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  1. BMW 750 Vs Mercedes CLS?

    Use to drive 745's and 750's I have found that not nearly as many people give me the finger since I went back to Fords and Hyundais.
  2. FP Teslaof the seas?

    The US Navy might just be interested in such a system!
  3. Tim Kernan ever had a "successful" design?
  4. Sailing Helmets

    http://www.forward-wip.com/en/1-pro-wip-helmet.html Model ACCA10000 Friend of mine got wacked one too many times and ended up with a detached retina. Approaching 66 it is time for me to get one of these. Thanks Tillerman!
  5. Sail twist simplified

  6. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    And just where do I say the 120 got up on a plane? Only 6 Columbia C32's built. 2 lost. Not much of a one-design opportunity. Although 2 of them are in the NYC area.
  7. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    Carbon Carbon 32. Contrary to the misinformation up-thread, we raced one season. Rating was terrible. phrf 45. We actually owed a J120 time. The 120 was faster on all points of sail. We could get up on a plane pretty quick, but since we sailed W/L, that didn't happen much. The boat rates in the mid-50" in other places. Quite impossible. (thank you Lake Erie phrf) And USA236...why don't you stop by the Colgate 26 or J22 I sail on, so I can introduce you to the facts. You clearly need some enlightenment.
  8. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    The Columbia Carbon 32 was designed to reach. All the way to Hawaii....but that is another story. You gotta remember Lake Erie is quite different than the other Great Lakes, at least at the Buffalo end. Very shallow bottom makes waves irregular and steep. Lake Erie chop. An all carbon fiber light boat like the C32 had 2 problems. 1.) The bottom entry at the bow was quite a bit flatter than the norm. Kernan did this to make it plane faster off the wind. As a result beating in a breeze with waves made the bow pound. Every frickin time! 2.) 4500 lbs overall weight did not give it enough momentum to slice through the chop, especially with the bow banging every time you hit a wave The boat was pretty fast in So. Cal out in the ocean. However the very first time I got out past the wall in Buffalo, it got unbearably slow. Was sailing out in flat water next to a Farr 30. We clearly had better boat speed. As soon as we got outside the breakwall into the "chop" the boat started pounding and the Farr sped away! I knew right then it was't gonna work. On the other hand, it is a joy to sail downwind in a breeze. That is what it was designed for, My point: You need a certain amount of total mass/momentum to get thru Lake Erie chop. A light boat, especially with a flat entry does not do well at all. On a reach to Cleveland maybe, but not buoy racing at the Buffalo end.
  9. Boston Whaler Anarchy

    17ft whaler, lost in 1979 off Hawaii, found 10 years later 2000 miles away. No trace of the crew. See story and pic of the boat. at: Link http://unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com/wiki/The_Crew_of_the_Sarah_Joe
  10. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    Go Theo! Jack can be a serious dick.
  11. Two boats. One question.

    Just started racing on a Colgate 26. Anybody got a clue about tuning the mast? Pre-bend settings? Thanks much!
  12. My Last Post; Good Bye

    The tone of this place has sunk to a new low. Not even much sailboat racing stuff, compared to the old daze. Used to be some serious laughs here. No longer.
  13. The Day The Music Died

    The Iowa farm the crash took place is owned by a Scow sailors family. They have a big festival/memorial every year.
  14. Non-Vets and Yelling

    Gee whiz, BJ......maybe you should stop yelling in PA!
  15. end of another usa spar builder????

    "Still looking for info in between preparing for a fucking IRS audit" ........ Do tell!