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  1. NYBOZO1

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Yo Mr. Vakaros! When are you going to start shipping the prepaid units. Thank you!
  2. NYBOZO1

    Lighting Sailor, Mark Bryant

    Well, I wish him the best. Known him since he was 4 years old on Silver Lake in upstate NY. Sold him (actually to his father Matt) his first sailboat. Homemade Pram. Saw him in St. Pete about 5 years ago. Went for a ride on his zodiac. Lots of beer, lots of fun. Mark has a lot of sailing talent. So sorry to hear..........
  3. NYBOZO1

    Lightning vs CL16

    Lightning (1973, Hull 12,403) Regarding the above vintage. This is the era that T. Allen used open cell foam in the hull. Once the water got in, you could NEVER get it out. Could be as much as a couple hundred pounds. I would avoid any 12000 series Allens'. 13000 ain't too great either. They got the design squared away with the early 14000's and currently make a superior boat. I am also thinking 12403 is a lot newer than 1973.
  4. NYBOZO1

    waterlogged laser question

    Might leak.... a lot. Mating joint between deck and hull, bailer, and bottom of mast sump are generally sources of leaks. If mast step is cracked it is a major pain to fix (correctly) Enjoy!
  5. NYBOZO1

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    Wow. I look forward to studying these. Nice to find something interesting at this site ....for a change.
  6. NYBOZO1

    CRW 2018

    Unfucking believable that this site and posters almost totally ignore this big event. SA is a barely a shadow of its' heyday. RIP SA
  7. NYBOZO1

    sarasota bay multihull regatta Feb 23-25 (pictures)

    Have you checked out the Squadron? Lots of good one design racing............
  8. NYBOZO1

    Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    Virtually no big boat racing in Sarasota. NOOD St. Pete is next week. J111, 88's etc showing up now that Key West is dead.
  9. NYBOZO1

    Random PicThread

    Carl Sagen- Astronomer, professor at Cornell and sailor! Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY My dad sold him Lightning #9002 in the late '60's.
  10. NYBOZO1

    The VX Evo

    Coming back to Sarasota this season? Race E Scows there, but would love to take a close look.
  11. NYBOZO1

    BMW 750 Vs Mercedes CLS?

    Use to drive 745's and 750's I have found that not nearly as many people give me the finger since I went back to Fords and Hyundais.
  12. NYBOZO1

    FP Teslaof the seas?

    The US Navy might just be interested in such a system!
  13. Tim Kernan ever had a "successful" design?
  14. NYBOZO1

    Sailing Helmets

    http://www.forward-wip.com/en/1-pro-wip-helmet.html Model ACCA10000 Friend of mine got wacked one too many times and ended up with a detached retina. Approaching 66 it is time for me to get one of these. Thanks Tillerman!
  15. NYBOZO1

    Sail twist simplified