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  1. Rough Territory from the FP

    Oh you are so close! You found the part of the article that I was referring to! Good boy! I think we are all aware of the incident. As per your comment, the portion I was referring to is the “blah blah”.... Can we be done with this now?
  2. Rough Territory from the FP

    Neat. i have no idea what you're on about....but good talk. We really should do this more often.
  3. Rough Territory from the FP

    So.....you didn't see the "rough territory" article that I was referring to from the FP.... Good job though, it's always fun to be the big winner at Sailing Anarchy's "I gotcha, you non-searching idiot" game. You'll have to lay in waiting for another opportunity....I'm sure it will come along.
  4. ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    I'd say "ferro cement shoes"....except they'd float forever....
  5. ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    Step 1: install a woodstove Step 2: cut off the fore and aft appendages to save $180 per month in moorage Step 3: cut down the masts at a level above deck that will leave three stools for sitting on whilst drinking away your sorrows Step 4: buck aforementioned appendages into lengths suitable for wood stove fuel (see Step 1) Step 5: live the dream
  6. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    Oh yeah, this is it for sure.... no decent J24 program would risk their sponsor contracts by running a suit for more than a couple of regattas....
  7. Henderson SR27 Hull #7

    Love this boat....been eyeing it since it was in the okanagan..... i currently live about two minutes from it, and must not let temptation get the best of me.
  8. Help identify a folding prop from a saildrive

    Looks identical to the Gori that came off the Buhk sail drive in my boat.....that came from AB Marine
  9. Any tips for sailing w/ a torn rotator cuff?

    My dad tore his a few years back, got surgery and all was good except he didn't follow the docs advice and take it easy. We did a regatta a few weeks or so after surgery, came home after day one and his shoulder looked like a soccer ball. Skipped day two, swelling went down and then went cruising a few weeks later....soccer ball number two. Three times a charm and he blew it out....don't remember how. Now it's permanently fucked, surgeon #1 and surgeon #2 both said it isn't fixable. Since then he's done regular physio and has about 70% range of motion, can't lift it over his head, wakes him up every night. Totally stupid. If he took it easy for a season he'd be 100% now. If you value quality of life then I would suggest following the doctors orders, even if it means being the bar tender for a season. Pick up where you left off when everything feels right again. I sure as hell know how I'd treat a significant injury going forward.....no doubt. .....that being said, I'm all for throwing duct tape on gaping wounds and using thickened epoxy to put teeth back in.
  10. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    It's this kind of helpful information with no sarcasm and abuse that's killing sailing.....now show us some tits!
  11. My Last Post; Good Bye

    my cat's breath smells like cat food.
  12. It is obvious that English is not the OP's primary language. Ahhh, now it all makes sense. Thank you!
  13. "children" is already plural....no need to write "childrens" The rest of the post is interesting too.
  14. North American Sun Fast 3200s

    Unfortunately this reply has no value, the sunfast 3200 looks awesome, and I nominate you for gold star for most legit posting of 2017.... buys awesome boat, just gets after it, no fucking around.... bravo sir.