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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    As posted above they DID have an EPIRB. I wonder if they even knew what it was ? I called them idiots for not bing prepared (e.g. having an EPIRB) but it turns out they did have one. They are off the charts stupid.
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Idiots. Saw a quote somewhere that a spreader had broken so they “could not sail”, nonsense with a small amount of effort they could set up a jury rig. Also quite how anyone these days would set off on a 2000 mile ocean passage without an EPIRB is beyond me. No battery powered handheld gps either ?
  3. Live Racing Thread

    Massive congratulations to the Kiwis. Wonderful win and so good for the future of the Cup.
  4. Is an older melges 24 competitive?

    Not sure where you can find the story but the older UK built boats where very variable in quality, a few different builders The boat is highly dependent upon how you sail it, in my limited experience that's far more important than hull number. I had a US built boat and it was beautifully made, we jus made it go slow
  5. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Congratulations to Armel, thoroughly deserved after being 2nd twice. Masterclass of single handed sailing and all the way up the Atlantic without his J1. Likewise to Alex, a very strong performance both breaking 2012's record time. For me Alex has finally dispelled his "wild boat breaking" reputation. Regarding Armel's remarks about Alex I thought he was pretty straight and generous without being false. He made a joke a gew days ago to the Marine National plane saying in responce to "do you have a message for Alex" he said "Please stay behind me" pretty funny. Likewise when he arrived he was impressed how Alex kept pressing to the end. I listened to all the coverage in French, it was live on BFMTV for a few hours.
  6. What's your unpopular opinion?

    Bit late to this thread but ,.. Yeah like Apple does 0.00005% Prince, refusing medical treatment for your beliefs but dieing of a pain killer overdose is not cool
  7. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    Amazing emotional interview with Coville. What an effort. Joyon's video was pretty funny
  8. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Happy Christmas everyone. Shana Tova for Hanukkah. Waiting to see Alex's rounding video, Armel's was picture perfect
  9. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Going back a bit ... containers are worth nothing, contents are insured. From what I understand its chepaer to have your container on the outside / higher up as it's known to be more likely to be lost. The shipping companies really dont give a shit. As above unkess they are heavily fined or made to carry far fewer containers this will just keep happening. Chapeau to Thomas, thats a stunning effort.
  10. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Getting to the dock is safer than the risk of being in a raft and keeps the rescue services safe. There is also the cost savings. I imagine the hull may not be repairable but he's saved the kit, rig, keel etc. They build nice hulls in NZ too
  11. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Laurent great news. What an effort A word on Armel. In my view he is the class act in a very high quality field. He has come up through the very tough Figaro ranks and established himself as the man to beat in this Vendee. As it stands he is dominating the race to the point it's not looking like a contest. Who really cares if it's 2 videos or 3 ? Not me. It's a sailing race not a video contest.
  12. Vendee Globe 2016?

    I doubt you'd see what they hit even if hand steering or react fast enough
  13. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Thoughts are with Thomas R - those are scary images. Alex made an error 10 odd days ago (or perhaps had another problem), sailing further North. Thats turned into 500+ miles and growing. Unless Armel has a breakage he's the winner.
  14. Cost Collisions Aresholes shouting at them Organisation Now what I would say is we always got a lot of entrants in the 2-handed races which didn't do any fully crewed/bigger events. I would say over the years I have done mostly 2 handed racing and the few events I have ended up walking away from p.ssed off have always been fully crewed ones.
  15. Hunter 707 updates for club racing

    Nice little project, good to see these old boats getting out and being kept fresh.