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  1. Icedtea

    Sailing downwind

    If you're asking what sails you should use for this - probably best you stick her on a trailer and tow....
  2. Icedtea

    Tips For Being Rescued

    I think @shaggybaxter summed up my feelings on the above very well, but one thing I'd mention is that I would take issue with you saying you were "literally fully engulfed in white water at times with mountains disappearing on the horizon. I was fine with this and even giddy at the conditions." I've sailed with a ton of skippers - from excellent to terrible, in conditions from flat calm to solid 43knots with huge waves and zero visibility, and none of the skippers I'd place on the good end of the spectrum are those who would be "giddy" at conditions that you describe. If conditions were as you claim them to be they are to be treated with absolute respect and require a clear head with calm focus on the decision making process. If the "giddyness" is what lead you down the terrible decision making path that lead to this situation, then there's your first problem bud.
  3. Icedtea

    TP 52 Cruiser

    Nah, cardboard's not a suitable material
  4. How many lawsuits has Clean saved people over the years?
  5. Icedtea

    Converting figaro

    Absolutely - do you race the thing offshore? I've always thought a Figaro 1 or 2 with a slightly comfier interior would be the perfect sub-40ft doublehanded weapon.
  6. +1 on this - there are many, many hurdles that have to be overcome before it can be safely used in humans. Unfortunately this is a waiting game
  7. Bleach will kill it in a test tube?
  8. Icedtea

    Converting figaro

    Are there any pictures of this? I really like the idea, and couldn't find any on their website. I always wondered how the fig 1 handled, as the Beneteau 310, 317 are hateful little things.
  9. Icedtea

    C&C 30OD values today

    I would agree - a friend was in the market for a 30' or so racer and was about to pull the trigger on a boat before this all happened. Now it's a case of giving it a month or two for prices to fall, let people get to the point where they'll accept even lower offers. I don't know how many people are happy with dropping thousands on a boat just to have it sit in the garage until next season either
  10. Icedtea

    TP 52 Cruiser

    Interesting - was that because the Halyards couldn't take the loads from the sail?
  11. Icedtea

    TP 52 Cruiser

    Am I right in saying that Samurai refit hasn't gone well at all in hindsight? In terms of refitting a TP52 to go cruising, I just hope whoever is taking this on knows that this is going to cost much more than buying a 50 foot fast cruiser off the shelf, much much more. How do you mean? Did someone have to get hoisted up the mast to hoist the kite?
  12. Icedtea

    Mini Globe Race 2024 - Classe Mini 580

    Why do I see this and think it's an infinitely more sensible idea than his actual Golden Globe race? The boats look like less flighty minis (why not just use "vintage" minis?) and the course involves less southern ocean madness for him to try and kill you in
  13. Icedtea

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    Got down for a look at the boat. Incredible how simple she is compared to the more modern Géants, and the rig really seems short for the hull. Seems to have a small bit of damage on the starboard bow. Joyon walked past me and it was one of the few times I've ever been starstruck.
  14. Icedtea

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    Where is she? Am also London based so definitely taking a trip down this evening.
  15. Icedtea

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    So when's the race scheduled to kick off? It it's this year and so far we have only two entries, in two classes- surely the question has become not what teams they will get, but when they'll admit job's a shitter and pull the plug? Surely no closer than 3 months out. It's such a shame seeing the point this race has gotten to.