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  1. Good news from the Heaven Can Wait committee. They just texted out that the monies raised for the Cancer Council from participants, sponsors and fund raising came in at $44,000.00 this year, $6,000.00 more than last year. A great job for a unique race so if more join in next year you get a great race and help out a worthy cause. Evil
  2. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    By the time you sailed past logic had gone out the door and emotion had taken over. It gives me another year to work it out, Marley will not beat me!
  3. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Another thought, If I didn't have float rudders I could have folded the floats in and pretended I was a mono, obviously quicker as about 100 boats passed me until Mr Tohatsu 9.8 helped me on my way. PS I know that tree and I will be back!
  4. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    After thinking about it there was one thing we didn't try and that was to have everyone on the bottom hull in the centre sinking it as much as possible and lifting the windward hull out of the water. It would dig the float in deep and make it deeper and straighter so it was harder to go sideways, also lifting the windward float rudder would reduce the wetted surface area, still thinking about how it happened and how to stop it from happening again because if you sail Marley you will have it happen again.
  5. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    I wish I had a can of spray paint and marked the trees which I hit so I can come back next time with chainsaw and exact my revenge! One tree we hit 5 times as the current kept pushing us into it. We were first boat into the river and 100 metres in we stopped, turned around and then went backwards and sideways from one bank with trees to the other bank with trees pushing off boats, one boat we heard said there's a boat coming head on, no we were going backwards facing at them, this lasted for three and a half hours when after hitting trees with the spi pole, getting forestay hooked, rudders caught on under water limbs, sides scraped apologising to at least 100 boats who were going in the right direction and pushing off them at about 1.30 we said that's enough. Every tri went past us in those conditions, don't understand why but the other F85 couldn't steer either, we tried everything even when we pushed off a tree and were finally going the right direction we would slowly spin sideways or backwards or get sucked over onto the banks and trees, we tried everything but Evil Gnome was uncontrollable so to save damage to boat and others we pulled out. Packing next morning the boat had sticks in the pole and leaf debris on both floats and tramps, a new experience. Will we go back, hell yeah, it's such a challenge. Evil
  6. Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    Evil Gnome finished between Toronto and Wangi. Laughing!
  7. Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    Another HCW done and dusted, once again it had nearly everything, the forecast was close but didn't mention the 5 knot westerley that went for the first half a lap, but a decent line of breeze came in from the Northeast and it was on for young and old. From Wangi on the lap1 and lap 2 and 3 it was brutal, with some gusts not far off 25 in the channel areas so from 12.30 to 8.30 it was blowing, then when the sun set it calmed down so much that after we started our 4th lap we were ghosting along until 11 PM when it was over. The 24 hour boys can tell the story from here as we went to bed after a couple of beers. Highlights. Beating all the yachts bar two moths to the top mark upwind in 5-8 knots Lifting the main hull and sailing on the float many times All the spinnaker runs Steering holding together and working( float rudders are the best thing) Cold beer and hot noodles Seeing three sharks and nearly hitting a 5 foot hammerhead Beautiful sunset and a warm night Having 3 good guys on board, Watty, Pete Dubbelaar and Grant Pellew so I could go downstairs after first lap and bludge Boat holding together under brutal conditions Two sail reach from Point Wolstencroft to Raffertys Downlights Just before sunset when we were all dry and ready to put our jackets on I called a hot spinnaker layline to Mannering Park, one wave drenched everyone on the whole boat and I thought I was safe in the cockpit but no. We'll be back next year as it still is a challenging race. Stats Max speed 19.4 knots Distance 91 miles race straight line and 110 miles by GPS Average 9 knots for 12 hours That's the 12 hour maybe someone can fill you in on the 24hour Evil
  8. Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    Are they masts of capsized boats predicted by Mr Predict? I hope these are more correct than seabreeze.
  9. Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    Heaven Can wait is on this weekend, I know because it is 3 days away, should be a pumping day and night if the Seabreeze weather for Newcastle is correct and also looks like breeze all through the night for the brave 24 hour, it's going to be tough, thats over 25 knots at night!
  10. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Check out 2009 results Division M First finish time Mad Max 22:14:10 Two Tribes 22:14:38 Second finish time Mad Max 23:28:15 Two Tribes 23:34:52 Elapsed time Mad Max 3:43:15 Two Tribes 3:49:52 In before midnight, it was the fastest time and it was a magnificent night time sail, three quarter moon spinnaker run for miles and miles. Marley it can be good be there!
  11. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Looking at the Marley Point entries so far looks like a Farrier/Corsair race.
  12. Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    Bugger it was the right year though!
  13. Another to keep in mind is the Heaven Can wait race on Lake Macquarie on the 24-25th of March, another challenging race but a great experience, Evil Gnome will be doing the 12 hour race again, ran the 24 hour race past the crew and there wasn't a great response so the 12 hour it is, navigating your way around Lake Macquarie at night is fantastic. So put it on your to do list it is also for a very good cause the Cancer Council of NSW. See you there Evil
  14. Just to keep in mind is the Marley Point overnight race this year, Saturday 10th of March should be a good rollup, the two F85's are going from Wangi, see if we can get more Multi's this year, Marley = very challenging but great experience.
  15. Ian Farrier

    Big shock seems like he was one of those people who would live forever, RIP to a legend and thanks for the two Farriers I have built and owned and the great moments sailing them, his legacy is spread around the world. Evil Gnome