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  1. Much heavier, longer, two hulled Catana 471 here. Two years ago, we bought a beautiful new AIRX800 A-kite that is magic in most conditions. She goes DDW adequately with no main, but not perfectly. So I bought a used 1.5oz S-kite off a Deerfoot 65 last Winter for what I think you have in mind. Other than being a used sail with baggy tapes that flap, it is a winner. I have dyneema to insert luff lines in this thing, but we've been too busy cruising. On my list... As I recall Farrier amas are not way up in the air, so that kind of flop should not be a huge problem. The ease of gybing is the thing. Sadly, no pics of the used S kite. I say do it! Good luck!
  2. Never was

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Oops! Sorry Rocket Raccoon, I meant to respond to Agility. And I don’t mean to sound like our boat is better than someone else’s boat. We love her, and sometimes get our back up when she or her sisters are denigrated. Fair winds! Never was
  3. Never was

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Yes it can! I should have put an asterisk by the 287. We were on track to do 315 until last four hours of diminishing winds. Sat on 15-17 for ages. The big girl can rumble along. Top instantaneous paddle wheel speed has been 24 plus attained several times in different waters, but now we try to go slower. Rocket Raccoon, I thought 50 TWA was our best, but on the smooth, breezy waters of Bras d’Or Lake, 48 TWA at 7.4-8.2 kts boatspeed was indicated. In a seaway, no way. 50 or 52. Also, I believe our calibration is spot on, but I am not an electronics guru. B&G Zeus 3 is what we run. BM, our gooseneck is ~nine feet off the water. Clew of main about 12. I think our boat has a big main, and I stuck with high roach vs square top to keep center of effort lower. Are you sure you are not confusing Catana with Lagoon? Their recent models surely do have booms high off the water. Anyway, I like our boat. We have voted with our resources and most Catana folk are fairly enthused about their choice. I hope the market does not abandon this segment. I hope you find something better. Cheers! Never was
  4. Never was

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Nils, Lord Dicky looks like a mini Orange after cruising refit. Funny how the listing did not have hull interior shots... BM, re: Catanas with afterthought stuck on masts & no sail area, I reef in 17 true and go faster. The 522 may not be the highest performance model, but they sail just fine. I like to say 522 is a “little big” Catana, in that she shares more with her larger sisters like the 581/582. We own and live aboard a “big little” Catana, a 471. We sought out this generation of Catana, as have many other folks with racing and extensive cruising backgrounds. Not that winning medals or World Championships makes one a good judge of cruising boats or anything. I think Chris Barreau hit a nice spot on the comfort vs speed ratio. Outremer has also hit similar market space with their recent Barreau designs. My walk-on hard top weighs 230 lbs. A good Tornado sailing friend built it with H-45 & donated carbon from another Tornado sailor (thanks Sid!) and a little help from me. We have eight flush mount solar panels up there, and I am thankful to have it on hot days and when stowing the main (and instead of a genset.) Cruising performance? We have only done 287 miles in 24 hours, but I am cool with that, as the wind died over the last four hours. We only point at 48 TWA, but you can’t have it all while carrying around so many amenities. Five family members maxed out our berth capacity in Bras d’Or Lakes last month, but I don’t really want more guests than that at once. We seated 14 for dinner last January at Lee Stocking, and the only downside to that was my wife now believes we need that quantity of china & cutlery. And I love her. It sounds like you are averse to the freeboard. Voyage has made hundreds of sleek, low pro cats, some that have circumnavigated. Some bargains out there. Maybe you want to fly a hull? Sig 45? Gold Coast will build you another Fijian if you have Slyngstad depth pockets. Danson era Outremers are fine boats, if their low interior volume is adequate for your needs. We decided we needed more space than my friend’s O55 afforded, and ended up with our perfect boat. Those Catana cockpit lockers are great for shore power cords, hoses, repair materials, two stroke oil for the outboard, rubbing compound, epoxy, kiteboards, sails... all kinds of stuff cruisers cart around. And our high freeboard keeps the decks -and boat- drier, and reduces bridge deck slap to acceptable levels. No slight to the low riders, just our preference. If you care to learn about the big 522s, the former North rep from Tahoe is cruising Europe on his right now. I am sure he would candidly describe the strengths & weaknesses of the design. Or you can mouth off on an Internet forum. Good luck with your search. Never was
  5. Never was

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    This is going way back, but as I recall, Dencho-built Saga was first N/M 68 built for three partners (one was Barry Berkus who had owned the Hollmann, Sunset Blvd. years before) for the 1983 Transpac. She was somehow(*) beaten by Nolan Bushnell's (Atari, Chuck E Cheese) Ron Holland design Charlie, Crewed by Skip (*) and Bone, et al before being quickly sold to Japan. 1985 Transpac saw the first three SC-70s: Factory boat Blondie, SoCal partner-owned Citius, Savings & Loan scandal dude from SD with Kathmandu, along with Geraghty built N/M 68 Swiftsure III for Frazee Bros. I think there was one more skinny N/M 68, but old age sucks as Longy concurs. Next year, Roy Disney hired John Heinemann of Hi tech boats to come West and build the first next-gen N/M sled. Massive quantities of Carbon, Nomex, and cocaine resulted in Pyewacket becoming the first of several flared topside, narrow waterline designs from N/M. Dencho built Cheval & Marishiten, Betts built Maverick out of alloy & Westerly built a 66 foot version with more sail called Pandemonium. Many stories there. Dencho also built Cheetah, a 66 foot Peterson design for the man himself, Dick Pennington. Meanwhile, carbon fiber began arriving at the chicken coop... These were great times, with some amazing characters, some of whom are no longer with us. Paul Fernald (Mauler) deserves kind mention for his contributions to the Pendragon, Blondie & Ragtime programs. Please fill in the gaps, and share stories about these amazing boats, and amazing people who owned and sailed them. Have any of you LB boys compiled the unabridged book of Pennington yet?
  6. Never was

    RIP Paul Bishop

    As Scot related, Paul was funny, angry, and bitter. He was also fiercely loyal to his friends. Scot's statement on his struggling with obesity was not warm, fuzzy, and PC, but Paul would have appreciated the candor. Perhaps we should all make more of an effort to make peace with old friends we have fallen out with. Fair winds, Paul.
  7. Never was

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Thanks SOMA and most of the rest of you for the thoughtful questions and informed dialogue!
  8. Never was


    In Nov, when we passed through again, it had just sold. Maybe Newport, RI? Glad she will be rehabbed and hopefully sailed!
  9. Never was


    Had dinner a while back with previous owner/donor to St. Mary’s. He bought it in Athens, Greece and campaigned it in the offshore races he had wanted to do. He told me there were newish TP52s racing in every event, and he was never beaten across the line by one of them. Somebody save this beautiful Marstrom-built instrument from idleness. Google Morticia Seacart30 for ideas.
  10. How do you like the Harken switch track? Any hassles? A lower stack would be nice. Thanks
  11. Never was

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    That white foresail is not the jib, but a Tall Boy spinnaker staysail.
  12. Never was

    R2AK 2018

    Well done SLAGs!
  13. Never was

    Wilderness 30 "Yahoo"

    That's a good kind of bug! I remember the wild stories from MORA SF-SD races on Special Ed. Those are great boats. Good luck with your project!
  14. Never was


    Haji, sorry for your loss. But what a great thread you inspired! While I did not grow up in Norcal, sailors like Skip & Dave Wahle, along with several others were who we looked up to as kids. They seemed more "adventurous" than the hot sailors from SoCal. When I started doing big boat sailing, they turned out to be down to earth regular guys who would take time out to answer newbie questions. Some of my favorite sails have been beer cans down to Capitola and back with various members of the Santa Cruz mafia. A big part of the legend of Imp, and all that followed, was the crew of Improbable. Hoping you can hang on to her. I think you def. need some Easy Rider singlets! Cheers, all!
  15. Never was

    Fazisi Front Page

    That was a leg start in Auckland