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  1. Clove Hitch


    Does doggy need a safe space?
  2. Clove Hitch


    Why do you regressives cling so tightly to the victim card? You reach for it every chance you get.
  3. Clove Hitch


    My plan was to give him our plastic buckets and just toss them I'm biohazard bin.
  4. Clove Hitch


    My hospital lost toilet flushing capability today. The whole hospital. I had to start bowel prep on a guy for a colonoscopy tomorrow. "Ummm. Sorry you have to shit your guts out into a toilet that doesn't flush "
  5. Clove Hitch


    An electric can opener for the apocalypse? And a supposed prepper? Sheesh.
  6. Clove Hitch


    Years ago when Arnold Shwarz was Gov of California I lived there and SoCal got NUKED by wild fires. Evacuations as the fires came down from the foothills all the way from San Diego to Camarillo. Residents of a Long Term Care facility were evacuated to a school sports field, as I recall. The Gov was in a helicopter checking out the devastation and saw them and landed. He talked to the people on the ground and made some calls and then took off to continue checking out the damage. He flew over the field again an hour later to make sure the long term care residents had been moved to a proper shelter. That's leadership. And I remember thinking what a disaster Arnie was going to be because he aligned himself with a bunch of social conservatives' shit to try to get leverage in the legislature. However, when the people at that ltc talked about how a chopper landed and the Gov stepped out asking what they needed, it showed he was a leader, at least, even if I didn't like his politics. But @Dog would have us believe that poor Cruz is as helpless as the rest in Texas and has no ability what so ever to make calls, coordinate resources, pressure people that are fucking up, etc. I mean, Cruz is a US Senator, it's not like he can work with FEDERAL agencies like FEMA during a national emergency that affects his state.
  7. Clove Hitch


  8. Clove Hitch

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    I was talking to an AF to airline pilot about those once. "How high can you go I'm one?" "Oh, as high as you wouldn't mind falling"
  9. I'm not sure there are really any "radical left" Democrats. Even AOC would just be a regular liberal in Europe.
  10. Clove Hitch

    About time ... no national anthem at sporting events

    Same reason they did flyover shit for Frontline health care workers. They need their hours in the air so might as well chip in for bread and circuses
  11. Clove Hitch

    About time ... no national anthem at sporting events

    Maybe nothing. But why do we need to play it?
  12. Clove Hitch

    Murderous Trumper MIA

    White guy
  13. Clove Hitch

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    You realize there are people with no family that actually live in those places. It's literally their home. When hospitals discharge a patient what let's them tell a person they can't go home (or any place else).
  14. Clove Hitch

    Voting is too important to be left to the people

    Don't Fret. I am sure you can learn more about Plato off of YouTube.