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  1. PuffyJman

    John McCain DTS

    Lets get one thing straight here. After his heroic military service he entered politics where he got PAID. He was not a servant of the people but an employee. RIP John
  2. PuffyJman

    Recycling? Worthless.

    I will never recycle and heres why. Back in October of 1995 I was living in Mexico Beach Fl. and we had a Hurricane named Opal. Opal was mainly a wave event (vs wind) and many beachfront homes were damaged. Alot of the damage was the wood walkovers and decks. Since we were experiencing a building boom at the time many of the decks were virtually brand new wood. When the storm subsided I got this brilliant idea that I was going to pick up the washed up wood flotsam and store it at my property and eventually sell or use to rebuild my customers decks with. Being the civil minded gentleman I am I went to both the Mexico Beach City Hall and the Bay County Building Dept and apply for a permit. Of course there wasn't a permit required for this activity. I went about collecting the wood that was washed up on shore, being careful to only picking up wood that was on the public beach or on vacant lots. I would disassemble the sections so they were manageable for me to drag up by the road so I could later come with my trailer to pick it up and haul it off. I then grabbed my trailer and started down the side of the road picking up the piles I had made, about the time the trailer was overstuffed with wood a group of jack booted thugs jumped out of a couple of Humvees with guns drawn ordering me to lay face down with my hands behind my back. It seem our boys from the Miami Dade Co Swat team were sent up to the Hurricane affected area to look for looters. Since Mexico Beach is a sleepy little beach community and there was no real looting going on, I was their entertainment for the day. After the local cops showed up and they id"ed me, they took the cuffs off me, lectured me on what I was doing can be considered looting and ordered me to unload the trailer full of wood. I begrudgingly did so. I did try to argue that fact that no one is walking down the beach claiming this section of walkover or deck belong to them but it fell on deaf ears. Over the next couple of weeks I observed huge front end loaders ( yeah no beach damage there) dragging the wood that washed up on the beach up to the road where it was loaded into these large haulers and hauled off to the local landfill. I was floored. Here I was trying to recycle a product that take years to grow to market size and do something good for the local environment and I damn near ended up in jail over it. I learned that recycling is a charade and a waste of energy to make people feel good about throwing their trash in the dump.
  3. PuffyJman

    The Perfect Gift for "THAT" Friend wo haz ......

    Does it have a chapter on how to tie your pitt to a rim, tree, fence post or truck topper with a large chain? If not the book is worthless.
  4. PuffyJman

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Crystal River scallops. There were plenty we could have limited out both days but the girls got tired of shucking. I’ve tried to upload photos but the file is too big and I have no photo editing on my phone.
  5. PuffyJman

    Tebow turning heads in Mets org.

    Bingo! It’s baaaaaaack......
  6. PuffyJman

    Motorcycle Threads

    Yikes that wallet chain is really close to the bike chain. Hope he is an organ donor.
  7. PuffyJman

    Motorcycle Threads

    The way the pipes come down in front of the motor looks like you could damage them easily.
  8. PuffyJman

    Motorcycle Threads

    Check out the new Honda Monkey
  9. PuffyJman


  10. PuffyJman

    Bode Miller / Tragic

    Saw that last night. I have no words to express the sorrow the Bodies must be experiencing. May they find peace soon.
  11. PuffyJman

    Anthony Bourdain

    Is it a coincidence that he said he would poison President Trump and now he was found dead by “suicide”? Hmmmm....
  12. PuffyJman


    How is it you murder English but are perfect with Mandarin?
  13. PuffyJman

    Motorcycle Threads

    Lokks like you were always a dapper dresser Woodrow....
  14. PuffyJman

    Motorcycle Threads

    Lol. We haven’t discussed prices. And BTW does that include a full tank of gas?
  15. PuffyJman

    Well...You Brits Have Finally Done It

    Not me and anyone around me. Media hype....