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  1. * From Adrian Morgan: I'll be upsetting a load of Ben's fans, but if he knew they were slow months ago, according to his own words, and behind the curve technically, and made some too hasty decisions about design, then why were we lead to believe that the Cup was ever coming home? I can understand the tactic of talking things up, putting on a brave face, backs against the wall etc. (we are British after all) but was this for the sponsors', or supporters' benefit? Despite all the talk about a plucky, first time challenge, learning curves (steep or otherwise) and "we'll be back", is that really going to happen, and should it? Soon there'll be criticism of money spent/wasted and the usual British delight in retrospection and recrimination. But the truth is a lot of money was spent on a yacht race that a lot of hospitals would have benefited from. Spot on Adrian Morgan writing in Scuttlebutt. Too much talking up for the sake of sponsors and PR.
  2. Looks like not all happy on the island with the AC bonanza. Fine for the rich white population and the millionaire superyacht visitors. But not so good for the black majority over 65%. Seems the ruling party trying a Theresa May snap election..and that didn't work out too well. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/world/332731/america-s-cup-becomes-pawn-in-bermuda-politics
  3. Dean Barker not surprisingly admitted that he would be helping OTUSA to beat the challengers and was out tuning up and practice starting today. Surely if anybody should be fined for bringing ths Cup into disrepute it would be Dean and his crew and not GD. The Defender has always had an advantage choosing venue and type of boats. This time around OTUSA are not only the highest spending team but have also been in Bermuda the longest. Even though it has very occasionally happened in the past, it is still not right for a defeated Challenger to then go on and help the defense. Ok. Dean Barker owes everything to RC and Elison for lining up SoftBank and passing over all the design information. But he could have at least made a stand in the final days of the series. Just imagine if he had won the right to challenge. Would he have thrown the races to OTUSA? If I was Artemis or ETNZ crew I would be pretty angry having to watch this every day before I went out to race. I am afraid this once again shows RC's total disregard for the ethos of an event that has made him a multimillionaire and a Knight of the Realm. Shame on him.
  4. Well he has become a bit of a legend now. Maybe even might get some commissions from the recent publicity.
  5. Interesting to see which foils are fitted today as wind forecast to drop the through the afternoon. Crossover conditions and it seems Artemis made a bad decision one day sailing with the light air foils. Percy admitted that Artemis prefers more wind and seemed more fearful of ETNZ in the light. Decisions decisions
  6. Agree to that. And they have a bit of speed as well. Glad I hooked them at 16:1 at the bookies
  7. The majority of sailing races have a time limit apart from the Transocean ones. Try reading a few sailing instructions!
  8. Get with the program. You must have stumbled onto the wrong forum. It is to keep the races to the correct approximate time limit. More wind, more speed so longer course!
  9. After defeat BA says he thinks ETNZ has a good chance of winning. Also that ETNZ should keep the foiling cats. Also that he hopes GD will turn the Cup around in two years? Same boats same courses. Is he dreaming? Clearly not his call having been a founder member with Whitmarsh of the dodgy néw Framework and infamous five which GD refused to sign. What he wants of course is to keep his team together and keep his millionaires focused and the gravy train running. Shame then that with one of the highest budget teams, far higher than ETNZ, SBTJ and GTF, he chose such a mediocre design team. Design director first to be sacked surely. No vision or ability there. So just what would GD go for if ETNZ wins? Would he stay with the current boats and format and try and turn it around in two years as BA hopes. Certainly funding and logistics would be a major consideration. Taking the Cup to Auckland difficult in the timescale of Southern hemisphere summers and finding dock space. Dubai could be perfect if he could take the inevitable kiwi flac. Winds even more reliable and lighter than Bermuda and no doubt the visionary Sheik would shower him and his team with GOLD and more gold than he could ever imagine. Terrorists and ISIS might be an issue, but GD never one to be afraid of dodging bullets. As for the subject heading. Am I dreaming, but apart from some spectacular high speed passes aren't we just being sucked into a foiling technology fest that of course has the skippers adrenalin pumping. But is just bang the corners sailing. Boundary to boundary, layline to layline. If the windshift goes your way you are lucky, otherwise a procession with the fastest boat winning (or at least the one that tacks and gybes best on the foils) Spectacular capsizes make it dangerous and plenty of headline space and when the wind is up like Tuesday (and maybe today) we are all watching with total awe of the abilities of the helmsman and foil and wing trimmers to keep the boats upright (and of course the grinders and cyclors straining away with their heads down in ignorance of the drama around them but no doubt in a state of fear and exhilaration). So would GD keep the boats and the format? For the money, yes I think so. The kiwis are fine in the boat speed, handling and innovation areas, so not much to worry about there. PB in particular is a relevation of super cool with Glen Ashby assist. Watching him sail with his ghost like face is mesmerising. Every movement and glance is like watching Valentino Rossi. For the soul of the AC I think not, even if it is just to get even with RC. And of course IM who had been pretty good until he let out on Wednesday that the Kiwis had trashed their dream wing they had been holding back for the match. GD not one to forgive and forget lightly. If the AC is to be a true match race on the water then high speed foiling cats are not the answer. Just look at what a the WMRT has become. Ask Ian Williams or any of the top teams what they really feel about that. Anyway we are jumping ahead of ourselves. Somehow I doubt that GD will be asking BA to be his best man as CoR if it comes to that. More likely he will be talking to Patrizio Bertelli and Ernesto Bertarelli on what inspires them to want to pursue one of the most illusive and compelling trophies in sport. As for Bermuda. The race course on the Sound and the dock set up and the weather has been fantastic. Just as good as SF. Roll onto the Match. Can't wait.
  10. Err. No
  11. No
  12. Never one to prioritise making friends over telling how it is. A breath of fresh air in the current world of PR talk of champagne sailing, stadium sailing and Acts (what the F** are they?). Sadly been bottled up for far too long by RCs gagging orders. Let normal service resume. .
  13. barometer rising. Should be good to race three http://www.weather.bm/tools/graphics.asp?name=PEARL ISLAND GRAPH&user=
  14. Loads of difference between repairs in a makeshift shed in Bermuda and the Southern Spars factory in NZ . Autoclave ovens for instance
  15. It's not his sailing skills that interest me . It's his entertainment value!