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  1. french do it better

    NBA Playoffs

    Based in France, and visiting NYC at the end of October. I am considering going to either a Knicks or Nets game. I see the schedule just came out, Nets tickets are already available via ticketmaster and Knicks tickets available tomorrow. What should I do, buy them now or wait and buy later on seatgeek ?
  2. french do it better

    Carnage at the Bol D'Or

    It is known in the class that you ABSOLUTELY have to loosen the backstay and vang at the top mark before bearing away and hoisting the kite on a GS in stronger breeze. I think the mast is probably a little under spec'ed
  3. french do it better

    I Want to Go Fast and Party Too (Maine Cat 22)

    I'd be afraid to accidentally lose a testicle sitting on the floor so close to where the boat folds.
  4. french do it better

    new trimaran under 20

    hi RV, looking good ! no recent pictures of mine, but the main hull is all primed up and should go into painting this week. Now the fun of putting things together starts ! looking forward to sailing together in the most beautiful sailing spot there is: the golfe du Morbihan.
  5. french do it better

    Sun Fast 3300

    you can find them on: select "SPI OUEST FRANCE 2019" then "valider" in "résultats généraux" select "IRC DOUBLE" The 3300 is Sapristi in second place behind a JPK1080. Leon, the JPK1030 has done pretty bad, but I don't have any gossip as to why. The J/99 is third
  6. french do it better

    new trimaran under 20

    @MultiThom In my case choices are made easier because I am working off an F18 cat so a lot of these choices are already made. I have chosen to line up the transoms of the floats and main hull (which is a touch longer), and my beam positions are fixed by the mouldings on the floats. For simplicity I wanted to have the mast on the forward beam. Rudders come from the cat so that's one choice less to make There are rules of thumb for centre of lateral resistance position relative to centre of effort of sails, but they really apply to monohulls which heel. I have studied a couple of trimaran designs of which drawings are available online, and from my job I have access to a lot of sailplan drawings, some of them also showing CLR position. Put all this together and came out with a compromise. However, I have allowed for a few degrees of centerboard rake fore/aft, and the mast rake can also be adjusted if necessary.
  7. french do it better

    new trimaran under 20

    cool building process and I like your boats, but you still need a mould right ? I went for plywood sharpie construction because I wanted to go stitch-n-glue. I'm on a budget (not paying for the carbon bits )
  8. french do it better

    new trimaran under 20

    @Vantage475T thanks ! the concept is to use as many parts as possible from the donor F18 cat, so the mainsail is an original dacron main from the late 90's, with small flat top. The class F18 jib at 4m2 is too small and not the right shape, so I am having a 7m2 jib built. For now I will use the F18 21m2 spinnaker and I have a 16m2 code 0 from a previous boat that will fit nicely. The first upgrades will be a more up to date F18 mainsail, and probably a bigger spinnaker. I work from a 3d model of the full boat so I don't really have 2d drawings to show. I think it is a good concept, there are loads of Alado 18 / Hobie Tigers out there, so if enough people show interest, maybe I will stop procrastinating and actually put some 2D drawings together or why not a set of construction plans.
  9. french do it better

    new trimaran under 20

    @patzefran overall beam 4.5m, I will use the rudders from the F18, so on the floats they go, and the single daggerboard is a carbon board that would have been used on a Marstrom 20 if it had passed quality test. @MultiMacGreg I designed the beams without waterstays and they were built like the mast by Axxon Composites @dave202 the main hull is my design. The Alado is an F18 designed by Jacques Valer (who now designs the JPK range) and you are absolutely right, Hobie liked it so much they bought the shape to do the Hobie Tiger !
  10. french do it better

    new trimaran under 20

    sorry for the hijack, but maybe this thread could become the official meeting place for the "homebuilt <20ft trimaran in France" community here are a couple of pics of mine: 19' plywood hull, floats from an F18 (Alado) and brand new carbon beams + mast the program is daysailing and camping around the Golfe du Morbihan
  11. french do it better

    ClubSwan 36

    I know that the prototype mast, boom and bowsprit are being delivered in a week or so.
  12. french do it better

    What determines spreader width?

    assuming swept back spreaders, longer spreaders = better angle for the diamonds, both sideways and aft = better support of the mast. but then longer spreaders get in the way of sails or capshrouds, especially on rotating masts so length is limited and as always a compromise
  13. french do it better

    France June 19th......anything happening?

    soccer game june 19th in Paris is going to be Scotland vs Argentina, in the WOMEN'S world cup. just sayin' that being said, if you have nothing to lose and want to drool over some serious offshore racing boat porn, Lorient is a mere 3 hour train ride away. Then you hitch a ride to La Trinité sur mer for some equally qualitative yet les quantitative porn, then taxi to Auray and back on a train to Paris.
  14. french do it better

    Which yacht is this?

    Hi Knut I know the owner, and the designer is Julien Marin. I can get you in touch with the owner if you want
  15. french do it better

    Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    front beam looks strikingly far forward