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  1. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    Yes the Hot Foot was the inspiration for the Ultimate 20. I like the Ultimate and would consider one for my next adventure. Problem is I am not sure it would be a good move from a performance perspective. It has been a few years, I have only raced my Hot Foot against one Ultimate 20 but pretty much axe murdered it boat on boat every time on w/l courses. Never raced a distance race with lots of reaching against one. I expect the results would be different in reaching conditions. Anyone else out there with experience or have seen a Hot Foot racing against against an Ultimate? When you look at he additional sail area the Ultimate carries you would think the Ultimate would be faster all way round as per the diff in PHRF rating. Maybe the Ultimate I have encountered was not in good hands. I never really watched the guy as I was always ahead of him and focusing on beating J24s etc.
  2. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    Na the S20 is not known as the Tuna 20 for nothing. I have owned one of those too. Fun boat but not in the same league. Lots of broaches on my Tuna. Hot Foot gets more solid the faster it goes. 14 knots and it feels like it is on rails.
  3. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    One more. Good Keel Shot. Not my boat.
  4. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    More Hot Foot
  5. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    I believe the first sport boat would be my 1985 Hot Foot 20. Everything but the prod and asymetric. Disp 1000lb SA 224 sq ft. SA / Disp 36.07 so powered up Draft 5 ft with 400 lb bulb on lifting keel Bal/Disp 40% Dis/Length 76.55 Planes like a Mother Farker in breeze. First owner of my boat claims 19 knots. I have seen 14-15 in 25 ish breeze flat water. Designed by Doug Hemphill. Doug should have followed through on this design and built a 25 footer along the same thinking except with a prod and asymetric. He could have beat Melges to market.
  6. Holder 20 Mainsail swap

    I have a Hot Foot 20 with a very roachy main that gives me problems clearing the backstay with a 40 inch flicker. Will try a stiffer flicker next year but too stiff could have its own issues. Thinking runners with no flicker might be less hassel in the long run. I am also thinking of a square top main next year in which case i would need to go with runners anyway unless I am convinced I can go without. I recently raced against a J27 with a square top and runners. I was crewing on a B25. Breeze was 15 to 20 knts. The J was very under crewed 1st day 2 crew and second day 3. We spanked him with the B as we were 5 crew. I was hoping to see amazing upwind performance out of the j with the square top . I would have been more motivated to put in a sail order fora new square top. Did not happen but might have been a different story if the J had more rail meat. I am really looking forward to hearing about your square top experience.
  7. Double Damed 2017

    So it happened already. Anyone with any good stories or video? Was it windy this year? I suppose if there was big wind I could reef the main taking some pressure off the top section of my mast. I have never reefed this boat but would think it would not slow me down much if the wind down was blowing 25 plus kits.
  8. Double Damed 2017

    Have not seen anything posted. Anybody know if it is happening this year? I would love to bring my Hot Foot 20 down from Sylvan Lake Alberta but I doubt the mast would take the punishment if it was a windy year. The top section of my mast is tapered and flexible like the Martin 242.. Thinking it would likely snap. Love to see more Double Damed videos on Youtube if it happens this year
  9. Rocket 22

    Hello, congrats on your Rocket purchase. I own and race one of two B25s just up the road from you at Sylvan Lake. It would be great if you could get those Ghost Lake guys motivated to do their Sept Alberta Cup regatta again. I still have their trophy from the last one they did correcting out over a rocket with my Hotfoot 20. Also think about our fall regatta, we call it the Hummer.
  10. Need a keel hoist, I have one, pics available at some point. Cost only shipping from wisconsin. Sailed windsurfers on Cold Lake ages ago!

  11. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the information. I will send along the info that has been shared. No one has started a class on this boat? Probably too few to make it worthwhile - I agree 100% on how Beiley should have made it a bulb keel and changed the sail plan. I have the last hull built, number 50.

  12. Joke

    A Dutchman from Innisfail, Alberta came into the local pub with a big grin on his face anxious to tell his buddies about his most recent sex experience. Tells his buddies he was walking along the railroad tracks when he came upon a young lady tied to the tracks just like in the movies. He untied her and took her home. They had sex all over the house. Him on top , her on top, doggy style etc. This went on all day. One of his buddies gets very interested and asks him if she was pretty. The Dutchman responds, I don't know - I never did find her head.