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  1. I replaced my batteries and took a serious look at how I have them secured and shimmed in place in the battery box. Here's the question: can I squirt some of that expanding foam insulation in a few select places to keep things from sliding around? I have a strap across the top of both keeping them snug against the bottom, but the box is bigger than todays batteries. Currently there wood blocks wedging them in. For air flow I wouldn't do it all around, just on ends.
  2. Rigging inspection today turned up this; he drilled a small hole to stop the spread. What's a good course of action from here? Boat is a two spreader mast.
  3. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    TRGeek- I have it on my boat and am still impressed with the durability. Surface prep has been the key - areas we did a poor job of prep (abrading the existing surface and cleaning thoroughly) are areas that have flaked off - like around a small piece of trim or something. But otherwise, it has held up very well so far after 20 months and we are on the boat 2-3 times per week.
  4. Diesel has me stumped....

    Well, here's an update: tech came and took it apart, taking the head and all related parts back to the shop. Injectors had fouled too..The head was being sent over to another place that check it for cracks. We were in line waiting our turn, and initial thoughts were we had a blown head gasket. Then along comes a big storm called Harvey. The diesel shop is gone, as well as our engine parts. I hope everyone is safe, and that shop is one of hundreds and hundreds to be hammered. This one will take us a while to get out from under, its pretty dang bad. Insurance claim started. We will see how it plays out. All around, everyone has had a real good kick in the the anodes.
  5. Diesel has me stumped....

    You make the assumption that one sits in front of a screen watching for responses; sorry, but I do not. I post when I post, and there may have been 44 or 144 posts betwixt. Its the best I can do. Thanks all, for the helpful insights. Looking forward to getting underway soon.
  6. Diesel has me stumped....

    Sailak, best response yet, and everything I have found on line confirms what you said. Theyare come back next week to begin the surgery _ on the boat. Stay tuned.
  7. Diesel has me stumped....

    Yup, I got the price from our local parts house this afternoon.
  8. Diesel has me stumped....

    Ok kids, here is a brief update: The resident Volvo penta guru came out and looked her over, ran her under load, and got her to act up. His conclusion, based on what he thinks is leaking coolant being combusted ( according to very sooty water in the whitish smokey exhaust and that kinda sweet smell of coolant with it, plus not achieving full rpm under load despite proper settings) is that it's a bad head gasket or worse, a cracked head or maybe even a cylinder - and to my knowledge these cylinders are not sleeved. They are proposing to yank the engine and open it up at their shop to fully diagnose the issue _ for just over $2k. Then fix it for more $, and reinstall. Or repower if it can't be fixed So, I think I am going to spend a couple weekends with my downloaded engine manuals and take the thing apart. I'll know if its the head gasket or not when I get to that point. I can buy the new head gasket for $150, plus I figure another $500 or so for lost parts. And then if I still have to pull the engine because its something terminal, I can do so then. One of my elder sons is a certified diesel mechanic and he assures me I can't screw it up really, really badly. I am going to start a marine diesel repair business.....
  9. Diesel has me stumped....

    I'll update details later, but what's a price range to repower a 37' sailboat that had a 28HP diesel? Bummed out at the dock...
  10. Diesel has me stumped....

    So, here's the latest: after 2 sea trials at full throttle/power to try and get full rpm and boat speed, adjusting air and fuel, setting and resetting throttle settings, checking rpm, we're back to the same place! At one point, we (mechanic) did get the rpm back up and speed was better, but we had too much smoke (white) for the mechanics taste. So he re-fiddled to resolve smoke, but rpm and speed came down. The latest conclusion is the now it must be the injection pump.... I have new lift pump, new fuel filters, new fuel lines, new exhaust hose, rebuilt injectors, divers checked the folding 2 blade prop and pronounced it in fine shape, bottom gets diver every 90 days and was just done within the last 30 days.... The engine runs as smoothly as ever and starts right up from cold with no issue. How the heck could it be the injection pump? Do I have another option than spend another $1200 plus labor for that pump?
  11. Diesel has me stumped....

    J I'm back. I Since the last post, I have blamed the mechanic, and they sent a new guy. He checked all the basics as detailed above. Suggested it was likely a fuel lift pump as I had zero suction from it, even straight out of a can. He fiddled with this and that, checked rpm and idle speed, ran it up and checked rpm, then suggested I try a new lift pump. So I put on a new one today, and Presto! Absolutely no change at all. Zero. So in summary, I have rebuilt injectors, a new lift pump, a new exhaust hose, I changed both fuel filters, and while I was at it, changed the oil and oil filter. A diver has checked the prop and pronounced it slick and clean. The engine does run smoothly. She is still running at lower rpm and at reduced power. I used to top out at 6.75 knots under power, now its 4.9. What the heck is going on?
  12. The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    Great write-up. I've seen you out there, CW, and watched with a sense of increasing, I don't know - despair.... I have also followed you around the race course in Lasers years ago (and folks - the man is GOOD). I, too, went to KP (`81) and used to own a Corsair 28R. Loved it, loved it, but it was a bit too athletic for us after our older sons left home, so we went back to dragging lead around (I have a special needs daughter so the accommodations are more important now, and the Admiral doesn't like a bucket). Switched boats a few times over the past eleven years, and have settled on one for the moment to finish a bucket list solo trip to Key West, then she's for sale, pronto. Been thinking about what's next... and I do believe you are on the right track. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Diesel has me stumped....

    I posted before about my possible head gasket issue on my Bene First 375's Volvo penta 2003b. Turns out I only had to have the injectors rebuilt, and the old gal purrs just fine now. Sort of.... So after the mechanic reinstalled the rebuilt injectors, and adjusted the idle speed up a bit, he left a crush ring at the last injector and we had a massive exhaust leak inside the boat. Took me while to find it, and after using all the bad words when replacing a section of exhaust hose, discovered the exhaust spewing out at the injector. He fixed that. I know have lower rpm/ top speed - down from 6.7'sh to topping out at 4.9 - 5 kts and at lower top end rpm than before. My tach has never worked well so I have to go by sound and vibration. Mechanic suggested my prop could be an issue... So 2 diver fees later confirms my prop is slick and opens/closes just fine. Mechanic came back and readjusted the throttle back to where it was in the beginning. Still best speed at 4.9kts and at lower top end rpm than before. Boat bottom is clean - diver every 90 days. Prop is fine. Oil is fine. Transmission fluid is fine. Exhaust is clean with good water flow. Engine runs smooth but has lost power/boat speed. Just for grins I flushed the raw water cooling side with barnacle buster and its fine. And the water pump is a year old and I checked the impeller - looks like new. What could it be?
  14. Exhaust leak

    Blitz, nope to the crankcase hose. I mean, the amount of exhaust is bad. We motored around the marina tonight to back her in stern first and the stink was really bad - even with the ports open and fans on. Bad! I know this is not a sexy topic, but help a sailor brother out. We are (literally, if it ain't fixed) dead in the water...
  15. Exhaust leak

    I have an exhaust leak somewhere and I cannot find the bloody thing! The leak began after my mechanic removed and then reinstalled the freshly rebuilt injectors. There was not a leak before that. I have since replaced the hose from the engine (Volvo Penta 2003b) to the muffler thing because it had an obvious bulge in the bottom and it was at least 25 years old. The rest of the hose from there to the transom is semi-buried behind the diesel tank and impossible to get at. It only fills the aft cabin with toxic deadly fumes when I run the engine.... any ideas?