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  1. Clove Hitch

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Which clumsy argument are you agreeing with but stating that you don't agree with?
  2. Clove Hitch

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    That seems to sum up the argument he agrees with but on the other hand, agrees with. He's getting into Dog territory. Sad!
  3. Clove Hitch

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Simple question: Where is the designated muster site for your militia unit?
  4. Clove Hitch

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Why don't you just answer his question and state your opinion so there is no confusion?
  5. Clove Hitch

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Triggered? Snowflake Anarchy is down the hall
  6. Clove Hitch

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    The gun nutters are actually very timid, fearful and meek people (e.g. Tom is a pacifist and would never use his dogballs against invading Nazis). And it makes sense--- confident, curious, outgoing people don't hide behind guns or post threads worrying about Ebola. The gun nutters are "good germans" and can be expected to go along with what the government tells. them. It turns out that the 2nd amendment was mostly about white folks arming themselves against the darkies. And to that extent, it's working.
  7. Clove Hitch

    they call it slightly drizzly Monday

    What a worthless piece of shit
  8. Clove Hitch

    Trump facing heat on pmt to Stormy, McDougal

    Trump cheated on his wife with a porn star and violated campaign finance laws to hush it up. It has nothing to do with democrats. If Hillary had put on a strap-on, drove to Truckee and raped a certain geriatric wood carver that would not change the fact that Trump did what he did. If Elizabeth Warren then put on a strap on, drove to Truckee and raped the same geriatric wood carver, that would be illegal but it would have nothing to do with Trump breaking campaign finance laws. Your whataboutism fails.
  9. Clove Hitch

    Trump facing heat on pmt to Stormy, McDougal

    All you dumb fuck Trump retards have is "what about what about what about what about what about." Many on this forum that are critical of Trump never voted for either Clinton.
  10. This was a false flag op run by Republicans.
  11. Clove Hitch

    Did You All Underestimate Trump Again

    Did you shoot your tiny canon off prematurely?
  12. Clove Hitch

    “Can u say ‘shitbags?!'”

    Why not? Richard Spencer ("Heil Trump!") has been kicked out of his gym and denied service by several establishments because of his politics. What did those places get wrong and why isn't he suing them?
  13. Clove Hitch

    Make Your Midterm Prediction

    Voting stations frequented by brown folks open and close randomly. The other voting stations have a rolling schedule and are only open intermittently. The rolling schedule was only given to Republicans. Hope that helps
  14. Clove Hitch

    “Can u say ‘shitbags?!'”

    You are correct. So drop the victim card-- I know it's the right wing "go-to"- but just drop it. Shit-bag is not a protected class. A restaurant can deny service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders because she is a shit-bag liar. They cannot deny service to her because she is a woman.
  15. Clove Hitch

    “Can u say ‘shitbags?!'”

    Shit-bag, unlike sexual orientation or race, is not a protected class, moron. But I'm sure shit-bags like you wish it was.