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  1. cyclone

    Lyle Mays Played these over and over American Garage Off Ramp As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
  2. cyclone

    Robert Johnson

    Try Mississippi John Hurt.
  3. cyclone

    Fixing my beachcat rudders

    Suspecting that there is significant moisture in the core you may want to consider something like G-Flex epoxy once it's cleaned out.
  4. The local iceboat club recently recommended VentuSky which I really like but I still mostly use the hourly forecast graphs on the NOAA National Weather Service Seven Day forecast site.
  5. cyclone

    Puppy Pictures

    Corgis come in two varieties. The smaller more common Pembroke (no tail) and the larger Cardigans which we have. Think big dog in a compact package. They are smart, agile, and energetic herders. They shed at least twice a year so regular brushing helps. I think chewing has more to do with boredom than breed but it has never been a problem. We had two dogs for a long time so they may have entertained one another. They are expressive dogs and tend to be clowns. Aggressive behavior would be unusual.
  6. cyclone

    Puppy Pictures

    The plan was to wait six months after our last Corgi died before considering another dog. The plan lasted two days. Meet Wally.
  7. cyclone

    Sunset pictures

    Setting snow moon
  8. cyclone

    US Toboggan Nationals!

    To quote an old Yankee Magazine article, "The louder you scream the faster you go!" Today's conditions should have been epic.
  9. cyclone

    Sunset pictures

  10. cyclone

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    Pre Chuck Berry
  11. cyclone


    A missed opportunity to invite someone to go sailing on such a cool boat.