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  1. cyclone

    What filler will hide thin gaps

    West Six10 cures to a light amber color, has a nice thickness to work into cracks, and can be mixed in small amounts directly from the tube. A transparent filler can be less noticeable under the gloss of the varnish.
  2. cyclone

    Battery / Charger replacement

    I think the chair batteries slowly discharge through the charge system when the chair is idle and are considered as consumables despite their expense . If the battery becomes too discharged it is susceptible to freezing causing permanent damage. If the voltage drops too low, most chargers won’t work unless you put another charged battery in parallel. My Sears and Battery Minder chargers are both over 25yr old and work fine. A Battery Minder may help particularly if you add a harness so you can just plug it in without taking the chair apart to get to the terminals. A battery disconnect to isolate the batteries when the chair is idle could work as well.
  3. cyclone

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Fein Turbo I or II
  4. cyclone

    Goddard's Lathe

    This is one of the better online instruction series coming out of MIT. It gives a fair overview of the capabilities of the different machines.
  5. cyclone

    Goddard's Lathe

    I learned basic machining on my dad’s 9” South Bend lathe that included a small milling attachment. He had a separate drill press as well. First project was a small Sterling engine. The old Model Engineer magazines frequently featured machine shops squeezed into an English closet if space is a major concern. I currently have a lathe, a vertical mill, a drill press and a metal bandsaw and would not want to be without any of them. You may want to contact a local machinist club for advice and sources of machines and materials. YouTube has many good sites explaining basic machining techniques. Bottom line you can do a lot with a lathe , a small drill mill, a vise and a hacksaw. Used equipment turns up on Craigslist. The only disadvantage of older equipment is excessive wear and lack of metric threading ability. Enjoy your retirement.
  6. cyclone

    Knots on slippery dyneema shock cord

    The Zeppelin Bend and Anglers Loop are good for shock cord and the modified bowline seems to work with dyneema. None of these will give you a smooth splice.
  7. cyclone

    What materials to use for dagger board

    A 20” x 40” by 1/2” aluminum plate weighs 39 lb!
  8. cyclone

    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    Thank you. This would be a good application for left over wiggle-wire channel.
  9. cyclone

    Publick servince message

  10. cyclone

    What Have You Done Today?

    Big day for January
  11. cyclone

    What Have You Done Today?

    Some progress on the new iceboat
  12. cyclone

    Sunset pictures