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  1. Where's the Male Porn on the Sailing Anarchy website?

    I take it that Gigi is sexually attracted to Donald Trump. Way to go girl, power is an aphrodisiac. He is pretty awsome.
  2. Vegas Shooting Gallery

    Went right for the blame all gun owners angle did ya? Please don't come to America its too dangerous for a pus like you.
  3. College Football 2017

    My son and my money go to Troy. It was a good game but the Trojans almost gave it away in the 4th qtr. Troy needs the $$ to finish the stands at the North end of the stadium.
  4. Cheaters Caught

  5. Jeep.

    I get the no frills for a lighter weight and reliability, however I love an auto transmission especially when I rock crawl. The JK Rubicon is the best factory crawler to date. If I didn't need a Diesel truck for work I would have one as a daily driver.
  6. Jeep.

    I've had very good luck with every Jeep I've owned.(97 Cherokee, 95YJ, 06TJ). However I have had the worst luck with the Hondas I've owned (2012 Crosstour, 2012 250hp Outboard, 1999 VT1100 C3 bike) All have left me stranded and costs big $$ to fix. One could not hand me a Honda for free unless it was a lawnmower.
  7. a question of ethics

    Duaphin Is?!? The water is way prettier in the Keys.
  8. Entertaining indeed. He should hold on to it until Harley finishes the Ducati buy out then ask twice the price.
  9. Mass Exodus

    I'm liking this mini coldfront we are having. The humidity is down a bit so I've only had to change my sweaty shirt once today.
  10. Mass Exodus

    My family is staying put in WPB. They all live on the water with boats. No boats are worth my life but obviously they think differently. If you don't want to go all the way to ATL I have room for all your toys here in PC including 30amp for the RV. Good luck.
  11. Floriduh is Catching Up With Me

    Damn I was just that way this weekend. I'll have to stop by there next time. Spent a couple days in Deltona with my brother. We launched his boat at Hontoon on sat and ran up to Silver Glen then Salt Springs for a soak. Those places haven't changed in the 20 years since I last was there, always crowded with the human shitshow.
  12. Floriduh is Catching Up With Me

    Where and when are you going? I see RB on Facecrack and talk to him on occasion.
  13. Floriduh is Catching Up With Me

    The backup camera is worth its weight in gold for guys like you and I that have to hook up to trailers alone. I bought a 04 F250 last fall and the first thing I did was put a stereo head unit in that had a backup camera. Couldn't be happier.
  14. Craigslist buyers

    I have the prospective buyer meet me in the parking lot of a local grocery store at a predetermend time. I go about my business until they call and ask where I'm at. Then I head to the store. Been burned one to many times otherwise.
  15. Floriduh is Catching Up With Me

    Palatka should go back to crabbing, they were once the blue crab capital of the US.