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  1. nlmasopust

    Where would you retire?

    It was much much bigger when Oil and Gas industry was booming. Royal Varuna has a pretty active dinghy sailing fleet as well, about 7km away. This is generally a very safe place to cruise. Of course there is no Coast Guard, just the Navy, who are fairly inept, so you are mostly on your own, which IMHO, you should be able to deal with on the water anyways. But Thais are generally very nice people with true Buddhist "live and let live" mentality. Avoid the far South of Thailand on Malaysian border where the violent separatist Muslims are. +1 on 'Vortex of unending fun'
  2. nlmasopust

    Where would you retire?

    Sure, but things are dying quickly now. Bars are allowed to open again, but there's no tourists. My guess is about 30-40% of bars are shuttered and won't be opened ever again. Fark COVID! You must have been here a LONG time ago if it was before Pattaya was a red light district. Pattaya began its conversion from dirt-road fishing village to its current state in the late 1960's with the construction of Utapao airport by the US military for the Vietnam War. The GIs coming for R&R from the front lines in 'Nam had to blow off steam somehow... and Thais are keen 'entrepreneurs' :) I have a few acquaintances here that were around during those times (though that age group is perishing quickly now...) They said it was much more fun back then before it was all commercialized.
  3. nlmasopust

    Robo Sailing?

    Actually, an 'Emergency Stop' would be pretty easy to engineer with this system I think. If the actuators for the main and jib sheets had electronically controlled clutches on them, simply make a button that opens clutches and boom, at any point other than downwind, pretty much instant depower. While we're at it, we do a water brake trim-tab on the hull bottom that electromechamically deploys as well, so the boat truly slows down quickly at the same. Anything to keep you fogies out on the water. Im game. I'll be a fogey someday too Meantime I'll keep managing spaghetti, thank you!
  4. nlmasopust

    Where would you retire?

    Jomtien, Thailand. Okay, we only have 13 Platu 25s now and only 3-5 come out for monthly racing... But 10+ years ago 10-20 boats on the line was apparently normal. There are 600 Platus in Europe, 2 fit in a 40' container. The fleet can be built again. Brilliant racing boat for around the cans. This past weekend I sailed against (and got my ass handed to me by) the first woman in Thailand's history to qualify for Olympics (2016, Laser radial) Your dollar goes a LOT further in SE Asia. Look up Eastern Economic Corridor in Thailand. They are pumping billions of Baht into this place. Roads are getting better every day. I'm buying a condo overlooking the marina. I will almost certainly retire and die here. Sailing is awesome here. Nice islands, good wind. It is hot here, but not SE USA summertime hot. Normally about 85-90f every day, 365 per year. Cloudy days are awesome. Crazy amounts of Golf. Scuba diving. Kitesurfing/Foiling. PATTAYA. What more do you need? Okay, a quick flight to Hokkaido once or twice a winter for snow fix. More sailing in Phuket, but shittier wind and not a great place to get around, roads are awful.
  5. nlmasopust

    BENE slow first 235

    I owned an O'day 240 (actually about 25' overall) for about 5 years. Did the ICW from Fl Keys to Oriental NC in 2 months on it with an ex girlfriend (relationship lasted years after the trip). Great boat, lead ballast, wing keel with 2'8" draft that worked quite well. I'd buy one again. Keep an eye out for one. Lots of neat features. From C Raymond Hunt same as the aforementioned Cal 24. Bought it for $5k, sold it for $5k and put about that much into it over the 5 years of ownership including very nice set of tri-radial sails from Sperry Sailmakers.
  6. nlmasopust

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    Somewhat unfortunately, I think this case is welllll outside Illinois jurisdiction, or even USA for that matter.... I think the solution being sought here is more along the lines of what a 'gentleman' (gentleperson? What's the PC term for that?) might do.
  7. nlmasopust

    Drying out spinnaker?

    Don't mean to mince words with someone I respect a lot on here, but I sail in SE Asia, have 2 spinnakers of coated nylon, ridden hard and put away wet for 3 and 4 years respectively. They live inside the cabin of my 25' keelboat. Temps and humidity here make where you live a paradise. 365 days a year as well. They still handily win races when trimmed and handled well. Exactly how old were these sails that fell apart at the seams? Was UV exposure an issue? That is yuuuuuuuge, much bigger factor than any small crystalline structures in a nylon or polyester weave or thread. Wayyyyyyyy back in the day, Ted Hood actually tried putting fine particles of silicone dioxide (silica sand) in Dacron finish formula... The theory is the rough texture of the substrate bites into adjacent fibers and provides increased friction, and thus better bias stability. I can't imagine dried salt particles would be much different. It did work. But melamine on well-prepared goods works better. Even in spinnaker cloth, but I think coatings, while less environmentally friendly, are better and generally last longer. Okay okay, spinnaker cloth is a little different, but most spinnakers are well past racing use by the time salt could impact cloth or thread enough to degrade strength appreciably IMHO. For you cruisers, yeah, rinse your stuff and let it dry completely. You're a cruiser after all, you expect 20 years out of your sails and you have plenty of time on your hands, right?
  8. nlmasopust

    Drying out spinnaker?

    Only rinse with freshwater if you are 100% certain that it will be completely dried afterwards. Salt crystal damage is pretty minimal in very light cloth and salt actually prevents mildew growth very well. Full rinse and dry is best. Mildew is not your friend especially in coated spinnaker nylon. Re: hoisting and drying that way... Only in lighter winds and definitely keep the 'leading edge' side tensioned. In the textile industry we purposely test cloth on a flutter machine, and you'd be shocked at how damaging even 3 minutes of freely luffing cloth is to bias stability at 25kts, even to the best finishes known to man.
  9. nlmasopust

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Fortunately for them there is Patreon and nice sponsorships in the marine industry!
  10. nlmasopust

    Diesel Engine Delete

    See Sailing Uma youtube channel. Dan is obviously a much more capable technician than most, but they've done 20k+ miles, crossed the pond, and never had a diesel, only an old electric forklift motor. They have nice lithium batteries now, but started with lead acids. They never even had regen until very recently when they updated to an oceanvolt saildrive, and only 400 watts of solar. No genset. They do have a nice dinghy with 15hp outboard, so they aren't total tree-huggers. They are 'real' sailors, and actually sail their boat, and they are patient people, much different than most modern 'get me there now' sailors. However, they are proof it can be done, and done with very reasonable comfort.
  11. nlmasopust

    Old pics you found

    Since we're 'shoveling shit' here... I also learned in an El Toro. I think im 10 or 11 in this. Little sister on Main trim, little brother moveable ballast. Likely taken in Watch Hill, RI/ near 'The Kitchen' circa 1990ish Beautiful sail shape eh?
  12. nlmasopust

    Those randy citizens of Belgium...

    Ya got me. I'm indeed simple.
  13. nlmasopust

    Those randy citizens of Belgium...

    Yep, amazingly that's her. Like a little (big?) slice of 'merica smack in the heart of Western Europe. Oh, wait, we're not supposed to body shame these days, are we? She's in a bit of hot water it sounds like:
  14. nlmasopust

    Maybe It Makes Them Feel Rich...

    Anyone ever been to Thailand? Research 'bum gun' Or just go the full monty and buy a Japanese toilet seat. Westerners are idiots. I know, i am one
  15. nlmasopust

    Those randy citizens of Belgium...