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  1. NYBOZO1

    PA is the septic tank and you are all drain fields

    "The University of Virginia is another good example - there are people in the county around Charlottesville that can't sport a full set of teeth or a coherent sentence using every member of their family." As a UVa grad, I really must comment that you are an arrogant prick.
  2. NYBOZO1

    How important is a smooth bottom?

    El Boracho, Thank you for the translation!
  3. NYBOZO1

    What to do near Sarasota FL?

    Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Lido Key. Ken Thompson Pkwy. (Sarasota YC and Bird Key YC are nice places but no "real" racing.) Mostly one design...(a little phrf) ..depends on your skill level. E Scows, MC Scows, Vipers, VX-1's, Flying Scots and some miscellaneous lead bottoms. Kind of hard to just walk up and get a crew job, but you should at least check it out. Great sea breeze on the Bay most afternoons when it is sunny.
  4. NYBOZO1

    Do You GAMBLE? Freaking classic video

    God damn, that was funny! The race as told from the vantage point of, and by, the boat. Cool! This is the sort of thing that made SA a great place. Not as much anymore.......................
  5. NYBOZO1


    slide slip function work yet?
  6. Checked them out yesterday. Good looking boats!
  7. Actual sailboats at the Sarasota YC? Race boats, no less? I am impressed! Will wander by and have a look.
  8. NYBOZO1

    Why hasn't a J/111 raced to Hawaii yet?

    J111 lost a rudder in Buffalo late this summer. A long way from being sorted, I'm afraid.
  9. NYBOZO1


    I’m about 2/3’s retired. Still like the job. Pretty much race year round now. No pressure, only do the stuff I really want to do. No complaints.
  10. NYBOZO1


    Good! Hopefully they will stay in business.
  11. NYBOZO1


    I was #90. Ordered about 10 months ago. Received 2 weeks ago. So far, so good. Suggest you call them.
  12. NYBOZO1

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    I had a long chat with these folks before I gave them any $. Yes, I knew exactly what the risks were and asked some hard questions. Downside I could have lost my $1k. Upside....unit (per UPS) will be delivered (finally) tomorrow. First thing I will do is take it to my favorite sail loft and brag that I have one and they don't!
  13. NYBOZO1

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    I have a tracking number and UPS promises to deliver late this week. Ordered on May 30, 2018. #0090. Looking forward to trying it out. ps....after much fear and trepidation, I do believe they are for real!
  14. NYBOZO1


    Clockwork, Do you have a tracking number? Or simply a promise? Please let us know when it actually arrives. Thanks much!