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  1. Motorcycle Threads

    Did you post this in your popcorn thread.
  2. Motorcycle Threads

    You got a point. Flat Track is the NASCAR of the bike racing world.
  3. Motorcycle Threads

    A couple of funny things popped in my head when I watched that video. First one was when I was 21 I sold a car to Kenny Roberts. I didn't realize who he was at the time but when I delivered the car to his house I got to see his bike and car collection and all his trophies. The second thing is they played Stars and Stripes Forever in that video. Kinda made me laugh seeing that it was sorta a pro Yamaha video.
  4. Motorcycle Threads

    A slanted article for sure. I'm not versed on the history of road racing. What other manufacturers ran in that class?
  5. Motorcycle Threads

    https://www.hdforums.com/articles/harley-davidson-xr750tt-comeback-kid/ Prior to 1970, Harley-Davidson simply dominated most every form of motorcycle racing. To the point where AMA Grand National Championship rules were changed to level the playing field in 1969. These rule changes worked as planned at first, allowing British and Japanese bikes to briefly outperform the mighty Harley-Davidson track bikes. That is, until H-D rolled out its latest racers, the XR750 for dirt tracks and the XR750TT for road circuits.
  6. Motorcycle Threads

    Gotta love Utah because you can camp damn near anywhere. We didn't make the Easter Jeep Safari this year. I still have the XJ in storage in Moab. Hope to make it this summer.
  7. Motorcycle Threads

    Nice looking ride. I had a chance to ride their bagger two years ago in Sturgis and was impressed. Do you have a Guzzi Dealer nearby for parts?
  8. God Bless America

    The new David Allen Coe?
  9. Motorcycle Threads

    Damn Bill you are hardcore to want to ride through the woods in that cold. I spent my last weekend with a seven year old teaching him to ride his Spudzuki RM50. He does not like soft sand and he scared to use his front brake but other than that he is coming along nice. Gonna make that youngster a biker he will thank me for it later.
  10. More World News and Film at 11

    Thanks you have reinforced my belief that we are doomed as a species.
  11. Motorcycle Threads

    My work schedule is interfering with my play time. But it should be worth it this summer. Keep posting pics of you riding so I can remind myself what I'm working for.
  12. Have no Mercy

    I’m pretty sure that ship can help ease your perpetual butt hurt. So maybe there is one last mission it can accomplish.
  13. Motorcycle Threads

    Yes it is and the boss lady likes it too butlike you said its very maintenance heavy.
  14. Motorcycle Threads

    Speaking of assless chaps I just got back from Daytona. It was a beautiful ride albeit a little cool. This year my brother in law , a newbie, rode with us on my old 96 Fatboy. We had a great time test riding various bikes and I got to meet Paul Jones the VP of Harley-Davidson by chance and got to talk to him for about a half hour. Although he wouldn’t answer some questions I had about future plans for Harley, he did talk a lot about the electric bike. I was inches away from getting a new ride, the BMW 1600GTL ,because they offered me a sweet trade for my Electraglide, but when I called the boss lady she put the brakes on that purchase citing our need to save some cash so we can travel this year. Maybe next year. We spent a couple hours on Main St people watching and got to see the Living Dead’s again. https://thelivingdeads.com/
  15. 2018 Fishing Thread

    Damn Dorado I’m a bit jealous. I wish you good luck. Post pics of your catch.