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  1. Infowars

    Pizza Gate is real and "it's a rabbit hole that is horrifying to go down." It sure is
  2. Infowars

    Trump 'tards love their Info Wars. Pizza gate morons.
  3. DACA

    Which DemocRATs cheered?
  4. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    That would cause mass confusion
  5. All the folks that were pissed about Hillary having classified stuff on her private server will really bite into this! What a bunch off jack asses these shit bags in the Trump administration are. https://www.thedailybeast.com/report-kushner-added-to-classified-intel-list-with-no-security-clearance?ref=home
  6. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    What do you think of this TM?
  7. Trump is a racist. Any question?

    Where do you come up with this crap? From your vast experience working with immigrants? You have it exactly the wrong way around. As an ESL teacher I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of immigrants- lots of undocumented, of course- over the years. The biggest problem I've seen that causes behavior and academic issues is that they don't think they are entitled to anything or deserve anything. They feel like the glass ceiling is about an inch above their head. On the other hand, when I worked at a 30k/year private high school in the DC burbs even the most worthless, lazy kid thought he was entitled to get his way no matter what.
  8. Kentucky gets it right

    You reasoning is not sound. If the cash strapped rural hospital has to cut services or even close because of paying for people that use the ER as a primary care doctor that has a very serious effect on everybody in that community- even those with jobs! For example, for someone having a stroke there is a window for getting somebody to the hospital for the drug they need. If the slob still has medicaid that rural hospital does not have to close because the cost of the slob is spread throughout the state/country. It's really not that hard of a concept. And don't whine about national debt. Reagan proved deficits don't matter.
  9. Kentucky gets it right

    I just did. I will write in shorter sentences. 1. You cut medicaid from slob in rural KY 2. Slob goes to ER as primary care doctor now. 3. Rural hospital has to pay for his care now. 4. He he had medicaid, cash strapped rural hospital would not be on the hook.
  10. Kentucky gets it right

    So you don't respect the laws of the country you immigrated to? Nice double standard you have there.
  11. Kentucky gets it right

    The cost would fall to his local rural hospital that is already understaffed and under equipped. With medicaid the rural hospital would not be subject to that financial stress. As I said, all you have to do is think this through a bit to see it's a bad idea.
  12. Name this city

    You noticed that too. The other side of the fence is nothing but Trump 'tards saying "We won, hahah. Where's my tax cut?!"
  13. Name this city

    No wonder Norwegians don't to immigrate here. This country is a shit hole. Or shit house.
  14. Most Dangerous Country in the World

    He lies as easily as I take a piss. It's crazy. What the fuck is wrong with him?