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  1. JimB

    RS 21 Update

    How did the RS look sailing along side a J70 if that happened? Faster, slower, same?
  2. JimB

    Melges 24 for old guy

    Yes I need to take a J70 for a sail to experience it first hand. I cant see it being fast upwind. My Hot Foot has the same upwind sail area and is 600 lbs lighter
  3. JimB

    Melges 24 for old guy

    What would you think your cut down sail area is and how does the boat handle and perform?
  4. JimB

    Melges 24 for old guy

    Yes thinking about simply using smaller sails for short handed day sailing / wed nite beer can racing as well. Would just have to get used to sailing around looking like I have a reef in all the time. With a decent sized backstay flicker one could probably fit in a smaller square top. Anyway probably better idea than buying a orphan sportie that never achieves any significant numbers.
  5. So this might be a goofy idea so flame me if you need to. I just turned 65 but still fit and able. I currently own and sail a Hot Foot 20. I down sized from a B25 to reduce the need for crew . Finding the Hot Foot a little small but still want exciting sailing. If I find the Hot Foot small then that rules out all of the newer 20 footish sporties . What if I purchased a Melges 24 and bot a shorter rig to reduce the upwind sail area to about 300 square foot. I of course would swap the original rig back on if I were to compete in any Melges events or any serious PHRF regatta. The idea being I would have basically 2 boats. Main one powered down for short handed day sailing and Wed Nite PHRF Beer Can racing. The second one being a regular Melges 24 for the serious fully crewed action should I choose to want to do that. (still very fit and able) The problem with purchasing any other sports boat like a nice Rocket 22, Ultimate 24, Flying Tiger 7.5, GP 26 etc is the lack of a class if I ever want to do a one design event. The exception being the J 70. I suppose I could do the opposite with a J70. Buy a second taller rig to power it up for non one design J 70 racing. I think there would be less potential problems powering down than up so the Melges 24 would be my preference. I know this is an expensive idea unless I found a used mast that I could shorten and cut down some sails. I know I would have problems with our PHRF gurus coming up with an appropriate rating. Any other problems I am overlooking?
  6. JimB

    I wonder what they were thinking

    Holy Fark! Every Sailing Instructor on the planet needs this vid to show newbies. Funny as hell but NOT! Could have been very bad.
  7. JimB

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Looks like a great boat to sail. One issue, where do you store lunches, beer, life jackets, rain jackets, butt friendly pail for the girls and everything else you need for a regatta? I love the concept but how would I deal with the above conveniently?
  8. I am the only one in Alberta still racing as far as I know. I currently own a Hot Foot named VooDoo. The previous owner has raced it on Flathead Lake. My previous Hot Foot was Gonzo and I raced it on Flathead once for sure.
  9. I sail and race on Sylvan Lake Alberta. Sylvan is 12 miles east of Red Deer half way between Edmonton and Calgary. The lake is 10 miles long and 1.5 miles wide at the widest. The Sylvan Lake sailing Club was established in the mid 80s. At our peak we had 35 member boats and 100 plus members. Wed nites would often see 20 plus boats spread over 3 fleets. Our biggest regatta saw 45 boats with 20 plus boats on the line for our fast fleet. Our fast fleet was comprised of Martin 242s, B25s, J 24s, S2 7.9s, Hot Foot 20, Olson 25. Unfortunately we are just a shadow of our former self now as we are down to just 13 club boats, just the old die hards left. Racing is still good though as we die hards are ultra competitive between ourselves.
  10. Will the cabin top take the weight? My Hot Foot 20 has a simple box that sits on the cabin top when needed. The keel weight is only 400 lbs but my cabin top handles the weight no problem. I also owned a B 25. The Bs cabin top handled the 800 lb keel weight no problem If you were confident in your cabin top simply straddel the top above the keel with a piece of heavy 2 to 4 inch aluminum channel with a winch attached. Cut a small hole in the channel to drop a piece of amsteel winch line through. The whole set up with winch might weigh 10 lbs.
  11. JimB

    J70 ticks the boxs BUT

    Thanks for your thoughts. I have helmed the M242 lots. Great w/L short course boats. I prefer a helm that has a dingy like feel like both my Hot Foot and past B. Both my Hot Foot and my old B are a blast to sail downwind in a breeze. That's what I sail for. Let the Martins have the W/L short course glory. I started this post to determine if the J70 can at least hang in with the M242 unwind. I appreciate the responses.
  12. JimB

    J70 ticks the boxs BUT

    Thanks for the replys. I did suspect the J70 would have a tough time up wind against a Martin 242. I often helm a Martin and they do sail unwind extremely well. If winning w/L short course racing is all I cared about the Martin would be my first choice no question. I am however hooked on high speed downwind Sailing. Think I will have to find a Melges when it is time to part with my Hot Foot.
  13. JimB

    J70 ticks the boxs BUT

    I currently sail a Hot Foot 20. I have owned a B25, Santana 23 dagerboard, Santana 20 and a Capri 22. The J70 looks perfect for the racing and daysailing I do on our local smallish prairie lake but I am concerned that it may not be fast upwind in relation to its PHRF rating and the Martin 242s I would be racing against. The J70 is rated faster than my B25 was yet it has aprox the same upwind sail area as my Hot Foot 20 (224 sq ft) which is 750 lbs lighter than the J70. Yes the J70 has a longer water line and less beam than my Hot Foot and no doubt a slipprier design but it will need to go upwind with the Martin 242 and then blow them away on the downwind to correct.(I may have to add a symmetric set up for windward leeward racing against he 242) What say you J70 guys? Is the boat fast upwind despite its lack of upwind sail area?
  14. JimB

    Funny Comments while Racing

    After a huge broach on my Santana 23 pinned down on her side by some kind of down draft I say to the crew, I never wanted to die in an old folks home anyway. Did not instill any crew confidence with a mostly green crew.
  15. JimB

    J 70 PHRF

    Also interested in the J70 but cant get my head around the fact that my Hot Foot 20 has the same upwind sail area. My Hot Foot only weighs 1000lb. The J70 is narrower and has 1.5 ft more waterline but also weighs nearly 800 lbs more. Up wind in light and moderate breeze I just cant see the J70 faster than my Hot Foot. Up wind I have trouble in the light stuff against the longer waterlines with the same rating such as well sailed S2 7.9s and J24s. I like the looks of The J70 and the opportunuty for one design racing if I travel but I think it must suck in PHRF.