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  1. nlmasopust

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Here's a good one from the Land of Smiles for you all. Maybe Rimas didn't actually make it back to the USA and somehow got over 2 borders into Thailand? The 'bimini' is a work of art, and if closed off at the front could make real waves in the ugly dodger thread...
  2. nlmasopust

    RIP Kappa Sails

    That's a hell of a 'go'... He's been at this for several years now. And they didn't do too badly under his helmsmanship if I remember correctly. Suspect retirement and no interest in buying it has more to do with this. The loft will be missed. Keep buying your sails from overseas.... Soon we all will need Sailrite machines and sewing palms for ourselves in the US. At least Europe still makes a huge amount of sails for themselves... The next generation or so will not have to send sails back to Asia to repaired or learn for themselves.
  3. nlmasopust

    Archambault 35 cracked frames

    Boat is in Thailand. Facility is Ocean Marina in Jomtien (Pattaya area). There is a significant amount of fiberglass construction and repair skilled labor here. They build massive luxury catamarans here amongst other things. Highly doubt surveyor could be held culpable here, and indeed we didn't even commission the survey. Eyes were sort of wide open going in. Moon has some good points for sure, but the boat is not negative value. It will take work and money for sure. Appreciate all the responses. Always good to hear others' points of view, good bad and ugly...
  4. nlmasopust

    Archambault 35 cracked frames

    Tempting... But there aren't many boats like this around here. She's worth fixing and we definitely enjoy sailing on her. It would cost much more than a proper repair job here to bring an A35 from Europe to here.
  5. nlmasopust

    Archambault 35 cracked frames

    Thanks for replies guys! No detectable hull deformation from what we can see, inside or outside of the boat. Keelbolts themselves have no crazing or cracking around them. Haven't had her out of the water yet to properly sound out the hull/keel joint area under that section, that is a very good idea. The good part is that the boat has a pretty simple interior, so you can visually see at least all the outside joints of the structural liner to the hull. They all look normal. If we were in the USA or Europe, certainly 10s of boat bux, even approaching 100 of them would be possible. Luckily, #1, we are in Southeast Asia in a marina where they actually still build decent (much larger) boats, and labor starts at ~USD10 per day, skilled labor around USD30 per day, and #2, even if it was ~100 boat bux, we got the boat so cheap that we'd at minimum come close to breaking even still. While I'm still sleeping at night, I am certainly apprehensive as it's the first time I or my partners have ever had to deal with something like this.
  6. nlmasopust

    Archambault 35 cracked frames

    I was thinking right-angle grinder personally....
  7. nlmasopust

    Archambault 35 cracked frames

    Thanks Lex. It WILL buff out... Just gotta rub really hard with lotsa boat bux
  8. nlmasopust

    Archambault 35 cracked frames

    A group of friends and I just purchased (well, were practically given, the boat was cheap for a reason) an A35. It was definitely grounded pretty hard by the PO. We heard that the rudder had been repaired, and have found some rather disturbing cracks where the fiberglass frames connecting mast base, leading edge of keel to the stringer that forms the settee. We're in a good marina with several options for repairing this, but would love to have SA's opinion on what some of you would do. My guess is cut it all out, build a foam frame, and laminate over that to the same schedule. Bonding to wherever the cut is made would be my biggest concern. Boat was named Men At Work previously for those of you in the Asian racing scene in the last decade or so. Amazingly, this thing passed a paid, professional survey just 2 months prior to us purchasing it. Boat has been sailed quite a bit by PO after this accident (I think a couple years!) One 120+nm trip last year I sailed against them on my Platu and we were in 2-3m seas blowing 15-25 for about 8 hours... The keel didn't fall off, but I don't want my mug showing up on the mythical front page if it does... Advise, wise-cracks, useless anecdotes etc. expected and encouraged. Likely no one will even see this or respond, but many thanks if you do! This is Starboard side, forward part of the frame, looking aft. You can see a large 'wrinkle' has extended at an angle downwards from the main crack. Inside of stringer (under the settee) shows no damage: Aft side of same frame: Port side frame, on aft edge shows much less damage:
  9. nlmasopust

    Another French Sailor Breaks Solo Record

    I reckon King Ineptune spent a LOT less money on his boats as well....
  10. nlmasopust

    Cockpit Storm Cover

    ...and he slept under there, not storage. There's a photo in his book of him hanging out under there playing guitar (or ukulele or some such stringed instrument). From the photo it looked like he actually cut the entire old cockpit out first.
  11. nlmasopust

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    Many thanks for that research! I had no idea on the history of Whitehawk, really neat to know where it came from and why it is such a special boat. I just knew it was one of the most beautiful boats I'd seen back then. @Former MDR Vandal 1, According to one of your posts in that above linked thread, you actually sailed on Whitehawk a few times. Jealous!! Also the thread confirms it was indeed a freighter in Cape Cod Canal that brought the rigs down. Tad Roberts also posted that the dis-masting occurred sometime in '85 or '86 as the new rigs were under construction in '87. I guess it could have been that long ago, and I'm sure he's correct, but that means that I saw the boat from the deck of my parents' O'day 22 rather than one of their later boats... and I was not a teenager, I was a little shit not even into double digits yet Will be pretty amazing to see her racing on the Great Lakes. Godspeed to this lucky and foresightful new owner!
  12. nlmasopust

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    Thinking back more carefully, I believe you are correct. The boat was definitely in Newport afterwards though.
  13. nlmasopust

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    It is way more expensive, that pricing is about right. It is not necessarily more difficult to sew with, just requires different machine settings compared to s or z twist bonded polyester thread that is standard in our industry. I've heard Coats Helios p sews more like polyester. Good canvas shops or people that use PTFE often will usually keep one machine reserved for that, so they don't have to change settings all the time. Warranty is correct as well and both companies stand behind it. The thread will likely outlast your Jeep, never mind the sunbrella
  14. nlmasopust

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    If you're worried about stitching on sacrificial UV leech covers giving up the ghost before the UV cloth itself, use PTFE thread to sew it on. Coats Helios p or Gore's more expensive Tenara will outlast ANY polyester thread, even the massive stuff. Also, it is much more resistant to abrasion, so will survive many more trips being dragged around the front of the rig.
  15. nlmasopust

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    My Dad actually sent this one to me... I didn't even think he knew what Craiglist was!!