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  1. Mr Moab

    Are boat shoes cool?

    No matter the style there is always a thin line between cool and dork - One toothpick in the mouth- cool. Two toothpicks, dork - One eye patch, cool. Two eye patches, blind dork.
  2. What a bout a block suspended from a halyard, set about 1-2 ft above the stem shackled to the forestay. If you have a clean lead, take it back to the genoa winch.
  3. Mr Moab

    First boat at age 50

    An alcohol stove has the ability to bring a cup of water up to room temperature in about 2 hours.
  4. Mr Moab

    Replacing balls in Harken traveler

    Definately go the McMaster Carr route on getting replacement balls. much cheaper. Recently had to do same on an older car. Didn't like the idea of paying Harken $25 for a loader. Printed my own. De
  5. Mr Moab

    Psychology of competitive sailing

    Winning: The Psychology of Competition ISBN 9780393032550 An old Stuart Walker book. Good for those suffering from insomnia.
  6. Mr Moab

    Blood sacrifices - how it made you a better sailor

    As a kid I was told the the bailers in a Finn were only there to drain the blood out.
  7. Mr Moab

    Say It from the FP

    Cardboard box?
  8. Mr Moab

    Racer sponsorship

    There is also the model where the owner of the boat advertises his/her business on the boat, washes the money through the business.
  9. Mr Moab

    Add one word.

    YMCA Dead Pool Iron Maiden Lady The African Drag Queen Kill Mr. Bill Ocean Thirteen-ager
  10. Mr Moab

    New spinnaker from 1996! for Olson 29

    poly > flat water is your friend.
  11. Mr Moab

    Grey / Gray Dacron?...full Battens?

    At least a few years back, Etchells jibs had a hybrid top batten pocket. You could run a full batten in heavier winds, and a partial length battens in lighter air, I think the crossover was around 6 knots. Full battens in jibs are a negative in light air.
  12. Mr Moab

    Bad Company

    Um, Transpac IS a staggered start. Bummer, I guess it is no longer a race.
  13. Mr Moab

    Napa Fire

    Over 1500 structures burned so far. No containment on any of the fires yet. Emergency response is solely focused on preserving life.
  14. Mr Moab

    Wing keels

    They were a tool for a rule, nothing else.
  15. Mr Moab

    Older well known IOR Boats

    At one point in the IOR days there was a limit to the amount of Kevlar you could use in a sail. Like 30% of the total area for a mainsail. It was intended as a cost containment measure. Just ended up with crazy sails that didn't last as long and had materials with different shrink rates. There was also the joy of short battens that further ensured a short competitive life to the sail.