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  1. nlmasopust

    Dodger or no?

    Stamoid is a very good product. It has a long track record. They must use an excellent UV inhibitor in the vinyl as it seems to last a long time without cracking. The only other vinyl coated polyester that comes close is a German product called Valmex, which is also very good.
  2. nlmasopust

    Dodger or no?

    Wait, what??? Cal 34?? Of the same vintage as me nontheless... I thought you hated lead mines?? What happened to the ultralight cruising dreams on the Corsair 24? Can you ship that over to me please? Dodger at nose height barefoot is perfect. Lower and you get blasted full face by rain/spray when standing, higher and you have to stand on cockpit seats to see anything through spray covered front windows. Don't buy cheap vinyl windows! Get UV and Scratch-resistant treated vinyl, 60mil if possible, or better if you intend to leave up 99% of the time, a polycarbonate such as Macrolon is even better Consider Top Gun or Weather max materials, they have better dimensional stability long-term than Sunbrella and won't get baggy. Sunbrella, made from acrylic, is still king for UV longevity, though, so maybe better to just deal with bagginess if you're staying at the lower latitudes. PM me if you need a Macrolon source out there, I'll get my people to talk to your people.
  3. nlmasopust

    Rosella 36c by Fareast

    I've been to the factory about 3 or 4 years ago. The boat exists, definitely not vaporware. I walked around it and looked inside briefly. It was well-constructed, looked pretty nice as far as cruising cats were concerned, and would be the most pimpin' party platform I could imagine under sail for something of these dimensions. If I had the money I'd buy one especially if end use was what you're looking for. I would use it for diving and kitesurfing with several friends as you could easily set up kites in all the open space. The factory is clean, organized and the workers seemed to be well-trained. It was not like most Chinese factories. I can confirm that it is indeed made to be broken down into 3 40' containers.
  4. Top of the Gulf 2018 starts this Friday, April 27th. I'll be there in Platu class. Any other Anarchists joining? Regatta normal entries have certainly not grown since the previous year, however.... Announcement was recently made that they are including both Formula Kite and TT:R So another 40 or so competitors supposed to join. of the Gulf Regatta 2018 Email 3 180423&utm_content=Top of the Gulf Regatta 2018 Email 3 180423+CID_fdb2c50a7cbf63ab194578effc5104b2&utm_source=Email marketing&utm_term=Read More Any other decent-sized regattas including kites? I know there are some non-conventional ones that do, like Charleston Fort 2 Battery etc... but TOTG is a pretty conventional multiple-class regatta. This is the first 'conventional' regatta I've heard of including them.
  5. nlmasopust

    A big project!

    Especially that it is cordless while the "nice" corded Dewalt was not able to get through easily... On SV/Seeker, Doug (who has awesomely plugged Leo's channel multiple times now) gets Dewalt stuff donated to him from the company, or has in the past. He uses/abuses and gives straight up reviews. He even tells Dewalt as much, so it is probably a bit risky for them when their stuff fails to perform. Leo can probably solicit donations of tools from companies as well. I don't think I'd like to see this turn into normal TV programming, even if it was PBS, and I grew up on and love PBS. These channels are so much better in the raw form from their creators. I remember Brian from SV Delos saying he had been approached by some TV outfit offering to turn their channel into legit TV.... that would totally ruin it IMHO. Just spread the word as much as you can.... There is enough interest in this where if everyone gave $5, or even $1 per episode it would pay for itself easily.
  6. nlmasopust

    how fast is it?

    Looks like it was designed by M.C. Escher...
  7. We came in 2nd from last after 4 days of racing, bow down was not the reason, though. Incredibly competitive fleet, new to me boat, brand new sail design etc etc. Lots of excuses But no snow!
  8. Sorry to hijack Wess... How's our trim in the first photo below Jammer? AUS 027 in the 2nd photo, who looks just as bow down as us in the 2nd one, was 5th at Worlds last year and 8th before that. His tactician is Jimmy Spithill's brother. Doubt they'd be okay with bow down trim in this much wind, right? It's waves... Not trim. If it were video showing several waves' worth of time or flat water, I'd give it to you though...
  9. nlmasopust

    Block Island Anchoring In Questoin

    ^^^This. They use these in Marathon FL. Best mooring system I can think of. I suspect normal mushroom mooring with requisite chain being dragged around on the sea floor is just as bad as anchoring. GSP sure is a nice place to anchor, though, especially after Labor Day.
  10. Yeah yeah looks bow down I know. There were 0.5-1m waves. Friend with cell phone on committee boat took it, so doubt he had much control of the shutter release like a real camera. With only a 359kg crew weight (of 420 max) it would be very difficult for us to trim a Platu bow down from hiking positions...
  11. Racing my Platu 25 on March 4th this year. It was only 31 degrees. (Celsius). There may be palm trees in the background, but you can't see them. Does it still count? (Jomtien, Thailand)
  12. @fierceapathy What did you end up doing? Are you sailing now? Or did 'real life' get in the way as happens to so many of us?
  13. nlmasopust

    La Vagabonde - who are they?

    If I wanted to see Lady boys I'd just drive the 30mins to Pattaya and see the real thing, though! No sense in polluting my web browser with them. Much more interested in KTL videos than Ladyboys...
  14. nlmasopust

    La Vagabonde - who are they?

    Browse in incognito mode, and make sure to close all the tabs in incognito window to clear your cookies etc. once or twice a day. 'Ctrl+shift+n' opens incognito for Chrome browser. Not sure on others. If you dont log in to your Google/YouTube account in an incognito session, then they won't know what you're up to elsewhere on the web. Use Gmail/YouTube as normal in your standard browser window for when you do need to be logged in. I've tested it pretty carefully and only get 'cross pollination' of websites if I open them while logged in to Google in normal browser. Incognito solves all those problems. I live in Thailand and some of the videos they think I might like based on my IP address (they have nothing else to go on, like starting from clean slate) when on YouTube in incognito mode are pretty amusing.
  15. nlmasopust

    Jeanneau Fun 24 - Anyone with experience?

    Wow, so there is another FUN over here... and only 700 nautical miles away! Glad you enjoy the boat. Do you sail near where Singapore Management University sails? They often send 2 or 3 teams up here to Pattaya for our Platu regattas, and have a couple Platus in Singapore as well. They are awesome kids to sail and hang out with. Thanks again to all for the great amount of information! I still haven't pulled the trigger on this one. Good wind here recently, so too much kitesurfing and also a bicycle touring holiday have kept me away from it. Don't think it's going anywhere soon, though. I still want to go over and check it out more closely and will update if I do, especially the retractable sprit for anyone interested in adding that in the future. Happy New Year!