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    The "LaSHUNK" a user friendly proa rig...

    Still trying to manipulate people? What are you waiting for – that people will start to beg you staying here? Are you just a dilettant or are you always got to be in the limelight. You have just proven another time who the sick man here is. Prissy people like you should never go viral. And if you still don’t know what a BUMMER is, here is your translation: лентяй

    The "LaSHUNK" a user friendly proa rig...

    WetSnail, I don’t want to make any basis of authority; I should answer you with a changed acronym of KISS – „keep it simple, stupid“: “It’s physics, stupid”. I am not looking for authorities and never will be. People with unorthodox ideas are always welcome and of course they are even more welcome to try them out. When they are not successful perhaps they should better listen to those who have more ‘raw data’ and more experience. I never wanted to tell him what to do, and certainly I don’t want to give him money to build a boat for me. I build my own boats. And I would love him to be right with his ‘new idea’, but unfortunately he is not. He has nice advice from ‘foiledagain’ and ‘harryproa’ and others, but he is not interested. He is obviously not able to take any criticism. When I commented him on YouTube: that he had mixed Michael Schacht’s old idea of the Spinnaclaw with a Junk sail, and that he scared away Jo Oster off his last thread in Sailing Anarchy, and stated: ”I wish you best of luck for your crowdfunding, but I doubt that you will be very successful.” he was mortally offended and answered me: “…There are details in this comment that are YOUR OPINION. I think your personal opinion about my actions ("scared away Jo Oster", or how successful this crowdfunding will be...) should have been kept between us in the email you sent me earlier. NOT in this forum, where others reading YOUR OPINION! may jump to wrong conclusions.” And then he blocked me and deleted my comments. I don’t know if generally the people in Bulgaria are educated in this absolutely antidemocratic way, but I doubt it! Or it is just him who takes any kind of criticism so bad and acts in such a incomprehensibly way. I for my share cannot accept such behavior. He is a swashbuckler and a whisk, and people should know it; people should be able to read all comments and come to their own conclusions. Rael is using the ‘royal we, or majestic plural (pluralis maiestatis)’ in his ridiculous Mayday post, which is definitely under the belt and shows furthermore who is here the BUMMER! I don’t think there is any more opinion needed in this matter. Have a nice day

    The "LaSHUNK" a user friendly proa rig...

    Rael is sharing his opinion, don’t we all do?... and who said anybody should ask the Bermuda rigg sailors for their opinion about Proas, or in that matter about the junk sail on a proa? …and Rael, thanks for putting back my comments. Always better when everybody can judge by himself. You are anyway a very bad populist. …and as I said earlier: I am out of here.

    The "LaSHUNK" a user friendly proa rig...

    Deleting my posts on Youtube shows even more your miserable character. You are a very criticism resistant guy who wants to re-invent the wheel. You’re asking us in your vid ‘to kick in’, to help you and even put money into this story, but you are permanent refusing intelligent help from other members of the international Proa family (Janusz, Reto, Jo Oster, etc.). The only thing you obviously have in mind is to protect your ‘reputation’ and cultivate your own image, you are nothing more than a self-centered egocentric person, just a pathetic self-promotion-er! Or do you earn money with your channel? If you would have done your homework, you could have solved all your problems by reading the thread 26 in Proafile from 2011 by James, Michael and Diazo. Terho Halme (builder of successful PING Pong Junk Proa) had a motto: only shared knowledge can grow! You should listen and learn from more sophisticated people. When you want to remain a Showboater, be my guest, I am out of here and of course I cancel my invitation to Greece! Go on with your show off behavior.