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  1. Modern rigging for bobstays

    Experienced opinions wanted: I am looking for a good solution to attach tack blocks & bobstays to outer end of our 5" carbon sprit pole. I have this idea of a delrin cylinder turned to match ID of pole. I can insert a piece of my old -40 rod diamonds in the concentric center of the cylinder, threading in on one end, and attach loups to this rod, which would then pass through relieved pockets or channels in the delrin that line up with openings in the carbon pole. One loup for each bobstay and a basket loup for reaching forestay. The delrin is heavy, but I want to avoid metal on carbon. How does this idea rate? I would like to hear what people have seen work well in this situation. We will bond in a stopper ridge to control delrin plug afterward movement. Possibly another bit to prevent rotation of plug in the pole. I want to do something clean and simple, without heaps of dyneema wraps and half hitches everywhere. Our boat is a Catana 471 cat, weighing about 25000#. Reaching genoa just under 1000 square feet. Any idea of how to work out forestay loads? We have option of structural furler/pinned forestay & 1:1 halyard OR hoisting sail on torsion line with 2:1 halyard & 2:1 tack line. Leaning toward the hoisted 2:1 setup, but welcome ideas. Halyard now goes through 2200# Spinlock XCS. I ordered a 6000# Cousin Trestec sock stopper, and am also considering a Harken Halyard tensioner (Pinned adjustable car on track with halyard pennant to hoist.) I need to decide soon. To attach bobstays to bows, I am waffling between tried and true padeyes, and Ropeye Pro. I am curious about longevity of Ropeye Pro. Originally we were planning to use a G-10 rod, machined into a thimble, penetrating each bow, or an outer flanged variant with diamond knot stopper set in outer end, but the other two options will be easier, and likely just as effective. Fire away! Thanks
  2. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Well done lads! Break down the door.
  3. We shared a crane last April with a Lagoon 450. Crane scales are just relative, but 450 clocked 44,000 lbs. When they lifted our older Catana 471, Lagoon owner asked crane operator what our boat weighed. He about shat when the operator told him 24,000 lbs. Current generation Lagoons, Leopards, FPs, and even Catanas are heavy. I see a lot of the older Lagoon 47 & 57s being refurbed, and they sail so much better than the new condomarans. We are certainly spending our share refurbing this 20 year old Catana, but I think she is worthy. Ask me in a year!
  4. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    In addition to the above suggestions, there are a few old Farr 727s around here and there. Olson 25 would be palatial vs Moore. Slower, but likely less expensive. I would think Wavelength a bit over canvassed for single handing. Lots of old MORC boats rotting here & there. Lindenburg 26, Capo 26, Wavelength 30 jump to mind. Sov 26 is a good design if not too soggy. I would also consider Laser 28. As mentioned above, tape yer wallet shut and go crew on boats like this. Then pull the trigger if you are still dreaming of Webb's adventures. Webb Chiles is not a typical person, and what he does is certainly not for everyone.
  5. John MacLaurin. RIP.

    That was John. His teams were always in the running for the fun prize, win lose or draw, and they won a lot. This is evidenced by how his team stayed together over decades. He will be missed.
  6. cool or horrifying?

    J 92 guys are having fun, and while there is heaps of room for improvement, we learn by doing. If I may suggest trimming the main upwind, and the vang down. Helm seemed tentative and this could be from lack of main trim. Flat is fast, and hatchboards are a good call on days like that. I took a Mull/Dono Pocket Rocket 22 out in 30+ with some surfing buddies and one sailor when in my late teens. All good until rudder broke. I learned why anchors need chain that day. Skipping anchor! When rudder finally severed, I dove off into 60 degree water to retrieve it, paddled back to boat and we punched holes in the blade and lashed it to spin pole for a Huck Finn steering oar. This got us from Fernald's Pt the couple of miles back upwind into SB harbor. I was thankful to have another sailor aboard. Thanks, Marty! Everyone stayed cool, and that made all the difference. In fact, two of our guys swam in to some divorcees' beach house at Miramar to call harbor patrol (no VHF or cell phone) and were invited into her hot tub! We were all surfers, and used to wind and waves and cold water. Don't be afraid to test your abilities. This is why Europeans and Antipodeans often kick Yank ass in big breeze. They are racing, and Yank is surviving. Plus back in my day our designs tended to be beamier for flat water and lighter air, and a narrow form goes through big seas better. Go big or go home! Giddyup, Joku!
  7. Downwind in a Lagoon 440

    Really all you need are spin sheets & blocks, You could use dock lines for tack lines to bow cleats. This is presuming a decent level of experience. Pay attention to halyard chafe. G'luck!
  8. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    They moved here for work?
  9. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    This is God's punishment for the Obama presidency...or Ted Cruz...or Alexis Texas...or...
  10. J 121

    122 like 109 is an IRC optimized design. 121 seems more in the lighter, faster, damn the rating family like 111 & 88 to a certain extent.
  11. Ironies. So, NYYC hosted a multi regatta. Featured boat in front page vid had designer of the boats that broke GB (Nigel) & BAR wing trimmer dude crewing. This was a stretched 55 that the owner probably had to pay for twice to get her finished after PJ did what he does. Glancing at the results, she finished but one race in 4th. As the voiceover expounds on how cool it is that Gunboats can fly a hull, we are treated to a shot of the Bieker designed Fujin (from astern!) flying a hull. Final irony for me was the oldest boat in the fleet, and the only non-Irens GB on hand (the well sailed Elvis) wins going away. Go JC! Dig those tillers.
  12. Crowther 43 project.

    That she is!
  13. DIY Wing Mast Questions

    While a fan of allies and sailmaker's thimbles, I concur. Amsteel is tolerant stuff.
  14. Mounting hatch lens

    I used VHB tape on non-self-adhasive velcro for our plastic headliner panels, with self-adhesive double lock at the hard points. I am impressed, and wonder if it will work on my leaking side windows. (Catana 471) Windows are pretty big, but it seems like an easier fix than silicone. Of course, once bonded with VHB, edges will need to be filled with Silicone. BTW, is Dow 795 comparable with GE Silpruf 2000?
  15. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Di Hard was sister to Bondi Tram, but with halyards up. And someone asked after Great News, 1987 Farr 50. Last I knew, she sold to Barcelona after charter to USA Admiral's Cup team in 1989.