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  1. Mr Moab

    There is

    pants, shirt, or service
  2. Mr Moab

    Robo Sailing?

    Having raced a couple boats with powered winches rigged by the person referenced in the OP, I am a fan of the option. Its not for everyone. But there are some things that I think people miss about powered winches and smart rigging implemented well. When done correctly, lines below are not an issue. The key is do it right- and that costs money and requires someone with experience that knows where the pitfalls are. With powered winches the boat is so much quieter, and that enables the boat to be sailed better. I have been on both a 40'er and a 52' er with powered winches on a pressed kite reach- sails in out with every puff, right on the edge of control. With electrics the trimmers don't call out "TRIM", "HOLD" and all the other noises that come with communicating to grinders. Its amazing what that alone does for the vibe on the boat. You can focus on the trim, hearing the other persons calling puffs etc. It may not sound like a big deal, but once you experience it, you can't ignore it. Y
  3. Mr Moab

    Clipped Swan

    All the older Swans were massively over wicked to ensure high speed planing in even 12 knots of breeze. This is just an attempt to bring the massive SA/D within safe margins. Everybody knows this. Thank god somebody put safety over performance for once.
  4. Mr Moab

    whats up with West Marine?

    Was in the Saus store a week or so ago. Needed 2 1/4 20 nylocks. There were no SS 1/4 20 nuts or lock washers. No nylocks, no reg, no lock washers. Right next was a bin of prob 2000 12/32s. Their stocking model make no sense. Went to the local Ace HW store, plenty of 1/4 20s in all shapes and sizes and 20% lower cost. When WM does have a part in stock, there always seems to be one fewer than what you need. Pretty much only go there as last resort. About a million years ago worked for a chandlery in Seattle. We had two mottos to live by: - if its in stock, we have it. - You can find a better part elsewhere, but you cant pay more. As far as I know, those three stores are long gone, at least in name. But nice to see WM carry on these storied traditions.
  5. Mr Moab

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    Jib? What jib? Where?
  6. Mr Moab

    After Ericson 35...Ed will get?

    B25. too easy.
  7. Mr Moab

    Rudders and roundup

    And if he moves the but fwd AND shortens headstay- hello rig inversion, not to mention deep deep main
  8. Mr Moab

    New guy, first sailboat

    Looks great, sounds like a good fit for what you want to do. Hope you enjoy it often with family and friends
  9. Mr Moab

    Summer reading ideas

    If you can find it, "The Grand Gesture"
  10. Mr Moab

    Garmin quatix vs Apple Watch

    Quatix 5 has been great for me. It doesn't have a lot of BS on it. Works hiking, biking and most all on the boat. Outstanding battery life vs Apple of Samsung or other.
  11. Mr Moab

    Radio controlled sailing

    Sorry you had trouble getting parts. I have had nothing but good experiences with Chuck at Dragon Sailing. I do know he has been swamped by orders since the shutdowns began. I find it best to call him directly if I have any issues or questions.
  12. Mr Moab

    Most egregious cheats?

    Water ballast in IOR boats in the AC. Williwaw, Louisiana Crude and Acadia cheat in SORC in the 80's Italian J-24s with lowered mast steps to increase rake in the 80s Donald Crowhusrt doing donuts off Brazil, reporting false positions while he was supposed to go around the world. Of course that one did not end well.
  13. Mr Moab

    Old pics you found

    That looks like 91. I see Russ and Will's boats. Spot Sport won that year.
  14. Mr Moab

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Pretty sure that is the Morgan 60. I "didn't" sail BIRW on that in 1982. We took the boat over, but for some reason we were not allowed to sail or the owner pulled the plug or some dang thing- don't remember . It became the home/party spot and we all sailed on other boats during the week.
  15. Could fleet race with a rabbit start as well.