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  1. glexpress

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    I was offered the vaccine at work and decided to take it. Miraculously was administered my second dose on 1/19, a day before President Biden took the oath of office, which according to him was before we even had a vaccine!! Sorry, I had to go there . Anyway for me the choice to get the vaccine boiled down to two things: 1) I know more about the vaccine than things I put into my body for fun in parking lots at Phish concerts in the 1990's. So I don't have the internal moral authority to tell myself that I shouldn't get the vaccine. 2) It's about numbers, the more people that are administered the vaccine the more that local, state and federal authorities will open things. Or more appropriate to say, the less of a leg they have to stand on to keep sectors of the economy closed. The second reason is the key and it's the reason why I think everyone who is able should get the vaccine.
  2. glexpress

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    Agreed, but in my part of the world there are many 30's who do at least two races OD that I know if. Another positive of the Nonsuch style is sailing in colder weather, great fall sailing boat in colder climates. Incidentally those two OD Nonsuch 30 races I'm thinking of are fall races. I've blasted by Nonsuch 30's in the first 30 minutes of a 56 mile BYC North Channel race on the Express 27. Already wet and cold, wondering which of us got the right idea. Sure I'm home by the fireplace warming up when they're still racing, but maybe they never left home comforts?
  3. glexpress

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    I have come to the realization that the Nonsuch 30 is my dream boat, for the reasons you mention. I'll save the fast sailing for racing on other people's boats. Although the BYC North Channel Race (St Clair River) had 8 Nonsuches on the starting line last year.
  4. glexpress

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    Personally, as I get older I've found that the best gear to have is plenty of Motrin in the first aid kit.
  5. glexpress

    Retro Boat - Oddities

    We're definitely getting treated to the SoCal retro boat scene, for that I'm grateful. But if we're going to want to see retro boats from around the US and beyond, we may have to fire up Ed's Patreon. There are some cool retro boats in my neck of the woods that I'd like to see featured, S&S Pilot 33, Morgan 42, Morgan 27, Cal25 (there are probably some of those in Cali), NA40, list goes on. But Like I said, I think that Patreon would need to generate a travel budget for Ed and the production crew, probably not going to happen.
  6. glexpress

    Front Page - Retro

    @Editor when are we going to get a retro video on the Express 27? Love the series!
  7. glexpress

    Are Mount Gay Hats Cool?

    About as cool as this thread. The rum is better than the hats anyway.
  8. glexpress

    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    I got some aged parmesan reggiano that's half the age of this thread!
  9. glexpress

    Reasons 1, 2 and 3 why I still visit SA most days

    1000 Days thread. Not the reason I came here, but the thread that I remember the most.
  10. glexpress

    the state of racing 2021

    Last summer in the Detroit area clubs tried to have as much sailing as possible. As some might recall Bayview Yacht Club held it's Mackinac Race, much to the chagrin of many on this board if memory serves me correctly. During last summer there was not a lockdown in our state and limitations on gatherings did not impact crew sizes (10 or less, so only large boats were impacted). Flexibility was key for all events that were able to run. Races got rescheduled, reconfigured (cannot sail in Canadian waters) and awards parties went virtual to meet the fluid demands of the Covid world. All in all there was a decently full schedule to be had for sailing in the Detroit area last summer due to the competitors and clubs being patient and flexible. Looking at the schedule on our region's website and the number of asterisks I would say summer 2021 is going to follow the same pattern. From what I can tell the biggest issue was and will continue to be the closure of the US/Canadian border. For many of our longer races locally on Lake St Clair that presents a challenge, on Lake Huron that only means that the larger boats are reduced to what in essence is an overnight race. Even with those changes I can say I didn't hear too many people complaining, they were happy to be sailing and in some cases to be alive!
  11. glexpress

    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    Vaccinate the athletes?!?!?!?!
  12. glexpress

    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    I got the impression that MLS73273 was asking about changing out the whole head stay. Your suggestion makes more sense!
  13. glexpress

    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    There is no way to easily switch, the mast needs to come off the boat for the change. The headsails on a J111 aren't that imposing to hoist for a cruise anyway...
  14. glexpress

    J/111 2011 questions

    I would add for multiple furler cut jibs that it's a good idea to leave a strop on each sail. It sounds crazy, but different furler cut jibs need different length stops. Intuition says that that strops should all be the same length if the jib is cut from the same furler. It didn't exactly pan out that way when Freedom ditched the furler. On some sails the strop is almost twice the length. The other good reason to have one on each sail is you won't loose it and you'll not be up on the bow wondering which one needs to go with the sail that you're using.
  15. glexpress

    fully open turnbuckles or remove pins on rigging

    Agreed with the sentiment that pulling pins is the best way. Taping the threads is a good idea to mark your starting point for when it all goes back on. Two things about that, 1) don't take that as a perfect tune, it's just a starting point. 2) make sure you're tuned to your base tune before you mark with the tape! I'm an advocate of taking down the rig every winter and in the spring inspecting all fittings and rigging. This is for big boats, small boats, cruisers and racers because it's just best practice boat maintenance. Most rigs I've seen go down were due to a collision, the next most frequent category is failure of a bad fitting or improper installation. It goes without saying that most people do their best to avoid collisions, it makes me laugh that there are people who don't take equal diligence in inspecting their rig annually. Pins, ring dings and/or cotter pins are much less than an insurance deductible.