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  1. Birdsall Marine trolling motor mount.
  2. Bird

    Homebrew EVA/PE fenders?

    Contact cement.
  3. Bird

    Capetown heads to Day Zero

    So I didn't take the time to read the above article or the handful of other articles I've seen in my newsfeed. I haven't heard of any plans to bring in mobile desalination units (like the US military use) to make fresh water. They could also be funding a desal plant very near the city. My geography skills aren't what they used to be but if I remember, there is this ocean thing right nearby they could draw water from to feed the desalination/purification units. Its not like drought and running out of freshwater come out of nowhere...
  4. Bird

    Let'd discuss the Environment!

    Just tow it out of the environment.
  5. Bird

    Archery Anarchy

    I like compounds over recurves but that's me. Whatever you decide to choose, just try to shoot as many different bows as you can.
  6. My old boat had a 300sq/ft main and a 250sq/ft 105% jib. Main had a bolt rope luff and jib was on a head foil. It was set up for racing but I could single hand it pretty easily up to about 15kts and then it got to be a lot of work. I was also a lot younger then too. We had a cruising A-sail in a sock that made it super easy to handle as long as I kept my snuffer line from wrapping. I usually tied the tail to the spin pole eye on the mast which did the trick. Gybing the main was fairly controlled as I had quite a bit of purchase in the mainsheet and windward sheeting traveler car. If I had the mainsail luff on a track and either a Stackpack, lazy jacks or Dutchman flaking I could have easily handled a much bigger main. When sailing by myself I didn't fly a genny, but I was daysailing and not cruising. Big difference between crossing bay and crossing the ocean.
  7. Bird

    Food Questions

    Put them in a Ziploc bag and soak in water in the sink. You can use warm water, but not hot water. Make sure you pat them good and dry before searing...
  8. Bird

    Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    We hit something during a rum race on G-bay years ago on a Carrera 290 while reaching at 9 kts. Instant stop, boat didn't appear to be taking on water. Sailed back to the shipyard to pull the boat and saw the keel hanging down.
  9. Bird

    Turbo Etchells

    Etchells don't really reach well anyway so putting a big masthead asym won't add that much speed. They go up and down really well and they don't like to turn with their little skeg hung rudder. Get a Soling if you like that kind of open daysailer/racer. Probably even cheaper than an E22.
  10. Bird

    Passport 40, Westsail 39

    30 degrees is pretty tight, unless you are feathering the boat up in a gust, but to live there, nah. Lots better VMG to weather by pressing the bow down and let the foils work. Gee Bob, that is almost a naval architect haiku...
  11. Bird

    F1 2017

    How 'bout Ferrari for the win! Seems like we'll have some major challenges to Mercedes. Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas, Raikkonen...this could make for a very interesting season! I just hope the cars stay together, plenty failures today.
  12. Bird

    Bravura 29

    Despite some previous disagreements between well know parties, I've heard that they actually are pretty good boats, just not that many of them. FWIW, I always get a chuckle when someone mentions the Bravuras on this site...
  13. Petzl climbing harness, you'll thank me later. Bosun's chairs suck.
  14. Bird

    Asymmetric off spin pole?

    Get creative with the rigging if you must. Seems like a lot of extra effort to bend/break a spin pole. Make sure you buy an extra pole and take pictures for us. As an alternative, just train up the new crew to learn to set, fly and gybe it the right way. For single/short handed sailing, using a spinnaker with a sock makes a huge difference. I did that for years on my old Santana 35 so I could single hand with an A-sail and the tiller pilot.