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  1. JimB

    My old Rock Box needs help

    Tried everything. Think it is farked although everything works except it will not connect. Probably needs a new gps thingy. Was hoping to find a way to talk to the Rock City Marine Guys to see if they had ideas before I deep six it. I have had a good run with it. At least 12 years. Don't know what I should replace it with. My 20yr old Tactic died last fall as well. I am thinking maybe 2 Velocitic pucks, one left on speed and the other on heading to replace both. Don't need anything more than speed and heading and like big didgets.
  2. Any body know what happened to the Rock Box guys? My Rock Box won't lock onto the satellites any more. Just says Tuning until it gives up and powers down. Any ideas?
  3. Do you still have your B-25? 

  4. JimB

    Tilting the mast forward?

    Funny Story. Myself and a friend both owned Santana 23 daggerboards. We both were very competitive and did everything we could to make our boats faster. A 3rd Santana 23 arrived bot sight unseen from Florida. The boat arrived with a reverse bend in the mast, Needed the backstay on a little to straighten it. Downwind the farker was faster than both of us. When he released his backstay his prebend the wrong way put his spin forward. My buddy and I decided to try pulling our masts forward with our spare jib halyards and holy crap we were also faster. We later heard a story that the third Santana while in Florida had bent the mast forward by hitting a wave. After observing that his boat was then faster downwind the other Santana 23 guys in his club worked on bending their masts forward as well by plowing into waves. Prob B.S. but funny anyway. I attached a pic of my buddy and me duelling with our S23s. I am the guy behind at this point. Both of us have since moved on to other rides. I miss my S23.
  5. 2days before launching last spring I noticed some delam on the leading edge of my keel. Epoxied that but was still concerned that I may have some water intusion. I also had a horizontal gel coat crack across the keel. I bot some clear Gorilla tape that advertises underwater adhesion. I applied a strip of the tape down the leading edge of the keel and another over the gel coat crack. I just pulled the boat for the season and the tape was still in place. I am impressed. Going to pull the keel off and refinish it over the winter but thinking I will reapply the tape on the leading edge of the keel just in case I have a pin hole that I miss that allows water in. The tape survived some 10 knot downwind runs. I bet the clear tape works well as sail repair tape as well.
  6. JimB

    Latest Speed Secret: Gorilla Tape!

    Wow. Just pulled my boat for the season, Gorilla Tape I used for a temp repair on keel stayed in place all summer. Withstood some 10 knot downwind runs. 2 days before launch I noticed some keel delam due to water intrusion. Fixed the delam with epoxy then put a strip of Gorilla Tape down the leading edge of the keel in case I had missed a pin hole or something that would allow water back in this season. I also put a strip over a horizontal gel coat crack across the keel that might allow moisture in. Dam, the Gorilla Tape did as advertised and stayed in place even under water all summer. I used the clear tape. I bet this tape would work as well as the much more expensive clear sail repair tape as well. I am impressed.
  7. Our Sylvan Lake Marinas (2) have both developed a severe weed problem. Every time a sail or power boat leaves the Marinas a clump of weed gets dragged out into the lake. If the wind is lite the weed clumps just float around waiting for my Hot Foot 20 ( and other keel boats of course) . Early in September we had a 4 race regatta and I ended up with weeds attached to my keel 3 of the 4 races. This is despite backing up before each start. Not Good for boat speed. My keel needs a little work anyway so thinking about installing a kelp cutter. Wondering about the pros and cons of doing this. Where would I even get the blade? Hoping some of you coastal guys may have some advice.
  8. No, not the whacky stuff we like to smoke here up north. The 2 marinas on our prairie lake have developed a weed overgrowth problem. Every sail and power boat leaving the marinas drag a big clump of weeds out into the lake with them. If the wind is lite these clumps just float around the lake just waiting to wrap themselves around my Hot Foot 20s keel. We had a 4 race regatta a couple of weeks ago and I managed to collect a gift of said weed 3 of the 4 races. Not good. What to do? Sell my Hot Foot and buy a boat with a keel that can be lifted under way like an S2 or Santana 23. Or, should I look into a kelp cutting blade for the leading edge of me keel? Where would I find a blade? Thinking you coastal guys might have some advice
  9. JimB

    RS 21 Update

    How did the RS look sailing along side a J70 if that happened? Faster, slower, same?
  10. JimB

    Melges 24 for old guy

    Yes I need to take a J70 for a sail to experience it first hand. I cant see it being fast upwind. My Hot Foot has the same upwind sail area and is 600 lbs lighter
  11. JimB

    Melges 24 for old guy

    What would you think your cut down sail area is and how does the boat handle and perform?
  12. JimB

    Melges 24 for old guy

    Yes thinking about simply using smaller sails for short handed day sailing / wed nite beer can racing as well. Would just have to get used to sailing around looking like I have a reef in all the time. With a decent sized backstay flicker one could probably fit in a smaller square top. Anyway probably better idea than buying a orphan sportie that never achieves any significant numbers.
  13. So this might be a goofy idea so flame me if you need to. I just turned 65 but still fit and able. I currently own and sail a Hot Foot 20. I down sized from a B25 to reduce the need for crew . Finding the Hot Foot a little small but still want exciting sailing. If I find the Hot Foot small then that rules out all of the newer 20 footish sporties . What if I purchased a Melges 24 and bot a shorter rig to reduce the upwind sail area to about 300 square foot. I of course would swap the original rig back on if I were to compete in any Melges events or any serious PHRF regatta. The idea being I would have basically 2 boats. Main one powered down for short handed day sailing and Wed Nite PHRF Beer Can racing. The second one being a regular Melges 24 for the serious fully crewed action should I choose to want to do that. (still very fit and able) The problem with purchasing any other sports boat like a nice Rocket 22, Ultimate 24, Flying Tiger 7.5, GP 26 etc is the lack of a class if I ever want to do a one design event. The exception being the J 70. I suppose I could do the opposite with a J70. Buy a second taller rig to power it up for non one design J 70 racing. I think there would be less potential problems powering down than up so the Melges 24 would be my preference. I know this is an expensive idea unless I found a used mast that I could shorten and cut down some sails. I know I would have problems with our PHRF gurus coming up with an appropriate rating. Any other problems I am overlooking?
  14. JimB

    I wonder what they were thinking

    Holy Fark! Every Sailing Instructor on the planet needs this vid to show newbies. Funny as hell but NOT! Could have been very bad.
  15. JimB

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Looks like a great boat to sail. One issue, where do you store lunches, beer, life jackets, rain jackets, butt friendly pail for the girls and everything else you need for a regatta? I love the concept but how would I deal with the above conveniently?