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  1. Onefly foiler

    Nothing new. It's a rebranded ifly moth: https://www.ifly.eu.com/ since the ifly15 catamaran seems to have taken over than name.
  2. Don't know about the knurled nut issue but for the insert tab I just put that back together with gorilla glue and assemble the foil. (meaning you put the pin in to position it!) Glue expands a bit and attaches everything while it doesn't stick to the aluminium strut. Concerning the roof racking, I've got the 78" round bars which I'm happy with. Have 2 straps, one goes through main block and the other through the hiking straps at the back, which is where the bars are positioned on the car. I don't find the front bridal distracting, which I have going through the mast step with some clear PVC flexible pipe so as not to abraid the line I use. Padding the roundbars does provide more surface to transfer any strapping loads. Having a slight downwards angle makes for a smoother ride. Just have to take a look at the bug splatter to see where the air flow is hitting the boat.
  3. Lube, and just work the pin into the AOA holes without the foil in. It'll get easier.
  4. closed cell eva foam. But I used that since I had some off cuts at hand. You can probably use neoprene to the same effect. A beer coozy from the dollar store might work.
  5. Essentially the progrip provides enough friction at the ramp that the rudder doesn't drop all the way down when in shallow waters. When coming back in, just need to give the rudder downhaul some slack and the rudder rises as you sail and doesn't drop when you paddle into a windless harbor.
  6. Concerning intergalactics at TFW, I'm waiting to see what the entry fees will look like. The ones for newport were $250-300. And also I don't think that you'll get a good turnout in FL in November. I think that there may be discussions during Rye concerning next years calendar and events.
  7. who's showing up at Rye? Will it just be the 6 boats currently registered or will more crawl out of the woodwork?
  8. This is the main foil strut clip I modified.
  9. I've always clipped the struts and never the foil. Never had the instinct of doing it the other way. Dremeled the tip of the clip off and put in a v-grove so that the trailing edge corner rests in it. I'll try and take a picture of it later today. Also here's a way to create enough friction to keep the rudder from sliding all the way down without the clip. Just some progrip offcut and some bungee.
  10. I need to find my gopro round bar attachment and put it on the boom. I've seen Dave put it together in what seems like 15 minutes, but then again he's got plenty of practice rigging it up.
  11. So here's how to rig up foils without tipping the hull over. Works well for main and rudder assemblies. 1. Find yourself a nice foam pad for the foil. 2. Insert the rod and tighten. 3. Insert the strut, paying attention to the position of the retaining clip (see point 5) 4. Lift foil into the strut and support (optional, you can just ram the strut on to the foil and then clip it on once all assembled) 5. Notice the retaining clip on the trailing edge of the strut. 6. Thread the actuating rod into the strut and insert the support rod into the wand holder 7. Tighten the nut, place the pin and wind the bungee around to keep it supported. Makes sense now?
  12. Having foils extend 6 inches underwater doesn't really help you get over waves.
  13. Just a note about rigging the foils and struts. I think that Dave is blessed with having lots of grass so tipping boats isn't an issue for him. For those of us dealing with pavement and parking lots, no need to tip the boat over, just get some foam pads to lay the foils on in position, then tighten the connecting rods to the foils, thread the rod through the strut and push the strut into the rudder head/main pod and tighten the locking nut to finish it off. I can post pictures if needed.