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  1. I believe the sordid tale extends back to Sunfish/Laser, and beyond. Nothing new under the sun.
  2. I just made a Paypal contribution from KTL page, before reading on in thread about email address mixup. When I went back to Paypal, Dylan's account showed as dylan.winter@virgin.net Will Dylan receive my donation? I think I will cancel it and then direct it to his Gmail address. Thoughts? Thank you Dylan. I hope you find that Fisher with wheelhouse. Careful with the whiskey, though. One decent kneewalking episode, and that tread master decking will tear you up but good! Cheers from Texas! Followup: When I went to PP to "report a problem" recipient email showed Dylan's correct gmail address. I wonder if another edit on Dylan's part would replace that virgin email, and if that is deterring some folks more observant than I? Anyway, all good!
  3. Thank s for the responses. So far no luck reaching Marechal. I will template ID of mast and try to source a tang from another spar builder if I cannot get through to the French.
  4. We just acquired Catana 471 Hull 3. She has a single forestay tang, and a spinnaker halyard exit about 24" above forestay, and deflector block in between. As far as I know, she is the only one with a Marechal carbon mast. Others I have seen have Espace or Alucarbon rigs, or various aluminum. This is an older (1997) rig, that has a healthy layer of epoxy filler (everything faired in.) As an example, the luff reef line padeye bases are faired in flush. My questions: I want to add another forestay tang for reaching sails, and it seems like there are a couple of ways to do this. 1. fabricating a tang in place with cloth & epoxy, or 2. mechanically fastening a manufactured one in place. Can I build wall thickness externally if I first relieve all the fairing compound? Do big outfits like Southern, Hall, Offshore, etc... fabricate tangs and goosenecks and then glass them to the mast tube? When the second forestay occupies spin halyard territory, I will need to add one or two sheaves at the masthead. Present sheave box is open on aft end only with 2:1 main and 1:1 topping lift. In a perfect world, I imagine I will have to open the front, and add two sheaves and axle pins, with possible reinforcements. Sheave box needs a bit of TLC anyway. Thoughts? I look forward to informed opinions!
  5. I crewed on one a few weeks ago in 10-20 variable conditions. We were two up, and trimming the jib much tighter that the foursome in the videos, and also pinning the spin sheet and sailing hotter angles even when breeze was up. We stuffed hard once, but she is a forgiving little beast, and I will race her again. A bit sticky in under 12, though.
  6. NO Way back needs to lose some twist on his headsail fairlead. Sad to see a current boat poorly sailed.
  7. Sheet to the rail in a chop and you will open the slot and fly up wind. Pointing high is relative to the upwind VMG. IE: Go slow or go fast. "To go fast you have to know how to balance your boat" What Dawg said. Works well on Moores too.
  8. Sheet to the rail in a chop and you will open the slot and fly up wind. Pointing high is relative to the upwind VMG. IE: Go slow or go fast. "To go fast you have to know how to balance your boat" What Dawg said. Works well on Moores too.
  9. Will be there Fri/Sat. Working stiff from out of state. Bringing rain gear.
  10. If it is Kauri, then it must be at Oracle HQ. Maybe a place to sit and gaze at the big tri?
  11. Well done, and ignore the pestilent mofos.
  12. So Airbus, BMW, Yanmar... Parker is a US company, right?? Glad the boys were unscathed. Cool recovery technique.
  13. I wouldnt say he changed the game as muchs as he "was the Game" As far as maxi sailing in Aussie and probably the world he was better than the rest of the millionaire maxi boat owners at... Getting the best boat design PUtting together the best crew Funding the right things Kmowing when to change and when not to. Anybody can throw money at sailing but Boatley threw some smart thinking and great commitment at it. RIP Agreed. He was a consumate gentleman sailor. Ratty roped me into doing a harbor race years ago on the 43 with Bob, and at the time he struck me as a great sailing enthusiast, but not on par with Kurtsy. Beyond the man, the teak cockpit floor of his 43 contrasted with the unpainted interior carbonation and honeycombed "windows" of the then-new Madeline's Daughter. Of course, the Sardinia Cup was not the Admiral's Cup. Bob okay'ed the CBTF adaptation of the 60, gave the helm to Kurtsy's old BN, and won the last Admiral's Cup. The boldest stroke was building a clone of Croaky's new sled, and this one made the history books. We should all be so fortunate. Fair winds and following seas, sir!
  14. At 4:16 I believe you can see the Spaniard they towed into the rocks Postigo (?) getting side towed back to dock.
  15. Good onya, Ricko!