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  1. nlmasopust

    Old pics you found

    Since we're 'shoveling shit' here... I also learned in an El Toro. I think im 10 or 11 in this. Little sister on Main trim, little brother moveable ballast. Likely taken in Watch Hill, RI/ near 'The Kitchen' circa 1990ish Beautiful sail shape eh?
  2. nlmasopust

    Those randy citizens of Belgium...

    Ya got me. I'm indeed simple.
  3. nlmasopust

    Those randy citizens of Belgium...

    Yep, amazingly that's her. Like a little (big?) slice of 'merica smack in the heart of Western Europe. Oh, wait, we're not supposed to body shame these days, are we? She's in a bit of hot water it sounds like:
  4. nlmasopust

    Maybe It Makes Them Feel Rich...

    Anyone ever been to Thailand? Research 'bum gun' Or just go the full monty and buy a Japanese toilet seat. Westerners are idiots. I know, i am one
  5. nlmasopust

    Those randy citizens of Belgium...

  6. Just competed in Transworld regatta, a small one design Platu 25 regatta that has been happening for last several years in Ocean Marina, Jomtien, Thailand. 21 races in 4 days. I lost my South African bow man to self quarantine, and 3 of the 7 planned teams could not travel here to compete. It was incredibly good racing, but 7 boats would have been incredibly better... As expected it really ended up being 2 match races between 1st and 2nd and then 3rd (my boat) and 4th. On the plus side, there are virtually no obnoxiously loud rich Chinese tourists coming to the marina to go on their cattle-maran charter boats. I feel for those businesses, but count that in the 'pluses' column personnally.
  7. nlmasopust

    What design is this?

    Many thanks for this rstone! This place sure has a wealth of knowledge...
  8. nlmasopust

    What design is this?

    Mr. Perry, would you be able to describe it? Hopefully unusual in a "no expense spared" sense as some descriptions online say... Probably not as good as the Carbon Cutters, I'm sure. She sure is curvy. I do like those
  9. nlmasopust

    What design is this?

    Wow, thanks! That appears to be her. Only 30 of them built... Not that I'm looking to enter it, but it appears she qualifies for Golden Globe Race, for anyone interested in that sort of thing. Salty-looking design! Many thanks for this!
  10. nlmasopust

    What design is this?

    Meant to post this a while back. Neat looking ocean cruiser I saw on Apponaug Cove in Narragansett Bay Rhode Island late last summer. Anyone able to ID this? Most interesting is that it looks to be production boat, but has a built in trim tab for self-steering. I have always thought these make the most sense for self-steering, most protected from damage IMHO. Could be a custom engineering job, but if it is, whoever did it executed the project brilliantly. Beautiful system. Apologies for slightly blurry, washed-out images, shot through a waterproof phone case from my kayak. Many thanks!
  11. nlmasopust

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Polyester comes in many shapes and forms. How breathable it feels and how well it wicks depends on yarn denier, tenacity/brightness, type of knit/weave etc etc. The best polyester yarns for wicking are spun in a 'plus' shape, so the water follows the resulting channels in the yarn away from the water source. This is how Coolmax yarns were shaped (not sure that fiber is still made, but at the factory i work in they used to spin yarn like this several years ago) There are also new types of finishing chemicals applied via padder and dried in a stenter that can drastically help wicking ability. These are cheaper than specialized yarns, are pretty durable, but do wear off after a number of machine wash cycles. IMHO you cant beat good yarn, it doesn't wear out with washes, but it is more expensive. Suppose someday ill break down and buy some merino stuff though.
  12. nlmasopust

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Watched most all his vids and read anything that comes up about SVS on here. Let me be the first: What's it rate?
  13. nlmasopust

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    He couldn't have waited until April 1st at least???
  14. nlmasopust

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Here's a good one from the Land of Smiles for you all. Maybe Rimas didn't actually make it back to the USA and somehow got over 2 borders into Thailand? The 'bimini' is a work of art, and if closed off at the front could make real waves in the ugly dodger thread...
  15. nlmasopust

    RIP Kappa Sails

    That's a hell of a 'go'... He's been at this for several years now. And they didn't do too badly under his helmsmanship if I remember correctly. Suspect retirement and no interest in buying it has more to do with this. The loft will be missed. Keep buying your sails from overseas.... Soon we all will need Sailrite machines and sewing palms for ourselves in the US. At least Europe still makes a huge amount of sails for themselves... The next generation or so will not have to send sails back to Asia to repaired or learn for themselves.