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  1. VOR 2017-18

    Exactly. What was he doing there in the first place!
  2. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    what else would you expect from Ludde (delusional) Ingvall
  3. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    HOW TO FOLLOW THE RACE The 47th edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race starts on Sunday 6 August. A record fleet of around 375 boats representing 29 different countries will take the start from the Royal Yacht Squadron line in the race organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club. Follow all the action and don't miss out on updates throughout the race. Here's a quick guide. RACE MINISITE: www.rolexfastnetrace.com The easiest way to follow the fleet is via the RORC's minisite. Follow the story of the race with all the latest news and updates, great images from the start, Fastnet Rock and from the race course, plus video, audio, fleet tracking and the Virtual Regatta game. SOCIAL MEDIA: Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/royaloceanracingclub Twitter: twitter.com/rorcracing or @rorcracing Instagram: instagram.com/rorcracing or @rorcracing YouTube - youtube.com/user/RORCRacing The official Race Hashtag is #rolexfastnetrace FASTNET RADIO & TV: Set up to engage race fans with regular updates, Fastnet Radio will be broadcasting on the Cowes Radio frequency 87.7FM on start day, Sunday 6th August and simulcast with Fastnet Radio station operation in Plymouth on 87.9FM. http://www.rolexfastnetrace.com/Multimedia/87-9-fm-fastnet-radio-2017.html LIVE STREAMING OF THE START SEQUENCE: All the coverage will be available for download replays, as well as a podcast of the skippers briefing (Sat 5th August). Fastnet Radio is streamed on www.fastnetradio.uk, www.879fm.uk and also on http://www.rolexfastnetrace.com Fastnet TV will match the radio commentary from Fastnet Radio and will cover the entire start sequence live (1100 first start). It will be streamed online from the official websites: http://www.rolexfastnetrace.com www.879fm.uk RORC Facebook LIVE: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalOceanRacingClub RACE TRACKER: Watch the Rolex Fastnet Race online via the fleet tracker. YB Trackers are fitted to every yacht so you can see each boat's position along the course. View by class or select your favourites to follow friends and family, check out their boat speed and weather conditions in real time, read the social media feed and see how the live leaderboard is developing at http://www.rolexfastnetrace.com/Tracking/2017-fleet-tracking.html TIMINGS FOR STARTS: The race starts from one of yachting's most famous locations, the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes on the Isle of Wight on Sunday 6th August 2017. The start sequence begins with the first warning signal at 10.50 BST for the 47th edition. There will be live coverage of the starts. See above. START TIMES: 1100 Multihull 1110 IMOCA 60, Class40 1120 IRC 4 1140 IRC 3 1200 IRC 2 1220 IRC 1 1240 IRC Zero & VO65
  4. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Hurst Castle is a great viewing spot
  5. VOR 2017-18

    Love the double speak of VOR management that say that the ridiculously named Zero Legs of the race (about as sad as Acts in the AC) are obligatory qualification races for entry and then add a note in the small print saying that an eighth entry would be allowed at a later date at the discretion on the management without completing any qualification races.
  6. Team UK

    Just more distraction when they should have been focused on winning. Totally different approach from ETNZ.
  7. Team UK

    The chance of BAR /RYS becoming COR was one of their more ridiculous and fanciful plans wasting even more time and money and focus in the pursuit which would have been better spent on a decent design team. It was never going to happen with Whitmarsh (the architect of the Framework) on board. Get real. As for personnel it would be crazy to maintain and staff a large uk operation with nothing to do for the next year.
  8. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Clearly a foiling monohull because Ken Read has run out of ways of talking up covering tactics and playing the windshifts with simple bang the sides of the box sailing in catamarans
  9. Team UK

    Must have struck a raw nerve. Might as well go on and get even more wrong. BAR need to downsize very quickly and mothball most of the white elephant base built using a fair old whack of taxpayers money (interesting to see that one of the team principals was also trying to screw the taxpayers by writing off his ill advised investment in Team Origin). Problem as pointed out in the previous post is that likely schedule could be 50ft foiling monohulls for a world series starting in Auckland in early 2019 followed by events in Sicily, Dubai and the USA through to February 2020. Then first 85 or 90 footers launched in mid 2020 for a challenger knock out series in late 2020 through to the AC in February 2021. BA needs to dramatically cut overheads and staff as quickly as possible. Certainly dump the hopeless design team. Fortunate for BA is that a return to match racing in monohulls means that he will not have to surrender the helm to some teenage moth freak. Also that constructed in country and nationality clauses will benefit BAR.
  10. Team UK

    What chance BAR still operating by the next AC? Loved all the hype and rumors that the RYS/BAR were going to be COR. Never was going to happen, just more BAR PR hype. Next AC in foiling monohulls in 2021. With no ACWS for the foreseeable future how can BA keep a big team together and pay the bills for four years and no events for sponsors. Stuck with big base in the UK and high overheads and too late to get a Volvo entry hard to see why Land Rover or any other sponsors want to keep paying the bills. Aberdeen Asset adverts on BT sport embarrassing after BAR knocked put. Start by sacking the design team would help. Design manager definitely not up to the job. Who else to go to cut bleeding funds.
  11. Teams that were bad sports during AC35

    rainbow warrior all over again
  12. Team UK

    * From Adrian Morgan: I'll be upsetting a load of Ben's fans, but if he knew they were slow months ago, according to his own words, and behind the curve technically, and made some too hasty decisions about design, then why were we lead to believe that the Cup was ever coming home? I can understand the tactic of talking things up, putting on a brave face, backs against the wall etc. (we are British after all) but was this for the sponsors', or supporters' benefit? Despite all the talk about a plucky, first time challenge, learning curves (steep or otherwise) and "we'll be back", is that really going to happen, and should it? Soon there'll be criticism of money spent/wasted and the usual British delight in retrospection and recrimination. But the truth is a lot of money was spent on a yacht race that a lot of hospitals would have benefited from. Spot on Adrian Morgan writing in Scuttlebutt. Too much talking up for the sake of sponsors and PR.
  13. Looks like not all happy on the island with the AC bonanza. Fine for the rich white population and the millionaire superyacht visitors. But not so good for the black majority over 65%. Seems the ruling party trying a Theresa May snap election..and that didn't work out too well. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/world/332731/america-s-cup-becomes-pawn-in-bermuda-politics
  14. Dean Barker not surprisingly admitted that he would be helping OTUSA to beat the challengers and was out tuning up and practice starting today. Surely if anybody should be fined for bringing ths Cup into disrepute it would be Dean and his crew and not GD. The Defender has always had an advantage choosing venue and type of boats. This time around OTUSA are not only the highest spending team but have also been in Bermuda the longest. Even though it has very occasionally happened in the past, it is still not right for a defeated Challenger to then go on and help the defense. Ok. Dean Barker owes everything to RC and Elison for lining up SoftBank and passing over all the design information. But he could have at least made a stand in the final days of the series. Just imagine if he had won the right to challenge. Would he have thrown the races to OTUSA? If I was Artemis or ETNZ crew I would be pretty angry having to watch this every day before I went out to race. I am afraid this once again shows RC's total disregard for the ethos of an event that has made him a multimillionaire and a Knight of the Realm. Shame on him.
  15. Thank God Dalts is back just when we needed him

    Well he has become a bit of a legend now. Maybe even might get some commissions from the recent publicity.