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  1. Golf Vacation

    Thanks for all your input. The planning got shelved for a bit and forgot about this thread but we are back in play. Taxman - I like your suggestion about Williamsburg. Haven't looked much into the golfing yet but the vacation rentals are way more interesting than the never ending list of condo rentals in Myrtle Beach. Which I'm sure is nice but not quite my style.
  2. Golf Vacation

    Looking to book a golf getaway sometime in May and looking for advice on location. First requirement is somewhere warm in May and beyond that anywhere in North/South America. Other priorities -Good selections of rental accommodations, would prefer not to stay in a hotel -Good access to great food, we like to cook -Nice golf courses, doesn't have to be the best in the world though -Close to the water Where have you been and what would you suggest?
  3. Sea Shepherd gets a new ship!

    Watson will be all over those poachers like a club on a baby seal...
  4. Best Internet Video

    This one https://www.youtube.com/embed/oMGQXktuYfI My daughter was just a baby when it came out and it made me cry thinking about the possibilities. Now I've got a contender https://www.youtube.com/embed/aOeq0tzvdcw
  5. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Very happy over on Bravo course as well. 4 great races for the 105's and 3 for the rest of us which was just fine by me for the first full day of the year. Looking forward to the lake warming up a bit.
  6. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Agreed, tough conditions last weekend but the RC on Bravo ran 6 great races between the two days. Can't speak to the band though, I was chilled to the bone and packed it in early, I'll call that my one pass for the year. Funny enough they are predicting 30 degrees for the Susan Hood this year. That might just make me do it for the first time in 10 years.
  7. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Didn't see that one coming. Looks like that weekend will be an automatic on the schedule. The last "Youngstown" ever, I can only imagine what will happen.
  8. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Absolutely a great weekend, although the BBQing was a little tougher than expected. Anyone have tips for lighting the Q upwind? Most races took us half the upwind just to get it started. Thanks Barkley and NYC. Official BBQ fleet next year?
  9. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I'm in for Owners. I hear it is going to be a smokin' time!
  10. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Nope. But we did try and hit Ripper at ABYC (the person not his boat). Unfortunately he moved and we got the boat he was on.
  11. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I can't remember the last time I was on a boat on Lake Ontario that hit another boat. Very courteous we are.
  12. women of sa calendar

    Great job by everybody involved! I've ordered my two and already have a suitable home for one of them.
  13. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Bill Visser did a kick ass job as RC on Charlie course for LYRA. It was nice to see a guy actually have fun on a comittee boat while running good races and making sensible decisions in difficult conditions. Anybody have any stories from Saturday night? I heard that some may have had a little too much fun...
  14. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Owners was as good as it could've been given the G20 and weather. Certainly not the best in recent years but it is what it is, we still had a great time. PCYC is going to be a great regatta with warm sunshine and great, steady winds. You heard it here first...
  15. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    You'd better believe it. Just bring lots of beer because it will not be a quick drive down Queens Quay to get to the beer store. Arrive by boat, leave by boat and try not to leave the club.