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  1. The other J/100 in our club has his car about where the end of that track is, so it's possible, but doesn't allow for much adjustment.
  2. So after making the above post, I went over for a couple of hour sail. I also checked the other J/100 at our club, who has the original track and uses a 150% genoa. Looks like Good Girl, like Bad Girl has a 140% up. The original track options comes back to almost the jib sheet turning block, the one pictured does not.
  3. When Bad Girl first hit the water and was doing really well, my boat was being built. I asked my North Sails rep what Bad Girl had in its inventory. It was 140, a "bullet proof" 130 and a 100. When Bad Girl morphed to Good Girl I'm not sure what changes were made. That jib car looks further back from where we have it so this may be a 150 or 155. Can't quite tell.
  4. And another front row lock out. Except this time it's Ferrari!!
  5. Good Choice!
  6. Playing it safe, I set close to DDW trying not to let it fill prematurely then come up to fill the sail. Watching the video I realized I should have taken the extra second to center the tiller. Last summer was the first time in a while I had singled handed with the spinnaker, so still working out some of the bugs. Also, If I set the AP, it takes extra time (A. to reach the panel, Yea, I know, get the remote. B. After I'm back in standby it takes another 2 seconds to unlock the tiller). With that much sail up, those 3-4 seconds could get me in trouble. I know I'm not great at this, the point was to show how easy it is to do it on the J/100. And bottom line: I still have a blast and love the faces on those that watch me sail by them. Next season's goal is to do this more often and work on being more efficient, I will certainly try setting the AP and see how that goes. I'll record it and let you know. Thanks!
  7. I have a Simrad AP24, below deck autopilot. For racing I leave it disconnected. For most of my shorthanded sailing (single or double handed) it is connected (single pin connector an easy reach down the transom hatch), but the AP is on standby for about 75% of the time, (usually just for raising and lower sail, and off wind). In standby, but connected there is enough load on the helm that I can walk away from the helm and not worry about the boat changing course in most conditions. This video isn't great and I was taking my time but it shows an single handed hoist on my J/100 and the tiller stays where I leave it. I have to work on centering the tiller before I let go of it. That would have helped.
  8. Extremely happy J/100 owner. Price is usually the issue between a J29 and J100, but if it isn't in this case, you would probably be very happy with the J/100. The carbon fiber mast is a great replacement for 1 body on the rail and it's design spec was for short handed sailing. Someone mentioned light air performance in OD config and they are correct. These days our racing is mostly weekday evening (beer can) and the 100% jib is not enough. Both North and J advised us when our boat was being built, not to get a 155%, to get a 140% Genoa instead. We have been very happy with this (Good Girl/Bad Girl, who killed in Key West and in the Islands a few years back also didn't go larger than a 140%.) Another J/100 joined our club, they had a 150 jenny. Mostly because on the older boats the optional jenny track was further back. On ours it was centered for a 140. On the half dozen times we went head to head I didn't see much difference in speed, I thought I could point a hair higher, but mostly it came down to the boat that made the least mistakes won. You do need more weight on the rail, with the 150 and after his sons when off to college his performance seem to suffer. I usually sailed with light crew, 2 or 3 besides myself (usually women) and in a breeze the 140 could be a handful. Day sailing: I single hand the boat often and the rest of the time usually only one other crew. Was playing with a new GoPro last summer, so here are 3 short videos just to get you dreaming about the right choice for you. Your wife should like this one: As you can see, I'm no athlete, plus I'm 65 and this is a very easy boat to sail. Any other questions let me know. Good luck!
  9. When my wife was shopping for her wedding dress (1978), I killed time and wandered into a waterbed store. We eventually ordered one to be delivered to our first apartment just before our wedding. Not wanting to start our wedded life on a completely untested platform, we took a test run at the Moon Hotel. I seem to remember the bed was over filled, so you had to be careful not to roll off. We slept on our own water bed for the first twenty years of our marriage. Now we live on the water and if I want to be rocked to sleep, I take a blanket and go out and lay on the boat out back. (Well not today, 25 degrees and the water is frozen).
  10. It's funny how the number of people who think that 2016 was a bad year based on the number of actors that died. I could understand those that maybe upset because of the political pendulum swing, but entertainers? Yes we may enjoy their films, shows, media antics etc., but does that really change our lives? Relatives, friends, local heroes (police, fire dept. teachers etc.) that I can understand. But celebs??? Sad to see them go, but they do not define us.
  11. The boat is on the hard, but I went today to put on the winter cover, so I have some numbers for you. All measurements are from the base of the head stay. Jib track: Starts at 11' 1", Ends at 14' 4" Genoa track: Starts at 15' 11" Ends at 19' 2" When the boat was being build, J wanted to know where to place the Genoa track, so I asked North (who was building my sails) and they said to center the track at 17' 6" for the 140% Genoa. This track is centered at 17' 6.48". close enough. Most of my car settings are 4 to 6 inches in front of the mid-point so, J was correct that with the 150% track, the 140 would be right at the end of the track.
  12. Length of the full track? Don't know, I was told that was the option after we built our boat. The intent was to have one track for at least a 100% jib and a 140% Genoa with sufficient room for fore/aft adjustment. Not sure if it included a 155% Genoa.
  13. Ferrari seems to be content with being the 3rd place team.
  14. You almost called it, just need to rearrange the names.
  15. Could iF1 be in our future?