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  1. Anyone done all four boards

    Probably so, I have seen full size posters of that shot, it's a still from a Hobie promotional video named "sharing the wind". The sailor is Dean Froome, it was filmed in Hawaii. I think it can be watched on YouTube, worth a look if you never saw it
  2. https://www.chesapeakebaymagazine.com/baybulletin/2017/6/23/magothy-sailor-hospitalized-after-capsizing It was a Dash 750 I think.
  3. Stiletto vs Warrior vs Viva?

    I knew the Dr, and I know who saved his Viva after he passed. And now I know who Max is. But I'm still trying to work out who Rasputin is...someone I knew from mid 80 s new Orleans beach cat racing/sailboats south/Colin clark scene...
  4. Centerboard Vibration/Hum

    I don't understand how you think that water molecules flowing over a foil care anything about the details of the boat or rig to which it is attached... the primary reason foils sing is an overly wide squared off trailing edge that causes vortices to shed off the trailing edge. When the shedding frequency corresponds to a resonant frequency of the foil, the foil vibrates and sings. The phenomenon can be eliminated by sharpening the trailing edge .
  5. Trailer Winch F27

    https://www.fisheriessupply.com/fulton-performance-brake-winch-manual-k1550-0101 This is the winch that comes on F242 trailer. You must have that automatic braking feature for safe lowering of the mast.
  6. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    A number of years ago someone ( Ben Hall I think) built an A cat wing sail that Randy spent some time sailing, that's probably what you are remembering. I don't remember the wing being any great speed break thru.
  7. Corsair 760

    760 is not a Dash, and comparing the weight of a 24 ft boat to be sometimes less than the weight of a similar 27 foot boat is not making the point you were intending... Excess weight is a killer in performance multihulls ALWAYS. A gelcoated molded fiberglass interior liner? Pish...
  8. Corsair 760

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Too bad they can't imitate some of his good taste in overall boat design...dang that 760 is ugly!
  9. Randy Smyth fully rotating wing sail

    The white boat that flipped was Randy Smyth's Superlube, he still owned it at the time of the filming.
  10. Corsair 760

    Farrier intended his boats to run at speed with the bows up, and the up-swept relatively flat bottom of the main hull is intended to encourage that. The reason for the sharp V shaped float sterns on Farrier trimarans is so that flotation at the stern of the leeward float does not counteract the tendency for the up-swept main hull to lift the bows. I have not seen a profile of the main hull of the 760, or the pulse, and have no idea of the thinking of the designer with regard to how the shape of the main hull and floats is intended to work together at speed. Could be a case of the designer following modern trends to fat flat bottomed float sterns, and forgetting (or not appreciating) the reason for the vee shaped float sterns on the Farrier designs.
  11. Corsair Pulse 600

    Hull 55 is listed for sale at corsair dealer in Colorado....
  12. NACRA article for Wikipedia

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Butler_(founder) This wiki on frank butler of Catalina yachts indicates that Catalina yachts at some point built both Nacra and prindles cats.
  13. NACRA article for Wikipedia

    Good work. Random comments: the 18 square is a single hander,the 36 footer was always referred to as a Roland 36, and I seem to recall Catalina Yachts owning Prindle catamarans at some point, or did they end up owning both Prindle and Nacra?
  14. F-22 Update

    Yuk, Mr. Newick would not approve of the ugliness of that new corsair thingy...
  15. Yeah, me too...gotta miss fleets of ORMA 60s ripping it up in bay of Biscay