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  1. Motorcycle Threads

    Thanks for the info Black Jack. We are in the preliminary planning stage of our summer in Europe. It was when I read your post and mentioned it to my traveling partner, her eyes lit up and and said that would be so fun. So now I have my work cut out for me.....
  2. Motorcycle Threads

    BlackJack who is the shipper you are planing on using? I'm thinking about bringing my bike over this summer.
  3. Motorcycle Threads

    How cool is that. I think you should have your bike shipped. Then you will have a lot of stories to go with your bike in the future. Now you got me thinking....
  4. Motorcycle Threads

    I took 4 days, I rode to West Palm on day one then to Key West for a night the back to West Palm then home. I had a lot of rain and riding in Miami was very “ interesting”. Fun trip I would like to post more pics but I haven’t edited the pics yet for downloading.
  5. Motorcycle Threads

    Made the ride to Key West and back. Miami was no fun to pass through. The weather was good except it rained a few times. I should have budgeted more time when I was in the keys but maybe next time I will.
  6. Drone anarchy

    Lol! I may not have. I’m the person who can’t take a decent picture even with the best cameras.
  7. Drone anarchy

    Got some flying time in today. I went straight up as high as it would go, which was just above the pine trees about 100’. I did take some pictures of the Beach condos about a mile away but it seem the WiFi range on mine is very limited as I would lose the image on my phone but the remote still works. It was frustrating because I would have to land it, shut it off, turn off my WiFi, then it would reconnect with my phone. Then I took some practice runs up and down the street. Flight time around 12 min. I’ll try again tomorrow.
  8. Motorcycle Threads

    I can't wait to see it WCB. Sunday I'm taking a 450 mile ride to south Fla to visit my folks then head to the Keys for a couple days. My bike tells me it dying just sitting in the garage.
  9. Drone anarchy

    I'm still on the low end of the learning curve when it comes piloting my drone. So far, despite bouncing it off my house a few times and a few trees I have no broken parts. Can't wait for the weather to break so I can bounce it off a few more things.
  10. parts dept anarchy

    My truck was brokeninto a couple months ago when MsJman and I stepped into a store for 2 minotes and they managed to not only steal her purse but the stereo as well. Her purse had the only key to our S550. Well if you own a Mercedes and need a key you have to go to a dealer and for us its 75 miles away, bring the title, and fork out $600. We showed the service writer the police report and they gave us a 25% discount.
  11. Motorcycle Threads

    Lets see the bike.
  12. For Sale: Used Empty YETI Cardboard Box

    You would have lost, I had a cash offer.
  13. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    A Harley Dealer in California accepted Bitcoin for a bike recently. I posted a link to it in the Motorcycle thread.
  14. Drone anarchy

    Santa Claus brought me my first quadcoptor. Its a Protocol Kapture GPS, kind of a lower end drone with a decent 740p camera, VR goggles, and about a 12 min flight time, it hovers well and responds well to the controls. I have been wanting to get into this hobby so this will be my starter drone. I will probably move up to a DJI after some flight time with this one. so far I have haven't crashed or had it fly away.... so far.
  15. Oh what a tangled mess we weave when we attempt to deceive....... said someone some time ago.