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  1. PM sent to you, HTFU
  2. OK so kids are 7 and 9, and they enjoy fishing as long as it doesn't last more than 30-45 minutes and they catch lots of fish, a bit like me actually. swamp buggy ? just the name sounds cool, have to check it out key west, yes, it's on the list
  3. yeah I know all that but that's how it is, long holidays in France = august, and these nice people from Florida wanted to exchange houses with us. last summer we visited Hong-Kong and Singapore, so I know all about sticky balls and sweaty ass cracks, and we survived !
  4. hi there I am going on holiday with wife and kids in southern Florida this august and of course a visit of the everglades is on the list. Our itinerary goes like this: land in Fort Lauderdale, drive straight to Bonita Springs where we spend 4-5 days drive from Bonita to Big Pine Key where we spend 4-5 days then drive from Big Pine to Miami where we will spend 5-6 days I have already looked at guides and learned that you don't just visit one place in the everglades but rather visit several spots which can be quite far apart. what is your advice ? what are the best spots ? can we do a day trip from Miami or Bonita ? or should we stop on the way and spend the night ? Oh, and we also want a ride on one of these boats with the big propeller on the back, any tips to try and avoid the major touristy airboat agencies ?
  5. this is one cool thread keep it coming !
  6. OK so in the ultimate quest for a simple and cheap singlehanded foiler, what about a scow moth with Z boards offset all the way to the sheerline and single centerline moth rudder ? how would that work ?
  7. OK I'll bite who knows more about this boat ?
  8. I would go skiff style, with an extra pair of aft swept spreaders at the hounds, same angle aft as the existing spreaders the new top shrouds could terminate at the existing spreader tip but you would have to build a custom spreader tip, or you can terminate them all the way down to the deck meaning a little extra weight and windage but the ability to tune them easily
  9. please...
  10. thanks for the answers so far I guess my original questions could have been summarized by: - is 22mm flap movement something normal, apparently it is - is 38 deg total wand movement sufficient, apparently it's not enough I do have the twist grip rudder, and I usually go for max lift upwind and give it a few turns before bearing away, but only because I read somewhere this is what I should do.
  11. oops, there it is control system.pdf
  12. hi guys I have an old Axiom 3 foiling moth and I would like some help working out the control system. I have been sailing it for about 3-4 months and the pushrod broke. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the control system so I am trying to see if I can design something better. the wand is adjustable, works fine there was a RHA but not satisfactory there is no gearing, just different holes on the bellcrank total flap movement is about 22mm at the trailing edge from flap up to flap down I have measured everything on the boat and drawn it to scale on the attached pdf in 3 condtions: flap down, neutral and flap up ASSUMPTIONS (maybe some are wrong ?): neutral corresponds to cruising speed wand length set to have the foil depth at neutral to 200mm (chord length is 130mm) bellcrank and wand angle set so that the pushrod connections are vertically aligned with pivot points RESULTS corresponding wand angle at neutral setting is 50° theoretical minimum wand angle at flap down is 33° theoretical maximum wand angle at flap up is 71°, with the foil only 31mm below surface how does that sound ? is 22mm flap movement enough ? it seems to me that the wand angles range is not big enough, so I should increase gearing ? let's try and keep this thread a DL vs. rest of the internets shitfight free zone
  13. up on a monday come on, you know you wan to
  14. I am going to use the 21m2 F18 kite with a chute system through the foredeck
  15. hi Chris yes I have read your blog several times, but the 49er jib has full length battens, right ? I need the jib to be on a furler so it doesn't work for me.