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  1. There is another factor to consider on a fast cat and possibly on a tri that is capable of frequently flying the main hull. There are huge gains to be made by flying the windward hull of the cat or the main hull of the tri. In conditions wher we cannot hope to fly a hull i trim for max' drive, setting the twist according to leech ribbons. In conditions where hull flying can be achieved i will oversheet, reducing twist, to increase heeling force. Often i will also bear off a little for the same reason. Once the hull is up we can come up 10 degrees or so, thr boat accelerates and all the leech ribbons flow.
  2. As sail wardrobes are upgraded and measured they are going live every second day on the site at http://www.mycq.org.au/omr/omr-ratings so you can place your bets wisely. Peter XL2 has a 60'carbon mast replacing the 57'metal one from Sparmaster in 1995.New repositioned daggerboards and rudders. New trampoline replacing foam sandwich hard deck from the mast back. In addition to the new sails. Strangely weight has gone up. WM was 3032 and is now 3260 Ratings:Boss 1.075 XL2 1.000 TopGun 0.998 should be very close for line hons.
  3. Lock Crowther D#72 his best IMO. It belongs on Australia's East Coast.
  4. Would not cost much to get it here. Go for it Pil, give XL2 a competitor.
  5. I bought an old hobie 14 for $100 It just needs a new trampoline. Perfect for daysailing fun.
  6. Sept 15-Oct 2 So the kids can't sail in the nationals Rob? Unfortunately not. I have been giving them stick for how slowly they sail the 29er, so yesterday went out with Katy to show her how it is done. Capsized before we left the beach, tacks were a mess, kite hoist not much better, flew downwind, but all over the ocean and finally hit the bottom and Katy gunwhale walked and went through the jib. All of which were directly attributable to the clown on the handlebars. Day ended with me eating a large portion of humble pie. If BL is still in one piece in October, you are welcome for the Nats and St Helena, if they let us enter. Or just sail around the course keeping out of the way if not.
  7. EDF when she was LDT did the one lap in 2012 or 13. Tri Flying usually does it. TT used to do 24 hrs but not with me, I'm too old for that. If i was there I'd do the one lap but im not.
  8. Sept 15-Oct 2 So the kids can't sail in the nationals Rob?
  9. I was always suspicious of that mainsheet block. Thought it was a bit under-engineered for the load. Still it's been there since 2008 and endured a lot.
  10. When are Qld school holidays?
  11. Hi, Truly lovely boats! Truly hope I will get to start building a tri for myself in not too distant future. Two short questions on the rudders Do the rudders simply kick back for folding? And only the motor is used to steer when folded? Many thanks P I only move a short distance in flat water so the motor is ok, but if you had to go further then a temporary small rudder would be necessary, I am thinking of building a small rudder, short tiller and rudder pin all in one to slip into the existing rudder gudgeon on the transom.They will kickup but not yet, I have them bolted together now because I know the area and depths so is not a problem, but what system I am thinking about is like the of the beach cats with a s/s rod that pushes the rudder back and locks in rather than ropes and pulleys, more positive but that is the winter job, time to go sailing while I can. Had a good race yesterday at the Australia Day regatta at Wangi in 8-13 knots, boat went great except for the first spi hoist where someone tied the sheets around the spi and earlier Watty said on the beach "have you ever had your main halyard slip", well not until he mentioned it we hadn't so first work bang and dropped 6 inches and stayed, we will now tie off the halyard, minor issues but thinking now should have a checklist before a major race. Checklist before every race.
  12. I think you are right. When a cat is tacking both rudders are fully immersed. When a F85 is tacking only one will be immersed at any point and the other will be clear or just touching the surface. It will change from one to the other mid-tack as the tri flops over.
  13. Boat names can be personalSpecial Kay and Pear Tree are examples.
  14. Do we know that? Has one been built to design and trialled? We thought there was nothing wrong with the MTB beams until MDTT hit the water.
  15. I think the underwing wires have been there since about 1992.