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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Now that's some entertaining sailor talk...you are referring to the dogs?...oh wait the GIRLS!
  2. caption contest

    "Yeah man, tacking is tough but, dude, it's like totally sustainable...you have to watch the goddamned otters, but if you really like mussels, you can stay out there forever. Bring lots of garlic."
  3. Media shreds Hillary Clinton after FBI report.

    If Michael Hayden can lie to congress about CIA rendition I figure that Hillary Clinton must be small potatoes in comparison. The fact is almost no one gets charged for lying to congress and its because the statute that covers it is so narrowly written. That won't stop congress from going full lather over this and I hope they do, the public is all but fed up with investigations that go nowhere and my guess is they'll deliver their full dissatisfaction at the ballot box. So it is OK to lie to Congress. Got it. Lying to prostitutes.?...nah...(don't lose any sleep, dude)
  4. Media shreds Hillary Clinton after FBI report.

    Pass the Yellowcake!
  5. Why the Truth about Benghazi will never be known

    Spend more of my 39% tax rate on this horseshit... The persons that support spending on this moronic crap should seek professional help, for they are not logical; rather, they are, like willing thralls driven to partisan politics, more akin to sugar fiends driven to Dunkin Donuts. What a joke. The shining beacon of democracy is truly fucked when progress of the country is blocked by morons steadfastly holding to their dim opinions rather than constructive forward thinking. We are broken.
  6. Who Could Save the DEMS?

    Checking in to find same limp dicks, yet a different year. Amazing what doing nothing can did for a formerly great country... Saying hello, Sol....I am surprised that you continue to carry the torch vis-a-vis Kool-Aid the Conservative consumers/entitled class axis. You are more worthy than I. Commendable!
  7. A breakdown of Obama's speech on Gun Control exec action

    I know that the simple minded really love their stereotypes, but you might want to take a look at the actual political positions of those who are complaining about Obama's stance on gun control before hitting post. I actually gave Obama, who you seem to think it is ok to refer to as 'Preznit Blackenstein' as long as you are doing it to attack others, my money, my time, and voted for him twice. That does not mean I have to agree with everything he does, or that I can not voice displeasure when he lies or demonizes people who disagree with him. The overwhelming positions of US citizens opposed to rubes selling weapons out of their trunks is dated and absurd. The idea of defending against the US government's tyranny with small arms is patently dated and practically absurd. The idea that the typical NRA advocate comprises a well regulated militia is completely absurd. The idea that the NRA chooses to not partake in reasonable political dialogue, and is headed by a person who was 4F for Viet Nam on what is widely speculated as prior mental illness goes beyond absurd.
  8. A breakdown of Obama's speech on Gun Control exec action

    I want my fully armed tank. I got my rights, dammit! I still cant buy my friggin tank, and I know Preznit Blackenstein is coming for my guns,... Christmas,... school prayer and wants to perform abortions.
  9. A breakdown of Obama's speech on Gun Control exec action

    Most Conservatives would outlaw AR-15s (like St Ronnie advocated) if African Americans found them popular and walked into white neighborhoods demonstrating their open carry rights.
  10. Climate-change deniers are in retreat

    Hmmm, haven't been back in years and it is as though I never left...
  11. Yoo Hoo ... Mr. Obama sir...

    Hey just checking in...yep, just as I thought, nothing has changed.
  12. Obama's Mexican Gunrunning Operation

    "Possible" and "Practical" hold very different meanings as it pertains to finite enforcement budgets. Ms. Ngyuen will be prosecuted, and maybe found guilty by her peers. But as it pertains to the spirit of a law as a deterent against such criminal violence, 2 firefighters are dead, and 4 other innocent persons shot.
  13. Obama's Mexican Gunrunning Operation

    According to the article, she was to be arraigned yesterday. Seems like she will most likely lose the case, especially in light of her lie about the guns being stolen. So a person being prosecuted and convicted for straw buying is evidence that the straw buying laws are unenforceable, just like the same thing happening to the Fast and Furious straw buyers and many others? The prosecutor says there is no evidence she suspected his intent, but she's still the example cited in calling for a new 25 year maximum sentence for those who do? She's facing up to ten years and a quarter million dollar fine. She probably won't get the maximum, but max sentences are rarely handed out in any kind of case, including firearms cases, because they are for the worst offenders. She is not one of those, despite what the other guy did with the guns. She'll do time and be fined, which is evidence of exactly the opposite of your claim: our laws are enforceable and are being enforced. ...and the spirit of the law, which is to prevent the gun from getting into the hands of those who should not have them, and innocent people are dead, because of unenforceable deterrents advocated by the gun lobby were put into place as a political expedient. Each year thousands of guns are purchased, then (either legally) sold to creeps or conveniently 'stolen' by criminals, and making everybody less safe. Yet any technology to track weapons, vehemently opposed by the gun lobby, and 2nd 'precious hobbyists'. Your answer? Buy a gun. The Law, in this case, and most others is practically, and selectively enforced because police, and the judiciate, set priorities with limited money. That generally does not result in the DA's office chasing paper straw men and windmills, (which, number in the tens of thousands). Yet Graham and is lame ilk, (including yourself), tacetly support these ineffective laws, and invoke blame-shifting to law enforcement, which ultimately, is a strategy to sell more guns. I find this shamefully disgusting. In the Webster NY case, it looks like the criminal actually went along with Ms. Ngyuen to pick out his favorite killing devices, just before they were "stolen" from her house. Even the staunchest NRA Drone cannot obfuscate-go-through-the necessary-mental-gymnastic-contortions to argue against the blame-shifting strategy credibily to convince any rational thinker to your position.
  14. Obama's Mexican Gunrunning Operation

    ...alternatively, we can have highly paid lobbyists create practically unenforceable laws, pass them to GOP ninnies with a big check, to preserve the status quo, and blame-shift to law enforcement. http://youtu.be/KINQSpGFFo4
  15. Obama's Mexican Gunrunning Operation

    More on the legal ineffectiveness of current gun regulation law and the 'distinction between a gun dealer, a private purchase and a strawman purchases'. (In other words, how the Gun Lobby contorts US law with loopholes protecting the status quo, subsequently blame-shifting back to 'enforcement'.) Gotta keep selling the precious....remember: the boogeyman is hiding in the bushes-I'll tell you one thing; he's not getting the TV set.