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  1. El Capitano

    Electric Planes?

    Happened?? Loganair has a plan to introduce electric aircraft in 2021 but 2021 hasn't happened yet. There is also talk of a bridge...
  2. El Capitano

    World sAiling has spoken...who's listening?

    The Olympics aren't supposed to be easy. If the boat is a bit tippy, well that's part of the challenge. If the boat stays afloat, and sails ok, it will have done its job. A bigger question is will the sails, bottom jobs etc be such that the boats are equivalent and that the race is determined by sailing skill.
  3. El Capitano

    World sAiling has spoken...who's listening?

    Ah, it's not all bad. Start with there is offshore sailing in the Olympics. The selected boat will work. There was no way it was ever going to be cheap and so it isn't. Offshore anything is pricey and it could have been a larger, even more $$ yacht that was selected. Twin wheels are quirky on a 30', so what. I'm not saying it was the best choice but I'm happy to see offshore sailing happening and in a suitable vessel. It'll be ok.
  4. El Capitano

    Gas cooktop anarchy - 30"

    Don't you want at least one lower output burner that is optimized for simmering instead of sublimating Teflon?
  5. El Capitano

    Patriot's Owner Busted For Strip Mall Rub N Tug

    It's America. You get your day in court. Have you seen the video?
  6. El Capitano

    Patriot's Owner Busted For Strip Mall Rub N Tug

    The guy could be innocent. Just saying.
  7. El Capitano

    Patriot's Owner Busted For Strip Mall Rub N Tug

    It is possible that he went in for a massage. I don't care so much. I do know that this increases the probability of the Pats repeating. I'm good with that.
  8. El Capitano

    Cruising a J-24

    A J/24 does the sailing part of cruising just fine. Then you stop. I can't sit straight up when seated down below. Not so much fun and game over.
  9. El Capitano

    Teen Builds Worknig Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    My not-yet-born niece is constructing one in-utero with no parental assistance. Her budget is $58k.
  10. El Capitano

    MIG Welding

    Gas makes good welding easier. You don't need a giant tank.
  11. El Capitano

    MIG Welding

    I bought a MIG welder. Googled a lot. Fired it up. I can weld now. You could too. Doesn't mean that its the best approach to solve your problem. Sorry about your fence. Sleeving makes sense. Another option is to glass the replacement part of the post to the old part. Maybe sleeve and glass. Sleeve and bolts could work. Fun thread. Dilbert underestimates the diversity of opinion of engineers.
  12. El Capitano

    F1 2019 and E too

    The change in the front wings is to reverse the engineering that made the cars wake slow down the car behind. Wing design is not just making the car its attached to faster, it also includes making cars behind slower.
  13. El Capitano

    Masts - keel stepped vs deck stepped on race boats

    Or the mast can be sleeved near the step. My IC has the step above the gooseneck. It's very convenient to leave the boom and associated rigging after de-stepping the mast. The mast is sleeved, as is the mast stub below it. The mast stub is made from the same carbon section as the actual mast.
  14. El Capitano

    NFL 2018

    I think I'll gloat for a bit first.
  15. El Capitano

    Stuck at SFO all day

    You don't have my sympathy. You are sailing while I am working. This is the occasional price you pay. Yes, I could quit and sail, but I don't, so your life looks perfect compared to mine.