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  1. Chapter Four

    Team NYYC

    From memory, Salthouse Boatbuilders in NZ built the mould and the part from 3D files from the Farr plans whilst the boat was in transit.
  2. Chapter Four

    The Choke continues...

    Paul Goodison (Olympic Gold medalist and 3x Moth World Champion) disagreed, and was shown to be right.
  3. Chapter Four

    Team NYYC

    Team Sanya Volvo 70 Repair - watch the Video, large section of hull removed. New Section made up from moulds.
  4. Chapter Four

    Team NYYC

    And it's possible that section was the largest "panel' ie greatest span between bulkheads and frames - weakest point.
  5. Chapter Four

    AC boats fail

    Burling and Gashby own their mistakes, they say we stuffed up and tipped it in, and take their lesson from it. They don't claim Mother Nature is out to get them.
  6. Chapter Four

    Team NYYC

    Hopefully they can get Patriot back on the water soon. I actually think Patriot is a rocket and has lost every race to key tactical errors. This one is glaringly obvious. Goodison knew it was going to be tough. They had just got a left shift with increased pressure coming into the top left mark, you can see the big ease on the main and a call to ease the jib, boat speed hits 44 knots. So what was a hard manouvre, tacking and then gybing to do a 180 now became turning through 200 degrees in a strong puff. As Goodison called it, a really hard manouvre, and proved to be right.
  7. Chapter Four

    Prada Cup

    Attention span of the non sailing public.
  8. Chapter Four

    Prada Cup

    WTF, I'll have my humble pie served warm, thanks. Well done Ineos, we have a regatta !
  9. Chapter Four

    INEOS Team GB

    The single pedestals allow all the grinders to grind in the forward direction. When shared pedestals are used the grinder who is grinding backwards contributes less than the grinder grinding forwards. So their six singles may put out the same power as 8 shared.
  10. Chapter Four

    INEOS Team GB

    There are more denials of Oracles administration of the AC as defender than there is of ETNZs - some here have asked "Name the last time any Defender intentionally gave themselves a 6 month design head start. Name it! " Oracle 2013 is the first answer. I am actually an Oracle Supporter - what they did through 2007 - 2010 was fantastic. 2010 - 2013, yes there was some "smelly stuff" - cheating is never acceptable and the cover up was worse. But to say they didn't get an advantage going in to the cycle is, as i've said, delusional. But the boats were great, regatta was great and the final, epic. 2013-2017 they tried to even up the comp, which I'm not a fan of . Again, there was some "smelly stuff" going on here with their treatment of ETNZ and the realationship with SBTJ, but again, overall, a pretty good regatta with great racing. The AC is not a one design regatta, never was and shouldn't be made to look like one. Your claim of "100% legal, as unfair as possible" is silly. Watch the interviews from Spithill, Ainslie and Hutchinson. They all know it's not a level playing field and that is the nature of the game - that's the challenge that attracts them - beat the defender on their home turf with the cards stacked against you. It's not for everyone, but that is the AC. If Oracle were in this cycle, they would be my second favourite team. The last 2 cups were great, my 2 favourite teams in the final and a win a piece, it's a shame they didn't come back for a rematch. You realise this is Sailing Anachy, you might be on the wrong forum
  11. Chapter Four

    INEOS Team GB

    Agree, Oracle spent their lead going the wrong direction - remember the orginal tiller bar on B1 WTF. ETNZ eventually got screwed by the rules committee too. Their boat was designed to sail in 30 knots and proved to be capable of it. Artemis and Oracle both did not. The lowering of the wind limits significantly helped Oracle retain the cup.
  12. Chapter Four

    INEOS Team GB

    Yes, M&M designed a non foiling multi, it was only in consultation with ETNZ that the loophole was discovered. But to say that Oracle didn't have a head start on the design on a rigid wing multihull is delusional.
  13. Chapter Four

    INEOS Team GB

    If you think Oracle didn't have a head start for 2013 you've got rocks in your head. If they wanted a fair boat they would have gone back to the IACC. They started designing a multihull in 2007 and a rigid wing in 2009. They were miles ahead of the other teams with regard to designing and sailing a rigid wing multihull by the time the rules came out. The spanner in the works for Oracle was ETNZ got theirs to foil.
  14. Chapter Four

    INEOS Team GB

    BA and Simmer have form in getting the untapped potential out of a boat - both were part of "THE COMEBACK" in 2013 It is possible Holroyd and his team have designed a rocket and it's just not setup or sailed to it's potential. It could also be a dog. We'll know in the next few weeks.
  15. Chapter Four

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    There was a lot of broken bit on the ETNZ cat in Bermuda Busted Cat Top of wing in many pieces, and the front fairings are pretty much gone, 100 pieces - maybe, certainly a lot. And by all reports would not have been competitive the next day, ETNZ got lucky that the following day was blown out, giving them an extra day to fix it.