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  1. haha how you been?

    1. Laserslave


      Heyyyy man! Been doing well! Living in New Orleans still. Got married a little under 2 years ago. Bought a little Wavelength 24 I do Wednesday Nights on. How about you man? When are you coming to visit?!

  2. Laserslave

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    +1 On my Pixel 3, this is how it loads and the left and right scrolling function doesn't work. When in desktop mode, looks like what numl0ck describes.
  3. Laserslave

    caption contest

    Size matters.
  4. Laserslave

    I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast has a ton of sailing history and is often over looked. New Orleans is fun all year round because of football, Mardi Gras and Festival seasons and The Coast is the place to be in the summer time. New Orleans is getting more expensive but coming from RI, your dollar will go far. If you chose to live on the coast you could definitely find some waterfront property to live on. Both places have plenty of yacht clubs to sail out of and facilities to keep you boat.
  5. Laserslave

    Nature Power Solar Panels

    Thanks for the info! I probably should have bought the 5 watt panel but since it is only hooked up to 2 interior lights and the running lights, and they will only be used at night, I think I'll be fine. I'll only use the boat at night a dozen times a year. When it dies and/or gets stolen I'll upgrade.
  6. Laserslave

    Nature Power Solar Panels

    Hey All, just purchased my first boat! (At least my OWN as an adult) It's a Wavelength 24, super pumped about it! Quick question about solar chargers. It has a very simple 12 Volt system for some interior lights and running lights. Since there is no inboard, it has no way to charge. I bought a Nature Power 3 Watt trickle charger. It doesn't seem to have a way to sense if the battery is fully charged. If I leave it on there, will the continuous charging damage the battery? I'm a captain of a tug, 21 days on, 21 days off, when I leave, should I disconnect the charger? Thanks!
  7. Laserslave

    espo is a dick

    hmmm....seems to me that all of you dont like a straight talker like espo and are sittin in your sand box cryin over a story that you only know half of, espo is better man than a lot of people that i have met and contrary to alot of people out there he actually has gota pair slaveboy
  8. Laserslave

    espo is a dick

    shite espo's here...if that fackered is found...he might never be found again ey?