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  1. #UnitetheRight

    3 Nazis charged with attempted murder. I can't believe people worry about punching these Nazis. They should be treated like ISIS http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/10/20/richard_spencer_supporters_arrested_for_attempted_murder_in_gainesville.html

    Nazis want to destroy us. These fuckers should be treated like ISIS. People whine about how it's not okay to punch a Nazi. . . http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/10/20/richard_spencer_supporters_arrested_for_attempted_murder_in_gainesville.html
  3. Death panels come to the UK. Smoke? Fat? die.

    You know less about medicine than personal responsibility. Nobody is saying people with The Liver Disease or The Lung Cancer can't get treatment-- all we're saying is that one has to be in a place where such definitive treatment can be effective- if it's going to be socialized, otherwise go to S. Africa and pay out of pocket. This is why a surgeon won't give a knee replacement to somebody 150lbs overweight. It has nothing to do with what led to the knee replacement, it has to do with the effectiveness of such a therapy. Please PM your personal info so I can give you payment info for additional tutoring sessions-- this one is free, but I'll bill you if you continue to be such a fucking moron.
  4. Just a typical Democrat trying to fuck with the President. . . . . . .wait a minute. . . .
  5. USA fails to qualify for the World Cup

    Ireland draws Denmark. I"m hoping the same 3rd world grit that will carry Honduras over Australia will carry Ireland over the Danes.
  6. Death panels come to the UK. Smoke? Fat? die.

    Ya, I don't see what Hillary is fussing about. If a drunk wants a socialized liver, he should stop drinking. If a smoker wants a socialized heart, he should stop smoking. Otherwise, go elsewhere and pay out of pocket. But good luck getting a surgeon to give you a knee transplant if you are 150 lbs overweight- paying out of pocket or not. Personal responsibility, it's a good thing, Hilary.
  7. He knew what he signed up for

    Yup. This is why I'm grateful for Dog, TM and the like. They provide a look into the troubled mind of a Trump defender (who is clearly not a Trump supporter!). There is nothing Trump can do or say that they won't excuse, rationalize or deflect. It's fascinating.
  8. He knew what he signed up for

    Or talked shit about a dude that was a POW in Vietnam for years
  9. It just doesn't matter. Folks like TM and Dog prove people will defend him no matter what.
  10. Good to see you've changed your tactic from trying to defend Trump on this one to attacking dems
  11. He knew what he signed up for

    This is why platitudes like "I'm sorry for your lose" are the way to go. Better to just say bland, but honest things, than to free-style and say something dumb.
  12. NBA coach Gregg Popovich has some insightful words. When he mentions people that should be ashamed of themselves, that includes you TM http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2739038-gregg-popovich-donald-trump-a-soulless-coward-for-comment-on-fallen-soldiers?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial
  13. You sure you want to spout off like this? You've outed yourself. Reign it in.
  14. A history of the 2nd Amendment

    That's about the size of it. Did you see the scary photos of the darkies with guns Jeff posted in his spank bank thread? People are still afraid of dark folks with guns