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  1. Bird

    Random PicThread

    Greatest thread on the internet.
  2. Bird

    Turbo Etchells

    Etchells don't really reach well anyway so putting a big masthead asym won't add that much speed. They go up and down really well and they don't like to turn with their little skeg hung rudder. Get a Soling if you like that kind of open daysailer/racer. Probably even cheaper than an E22.
  3. Bird

    Bravura 29

    Despite some previous disagreements between well know parties, I've heard that they actually are pretty good boats, just not that many of them. FWIW, I always get a chuckle when someone mentions the Bravuras on this site...
  4. Petzl climbing harness, you'll thank me later. Bosun's chairs suck.
  5. I wish the dock at our local public ramp had a rail to tie up to. People keep stealing the cleats... Incidentally, I coached a week long racing clinic for the junior program at the Oklahoma City Boat Club on Lake Hefner years ago and the sailing there is remarkably good. There is also some lively under the table betting on the Wednesday night sailboat races at one of the on the water restaurant's bar.
  6. Bird

    What's at your bird feeder ?

    these are coming to your bird feeder? Well in my yard, not necessarily eating seed at the feeder...I live right on the water and when I clean fish, I toss the scraps to the birds. I also throw any meat scraps in the water when I'm trimming before cooking. Hence I get lots of avian company when I walk out on the deck. The kids throw cast nets and catch lots of bait fish and will feed the birds too. We also see lots of common loons but they are migrating back North now so there are less and less each day. I also saw a Monarch butterfly today checking out the purple iris plants.
  7. Bird

    What's at your bird feeder ?

    Seagulls, lots of seagulls Brown pelicans Night hawk (aka bull bat) Great Shrike American sparrow Purple martins, lots Mockingbirds Grackles Cowbirds Eurasian collared dove Great Blue heron Snowy egret White heron Yellow crowned night heron American bittern and 1 token scarlet tanager
  8. Bird

    Ever heard about Coppercoat? Is it effective?

    I had a buddy that painted his Tayana 42 with it in Galveston Bay. I cleaned the boat bottom one time and it didn't really seem to work that much better than any other top quality anti-fouling paint. It was rough finish, like 100 grit sandpaper but was pretty easy to clean. The rough finish was probably due to how they applied it and that fact that it wasn't burnished. The bottom did last quite a while though.