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  1. So could they have mitigated at the time by taking a penalty as per bay racing? Not having a copy of RRS19.2 or the SI's in front of me. 20.1 BEFORE CLEARING TURNING MARKS Z AND Y. (a) For an infringement of Part 2 of the RRS that occurs after the Preparatory Signal and prior to the boat clearing the relevant seamark (Mark Z/ Mark Y), the Two Turns Penalty under RRS 44.2 shall apply. Yep, that is right, for the sake of two turns they could have been 2nd in IRC div 1 with a good shake at 2nd overall. If you crash with another boat while on port why wouldn't you take the turns just in case. They had to be aware there was a darn high chance of a successful protest and the other boat is always going to protest even if only for insurance purposes.
  2. From Sail World; The yacht Addiction, from the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, has run aground on Easter Sunday morning in the narrow entrance to Victoria's Apollo Bay harbour and has been washed into shallow water. Richard McGarvie and his Inglis 37 crew were returning from Port Fairy, in 30 knot winds and a rapidly building seaway and they sought shelter. The entrance to the harbour faces north and has a reputation for being dangerous to enter with an easterly swell. It silts up, particularly on the east side of the entrance. After talking to local authorities the decision was made that the entrance could be safely made as there had been recent dredging. McGarvie reported a few minutes ago that the yacht was on the leads when he grounded on the sand and at that point she lost way and was washed into the shallows. Mercifully, all nine sailors onboard were taken off by boat and all are uninjured. The yacht is on the sand and appears intact, although she is currently taking a lot of water. From the ORCV Web Site: Addiction is an Inglis 37 that was returning home to Melbourne, having taken part in the Melbourne to Port Fairy race, which had got underway at 0415hrs on Good Friday. Early on Sunday morning, she had decided to pull in at Apollo Bay, so as to get out of the weather in Bass Strait (what a good idea). They checked with the Harbour Master to ensure there was at least 3m of water in the channel at the entrance, which they were assured there was. Coming in on the leads, a system of poles and beacons use to guide you in to a port, they ran aground and lost way immediately. As a result the boat was pushed towards the beach and firmly shoved into the sand. They deployed their anchor immediately and then made efforts to leave the vessel in the "duck" that had come out for assistance. All crew were well and thanked the local authorities for their efforts, who in turn praised the crew for the skills and knowledge in activating their abandon ship procedures. At the time there was at least 30knots from the NE blowing at Cape Otway and the sea would have been up to 3m with a 1.5m sea on top of that. The ORCV has an impeccable record over the last 60 years that it has been running races in the notorious Bass Strait and to Tasmania. It is one the club is justifiably proud of. To that end, there are countless training and safety exercises, procedures and plans that all crews are proficient in, so as to be allowed to race. The positive outcome in this instance, in terms of human injury and life, is testament to this. At 1500hrs on Sunday 04/04/10 she was afloat on the higher tide and inside the breakwater, alongside the quay. The vessel has sustained damage, most notably to the keel bolts that hold the keel to the hull and is to be removed from the water at Apollo Bay for inspection and clarification. She will most likely be brought back to Melbourne by truck for repairs. As such, the port was considered unsafe by the ORCV, who, in conjunction with Bacardi, set about advising other yachts in the area of this fact. This year, the ORCV Melbourne to Port Fairy race raised $1500 for the Good Friday appeal. For the last 30 years, the ORCV has been proud to ask participants over the radio to donate and then collect the money at Port Fairy for sending on to the Royal Children's Hospital. Pictures by Marc Tracy from Mrs Overnewton, out of RMYS. Many thanks to Mary Kay of Smithton Radio, Peter Clancy ORCV Melbourne, Steb Fisher, David Bingham off Mirrabooka, Marty Powers off Bacardi, Marc Tracy and the local SLSC and Rescue authorities for all their assistance, input and efforts.
  3. The question is - is it right for a newbie of only 7 posts to give the traditional Sailing Anarchy welcome of "FUCK OFF NEWBIE". You outrank by 8 to 1. By the way, have you been told? No, I have not yet had the honour... Then consider it done. "FUCK OFF NEWBIE". I'll leave the rest to someone else. why thank you, I am truely honoured!
  4. Heard it right from the skipper of the boat I was to sail on. He'd been called by ORCV, so can only assume its true. It it's not, one boat wont be there...
  5. The question is - is it right for a newbie of only 7 posts to give the traditional Sailing Anarchy welcome of "FUCK OFF NEWBIE". You outrank by 8 to 1. By the way, have you been told? No, I have not yet had the honour...
  6. The question is - is it right for a newbie of only 7 posts to give the traditional Sailing Anarchy welcome of "FUCK OFF NEWBIE".
  7. 5AM Saturday start off QCliff. Brrrr. Last year was so cold it was like being on a chairlift instead of being on the rail. Temperature less than zero at the start. Rug up people. Still 30+ on the bay. Unpleasant night for those who go. Probably ease by morning. Stay safe. I'm not expecting it to get below 21C tonight (in Airlie) Just heard they've canned the race. More to do with the seas than the wind I'm told...
  8. Some suspicious-looking results for Division 3 ... heard that some of the D3 fleet sailed the wrong course (only sailed 2 laps and not 3). Seems that several boats subsequently retired (showing as RAF on results), however it also seems a couple of boats elected NOT to admit fault and retire - which would explain why they won the race by absurd margins on corrected time! Poor form!! By your post you are calling out the winner of Div 3 as a cheat. Have we got this right??? Big call As I understand it a significant protest is being heard on this very matter...