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  1. another 505 sailor

    Lev Parnas ""President Trump knew exactly what was going on"

    Why doesn't Pence have the fake smile like the other 4?
  2. another 505 sailor

    Santana 20 Sailor Lance Purdy Murdered?

    Celebration of life in Sutter Creek January 25
  3. another 505 sailor

    Chines don’t contribute to windward sailing?

    It seems that chines on a modern design are an accepted tradeoff to acheive something else. Like a rating rule, more interior volume, or a marketing ploy. Are there modern designs that use chines as a performance element? Or, given a blank slate, would a modern design have chines?
  4. another 505 sailor

    Santana 20 Sailor Lance Purdy Murdered?

    Sea Bear, #497. We were in the picture in Sailing World. Please PM me if you have contact info for Skiles, all my info is old. He was our third in 2001. Thank you.
  5. another 505 sailor

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    Does my dinghy have a name? No, I just call it my dick.
  6. another 505 sailor

    Santana 20 Sailor Lance Purdy Murdered?

    Horrible. I sailed with Lance and Pat at the 1999 S20 nationals in Wyoming, and again with Lance in 2001. Im looking at pictures of the 3 of us right now. Pat, I am so sorry for your loss.
  7. another 505 sailor

    Republicans want to end abortion

    While the rest of the world is relaxing abortion laws, we are doing the opposite. What do we know that the rest of the world doesn't? I wonder, in the future, will youtube remove abortion how to videos after enough women die?
  8. another 505 sailor

    A study in "the psychotic mind" at work

    Whoever filled in the blanks on that meme generator forgot to remove the brackets.
  9. another 505 sailor

    Hey, Dog! You Want Bribery? I Got Bribery

    Trump didn't say that, but he was right.
  10. another 505 sailor

    Mormon Women Should Just STFU and Shit Out Kids

    Mormons are sincere. Evalgenicals know they were fuckups and think they found an unlocked back door into heaven.
  11. another 505 sailor

    Whatever Happened to Happy Jack?

    Which time? Did it happen again?
  12. another 505 sailor

    White supremacists infect US Service Academies

    Who else shows the ok sign upside down? Context matters. No one is going to have a problem seeing girlscouts throwing right side up ok signs. White Alabama police officers on the anti drug taskforce with the upside down ok sign, not ok.
  13. I wonder how much the NRA spent over the years preventing this.
  14. another 505 sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    I worked a couple winters at Alta in Utah. The Marines would send soldiers there to learn telemark skiing. Most had never been on skis, and a good number had never seen snow before. They worked hard and were advanced intermediates after a month, and could ski every run. They were always smiling and having a good time, especially the ones with southern accents. I wonder if they knew they got sent to the best place in the world to ski. It was 1991, they were probably just happy to not be in the middle east.
  15. another 505 sailor

    Bullshit Resume and Fake TIME cover

    Trump went on to say she needs to accept her hair loss and get rid of the comb over.