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  1. Jambalaya

    J92S sort

    Enjoy the boat. My first boat was a 92 GBR9212R, it did the 1994 Scottish series with Kevin Sproul (then at Hyde). Of all the boats I’ve owned I’d say £ for lbs it was the most versatile and fun. Had a good look at 92S Wizard late last year but owners syndicate didn’t come together sadly.
  2. Jambalaya

    Sad sad news

    Sad and shocking news indeed. Many touching comments on the Key Yachting FB page.
  3. Jambalaya

    Brexit, WTF

    Leo the UK under a Conservative Govt joined the EEC to break free of the (hard left) state control of prior Labour Govts which had indeed left the country in a bad place economically. For the vast majority of UK population it has always been about the “Common Market”, upon joining in 1973 and in the subsequent 1975 Referendum the people were told repeatedly it was only an economic project, not political. This (from a Dutch cartoonist btw) sums up my view The ERG are the Tories who are respecting the 2017 Manifesto upon which the party stood and they were elected.
  4. Jambalaya

    J105 light winds

    fucket European OD is with masthead kites around 90-95 sqm from memory, the boats have different rigs than the US built boats. I think there is no longer any 105 class racing in UK or France. We had a reasonable amount from 2004-2010 wanderlust with number 3 you need to sail the boat pretty free and certainly not point until you are moving. In my experience of owning one for 5 years the 105 is a world of pain in less than 6 knots in mixed irc fleets. Those are simply not the conditions for the boat. A J80 or 92 will overtake you on the water. If you have a overlapping jib then you can try and race with that but UK owners under IRC found they never won in any conditions whereas with just the number 3 you can win in medium and heavier air. Boat suits passage racing better than W/L in mixed fleets with symmetrical boats under IRC
  5. Jambalaya

    Sun Fast 3600

    JL thanks for the updates, very interesting reading. Well done of course on the race. I think the French boats who do transatlantic events like the Trans Quadra spend a lot of time sorting & preping (as you’d expect).i wonder if you can piggy back on some of that. I know from my own limited experiences that really sorting a “factory” boattKes a lot of time and thought
  6. Jambalaya

    Sun Fast 3600

    3600 and 3200 the boat of choice for offshore double and single handers in UK and a lot of France. JPK’s very good too but nowhere near as popular. Error from me in 2010 buying a used 109 instead of a new 3200 (3600 not yet released, JPK too expensive). Part of my decsion was “build quality” having had J92 and 105 from new but that was a poor choice. If you want a good all rounder the Sunfast is an excellent choice certainly under IRC. They have many many sea miles inc transatlantics to their credit
  7. Jambalaya

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    As posted above they DID have an EPIRB. I wonder if they even knew what it was ? I called them idiots for not bing prepared (e.g. having an EPIRB) but it turns out they did have one. They are off the charts stupid.
  8. Jambalaya

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Idiots. Saw a quote somewhere that a spreader had broken so they “could not sail”, nonsense with a small amount of effort they could set up a jury rig. Also quite how anyone these days would set off on a 2000 mile ocean passage without an EPIRB is beyond me. No battery powered handheld gps either ?
  9. Jambalaya

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    Any VO70 is always for sale, just a matter of price !
  10. Jambalaya

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Yes they certainly are, always a regret of mine I lacked the courage to buy one back in 2004 when the UK based boat was for sale. As much fun as I had in the new J105 I bought instead it really wasn't quite the same.
  11. Jambalaya


    As an owner/sailor on various j's which have done mostly passage racing I don't agree with Mr C's code-zero point. I've never had one and nor have most of the boats I've raced against. The zero has a pretty small window where it works in terms of wind angle and strength to make the cost worthwhile for most owners. If you get an AP kite you can sail pretty high in light air so the "win" for the code-0 is quite narrow. I've seen a jib-top used to greater effect than a zero on a J, if I had to buy one extra sail it would be the J assuming you're going to race offshore, inshore passage racing I'd stick with jib/main/kite. On a boat like an 88 I would imagine the cost wouldn't make sense, for me I'd rather spend the budget on replacing one of the other three working sails more regularly, I would guess you could buy 2 #3's for the price of a zero ie a new #3 every year for 3 years or a zero.
  12. Jambalaya


    @Bills Sock Puppet Under IRC a J109 rates about 1.03 under UK/Ireland class rules (155% genoa) and about 1.015 with a US style sail plan (number 3 jib only) - the Hamble winter series is generally sailed in stronger winds so owners are saving their best sails for OD and just racing with #3's is my guess. FWIW I sailed my 109 with a #3 only as I didn't care about OD and I don't like big overlapping headsails. IRC is pretty transparent, there is extensive material published online as to how thew rules and rating work. The rule contains certain subjective elements but it has stood the test of time over the 15 years I've owned boats and I personally wouldn't want any other handicap system.
  13. Jambalaya


    Blur does that stop the pole being retracted fully ? If so do you remove it for OD racing as I understand the rule is that the pole must be retracted fully, i.e. behind the bow
  14. Jambalaya


    In the M24's for a while the Sharkskin Dacron was considered the way to go. In that class sails are replaced regularly anyway. In my personal opinion I would go full panelled kevlar or even full mylar rather than dacron main, 3di jib for race sails which does seem a rather bizarre combination.
  15. Jambalaya


    As an alternative to a companionway swing bracket you can consider a quarter washboard with the instruments on. They are a little vulnerable to crew stepping down into the boat however. I've used these stubby washboards when racing offshore to keep water out of the boat but not wanting to put the full washboard in, they are useful places for mounting things even on the inside face you can put mesh bags etc. In my view putting instruments inside the cockpit is a poor location as the helm has to look down. Mast is obvious place otherwise.