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  1. I think KC375 has the right approach, what is the reason for it? Years ago I was a yearly crew member at a club I raced at regularly. It was around $300/year if I recall and it provided the crew member access to the club and use of the facilities for 6 months/year. In comparison an associate membership was $900 and offered year round access and a few other rights. So essentially a crew membership was a great deal, and if people signed up, it brought in revenue from crew that otherwise would not be paying anything. I regularly promoted it as the best deal of the summer and while I almost only raced club nights would use the facilities (restaurant and pool) maybe 2-5 times/summer, which also generated revenue. From what I heard there were a few people that were signing on as crew members and using the club all the time which upset the senior members. Somewhere along the way they changed the enforcement to say that the crew membership only allowed crew to use the facilities during race events; however, this was not communicated in the application which I checked every year to make sure I was being compliant. Then one day I take my daughter down to the club on a Saturday morning when an overnight race was coming in. Plan was to say hi to some friends as they finished the race, expose her to the sport I hoped she would love as much as I did (spoiler alert, she doesn't), have some lunch and go for a swim. When we went to the pool the lifeguard informed me that crew members were not allowed to use the pool, contrary to the application when I signed up that year. The funny thing is she had a list of the crew members on a clipboard that were not allowed and it was only 10-15 people. I figured there were over 150 crew regularly racing at the club over the summer and only 15 were actually paying membership fees and the club was actively trying to limit their use of the facilities. End result, left the club that day and contacted another club in the area (also more expensive) and proceed to join as a full paying senior member. Long story short, I see a benefit to crew memberships but think they should be used as an incentive to get new people in the sport into the club in some capacity. When I hear talks from clubs about charging crew memberships the message is - these people are taking advantage of our club and we want money from them. Instead it should be, look at all the great benefits you can get from from this membership and being a part of this club. There will always be people that try to take advantage of it but better to deal with them individually. Also, as has been the case for a long time sailing needs more younger people to get involved and the reality is they are not lining up to join clubs or even come out and crew. Putting up more barriers is not going to help the cause.
  2. Fluffy

    Lake Michigan Sailors - Road Trip Ideas

    Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming! Some really cool suggestions that I would never have found on my own. I'm coming from Toronto so thinking about driving straight to Holland/Grand Haven and then going counter clockwise from there. Normally try for about 10 days total but can do a bit more if worthwhile. Also leaning towards trying to go through Chicago for the start of the Mac. Despite all my best efforts my daughter has no interest in sailing but seemed to think seeing the start of the race would be cool when I brought it up last night. Grrr... - Traverse City and the Sleeping Bear Dune are definitely on the list now Rum Runner - Will be doing Door County as well. We believe that if you say you are going to circumnavigate the lake you need to see it all. That's why last year when going around Lake Superior we made a point of going to Copper Harbour, which was actually pretty cool. Any suggestions on places to stay there? Bay Racer - Maritime museums are right up our alley, will try to squeeze both in bmiller - 5 years and counting and we both look forward to each one. Trying to cover off our backyard to start, then when she gets older and doesn't want to go roadtrippin' with dad anymore I'll pull out the big guns - NYC, Pacific Coast Highway, etc. Monkey - The waterpark should give the rugrat something to look forward to, will likely end up there roaming_wayne - That place looks very cool, never would have thought of that but will likely be stopping there arcpix - Think you've sold me on Milwaukee, always wanted to go there anyways. If we happen to be there on a Wednesday night and have time for a race will reach out austin1972 - We will be passing through your hood and once I know the day will give you a heads up. We hit up a bunch of lighthouses on Lake Superior so should give a few on Michigan a look, Fishtown looks pretty cool too. On a separate note, if anyone is thinking about driving around Lake Superior, I strongly encourage it and feel free to reach out. Found lots of great places and as mentioned above, it's worth the drive to Copper Harbour for one night. Drive is beautiful and the town is really quiet and has a truly remote feeling, reminded me of when we went to Moosanee. The crazy thing about Copper Harbour is it's a tiny little town (pop. 108 according to Wikipedia) and the best motel room was like a step back into the 60's. But they have a restaurant overlooking Lake Superior that is as good as any I've been to in Toronto - http://www.harborhaus.com/ So we typically do only one night at each stop to enable us to see as much as possible. But it's nice to have a bit of a break midway. Is there a place on the western shore that would be worthwhile doing 2-3 nights? Something a bit more resorty where the kid can swim while I nap.
  3. Looking to plan a road trip around Lake Michigan this summer with my 11 year old daughter. We've been around Ontario, Erie and Superior with Huron and Michigan still to go. Michigan is on tap for 2020 with Huron set for 2021. Already decided that Mackinac Island will be part of the Huron trip. So where are some places that we should stop on our tour of Lake Michigan? Some general parameters are; -At 11 years old, pools, beaches and even possibly a water park are always popular -Learning about the history of the area is always fun, daughter really liked learning about the shipwrecks, lighthouses and the iron ore industry when going around Superior. -Generally prefer smaller towns over bigger cities. Not opposed to stopping in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago etc, but not the first option. -Not equipped for camping so hotels, and B&B's are required. Open to any suggestions, regions or specific places to look into. Any hidden gems along the shoreline?
  4. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Very happy over on Bravo course as well. 4 great races for the 105's and 3 for the rest of us which was just fine by me for the first full day of the year. Looking forward to the lake warming up a bit.
  5. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Agreed, tough conditions last weekend but the RC on Bravo ran 6 great races between the two days. Can't speak to the band though, I was chilled to the bone and packed it in early, I'll call that my one pass for the year. Funny enough they are predicting 30 degrees for the Susan Hood this year. That might just make me do it for the first time in 10 years.
  6. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Didn't see that one coming. Looks like that weekend will be an automatic on the schedule. The last "Youngstown" ever, I can only imagine what will happen.
  7. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Absolutely a great weekend, although the BBQing was a little tougher than expected. Anyone have tips for lighting the Q upwind? Most races took us half the upwind just to get it started. Thanks Barkley and NYC. Official BBQ fleet next year?
  8. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I'm in for Owners. I hear it is going to be a smokin' time!
  9. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Nope. But we did try and hit Ripper at ABYC (the person not his boat). Unfortunately he moved and we got the boat he was on.
  10. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I can't remember the last time I was on a boat on Lake Ontario that hit another boat. Very courteous we are.
  11. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Bill Visser did a kick ass job as RC on Charlie course for LYRA. It was nice to see a guy actually have fun on a comittee boat while running good races and making sensible decisions in difficult conditions. Anybody have any stories from Saturday night? I heard that some may have had a little too much fun...
  12. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Owners was as good as it could've been given the G20 and weather. Certainly not the best in recent years but it is what it is, we still had a great time. PCYC is going to be a great regatta with warm sunshine and great, steady winds. You heard it here first...
  13. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    You'd better believe it. Just bring lots of beer because it will not be a quick drive down Queens Quay to get to the beer store. Arrive by boat, leave by boat and try not to leave the club.
  14. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Let your friend know that I will be on bear necessity friday evening if he wants to talk about race course positioning. Alec, I can't respond to PMs from work so call me at 905-338-7224 if you get a chance. Cheers, Dave
  15. Fluffy

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    We were racing at ABYC and won our division. Tonight 4 of our crew travelled to a different club to race on the boat that finished last that weekend to help them get up to speed faster. Commaradaries and good natured fellowship do exist; it is just unfortunate that those that don't believe in it tend to be more vocal. Interestingly enough, my experience tonight didn't happen because we are wonderful, generous teachers. It happened because a boat chose to show up at the start line regardless of their experience, bring a great attitude and be open to help. Hopefully you're young friend will try again and maybe you can join him for a day or set him up with someone that can help teach him how to get around the race course. Every boat on the start line counts. Hey Fluffy, good karma brother. Respect. Maybe you and the crew can come with us one day and get us up to speed seeing as we came third last I don't think we can help you go back when you are over early. Maybe hold off on the rummers until after the race. I've been trying to get a hold of you. Any interest in sailing RCYC this weekend? If anybody else is PM me.