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  1. another 505 sailor

    another one..where does he find these pricks?

    Jason Miller always gave me a bad feeling when he was on CNN. Like bad behavior is excusable if it furthers an agenda. He's slimy.
  2. another 505 sailor

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    People who never drink, like Mormons, generally have a skewed perception of alcohol, drinking, and the various stages of drunkenness. Dash cam video footage of dui arrests in Utah help the defense quite often when cross examining the arresting officers.
  3. another 505 sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    It should be up to you to prove it, not someone else to refute it. Do you have proof?
  4. They took our jobs!
  5. another 505 sailor

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    Doubtful, Michelle Obama never wrote that about her husband.
  6. another 505 sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    It's best to watch and listen to Trump, too much of his message is lost if one only reads a transcript. By reading just the quote, Dog's interpretation is understandable. But watching the video, it's pretty clear Trump did not believe what he was saying, and it was pretty clear he was uncomfortable saying it. To ease his discomfort, he added the bit at the end that it could have been someone else.
  7. Simple Jack agreed with me. Expect him to issue a correction soon.
  8. Why should any retired official keep his or her security clearance?
  9. another 505 sailor

    Simple Jack, Where Art Thou?

    Wrong. Simple Jack was the name several used for Happy Jack. It was a play on names from the movie Tropic Thunder. Did Simple Jack do a name change to Hillary?
  10. another 505 sailor

    MH17 shot down by Pro-Russian Rebels - investigation concludes

    Global payment for taking Crimea. Russia still needs to compensate Ukraine. Bigly.
  11. another 505 sailor

    MH17 shot down by Pro-Russian Rebels - investigation concludes

    Russia should pay the families of each victim $100 million. That would be a start.
  12. another 505 sailor

    Just a Reminder

    Careful with that. To follow the thought to an extreme, are you a terrorist because you killed terrorists from thousands of feet above? Are you an innocent because you also killed innocents from thousands of feet above? And isn't dropping bombs on the enemy a form of terrorism in and of itself?
  13. another 505 sailor

    Bombshell interview, Bourdain Speaks from the Grave

  14. another 505 sailor

    Trump/Putin Meeting advice

    It's possible Trump not only confronted but condemned Putin in private. I'm not saying Dog is full of shit, but he's probably full of shit. Did I do that right?
  15. another 505 sailor

    Trump/Putin Meeting advice

    Was this not his first post about it? "Trump´╗┐ refused to condemn the Kremlin for meddling in the 2016 presidential election."