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  1. coltrek

    Airmar leeway measuring log/depth sensor

    I thought this was interesting. The DX900+ was developed for Fishing Nets, sailboats were an afterthought! This from Marine Technology News.
  2. coltrek

    Drywall Sander for Bottoms

    Thanks for the responses. I too, have been doing this for a long time, so I have been through all the DA sanders, RO sanders, etc, I have a collection of new and old and rebuilt. I am just getting to the point where I want to work smarter than harder. I can't believe that I can't find even one YouTube video using one of these. I didn't want to be the guinea pig for this, but looks like I might have to. I suppose if it doesn't work, I can always sell it on EBay and recoup some of my losses. I would feel better if this 7800 was RO rather than just rotary, because of course they seem to work better on bottoms. I think the reason they (rotary) never succeeded is because they are too high a RPM, and gum up the disks. This might be slow enough to avoid this. I will report back. Oh, and by the way, I am not trying to get a racing bottom any more, just fairly smooth.
  3. coltrek

    Drywall Sander for Bottoms

    I am contemplating buying a Porter Cable 7800 Drywall sander for sanding bottom paint. Mostly Ablative. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of someone using one of these, (or similar, like a Wen, Festool, etc) and had good luck. It looks like it would be a back saver, as well as easier on the arms, and hopefully faster and do a good job. One of my concerns is it gumming up, but the speed is adjustable, so that *might* be avoidable. Any input?
  4. coltrek

    Airmar leeway measuring log/depth sensor

    I installed a DX900+ this June. At first I was having a lot of trouble, as I am integrating (new boat to me) new electronics, including a new Zeus3 with some annoying 0183 stuff like wind. Initially the speed and depth worked great, they a connector on the DX900+ came loose and I lost data, when I hooked it up again the speed was off by a couple knots, which I had a hell of a time correcting. Turns out by ignoring it, and just working on other things, now everything seems to be working fine, including Temp, which has always said 32 degrees. at least, after it was saying 106 degrees. When I look at Network, sources, data, it shows all the stuff I thought you could only see on a bluetooth connection. On the B&G, there doesn't seem to be, at this time anyways, any screen to show the pitch, roll, and leeway. I do think the depth is a little more accurate than previous ultrasonic transducers, at least when in weed infested areas. I have not noticed a - showing up when in reverse.