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  1. everglades

    woody's hell yeah I'll tell them you recommend bringing kids, I'm sure they'll appreciate
  2. everglades

    thanks for all the ideas so far. I also started investigating to have a pair of inflatable SUP's during the duration of our stay and the long term rental solutions I found cost the same as a cheap China inflatable SUPs cost on ebay. where can I go to directly buy a cheap inflatable SUP when we reach Florida, Walmart ? this is not for surfing, just messing around and then, what is the easiest way to sell them back for a bargain when we leave, craigslist ?
  3. used C boards

    cool thanks
  4. used C boards

    sexyness but you're right, I could simply use the straight boards from the F18, but they are old school low aspect boards
  5. used C boards

    good point Jay but if I can get a max working load from Nacra, I can limit the AoA of the boards in relation with the maximum speed I expect to be sailing, so as not to exceed this MWL. edit: this applies to A boards too, if I can get a value for the max lift allowed, I can rake the board so that the lift doesn't doesn't exceed the limit. If the lift is so little that it isn't worth the trouble, now that is another story. If I do modify the F18 hull to accommodate the C board, I will keep it close to the front beam where I know there is a bulkhead and an access hatch. I have some very capable boatbuilder friends that happen to like drinking beer.
  6. used C boards

    very early days, no blog yet this is a fall/winter project, hoping to go sail next spring
  7. used C boards

    I am in the process of building a 19' beach trimaran using an F18 as a donor boat for floats, sails, fittings etc. For the moment I will have the same setup as a Diam 24, that is a single daggerboard on the central hull (carbon board donated from a Marstrom M20 cat) and the F18 rudders on the floats, but I am thinking that one day I will want that extra bit of performance so I am looking at cheap foil assist solutions (no Doug, I don't want to go full foiling, I already have a moth for that) and I was thinking about getting hold of a set of used C boards. With A class and Nacra 17 going to Z boards now surely there must be some pairs of old C boards collecting dust and taking up useful space. I have tried looking at the usual second hand boat selling places here in France with no luck. Anyone here on SA have some C boards they want to get rid of ? any ideas where to go looking for them in Europe ?
  8. Carbon Rig resources in the US

    PM sent to you, HTFU
  9. everglades

    OK so kids are 7 and 9, and they enjoy fishing as long as it doesn't last more than 30-45 minutes and they catch lots of fish, a bit like me actually. swamp buggy ? just the name sounds cool, have to check it out key west, yes, it's on the list
  10. everglades

    yeah I know all that but that's how it is, long holidays in France = august, and these nice people from Florida wanted to exchange houses with us. last summer we visited Hong-Kong and Singapore, so I know all about sticky balls and sweaty ass cracks, and we survived !
  11. everglades

    hi there I am going on holiday with wife and kids in southern Florida this august and of course a visit of the everglades is on the list. Our itinerary goes like this: land in Fort Lauderdale, drive straight to Bonita Springs where we spend 4-5 days drive from Bonita to Big Pine Key where we spend 4-5 days then drive from Big Pine to Miami where we will spend 5-6 days I have already looked at guides and learned that you don't just visit one place in the everglades but rather visit several spots which can be quite far apart. what is your advice ? what are the best spots ? can we do a day trip from Miami or Bonita ? or should we stop on the way and spend the night ? Oh, and we also want a ride on one of these boats with the big propeller on the back, any tips to try and avoid the major touristy airboat agencies ?
  12. Wings

    this is one cool thread keep it coming !
  13. OK so in the ultimate quest for a simple and cheap singlehanded foiler, what about a scow moth with Z boards offset all the way to the sheerline and single centerline moth rudder ? how would that work ?
  14. UK Historic C Class Cat on Ebay

    OK I'll bite who knows more about this boat ?
  15. I would go skiff style, with an extra pair of aft swept spreaders at the hounds, same angle aft as the existing spreaders the new top shrouds could terminate at the existing spreader tip but you would have to build a custom spreader tip, or you can terminate them all the way down to the deck meaning a little extra weight and windage but the ability to tune them easily