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  1. Motorcycle Threads

    Oh I have no doubt that the men who do there little thrill ride around Isle of Man have balls of titanium. Where they tuck them to lean way forward is a discussion for another time. I personally am not in any particular hurry when I’m on two wheels as it is an escape for me, so I’m not one to attract the attention of law enforcement. That’s why I can’t ever own my dream ride a Yamaha V-max, because I would probably be very familiar with the local law enforcement agencies.
  2. Motorcycle Threads

    Its mostly all squids with a few 4 wheelers and dirt bikes. No cruisers. Squids are becoming the assholes of the two wheeled community.
  3. i dont get it.

    Over on a motorcycle forum I’m a member in, there is a resident know it all with vast knowledge on everything. You name it, he’s an expert at it. Maybe you should join that forum and then you can have your questions answered.
  4. Daylight Savings v. Standard Time

    Only government would cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of the blanket and tell you they made a longer blanket.
  5. I have shot that inlet a couple times and condition similar the key is to be on top of the swell and not between them I guess I’ve just been lucky there
  6. Motorcycle Threads

    I had seen some spy reports on the 18 Wing a couple months ago. The double wishbone front end looks interesting and the bike is a technological marvel. I test rode the new BMW bagger in Sturgis this year and liked the clutchless transmission but you needed to use the clutch for stops and starts, however the Wing looks like a true clutchless system. I wish Honda would do test rides at rallys because I may be persuaded to own one, but alas they force you to go to a dealer and be a serious player before you can throw a leg over and take it for a spin.
  7. Boat Yard Parking 101

    We have an issue with folks parking in front of the lift even going as far a removing the barricade. They also block the boat ramp. This has been an ongoing problem for years. Most of the violators are what we call the clubs chicken eaters and not boaters.
  8. Motorcycle Threads

    Lol! I have an windshield that’s about 2” too high for me and it’s tinted. Sux in the rain. I’ve never been good at cutting plexiglass or Lexan got any pointers?
  9. The Other Day the music died

    I heard at interview years ago on Howard stern with one of the Van Zandt brothers in regards to that plane crash apparently he left the crash scene to find help and stumbled up on a farm in Mississippi and was shot by the farmer because in his words he said he look like Charles Manson with long straight hair and blood all over his face. In the interview he claims still be good friends with the farmer to this day. I wish I could post the interview but I’m posting from my phone.
  10. Motorcycle Threads

    Sweet! That windsheild looks awful tall. I, at the request of the boss lady, so I should say we, rode to Appalachicola yesterday. Just as I entered town I felt a sharp pain on my right arm above the elbow. I looked but didn't really see anything but I was hurting bad, so I pulled over and saw a red spot on my arm with something hanging out of it. I pulled it out, it was a huge stinger from some insect not sure if it was a wasp or bee but it put a serious hurting on me, I'm still bruised tonight. Oh well thats life on two wheels....
  11. Vegas Shooting Gallery

    Went right for the blame all gun owners angle did ya? Please don't come to America its too dangerous for a pus like you.
  12. College Football 2017

    My son and my money go to Troy. It was a good game but the Trojans almost gave it away in the 4th qtr. Troy needs the $$ to finish the stands at the North end of the stadium.
  13. Cheaters Caught

  14. Jeep.

    I get the no frills for a lighter weight and reliability, however I love an auto transmission especially when I rock crawl. The JK Rubicon is the best factory crawler to date. If I didn't need a Diesel truck for work I would have one as a daily driver.
  15. Jeep.

    I've had very good luck with every Jeep I've owned.(97 Cherokee, 95YJ, 06TJ). However I have had the worst luck with the Hondas I've owned (2012 Crosstour, 2012 250hp Outboard, 1999 VT1100 C3 bike) All have left me stranded and costs big $$ to fix. One could not hand me a Honda for free unless it was a lawnmower.