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  1. I know what the main comment was. That's why I said for you to tell us what you do. There are quite a few ways to deal with the bow on an end for ender. I don't actually do it the way I described above. I was just answering the question asked. Two of the three programs I've been involved with this year are all A sails. and the other is a J24 which gets new sails every other year so long term sail care is irrelevant. Well whoopdedoo for being on three "programs". I guess we can't all be a special as you... A-sail bows are complete no-brainers and not everyone has the luxury of getting fresh sails every season... *EDIT*... I made the answer BOLD so your peanut-sized a-sailing brain has half a chance to register, if you are capable of reading it through properly.... Oh you're clearly special Don't bother with the cunt.
  2. Absolutely. It isn't a cheap club, but 2 owners of Yuuzoo run a business with the same name from Singapore. Single membership is as follows: Membership closed as ONEĀ°15 achieves target of 3,850 members on 27 December 2007. The remaining memberships available will be "by invitation of the Chairman" only. The Club's prevailing entrance fee for individual (transferable) membership is at $60,888. That is an outrageous amount of freight to join what is essentially a "blue blazer and bolt-on boobs/bikini look at me!" club. There's no organized sailing/racing or anything of that nature happening there. Had no idea... And memberships are traded/transferred in the secondary market for less than half of that amount...
  3. Is here right now at one degree 15 marina on Sentosa. Also same place as Yuuzoo if that is still here. Their program (ie Yuuzoo) has gone awfully silent. The world is a better place that way and we all should thank our respective deities.
  4. BG is also a pseudo-cruiser. And entered as such for some races.
  5. is there anything out there that suggests there is a keel issue ? or just a general comment ? rmb did not mention anything remarkable note the 2011 Caribbean campaign had plenty of breeze, enough to see over 30knts of boatspeed in any case Think that comment was not aimed at the boat, but based on the fact that the Geoff's TP dropped her keel the first time they raced her to the Philippines.
  6. Gotta be 3Di...
  7. <sigh> Yeah. Seriously. For PRODUCTION boats. J/Boats will likely sell these by the 100's. Hunter has sold that gin palace by the 100's. It's a business folks- Product, Price, Promotion. How many Summit 35's (more racer focus) or SC 37's (comparable design brief) have sold or will sell in the next 5 years? Bigger production numbers means better resale, which means lower total cost of ownership. You have to make what people want at a price they're willing to pay, and a strong brand helps. J/Boats, Benteau, Hunter, Catalina, they get it and build a lot of boats. Not for everyone for sure, but those 4 combined probably produce 70% to 80% of the 27-45 foot sailboats sold in North America every year. And that size range is the where the sales volume and profits are. If the only thing you care about is a stripped out balls to the wall handicap racer, no, the J/111 isn't a boat for you. If you're like most buyers in this size range, you foster some hope for some dual use, with racing as your primary focus, you should look at this boat. But WTF do I know. I own a Viper 640 and a 30 year old 4 knot shitbox. Everything you just wrote after the third period you typed in the above quote( the directly above one, not the top with the highlighted sentence) is 100% correct. And has absolutely NOTHING to do with how completely inaccurate the above highlighted sentence is. Exactly what I was thinking. doghouse and I were probably sighing in unison when we read this.
  8. Farr had a serious naval design brand until it started putting out the Beneteaus. These boats were heavy, sticky and slow in spite of the snazzy Farr design brand. Have never looked at Farr the same way again. They sold out. Farr and Beneteau should not even be named in the same sentence. If you think even for one moment that J Boats has Farr envy, you are kdding yourself. The differnece with J Boats is that they design their own boats and have somebody else build them. The other guys do the opposite: they have somebody else design, and build in-house. Beneteaus? I thought Farr is designing Bavarias these days Oh, and potentially hot 40 foot OD racers - but those would not be of interest to (potential) J/Boat owners (and there is a different thread for this).
  9. That, sir, is heresy!
  10. Erm, just over half that amount would be about right (linky). Not really sure that's the boat to take for a serious offshore race is it? And sure, $300k might get it on the starting line, but we'll see. So the big question now (if it's such a great example of the boat people want - and cheap too)... How many sold? I love those boats as much as anyone, but it's extremely hard to get them to market. That's reality. The segment between production racer/cruisers (J/111, SC37, Sydney 37, X-35, X-treme 37, T-34, ...) and racing custom designs from Ker/Farr/Corby/Mills/Bakewell-White is very small. Many have tried; 1D35, Farr 11s, Heiner 38, Ker 11.5 (now reincarnated as Ker 40 after they closed down after building one boat), Max Fun 35, ... Not many good examples in the last 30 years besides Melges and Farr. And for a company like J/boats, in this kind of economy, trying to do a new J/125 or compete with the Melges 32 wasn't really an option. But I guess there are plenty of choice for those who need (and are willing to pay for) more performance. Fixed it for you. Otherwise mostly agree - as I had mentioned way earlier in this thread, J/Boats are great at serving the mainstream market. But with most of the people on this site not exactly being mainstream, you will this to be a somewhat tougher crowd...
  11. Erm, just over half that amount would be about right (linky). Generally the choice will be between performance and comfort, i.e., racer vs. cruiser. Good, glad you like it. Appropriate forum is here
  12. Which would be mostly well-built cruisers that said owners can take out for some safe racing on the weekends. And, giving credit where it is due, J//Boats are excellent at delivering exactly the above - and at a price point that lets them make very decent margins. More than can be said for many other boat builders...
  13. Ah, but it does not have to clear the luff other than maybe a foot or two of the tack: Once you start hoisting the new kite outside the halyard will tend to slide up the luff of the old kite - some tension on the change sheet/the person feeding out the new kite guiding the sail accordingly/the new kite assuming its flying shape all help.
  14. So the P halyard was simply crossed on top of the SB one at the MH? Depending on conditions, you might not have to do much/anything: If you are planning to gybe anyway, attach the P halyard to the tip of the sprit and gybe the kite inside of it. If you want to/need to peel while still on SB gybe, scoot out to tip of sprit and lead the P halyard underneath the kite - you should be able to do an outside hoist that way (very slowly and carefully). In either case proceed with caution - if it works all should be good, but if not the mess could be considerable.