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  1. Chapter Four

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Ellison Sailed Sayonara in the 1998 S2H and credits their survival to Chris Dicksons leadership. Dickson had a "Job for Life" until Jimmy schooled him.
  2. Chapter Four

    mike tyson

    If were sharing Soccer vids, Zidanes 2002 goal is my best, he knows exactly what he's going to do the moment the ball leaves his teamates boot. Vision, audacity and skill perfectly executed. And for the AC, Jimmy Spithill has to rate highly. His press conferences in 2013 piled so much pressure on DB. 1-8 to 9-8 Comeback, legend.
  3. Chapter Four

    Capsized Tri

    That would be the skeg that protects the rudder when it's beached. Seems to be a lot of water pouring out of the centreboard case as they right it, that window might be open.
  4. Chapter Four

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    Faster and tougher than a Volvo 70 (and not far off Commanches 24hr record), doesn't sound that shite to me, but what do I know.
  5. Chapter Four

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Queensland Helm
  6. Chapter Four

    Boat Aholics Anonymous

    Someone mentioned their ulitmate collection of sailboats... So, as a Boat Aholic, what have you got in your shed? we've got; Fairy Penguin Minnow Flying Ant 125 Sabre 4 x Impulse 29er B14 Lowrider Moth 6m trailer sailer. Yes, we don't like selling boats
  7. Chapter Four

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Checking the webcam, they came back to the base at 4:50pm, and went back out at 5:30pm.
  8. Chapter Four

    start line questions.

    Which is why its good to understand the concept, you can then avoid the shitfight as you know it has no impact on the distance sailed.
  9. Chapter Four

    start line questions.

    The first 3 minutes explains what JohnMB is trying to get across.
  10. Chapter Four

    Recycled AC50

    Getting slow, "The Front Fell Off!"
  11. Chapter Four

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    We could see the situation developing, and were prepared to tack if needed. We try to stay clear of the newbies (and the oldies) when we can, but it's hard sometimes at marks and starts. Later in the same race we ducked a boat on port (us on Stb) as they were unsure of who had right of way, they've been sailing 6 months and just getting around the course is a win for them, it costs me what, 3-4 seconds. We talked about back at the club, all good. Whilst the rules say you don't have to anticipate what another boat is going to do, you're a fool if you don't.
  12. Chapter Four


    The middle fell off!
  13. Chapter Four

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    Boat A is a light weight with little speed going against the tidal flow, during his tack he's stationary relative to boat B, ie he doesn't move from point 2 to point 3, he stays at point 2. The diagram pretty much has it, but A and B have differing views on how far he got at point 2.
  14. Chapter Four

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    Ok, so 18 applies until he tacks to starboard, then it's off and 10 applies. when he tacks back he's covered by 18 and 11. So Boat B being clear astern of A when entering the zone is keep clear during all of this, (except when A is tacking)
  15. Chapter Four

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    We were prepared to tack as we could see the situtation unfolding, he was never going to make the starboard mark on port tack and had to tack to starboard. There was room to tack if we needed to. We believe were were clear and as such didn't tack