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  1. cyclone

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?
  2. cyclone

    What's at your bird feeder ?

    Either a Cooper’s or Sharp-shinned Hawk. Can’t see the head profile well enough to tell. Size would suggest the Cooper’s.
  3. cyclone

    Tire Chains

    New grippy snow tires or all season? All seasons are poor on any snow and worthless on ice. Chains or cables are a pain and only meant for low speeds on covered roadways. Does your VRBO know of a local shuttle service you could use if conditions get bad? Can you rent a vehicle with appropriate tires?
  4. cyclone

    Tea Anarchy

    PG Tips Gold No Yerba mate fans?
  5. cyclone

    Solar array 1 year update

    Side benefit of the panels on the barn roof is that they act as a solar shield and overall keep the inside cooler during the day.
  6. cyclone

    Solar array 1 year update

    UGrid connected systems have manual shutdowns as well and as automatic shutdowns to prevent back feed in case of a power outage. We have a year old 9 kWp system and a 10.56 kWp array installed this October. The 9 kWp unit produced just over 10 MWh in its first year. So much for 44 degrees north. Panels do seem to be more efficient in cooler weather. We were fortunate to be able to participate in a group buy on MDI to receive a big discount. Maine is currently net meter neutral. No point to produce surplus power.
  7. cyclone

    Sunset pictures

  8. cyclone

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Cool pictures
  9. cyclone

    Sunset pictures

    Expecting a cold night
  10. cyclone

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    Thanks, and I’ll add Time Bandits
  11. No mention yet of Bob Marley?
  12. cyclone

    Best Movie Ever

    A Fish Called Wanda- “Disappointed!” Repeated by Zorg (Gary Oldman) in The Fifth Element Nearly any line by Bill Murray in Caddy Shack
  13. cyclone

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Lars and the Real Girl Buckaroo Banzai
  14. cyclone

    Best Movie Ever

    To avoid obvious choices such as Citizen Kane and Gone with the Wind, I will nominate Little Big Man