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  1. The Anchor Point Marina in some of the photos in that link is full this year. The Stamford Landing Marina, also in photos, is more expensive and likely will not be full or even close to it. Stamford Landing is a BLT Marina. The same BLT that tore down Yacht Haven West and is now building the replacement on a postage stamp plot on the patio of yet another apartment complex. The 14 acres that was Yacht Haven West sits empty and BLT is mum on what its intentions are with it. It is amazing what developers in Stamford get away with.
  2. The first Infinity was a Holland 40. Had the B&R Rig, tubular construction, etc. Here's the ad for her: Yachting - Google Books.html
  3. Infinity too. A sister to Regardless? I can only find a shot of the 1983 Holland 47 version of Infinity, a beautiful look, but no where near as successful. A Larry Moran photo:
  4. ODOM
  5. Look up C.A. Marchaj.
  6. The Dyer 10 is a singlehander. And fat slobs like me can still be halfway competitive in them. If I sailed an IC (as I did in my younger days) I would have to find a tiny crew. I grew up crewing in Penguins and I know what it is like to subject a young kid to those conditions. I can remember having to pee soooo bad and when I got to the bathroom I could not unzip my fly because my hands were too cold. This was torture worse than waterboarding in my mind.
  7. The fun stopped in Belmont? The Interclub is the most popular frostbite dinghy today - certainly throughout the Northeast US.
  8. Those are Dyer 10's at Riverside YC in Ct.
  9. Agreed. There is no mention of how many crash boats they had out. We had four at Riverside and everyone was out of the water within a minute or two. Do they think they don't need crash boats? There should be no reason to have to involve Police or USCG.
  10. We had 17 Dyer 10's flip at Riverside, Ct at exactly the same time - about 2:20 pm. About a 30 boat fleet. Everybody was rescued and the boats were retrieved. No need to write an article about it. It was a frontal passage, not really a squall. It blew for the rest of the day.
  11. That's the wrong way to look at it. It's the volunteers themselves that hand out the awards. They are just laughing at themselves. Some of the stories are so funny, you end up pissing your pants. If anyone has any old write-ups from a previous ceremony, post them here. You'll get the idea.
  12. Sorry random, my post was directed squarely at Last Post, not you. This is a continuation from the Opti thread. I completely agree with you that there is a time to jump classes, especially when a kid becomes too big for an Opti, but there are many other reasons as well. LP needs to understand that for every kid who bails out of an Opti there are probably ten that are having the time of their lives.
  13. I know of kids who have been sailing Optis for 5 years or more. Their parents keep them in the class in the hope that they might eventually win something because apparently winning is the only thing that matters! They, the parents, should be horsewhipped for inflicting such cruelty on innocent children. Yeah, sailing an Opti is just so cruel. What the hell is wrong with a kid sailing an opti from the age of 8 til he's 13? You think parents are forcing this on their kids? I don't know what my son could have done to have more fun. He has forged relationships with his contemporaries all over the world that he'll have for the rest of his life. What is it that you think is so wrong with kids training in an Opti?
  14. 2016 I420 ACC's Indian Harbor YC Greenwich, Ct. Oct. 22-23. 20+ knots both days, gusts over 30 on Sunday. 30 boats, 60 kids off the street.
  15. Makes as much sense as blaming obesity on plates & forks. FB- Doug I couldn't have said it better, Doug. My son saw parts of the World that he would never have had the opportunity to see because of the Optimist and its Class. Tell me what Class is going to be able to ship 200 boats for charter to a venue in a few containers and have them available in a far reaching location? Could you have done this with a Sabot or a Bic, sure. But it was the Opti that did it. To sit here and slag the boat because of an attrition rate, please. If your kid can't hack it in an Opti, what other class is going to change that? Any training class with a built in bailer, that doesn't fill up and become un-bailable and un-sailable in rough water which quickly disillusions many kids who find themselves in that situation. Any training' class that doesn't divide the kids up into the highly coached 'good' sailors group and barely coached at all lesser ability sailors who most need the coaching group. Any class that recognises that its actually a training class, not a fucking grand-prix race circuit pandering to the egos of the parents. Parents who keep their kids slugging around in a basic training class for 5 years or more in the hope that they might eventually win something should be horse whipped. That's just for starters... BTW I have been involved with teaching kids to sail in all sorts of boats for 30+ years in this country and others, also driving rescue boats and dealing with the kids at the coal face so allow me to have a bit of an idea of what I am talking about. The Opti phenomenon has only reared its ugly head in relatively recent times (here in Aus) and the numbers of kids who start the programs but are lost to sailing because of it is a major concern in a sport that needs every young sailor it can get to have any sort of future. I will concede that some of the problem is due to the poor quality of the programs themselves, (the Australia wide Tackers Program is an absolute con job but that's another issue for another thread one day) but the poor characteristics of the boat itself certainly don't help. What class would you propose? I can't for the life of me figure out what your problem is. You don't like bailing? The kids loose interest? The parents want to see their kids succeed? Poor characteristics of the boat? What are you talking about? The boat is unsailable in heavy conditions? What trainer is more sea-kindly than an Opti? I think you're talking in circles.