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  1. cynophobe

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Thanks for making the effort. It was the first time for us to have really close boat on boat racing and Terry was stoked, even joked about finding someone to take the G'nome Sth for the next Nationals. Cheers and hope to see you next year.
  2. cynophobe

    2019 Aussie Nationals
  3. cynophobe

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Lead swapped half a dozen times in race 2 but Evil triumphed by a boat length. Really great day.
  4. cynophobe

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Great news, let us know if you need a hand with anything. Can help out with trailer storage if needed. Div 2 really starting to look healthy now.
  5. cynophobe

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Looking like a good fleet in Div 1 with a bunch of Extreme 40's as well as a Tf10 and the classic Ulman Sails. Div 2 has a couple of 075's and a Sprint as well as a few big boats. Would be great to see a few more of the trailables here. A show down between the G'nome and the Evil Gnome would be entertaining.
  6. cynophobe


    200k, in the immortal words from the Castle " tell him he's dreaming ". At that price it has to be turn key drive away. C'mon mate put a realistic price, like half,and you might get a bite.
  7. cynophobe

    Older fast Aus multies

    Know exactly what you mean Pil.Offshore in 40 knots on Cynophobe you wear every wave.
  8. cynophobe

    Older fast Aus multies

    XL2 is a great bit of Aussie history for sure, but fairdinkum they must have truly stuffed Cynophobe if XL 2 is a more exciting prospect. Anyway I'm sure you'll have fun mate.
  9. cynophobe

    Older fast Aus multies

    Has she gone to Cairns ?
  10. cynophobe

    2019 Aussie Nationals
  11. cynophobe

    2019 Aussie Nationals
  12. Congratulations to Paulie and the boys on Ulman Sails for taking out the Nationals. Not bad for a bunch of lads from Nth Qld. A shame about the weather, just as Morticia seemed to be hitting her targets. Wicked effort by the Evil Gnome, always good to see a bloke get up after going out on a limb with his own ideas. Huge effort by Darren and his crew on Top Gun to push an ocean racer around a duck pond and still keep the top blokes nervous. With the ridiculous comments from the likes of Overlay, it's no wonder the best coverage is on face book.
  13. Nice work mate, at last we have a list of entrants. Seem to be a lot of boats with very old updates on their ratings.
  14. It has a list of people, is there a list of boats or am I missing something.
  15. Do you have a list of entries ?