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  1. another 505 sailor

    Mount Rushmore because Trump

    Is the national park annual pass still called the Golden Eagle?
  2. another 505 sailor

    Black National anthem

    At our local dirt track a guy in front of us announced loudly that he would shoot anyone that took a knee.
  3. another 505 sailor

    Republican Internal Polling Signals A Democratic Rout

    No, the country can survive 20% with their heads up their asses. 40% is a tougher ask.
  4. another 505 sailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    How many pages did he last in this thread?
  5. another 505 sailor

    The FBI gave Steele classified information

    How did they get so many of Trump's associates to lie?
  6. another 505 sailor

    Racist Mike Bloomberg

    Old white guys on Fox are having the vapors in public. In private, they agree with him and are relishing the opportunity to publicly accuse others of racism. They don't get to legitimately do that very often.
  7. another 505 sailor

    Donald Trump Kneels While The Star Spangled Banner is Played

    I think Trump doesn't like it and gets bored when people pay attention to something besides him. Even if it's only 2 minutes for our national anthem.
  8. another 505 sailor

    Devil with the Blue Dress

    Going door to door, notifying his neighbors on Pennsylvania Avenue of his status on the registry.
  9. another 505 sailor

    Tucker... Bolton is a snake

    A warm and cordial bank robber didn't get the money. We should let him go.
  10. another 505 sailor

    Tucker... Bolton is a snake

    The most successful con-men are warm and cordial. What do you think con is short for?
  11. another 505 sailor

    Trump's Turnberry Resort Propped Up With Pentagon Cash

    Is Warbird making the argument that it's not emoluments, it's just self dealing?
  12. another 505 sailor

    Lev Parnas ""President Trump knew exactly what was going on"

    Why doesn't Pence have the fake smile like the other 4?
  13. another 505 sailor

    Santana 20 Sailor Lance Purdy Murdered?

    Celebration of life in Sutter Creek January 25
  14. another 505 sailor

    Chines don’t contribute to windward sailing?

    It seems that chines on a modern design are an accepted tradeoff to acheive something else. Like a rating rule, more interior volume, or a marketing ploy. Are there modern designs that use chines as a performance element? Or, given a blank slate, would a modern design have chines?
  15. another 505 sailor

    Santana 20 Sailor Lance Purdy Murdered?

    Sea Bear, #497. We were in the picture in Sailing World. Please PM me if you have contact info for Skiles, all my info is old. He was our third in 2001. Thank you.