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  1. Mr Moab

    Can rating authority authorize powered winches?

    Used correctly powered winches do enhance performance. Sailed on a boat a few years ago with powerred winches and saw the following benefits - with control buttons on located strategically around the boat we were able to easily trim a leeward winch from the high side. Weight stays on the weather rail - hoisting the kite at the top mark meant no need to bump at the mast leaving one or two people able to hike all the way around the turn as the kite went up. - trimming downwind there is none of the noise of “grind, stop” between trimmer and grinder. Quieter boat Abel to focus on trim while others get head out of the boat and communicate effectively. - trimming downwind in big breeze allowed more weight aft without the need for a grinder at the spin sheet winch
  2. Mr Moab

    Cancelling a Race for High Winds: No limits in SI's

    There is a unique perspective on "windy" when it comes to SF Bay. I moved here 30 years ago, and noticed it the very first winter of sailing. Racing takes place all summer long, typical 15-20 knot days and plenty of days racing in over 25 knots with the regular winds out of the west. No one ever blinks an eye. It is why many of us chose to sail here Most of the midwinter racing is in light an variable winds, that is often the expectation. Then when some frontal activity comes through, and it promises winds over 20 knots from any OTHER direction then the west, many RCs, and many competitors get freaked out and choose to cancel or not to sail. Oh, and don't get me started on how folks deal with rain around here.
  3. Mr Moab

    CVT Transmissions

    2012 Outback 80k miles never a problem. As others have said, it takes a little getting used to. Step on the gas and there is that moment where the CVT decides what do before getting with the program. IF I wanted a performance car I would run the other way. For a family car, fits the bill well.
  4. Mr Moab

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    Interesting statement “Ideal candidate(s) would be knowledgeable and experienced sailor(s) that don't need inspections, history, etc.”
  5. Mr Moab

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    Sweet sailing, hard to beat an Express 27 or Moore 24. With low freeboard they may be wetter than you like.
  6. Mr Moab

    Coasties in the ZONE

    I think they are just resetting to account for that 20 degree righty. Look close, think I see Charley flag on the Tender.
  7. Mr Moab

    FB outage

    Down, but unfortunately not out.
  8. Mr Moab

    Seattle Area Must Sees/Dos

    Agreed Aberdeen is just a sad abandoned town now. . We did the lap last summer and went down to Astoria. Gives you a chance to hit the Lewis And Clark museum at the mouth of the Columbia. Great place.
  9. Mr Moab

    Should There Be A Woodworking Anarchy?

    Tell me more about the row boat. That is sweet!
  10. Mr Moab

    Moving Traveler Aft

    You don’t need a solid piece of G10. Just make cylinders of the right height at the bolts. Less weight, easier. All good.
  11. Mr Moab

    3D Printing Anarchy

    Fusion 360 all the way. It take a little bit to learn, but there are many tutorials and support. Check out Lars Christensen on YouTube. Lots a good stuff.
  12. Mr Moab

    How many people does it take?

    Here is pretty straight forward example. 52 super series winner Azzurra. 15 people listed in sailing roles. 14 in non sailing roles.
  13. Mr Moab

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    Coverage is good. Cannuks are certainly going for one and in on the first run. Wow.
  14. Mr Moab

    WTF did they do to this J/125!?

    it only weighs 3200lbs. Buy now. Don’t wait!