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  1. So many regattas, so little time. Good issue to have! There will be many chances in the future to come together for events in our part of the Great Lakes. Hopefully more J111's start coming into the area until then!
  2. Agreed. This year for the owner and crew will be mostly about getting up and running and wrapping our heads around the boat. We expect to be involved in more Lake Michigan stuff in future seasons, but not the first year. There are many opportunities for us to get things going in the Huron/Erie side of the mitten. BOD, Cleveland race week, Mills and PH Mac come to mind. FYI there are presently 6 111's signed up or Bayview Mackinac. The NOR states 10 boats for a OD class, but we may be able to twist arms for a OD class with 8. A couple of more boats from Cleveland may get us over the hump.
  3. Freedom will be based out of Grosse Pointe Park, MI. She's in Cleveland right now because that's where she cleared customs. She's scheduled to sail to Lake St. Clair on Friday.
  4. The new Freedom (ex British Solider) landed in Cleveland today! Photo by eway.
  5. 4/5 Chicago-Mackinac 18 boats Port Huron Mackinac 6 boats LTYC Ugotta Regatta 1 boat 18 boats for Chi Mac, right on! That's going to be a awesome class!! Those of us on the other side of the mitten just need 2-4 of you to keep going past Mission Point and down to Port Huron. I promise you that you will not sail off the edge of the Earth, which is the only reason I can come up with after all these years of trying to figure out why fewer Chicago boats come over to play.
  6. 2/24 Chicago-Mackinac13 boats Port Huron Mackinac 6 boats. OD class is starting to look like a reality! LTYC Ugotta Regatta 1 boat. Freedom expected to register.
  7. I doubt one build is significantly better than the other. But if you're anxious to see results there will be two French built J111's on the Great Lakes this summer. Follow Shmokin Joe and Freedom.... but I'm not so sure boats sailed by FNG's to the class would be a good data point.
  8. 2/21 tally Chicago-Mackinac13 boats Port Huron Mackinac 5 boats LTYC Ugotta Regatta 1 boat. Freedom expected to register.
  9. FYI. My sources at BYC told me last weekend the threshold for a OD start in the Mac is 8.
  10. Horseshit, many great clubs have no slips at all, the members and officers volunteer out of a sincere love for the sport, sponsoring community sailing classes for kids, youth regattas, sponsoring major race series. Great people doing hard work. Ever work on the organizing committee for a major regatta or ocean race? Its eye opening how much work is involved. These people do it for free, out of love for the sport. Is it too much to ask for gentlemanly behavior when you are a guest at their club, where their wives and kids may be? You can laugh, drink, have fun, but also be respectful. I don't know the Ed, but he comes across as a twatwaffle, perhaps he should reflect on his past behavior and offer sincere apologies, or perhaps try to actually help. Try to be the guest who, after the event, the members of the host club are saying "he'd be a great member of our club", instead of "fuck, I hope that shitmitten stays gone". I agree there's lots of great things done by clubs and their volunteers that's what I mean when I say "Do yacht clubs do some good things for the sport? Absolutely" Do I volunteer? Yes I've ran regattas, adult learn to sail programs and I coach a high school sailing team... I get it. I don't know anything about the alleged behavior of ED and I don't presume I do. That's not the point. My point is the only thing worse than politics is yacht club politics. There are some people who get "in power" at yacht clubs and have a power trip. It was only a matter of time that someone who has it in for the ED came to power at a yacht club. Yacht clubs aren't the end all solution for growing and maintaining our sport by the way. In my most recent role in coaching a high school sailing team I've had the opportunity to be engaged with non profit organizations and community sailing centers not affiliated with yacht clubs. While those entities have their own imperfections I find them much preferable to deal with because they're not subjected to Commodore Douchebag getting elected on any given year. Your mileage may vary.
  11. I don’t know the facts of this instance right, wrong or otherwise. This will happen as long as yacht clubs exist. Do yacht clubs do some good things for the sport? Absolutely. But there’s always going to be BS yacht club politics. There’s always going to be those clubs that have an even higher quota of assholes. All yacht clubs are is glorified marinas where people try to feel self important and flex their political nuts. That’s life. Now to get excluded from a race? Seems like one or more persons really have it in for the ED, right, wrong or indifferent. SA is a high profile site in sailing, people over the years have become very upset with Clean and/or Ed. It was only a matter of time before one of these people got themselves a white outfit with stripes on their shoulder. I guess those outfits give people a sense of greater self importance, warranted or not. I myself have drawn the ire of a Commodore or two, it sucks, you’ll get over it eventually.
  12. 2/14 Chicago Mac got to OD pretty quick, no surprise there. Chicago-Mackinac— 11 boats Port Huron Mackinac – 4 boats LTYC Ugotta Regatta – 1 boat
  13. It's not my boat, just a new boat to crew on with old friends. Yes it's indeed the ex British Solider, she has yet to get shipped over. We're planning on doing the PH100, Windsor Overnight and an assortment of beer can races to tune up for the Mac. There is a boat in Detroit not yet signed up, 2 in Cleveland and on in Harbor Springs that all of us can work on. That would get us a OD start no problem. I have a feeling once OD critical mass is obtained that more boats will follow.
  14. 2/7 4 entries for PH Mac
  15. Summer can’t come fast enough, I’m stoked to start crewing on a J/111! Hull 84 will be leaving England for Detroit (via Cleveland) soon. The new Freedom will be in for the PH Mac and Ugotta. Chicago would just be piling too much on for the team. The owner and myself each coach high school sailing teams in the spring and the rest of the crew has busy lives. All of this coupled with a new boat getting jammed down our throats it was decided to skip the Chicago race with it being the first one this year. It’s a long trip around the Mitten and we anticipate at that point we will still need that time to get our shit together. Personally I’ll still be getting my Chi Mac fix, just on a different J Boat, Bad Dog. I’m optimistic that the PH Mac can be a OD event. There’s another Detroit boat not signed up as well as 2 Cleveland boats. Add in a couple of other random entries and we might get an OD start! Here’s tally as of 2/2. Chicago-Mackinac—5 boats Port Huron Mackinac – 3 boats LTYC Ugotta Regatta – 0 boats Consider this thread everything J/111, Great Lakes, July…. Maybe a little bit “please come to Lake Huron so we can get a OD start.” I look forward to chatting and learning from everyone.