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  1. NYBOZO1

    Physics of roll tacking

    In the big war, some were known as "cheese eating surrender monkeys".
  2. NYBOZO1

    Physics of roll tacking

    Much to be learned here....
  3. Are you aware that as a US citizen, you are not allowed in Canada? You can possibly hire Canadians to take your boat thru and deliver to US, but you can not. Have a friend who did this. Lots of people here in NY can not get to their summer homes or boats in Canada since March. No end in sight.
  4. NYBOZO1


    anybody got a clue if Vakaros has been selling any units?
  5. NYBOZO1

    Dick Tillman

    Great guy!
  6. NYBOZO1


    Melges had the Vakaros for sale on their website for a while. Now gone. I have tossed mine in a desk drawer..................
  7. NYBOZO1


    Tara V sails a Lightning.
  8. NYBOZO1

    Will Kevlar Edge be here tomorrow?

    No. Complete meltdown. Snags exposed. Don't know the guy, so much ado about nothing.
  9. Is the above for real? Very strange...............
  10. NYBOZO1

    Ian Anderson ..AKA... Jethro Tull

    Richmond, Va......1972. Never forget it.
  11. NYBOZO1


    Hell, I paid for one almost 2 years ago. Finally got it 6 months later. Nice unit, but several things have never worked. Probably never will. I consider this product to be a complete failure. Maybe Melges putting it on their website will help.
  12. NYBOZO1

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    I think the spirit of anarchy died out in this place around in 2006.
  13. NYBOZO1

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    I'm with BravoBravo. There is a certain attitude from WT people that does not sit well with me. (not that any of you give a shit)
  14. NYBOZO1

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    I have watched this bunch sail down Sarasota Bay the last few years. Was amusing to see such contraptions. Now they just look like shit boats that have no business in open water. RIP Sailorman.