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  1. I crewed for years for an owner with almost completely opposite political views than me. I considered him a friend, he's since passed on but has left an indelible mark on my outlook on live. He didn't change my political views much, but I'm better for having known him. One thing I think that's important for people, especially in our, current political climate is to not to seek out confirmation bias. It's too easy to put yourself in an echo chamber surrounded by only people with the same views. Everyone should embrace challenges to their views. And anyone who knows me knows the owner I'm talking about, he most certainly challenged views opposed to his. Some people couldn't tolerate him for it, no doubt he was a pain in the ass about politics. But I'm glad I crewed for him and put up with his views.
  2. glexpress

    TP52 - Nat J For Sale

    NJ for sale? Now I know how the dude felt when he met Bunny Lebowski....
  3. glexpress

    Sad Sack 12?

    That's an Express 27, hull #62. Das Boot.
  4. glexpress

    J/111 staysail

    Last I've read on this topic people were struggling on what the best tack point should be. Some were ascribing to the idea of having that tack point pretty far aft, behind the front hatch IIRC. I'm also interested in what people have come up with.
  5. glexpress

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    There's lots of light air spots between Australia > China > New Zealand (I'm assuming same routes as last edition) What's the possibility we see VOR 65's beating IMOCA's on those legs? I'd got to imagine that dragging those foils back and forth through the doldrums might provide an opportunity.
  6. glexpress

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    I should have known better to kick off a political side bar, but there will be no question that there will be OR teams who's sponsorship will be at odds with China's pollution and human rights record. That's my main point. The China money must be too much for the OR to resist, clearly as their post indicates, 5 stops in the last 5 editions bears that out. As for voting against war mongers and anti freedom candidates, I've been doing that for about 14 years. Unfortunately the only party that's actually serious about either isn't one of the big two. Can someone just post about how the route through China sucks and bury the geopolitical nonsense I started.
  7. glexpress

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    I only make a distinction because there absolutely nothing you or I could do to stop our countries largest polluter, our military. Lots of accredited reporters, yes. Free press? Absolutely not.
  8. glexpress

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    I'm not quite certain that message would extend outside of the race village. Also, I think if you make a distinction between the US Military and the rest of the US, 'Merica wouldn't be up there at the top.
  9. glexpress

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Aside from the detour from the conventional RTW route, another stop in China allows for tip-toeing around the fact that the eco-friendly Ocean Race has a stopover on the shores of one of the world’s largest polluters. Can 11th Hour Racing and Mirpuri take a mulligan for skipping the legs to and from? I’m not even going to take a crack at Team Childhood, someone else can have that one.
  10. glexpress

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    There was a J/99 in the Chicago Mackinac last summer: Boat Detail 3rd in Section 7
  11. glexpress

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Latest blog post from 11th hour on fully crewed IMOCA testing:
  12. glexpress

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned here or on the IMOCA thread about 11th Hour doing the first bit of IMOCA testing in TOR crew configuration. I've been getting bits and pieces from their Instagram. The big shocker? 6 people on an IMOCA gets cramped!
  13. glexpress

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    Close, stainless pump shotgun
  14. glexpress

    Why hasn't a J/111 raced to Hawaii yet?

    You need to find an insurance provider who doesn't sail! First because of this thread and now your post I feel compelled to inspect a rudder post, mast track and rig fittings in the spring!
  15. glexpress

    Why hasn't a J/111 raced to Hawaii yet?

    Just to provide another data point, I crew on Freedom J111 #84. Prior to coming to the states she was British Solider, a boat used for offshore training in the UK. During that time she did thousands of miles off shore, IIRC the website site said she had over 10,000 miles. I'm not sure if another J111 has had as many hard miles as her, she certainly looked that way when she got here. All she's needed since coming to the Great Lakes is a paint job and new sails. No rudder issues on Freedom besides replacing the steering cables, certainly no problems with the post. We haven't had long sustained periods of rough weather or pressure on the rig and hull.. perhaps 8-10 hours at most. All of this is not to say the boat wouldn't have similar rudder problems, before this thread came up I had heard about past boats with rudder problems. Count Freedom as another lucky rudder post J/111, we just need to work on getting as lucky in the race results! EDIT: Of the list of rudder failures on the J/111 I'd be interested in knowing the breakdown of French built boats vs Rhode Island built boats.