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  1. captnjoe

    F1 - 2021 Longer Harder Faster

    "Instead of using food crops like Ethanol for this project, FIA’s uses refined biowaste, a process that generally comes from animal waste" I guess you could say F1 is going to shit.
  2. captnjoe

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Do the molds still exist? In 2009, Pearson (Then Pearson composites, changed to Pearson Marine Group, and now?) in Warren RI, created the hull and deck, which were shipped a few miles south to International Marine Composites (Bristol) where the boat was completed. When we went up to check on the boat, our deck and hull were still separate, but just about all of the deck hardware had been installed and in the hull the bulkheads, engine, fuel tank were in place. While I was there they wanted me to sign off on the location for our genoa track, since it was nonstandard (at the time). There was an untouched J/100 hull and deck sitting next to ours and it was interesting to compare the bare hull against ours. Anyway, if the molds still exist they might be in this shot. With Pearson shut down, who knows, but International Marine is still finishing boats for J. So it may still be doable.
  3. captnjoe

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    There are two J100s (both shoal draft) at our club and since we had ours built in 2009 the J100s are the boats to beat. We are the big fish in a small pond. I did a little racing in LIS and in the ocean and felt we were competitive with our rating. J wanted to sell us a J95 and I wasn’t interested and off shore with our North Sails rep crewing on the J95 it couldn’t compete. In the river and bay every time a J95 went up against one of the J/100s it lost. Great decision on my part to tell J NO! Mine was one of the last ones built and I sometimes wonder if their marketing targeted the wrong audience. They were trying to entice bigger boat owners who were tired of recruiting and feeding a large crew, to downsize. But that is a limited market. The other problem is the lack of a sprit. Because I solo sail often and occasionally fly the asymmetrical, I don't miss the extra steps of dealing with the sprit. But at the time the boat was introduced sprit boats had become hot. The other thing why they may be holding on to their popularity is the double handed racing. Our club used to run a coed double handed race for years and my wife and I were so difficult to beat that the competition stopped showing up. This summer, partially because of COVID and mostly because we are too lazy to look for crew, we decided to double hand. Won the class and even beat the other J100 whose owners are 20 years younger and they also had their two twenty something sons on board. Another plus for short handing with the J100 is the carbon fiber mast; it’s like having an invisible crew out on the rail all the time. As far as Good Girl/Bad Girl being tweaked: I asked North Sails to check their inventory because both North and J were advising against the ever popular 155% genoa. Turns out GG/BG biggest headsail was a 140. The problem there is the optional genoa track was installed with a 155 in mind, so with a 140 you couldn’t always have the best car setting. J moved the track forward based on North’s specs (just like GG/BG) and it worked out very well. I was told that after my boat, any new builds (maybe two) would have one continuous track instead of two. I can’t say how much I enjoy my J100. But owning a sailboat is all about really knowing your specific needs and finding the boat that comes closest to those needs. I got lucky.
  4. captnjoe


    She is just tucking her top in. And accidently pulled it too far down.
  5. captnjoe

    If You Love dogs......

    Our Chesapeake Bay Retrievers: Different breeders and six years apart, but they understand family.
  6. captnjoe

    Friday Advent Calendar

    Neither did I. Do we get a refund? Actually, this calendar was a highlight of 2020.
  7. captnjoe

    The F1 2020 thread

    Seems like a few here have trouble finding F1 broadcasts. Didn't know this existed until it was announced it is gone. Sad. Maybe this will make up for it.
  8. captnjoe

    Friday Advent Calendar

    Is it just me, or is 16 not loading for the last two days. I'm trying to be good and not peeking ahead.
  9. captnjoe

    Random PicThread

    The always seemed to schedule these drills right after lunch. On days they served hot dogs and beans!
  10. captnjoe

    The F1 2020 thread

    I'm happy for Perez and feel that he deserves the win and to be back next year, but he's the one that fucked LeClerc and Verstappen.
  11. captnjoe

    new j/day

    Plug is done!
  12. captnjoe

    Random PicThread

    Did you just take it up a notch, WOW! Form the last couple of Top of the Page to some current humor. Hobot, way to go!!!
  13. captnjoe

    Puppy Pictures

    Our dogs will occasionally notice a dog on TV, (helps if it barks). And one or twice if the TV dog exited off the screen, a dog would get off the couch and check the room behind the TV.
  14. captnjoe

    Random PicThread

    I guess for the few years they played there, lefties sat on the bench. 250' down the left field line!
  15. Who the hell is Mariao. Exit 26 A, not even close, learn to read a map, and Pretzels: NY wins hands down (except for the mustard). Yup, you must be from Pennsyltucky.