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  1. Looks like a guard putting himself between aggressive Trump tard and the news crew. You are really in outer space on this one. Are you really that bent out of shape about some aggressive Nazi Trump tard being put down like the rabid dog he was?
  2. Clove Hitch

    Boils down to more or less taxes

    Way to out yourself moron.
  3. Clove Hitch

    Are The Rats Really Jumping Ship?

    Inspired and wise rant +1000
  4. Clove Hitch

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    That's great! I didn't know Mikewof had managed to sneak in to a presser!
  5. Yup. And professional. Didn't talk shit, didn't bluster, just protected his client with a single shot. "Why is this body guard so much more money than the others?" "He shot that Trump 'tard in Denver." "Book him! Worth. Every. Penny."
  6. On the other hand it could open the door to high end niche clients. I know I would be thrilled to hire someone who put down a raging Trump tard if I ever need security.
  7. Dog will say he never supported nor defended Trump, never made a single post showing otherwise.
  8. Pinkertons are left wing? Holy shit you live in unreality. And you demonstrate it just about daily.
  9. Having watching the recent documentary series, "The Vow" on Raniere and his cult, NXIVM, it made me think people like @Dog Nowhere in the archived websites will you find them stating they are a cult. Nor that he engaged in sex-trafficking. It seems odd that a jury would take 5 hours to convict this guy of sex trafficking? This must not have read the website, right?
  10. Clove Hitch

    You're a hooker! No, I'm not, You're a hooker.

    Nice to see a return to class and decorum in the white house after The Kenyon wore a tan suit. MAGA!
  11. Clove Hitch

    A few words from Colin Fletcher

    Why is a Trump tard posting stuff about celebrating the Wilderness? Trump and Kushner see every acre of the world as a potential parking lot or failed casino.
  12. Clove Hitch

    Spreader-in-Chief (SSOTUS)

    I like where your head is!
  13. Clove Hitch


    I'm in favor of a late term, 74 year old fetus, abortion on Trump
  14. Clove Hitch

    Spreader-in-Chief (SSOTUS)

    There is basicly a hospital in the Whitehouse. Unless he needs to be intubated i doubt he goes back
  15. Clove Hitch

    Spreader-in-Chief (SSOTUS)

    Hahahs. Amazing