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  1. Scanas, I parted company with Hudsons quite some time ago. I will not be making any more more posts on Sailing Anarchy. The list of structural failures in my boats will be updated on my web site if there are any additional details to add, not on Sailing Anarchy. You, and anyone else on this forum is welcome to contact me directly by email with any questions you may have. Best Regards, Tony www.graingerdesigns.net graingerdesigns@gmail.com
  2. Hi Peter (Hackett) Thanks for a productive post. Yes I would be happy to build an owner's support page but we really don't have any use for one right now. We have no trimarans in production, our designs only get built in relatively small numbers and there are no recurring problems that I'm aware of that would be served by a public support page. Owners and builders are always welcome to call me for advice. In the future I will be using the hat configuration to build production trimaran beams as described on the web site http://www.graingerdesigns.net As for pulling out -it was a mistake for me to post on this forum. I don't find the discussion all that productive and it distracts me from my work. I will again withdraw, and yes I know I will be attacked for that as well. Be attacked for staying or being attacked for leaving. I returned to the forum because I was inspired by Tony Ellen's suggestion of posting all failures on line. I will be posting them on my web site as well. Regards, Tony Grainger
  3. Thanks Oreana, crow was delicious
  4. List of known structural failures in boats by Grainger Designs since January 1986 Rig failures not included Ocean Emu 43’ Offshore high performance trimaran. 2 major beam failures due to faulty design. 3 MTB920’s Brisbane, Central Queensland, Melbourne, Two of them due to faulty design. All in the early 1990’s except one (Melbourne) which was mid to late 1990's There was another recent failure in an MTB920 (2015?). It had recently had the plywood front beam replaced due to rot. The rear beam failed shortly afterward. I expect the boat was at least 25 years old. And Hard Yakka (built late 1987) 8m trailerable had some beam problems due to rot. I’m not sure of the details. Ian Farrier recently sent me a photo of an Essential 8 that had some patching done around one of the folding pins. I mention it here because apparently Ian believes this is serious. He sent me a photo. A number of other broken bits and pieces like catamaran beam bolts that could be considered fair wear and tear over time. Daggerboards and rudders not included. I am happy to update this list with any notification from owners of failures that have not been included.
  5. Hi Tony, Yes what a nice idea. I will be preparing a complete dossier on my beam failures that I know of and posting, hopefully within the next 24 hours or so. Regards, Tony Grainger
  6. My post in the comments area on the tradeonly web site was one of the six taken down at 9am China time this morning - one can only presume at the behest of Hudson's lawyers http://www.tradeonly...inese-boatyard/ I have reposted it along with some related articles on my own web site www.graingerdesigns.net/news-views-design-topics/who-owns-the-project/ Tony Grainger
  7. Firstly I don't believe I said the boat would be a little heavier than the Seacart. I believe I said it would not be as light as the Seacart. This boat was never intended to be a grand prix racer and comparisons with the Seacart 30 are not valid unless you point out some of the important differences. The Seacart 30 has tube beams. They are very light and practical and they work fine but they don't fold. I don't know the interior volume of the Seacart but I suspect it is considerably less than the RAW30. The Seacart 30 is purpose specific. You can't buy a less expensive version using the same hulls that offers up to six berths, a settee and enclosed head. And if the price suggested for the Seacart 30 on this forum is correct or even close to the money then the price difference is significantly higher than the weight difference. The Airplay trimarans are designed as a production boat to fill a gap in the production boat market. That gap existed because the boats that employ the Farrier folding system until now have never taken advantage of modern multihull technology to optimise the performance of the boats. And that's exactly what I set out to do when Richard Ward approached me to design these boats in June 2011. I believe Corsair have built and sold well over 1000 boats and growing. Boats like the Seacarts are great. But they will never be built and sold in those numbers. Early in 2012 Richard took the decision not to tool up for the new boats and built the Cruz 950 instead. I had designed two models based on the same hull and cabin shapes, one with aft cabin, one with open cockpit. And there was talk of an all carbon version with the mast further aft and a bigger rig. This boat only ever got to concept stage when I was with Corsair. It's the boat we're discussing here now. In May 2012 I was approached by Hudsons and I showed them the drawings for the production folding trimarans. We made an agreement to put them into production starting with the RAW30. I never expected the RAW30 to be a big seller, it was intended more as a flagship for the Airplay brand and specifically the Sport and Sports plus models. But we already have a second RAW30 ordered and under construction and I believe two more orders are close to being confirmed. I expect the Sport and Sport plus version will be sailing before the end of the year. Regarding the question about twin rudders, taller mast, foils and canting rigs; The twin rudders are a certainty as an upgrade. We just have to make a small adjustment to the case and they bolt straight on the transoms. It is likely the RAW will offer different rig heights to allow for a variety of wind conditions around the world, but the other production boats will probably only offer two rig heights. Keep in mind that even at 14m and carbon construction the mast can be a handful to raise and lower if you are going to be trailering often. The other features are under development or under consideration. They have to be user friendly, reliable and reasonably priced. We have to consider all of these factors carefully. Having said that, We have a hugely enthusiastic and skilled team on this project. The guys looking after the construction are from Hakes Marine who build offshore racing yachts from the world's leading designers, and are also the builders of the SL33. Scott McCook is looking after marketing and sales in Asia and possibly some other areas. Scott is very well known for his exploits in multihulls, high speed power boats and motorbikes. He's one of the top multihull sailors in Asia and is highly regarded amongst fellow competitors at events like the Kings Cup. Between myself, Scott, and the Hakes team we are committed to getting these boats to the absolute pinnacle in construction, design technology and support, within the intended market spectrum. And we will continue to pursue all avenues of development to keep the designs at the peak. Tony G
  8. Hi Nuddy, Mast height is 14m. neat. We don't have a final weight measurement yet but it will not be less than the Seacart. We haven't set out to nail the world speed record here. It's a good all round performance package using the same hulls and floats as the Sport and Sport Plus boats, incorporating the Farrier folding system. It's very impressive how easily the boat folds on the water. Twin rudders are available as an upgrade. Tony G
  9. Scott McCook has trialled the RAW30 (10th to 13th October) and written a detailed review (about nine pages I believe) with some excellent photos by Karen Otton. Scott sent me a brief email with some performance data shortly after stepping off the boat on day three. He has kindly given me permission to publish the content of the email and you can find it on the rocketfactorytrimarans.com web site in the Airplay pages (RAW- Performance) Tony G
  10. Hi Wombat, I have an idea of the weight. We weighed the boat about three weeks before she was launched and I extrapolated some numbers from that - but lets see what the loads cells say next time she comes out of the water. Tony
  11. Scott McCook (Prosail Asia) has just spent three days in Xiamen giving the RAW30 a bit of a workout - and sounds like he's pretty impressed. I've posted a couple of pics on the Rocket Factory web site rocketfactorytrimarans.com They were lucky to have a good range of breeze to give the boat a thorough workout under all sail combinations- over 20 knots one day. I'll be posting more on the site in the coming weeks and no doubt Scott will also be posting on his site; http://www.prosail-asia.com Stay tuned, Tony G
  12. Hi Nuddy! Send me an email (or Skype /phone). graingerdesigns.net T
  13. The Airplay team is in the final stages of getting their web site operational. I'll let you know on this forum when it's online. Tony G