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  1. Mr Moab

    Moving Traveler Aft

    You don’t need a solid piece of G10. Just make cylinders of the right height at the bolts. Less weight, easier. All good.
  2. Mr Moab

    3D Printing Anarchy

    Fusion 360 all the way. It take a little bit to learn, but there are many tutorials and support. Check out Lars Christensen on YouTube. Lots a good stuff.
  3. Mr Moab

    How many people does it take?

    Here is pretty straight forward example. 52 super series winner Azzurra. 15 people listed in sailing roles. 14 in non sailing roles.
  4. Mr Moab

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    Coverage is good. Cannuks are certainly going for one and in on the first run. Wow.
  5. Mr Moab

    WTF did they do to this J/125!?

    it only weighs 3200lbs. Buy now. Don’t wait!
  6. Staggering patch’s is always good. No matter the material.
  7. Mr Moab

    Samsung watch app

    Those distances sound about right. The ability to manually advance is a must. I had an early Garmin eTrex without that. Drove me nuts. Might also be good to be able to advance/rollback through all legs. I might ant to confirm mag heading for the fourth leg while sailing the second, and then return to current leg.
  8. Mr Moab

    Samsung watch app

    My experience with all the Samsung watches is lack of battery life. I have , through work, trialed 5 different models over the past years. With GPS on none exceeded 10 hours, and most were dead around 6-8 hours. Not good enough for an on the water tool. My Garmin Quantix OTOH, runs for over 12 hours w/GPS, and days w/o. Appreciate your efforts on the Gamin line. From a race standpoint, I don't see the need for avg speed while racing. Count up timer is good for feeding into ToT calcs on the course. Not sure distance sailed, avaialbe while racing adds a lot. After racing it can be helpful in analysis. While racing the things I like to have avaialbe, be it watch, phone or other device: COG, SOG, course to mark, distance to mark, time to mark.
  9. Mr Moab

    Reach legs in PHRF

    Can be an added element to the course when used in moderation. Some reaching legs that involve crossing tide lines, or having variable wind strength can end up being very tactical.
  10. Mr Moab

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Happens all the time in pro cycling. A low% of the public actually cares. A high % sees a cool boat and a brand and thinks “hmm, maybe I will check that out”.
  11. Mr Moab

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Silver Bullet was FtF in 91. Then did the clean sweep in 93. And then many the same core group came back and were FtF on Cheval in 95 when the rig broke off Molakai. Sailing with The King was always a a great time.
  12. Bedroom is fine. As long as your safe word is not "more"
  13. Mr Moab

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Ahh, the sisters. At the end of a Molokai race, we were rafted next to Shockwave at WYC. The clipped us by about 10 minutes. Molokai race was always a full court press. When you got in , you were baked. We were having an after race beer. One of the guys on our boat, says something to the affect of "lets ramp this up" Grabs a hose, washes down the sisters, tops off, music on. Best after race recovery. I have no clue what happened next. The owner, Mitch, was a piece of work.