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  1. Here's how I have my setup with Yakima 78" roundbars. I think I'm using 1.5" straps at the main block and rear hiking straps. The bridal at the front really serves as a safety and visual reminder that I have a boat on my roof since I don't see the hull when I'm driving. Seen here in the Blue Ridge mountains.
  2. Merde2

    Route du Rhum 2018

    you think next time someone will connect the bike to a prop like they do at the R2AK?
  3. Merde2

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Gabart only 500m astern now.
  4. Merde2

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Commentators: 4.8kts for Joyon. 6.5kts for Gabart.
  5. Merde2

    Route du Rhum 2018

    AIS still has joyon in front. Commentators are saying 0.5nm lead with 2nm to go.
  6. Merde2

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Masif just pulled ahead on AIS. Heartbreaking.
  7. Merde2

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Too close to call on AIS, good refresh rate though: Is Idec still trailing that fishing net?
  8. For bags I've been using these Mountainsmith coolers. They were on sale at MEC. Shop around and you can find them for cheaper than their web site. I attach it between the cunningham anchor eyelet and the dolly handle with some marlow I thread through the end points on the cooler tube. It's big enough to carry a floating line, water bottle and a few granola bars. Obviously, it can also handle a sixpack if you're so inclined.
  9. Champlain sailor - Were the 7 pin blocks really that much of an issue? I'm running with them and am happy. Took a day to lube it up and to work each pin hole a bit until it all ran smooth.
  10. Main Foil Trunk - Shim the bottom with four squares of progrip (EVA foam) and some sail tape. Works great for me and no problem gliding the strut in or out. I used scraps that were laying around for this. It's been in place for more than a year without needing replacement.
  11. Yes, I steer into the tack, duck onto the new side and push the main out. So if you're on starboard tack, you tack, get to your old leeward and end up pushing/backwinding the main to starboard. The push isn't a nudge with the shoulder. Think heisman trophy. If you need more leverage, get on your new leeward side. Digging in a back corder can help rotate the hull too. Min AOA has thread showing. I don't go as far as having the tiller hit the knob. This setting tends to keep my bows enough out of the water and from submarining. I can see having issues if your weight is too far backwards and the bows aren't making proper contact with the water.
  12. If I'm not tacking with enough speed I let go of the main sheet and the tiller during the tack. Try pushing the main out with both hands. You need to have momentum to get your bows low enough, so a snagged mainsheet can end up being problematic. Make sure that it can run through the block. While you're doing this, the rudder generally goes with the least resistance, no need to handle it if done properly. When you're at the end of the push, the rudder tends to swing the other way to round you up, catch it, keep it in the middle or bearing away while you pump your mainsheet. All of this happens quickly. If you do get stuck, remember that it takes momentum sailing backwards to get out. I find I need at least half rudder on with Min AOA trim and weight forward enough to keep the boat level or the bows digging in slightly. Don't pinch and you should be fine.
  13. there's also a paid training camp on labor day weekend. Any interest in a midwinters?