recommendations? 40' racer/cruiser. If it makes any difference an expert in finding wet core, not because I suspect it but because anything else I'll find myself Boat is presently in the water at Port Annapolis Marina-is that as good a place as any to hang it in slings during the survey? If I go through with this, what yard to park it on the hard for some period while road transport is arranged. Ideally the same place where the rig would get pulled and packed, etc. Thanks!