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    Broken Marstrom mast for free

    Mine can be fixed but will be shorter than i want...
  2. Mpeb

    Broken Marstrom mast for free

    I’ve got a broken marstrom mast in oz. pm if interested. 18.6m off an extreme 40.
  3. Who's in? Will be great to hit the waters of Moreton Bay again. I have entered with my x40 and have had indication from a number of other boats that they are keen to go again... In its third year, the Moreton Bay Multihull Regatta invites all Trailerable, Inshore and Offshore Multihulls to race or rally on the waters of Moreton Bay. This regatta is about engaging people, crews and owners, to enjoy everything the multihull community has to offer, from great racing to good comradeship. The program reflects different kinds of Sailing as part of a Day Racing program. With longer races as a chance to stretch the legs, and short courses to test boat handling, there is something for everyone! Yachts with an OMR rating may choose to race with a serious approach to their on-water time. PHS will also be on offer, or multis may wish to cruise in company as part of the 5-day program of activities. The intent is to demonstrate that no matter which type multihull you have, it can be fun to sail in competition with, and learning from, other sailors. Moreton Bay is an ideal location for Multihulls of all types, providing ideal sailing conditions in semi-protected waters. The host club, the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, is one of the premier clubs in Australia, providing excellent facilities for sailors and their families. We hope that all will join in the excitement of seeing a large fleet of multihulls sailing on the Bay and join in the camaraderie.
  4. Only real damage was to the mast. Hull in good condition. hoping to be there...
  5. It’ll buff out just fine... minimal damage apart from the rig...
  6. Great to see 8 entrants already.. .nice mix of racing boats and cruising boats... would be awesome to see a strong contingent of farriers and seawinds (3 so far)...stop lurking and get your entry in!
  7. We decided on 4 days to make it worthwhile for those who travel. Compromise is an earlier finish day 4. And for those that can’t get enough you can do wags on the Wednesday prior... hope you can make it. Always happy for feedback as we want to build the fleet over a number of years...
  8. Mpeb

    Carbon3 trimaran coming to Hong Kong

    So what’s the update? great boat....
  9. Mpeb

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Ian trelevin owns it. Geoff Cruse has been coordinating the refit at signature yachts... multimarine did some work as well... geoff was steering her when she tipped last time... although I think he claims that wasn’t the case as he had just been washed over the side when it went over...