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  1. In high school mine was a ‘52 Chevy. I was lucky to find an FM radio with a 6v-12v switch.
  2. cyclone

    My tomb

    Rest in pieces
  3. cyclone

    My tomb

    Being converted to ashes is ok but I would prefer a fireworks rocket ride before I get dumped in the bay.
  4. Nope. Sorry, it’s been a while.
  5. cyclone

    Sunset pictures

  6. cyclone

  7. Brake pads and tires are consumables, drivetrain and engine not so much. My first SAAB had freewheeling, no engine braking there. For me a manual transmission = driving, an automatic = transportation. I do prefer an auto for boat ramps. Clutches seem to last longer in the absence of teenage drivers. Best lesson I know for teaching how to drive a manual was to have the student get the vehicle going on a flat surface with no throttle.
  8. cyclone

    The BLUES

    For anyone who wanted to know
  9. cyclone

    The BLUES

  10. Leaves are falling...
  11. cyclone

    Progressives Rock

    tough crowd to please