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  1. glexpress

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    A fixed bowsprit offers the best performance, particularly when it comes to luff tension for A0 and J0's. It seems to me that J Boats leans more towards the performance of a fixed sprit than convenience of a retractable.
  2. I've been racing on the great lakes for years. Apart from a single mega wealthy zero fucks given asshole I've never encountered an individual (much less a whole crew) who throws their trash in the lakes. Come up to Mackinac in July at the end of one of the races and watch each boat take up their bags of trash and recycling up to the trash station before you pass judgement on thousands of others. I'm interested to know what boat you're talking about, since you tossed a whole region of sailors under the bus you might as well share who the actual perpetrators are.
  3. glexpress

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Some updated information that I saw on Facebook: NEW J/99 Project Update
  4. glexpress

    Collegiate sailing ....

    No, I don't suppose they drink as much as "back in the day". I think social media is part to blame, I can't imagine what kind of life I'd have today if those college years were documented that well.
  5. glexpress

    Sad Sack 12?

    I don't know if it's Tim's boat or not. But "someday" could be a long ways off. Tim is quite a busy man.
  6. glexpress

    Collegiate sailing ....

    Kids aren't as tough anymore. They don't race that regatta on Thanksgiving weekend these days.
  7. glexpress

    Sad Sack 12?

    This boat (Sad Sack 12) on the Clinton River is at Sarns Marine. It's been there since I've been going up there. She spent a little time on the bottom IIRC, rough looking boat.
  8. glexpress

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    I sailed in HS and College in the US, as well as coached a HS team. I traveled to events where the host school had outlier boats (not FJ or 420). My experience has been that the outcome of the event is not vastly different than it should be. Meaning the good schools that normally win still win, the not so good schools trail the fleet. Conversely when the school that has outlier boats travels and races on FJ's or 420's their result isn't that different than when they sail at home. Imagine that. Two reasons to stick FJ's or 420's that have been covered are cost and parts availability, vast majority of scholastic programs are budget limited. One big reason I think is team racing. If you have a fleet of 49ers they're going to get busted up, fast if you have kids team racing them. FJ's and 420's are not exciting at face value. But I have yet to encounter anyone that was genuinely interested in sailing that didn't step up into a faster boat when the time in life came. Truth be told during my coaching stint some 15 years after college I would occasionally hop in the 420 on breezy days during practice, I had a hoot doing so.
  9. glexpress


    Short answer is that sailmaker affiliations in this town has always been a game of musical chairs. I've heard the long answer, not that exciting.
  10. glexpress

    caption contest

    Neither one, different old farts
  11. glexpress

    caption contest

    "It's not gay if it's the North Channel race."
  12. glexpress

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    17.8 on a J/111 14.7 on a J/35 Need to do better on the J/111, I've hit higher on an Express 27 and Melges 24.
  13. glexpress

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    The handful of times we had breeze on when going downwind on Freedom we HAD to have vang off, especially when doing hotter downwind angles.
  14. glexpress

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Another excellent video Blur! Flashbacks of when the owner of Freedom gave me the keys to the boat for last Tuesday night's race, sadly we didn't get to enjoy downwind angles quite as long.
  15. glexpress


    Sounds fun! Any chance you'll be out for any Saturday races the remainder of the summer?