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  1. msouth

    Anyone have a Catri

    dragrace sweden to Danmark open sea Catri and Farrier
  2. msouth

    Anyone have a Catri

    Someone told me Catri is the only trimaran maker not lying about the boat weight
  3. msouth

    How fast does a turtled trimaran drift?

    Did Rangna ship leave without picking up the F-33 ?
  4. msouth

    Corsair 970

  5. Canting of rig might be good, but to make it practical and safe a differential sheeting system arranged on a track must be in place. Instead let the foil take the rig loads,
  6. Just as a reference, I was just reading the racing rules for cayak boats, they are open to use any build material but foil mounted on rudder is not allowed, this may be an indication that the drag is not an issue using rudder foil.
  7. In the T-35 case, make sure you use open mesh nets.
  8. A t-foil on the rudder may create some drag, but onthe other hand it can be placed so that it is surfing on the backwave crested by the main hull in lower speeds sah less than 9 knots, then it actually behaves like if the main hull was a bit longer in the waterline And move the deplacement speed up a bit.
  9. T35 =Sc30 in speed. My add on foil to the daggerboard end is not adding much strain, but also add lift even when daggerboard is not fully submerged, So it creates lift sailing fast with say 50 % or less dagger down
  10. First of all, stay away from monohulls they are too boring, I trailer a Catri , 8 x 8 m trimaran , 1200 kg trailer weight, I use a 2 wheel 1800 kg total weight trailer. The Catri fold like farrier and has seperate bathroom and seperate aft cabin, 1.89 m headroom.
  11. msouth

    Neutral Helm

    Take the wideness of the trimaran into the calculation, it will balance out as the force of the rig is not 90 deg to boat moving direction It is more forward in direction.
  12. msouth

    Trimaran Foiling Systems

    Just note that , flying is not a permament mode,there is always some assisted mode involved.