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  1. Never was


    Had dinner a while back with previous owner/donor to St. Mary’s. He bought it in Athens, Greece and campaigned it in the offshore races he had wanted to do. He told me there were newish TP52s racing in every event, and he was never beaten across the line by one of them. Somebody save this beautiful Marstrom-built instrument from idleness. Google Morticia Seacart30 for ideas.
  2. How do you like the Harken switch track? Any hassles? A lower stack would be nice. Thanks
  3. Never was

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    That white foresail is not the jib, but a Tall Boy spinnaker staysail.
  4. Never was

    CLEARLAKE ............ :-O

    Perdock Karma
  5. Never was

    R2AK 2018

    Well done SLAGs!
  6. Never was

    nacra 5.8

    5.8 will carry your family. 5.2 will be tight and harder to sail. Both great boats, but from what you say, the 5.8 would be my choice. If you have not sailed multihulls much, I have two tips: do not overtrim the main before heading upwind, (from a downwind course) and certainly leave it uncleated! I made this mistake as a kid on a Hobie 14, and years later the first time I sailed a big, stable Tornado. Flipped both times. Slow learner, but now I know. Good luck!
  7. Also check out Eric LeRouge's designs. Some have had limited production, and others are one off. Outremer 55L has narrower beam than 55 "normal", and that is where most of the L comes from. A good friend has an original 55 and loves it. Heading back to So Pacific soon, apparently. Dockage costs more, and the 55s of that generation have smaller interiors than a leopard 40 for example. I second that the Leopard 40 sails poorly. The 44 a bit better, and the 48 a bit more, but none go like the older 46. We elected to restore an old Catana 471. As ever, there was more to the refit than anticipated, but we were investing in ourselves, we like to say. I think there may be a Catana 401 for sale called AlyKat (ex Kaya) that belonged to a friend. I have done miles on her, and she was a great boat back then, and worth a look if you want a 40.
  8. Never was

    Wilderness 30 "Yahoo"

    That's a good kind of bug! I remember the wild stories from MORA SF-SD races on Special Ed. Those are great boats. Good luck with your project!
  9. Never was


    Haji, sorry for your loss. But what a great thread you inspired! While I did not grow up in Norcal, sailors like Skip & Dave Wahle, along with several others were who we looked up to as kids. They seemed more "adventurous" than the hot sailors from SoCal. When I started doing big boat sailing, they turned out to be down to earth regular guys who would take time out to answer newbie questions. Some of my favorite sails have been beer cans down to Capitola and back with various members of the Santa Cruz mafia. A big part of the legend of Imp, and all that followed, was the crew of Improbable. Hoping you can hang on to her. I think you def. need some Easy Rider singlets! Cheers, all!
  10. Never was

    Jim Bishop Sr. - Fair winds and following seas

    Fair Winds Jim. My condolences to the family. Racing Mokuahi was a trip.
  11. Never was

    Looking for B&G Depth Transducer

    I believe I have one, but will not be back to the boat until later this month. Boat is in Charleston. Where are you?
  12. Never was

    What was it?

    One of those Brit built Peterson 39s? A Tom Wylie IMS boat?
  13. Never was

    Dufour Yachts - what's the Skinny?

    There is a newer Dufour (Felci design) here, and somehow they shipped it out with the rudder post 12 degrees (no shit!) out of plumb. Owner having a hell of a time getting it resolved. This from a brand trying to reenter US market.
  14. Never was

    what is it?

    Scooter forgot you can never go back
  15. Never was

    Radar Reflectors, whats everyone using

    So... they all suck, so may as well put up the skinny Plastimo that sucks worse, but is lighter and more aero. I took off an old plastimo when we replaced our diamonds, knowing they sucked, and thinking there was something newer and better. We have AIS. I guess a Davis hoisted temporarily could be a better solution than a permanent plastimo. Least worst conundrum. Ugh.