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  1. Least Exclusive Yacht Clubs

    The Wobbly Club in Antigua is my favorite. The "facilities" include one table with uneven legs. There are no members, only commodores. Buy a round and you just became the commodore. Elections held every night starting at 5ish...
  2. double double

    A Mark Ellis designed Catamaran. Double Nonsuch 60?
  3. J/88

    Did you sell the 90 yet? On the market? I have not sold her. She is listed for sale but I will only sell if someone really wants to buy her. Most people have called thinking they could get her for a song. Not the case. Instead I am converting her to original specs for a J/90. She should be in the water next week with her new rig up and tuned. It will be another month until we have the new sails and then we are going to play with her for a while. I hate to steal from the 88 thread. Anyone with any other questions about it can post in the j/90 thread that is on here somewhere.
  4. J/88

    I agree! The boat will make my wife and son alot happier. Plus, it fits better with the area and boats I sail against on a regular basis. i am sure they will release more details soon. Otherwise, there won't be anything for the forums to bitch about!
  5. J/88

    Don't be too surprised. It takes awhile to build a boat! Your dealer will get more info to you shortly. I am pretty psyched about getting ours. I worked on my 90 for a few hours yesterday and will be happy to have a boat with an interior!
  6. J/88

    I have number 8 coming. Going to just do a simple setup. VHF and wind , depth and speed from Raymarine. We don't really need much more than that.
  7. Seascape 27

    So... $68,000 for the boat $7,000 for shipping a container $1,000 for import duty $76,000 base price on the East Coast
  8. Seascape 27

    Anyone know what a SSC27 costs?
  9. J/88

    That would be a nice ride but it is not going to happen unless you want to spend top dollar on a custom project. If you do, call me!
  10. J/88

    Nice try! I am getting #8...
  11. J/88

    I would much rather have a marine head vs. a porta pottie. Most ports in the Northeast have pumpout boats that are readily available. I never have to carry poo around with me or touch it! With a porta pottie, you have to take a brief case of poo off the boat and find an approved place to dump it. if you use the blue chemicals, so your $160k boat doesn't smell like poo, you are not allowed to dump them down a regular toilet. You have to go to a pumpout facility. Never underestimate the power of a newbie! I have twice seen them screw up a porta pottie and dump poo in the bilge of a boat.
  12. J/88

    Ours comes in September! Can't wait!
  13. J/88

    I think you hit the nail on the head there. The lifting keel will eat up what interior accommodations you can get on a boat of this size. Anybody ever been aboard a Hinckley 42DS? The lifting keel took over the cabin and made it worthless.
  14. J/88

    Isn't that the J/100?
  15. J/88

    They did that to give a little extra room in the interior. A small compression post takes up a lot less space. Also easier to step the mast with a gin pole.