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  1. caption contest

    Better book in for a "stack pac, track, and tack" wax at the local salon!
  2. caption contest

    New bowman to owner: Righto skip, what sort of spi takedown do you want? Skipper: Well I mounted the last prick who tried to do a Samouri douse on this boat, on the bowsprit - so you do it properly!
  3. Magregor 26's big brother at 17KTs

    The top mast slides inside the main mast, so it could pass under NY bridges. It had the largest Leisurefurl boom made to date, when it was built. I think the boat could do 23+ knots (I was on seatrials). It could have been faster if the topmast was lowered except when sailing, but it would have looked weirder. Add all the features the boat had together and it felt like impressive engineering, but styling was not copied ('nuf said).
  4. caption contest

    When I said "Hard over to leeward" I meant alter course
  5. caption contest

    I said "I'll check the luff tension whilst you ease the halyard, not dump it you moron!" Bowman Union Vs. Pitman Union.
  6. caption contest

    In a bid to increase entries for the next race, Mark Turner considers a new class!
  7. Team UK

    Are there any news hounds at the boat show tomorrow? Any announcements expected from BAR?
  8. Team UK

    Some might say you're not trying hard enough if you haven't ever hit the wreck