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  1. another 505 sailor

    Richard Painter says Trump needs to resign

    We should give him a billion dollars to resign. 2 billion if he leaves before 1/31/19.
  2. another 505 sailor

    Meuller wasn't worth it

    Does that excuse you and Trump constantly lying?
  3. another 505 sailor

    Actual Voter Fraud and Crickets from the US Reich

    Why did Dowless accept them?
  4. another 505 sailor

    Meuller wasn't worth it

    Do you have proof for that allegation? Hypothetically, if someone is in trouble for lying to federal agents, would it be a wise decision to exaggerate or lie further to get out of trouble? Especially when those federal agents know that person had already lied?
  5. another 505 sailor

    More Fake NEWS- This time from NPR

    Is it true that the Trump organization was pursuing a Trump Tower deal in Moscow as late as June, 2016?
  6. another 505 sailor

    Smart Party - Official Founding Announcement.

    Maybe narcissism is hereditary.
  7. another 505 sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    Interesting that the latest Manafort and Cohen court proceedings occurred after Trump submitted his written testimony.
  8. If you guys break your toys, you won't have any toys to play with.
  9. another 505 sailor

    Visit beautiful Portland

    Instead of saying they are both bad, would it have been better to say there are fine people on both sides?
  10. another 505 sailor

    Visit beautiful Portland

  11. another 505 sailor

    Visit beautiful Portland

    Fascists want to deprive innocent people of their rights. Antifa wants to deprive fascists of their rights. Both are bad, but one is worse.
  12. another 505 sailor


  13. another 505 sailor

    Promised Tax Cut - Nope

    Back to the OP. This is not about the last tax cut. Trump talked up a new tax cut, first said it would be before the election, then said it would come after the election. Now it appears that the tax cut Trump talked up is not going to happen. Who here is surprised? Anyone heard about the migrant caravan lately?
  14. another 505 sailor

    Woodward gets it

    It's not that bad and the other guys are worse.
  15. another 505 sailor

    California Voters Overwhelmingly Reject The Republican Party

    In better weather.