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  1. cynophobe

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    Grainger Raider would be my choice. Trailable, fast and fairly roomy.
  2. cynophobe

    70' Cruising Proa....Big Red Yacht

    Had a beer with Gary the other day. He's loving his new toy and will be around here for a while. Can't wait to go for a ride.
  3. cynophobe

    Dazcat puts out cool vids

    Their 075 videos are even better, but I might be a bit biased
  4. cynophobe


    Deranged attention whore is more like it.
  5. cynophobe

    Older fast Aus multies

    Unfortunately Brandy Creek Ferry was wrecked in a big Northerlie a few years back. Something like 20 boats ended up on the bricks that day. Back in the 90's there was a Corsair 36 in charter with the Moorings on Hamilton Island. Really cool looking boat but a bugger to work on. The only other cat in charter then was Winkali, the first Seawind 1000. Will never forget looking in the engine bay and thinking the engine had fallen off its mounts. My first encounter with a bloody Bukh
  6. Good to hear it's not too bad. Good luck mate.
  7. The boat ended up upside down on a pylon and a cabin cruiser, with a broken mast. Not sure how much other damage but it didn't look real good. Just unlucky the stormcell hit right there.
  8. Will High Voltage be repaired in time ?
  9. Don't really think Venom was built for 40minute sprints around the cans. Should do better in the longer race today.
  10. results from the passage race. Easy win.
  11. Ave Gitana is basically a sister ship to Bullfrog and weighs 4097kg, rates .996 to Venoms 1.008.
  12. cynophobe

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Live coverage on the ABC now.
  13. cynophobe


    Probably out of phone range,continuing to sail the boat he rescued from rotting away.
  14. cynophobe


    Well it's gravy day here in Stralia.
  15. cynophobe


    Only on SA can you go to a thread about an old race boat and come away with recommendations on the most suitable recreational pharmaceutical to go with your favourite barn yard animal, for your next beastial orgy. Happy Christmas you bunch of depraved crayon munching window lickers :-)