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  1. haha how you been?

    1. Laserslave


      Heyyyy man! Been doing well! Living in New Orleans still. Got married a little under 2 years ago. Bought a little Wavelength 24 I do Wednesday Nights on. How about you man? When are you coming to visit?!

  2. Laserslave

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    +1 On my Pixel 3, this is how it loads and the left and right scrolling function doesn't work. When in desktop mode, looks like what numl0ck describes.
  3. Laserslave

    espo is a dick

    hmmm....seems to me that all of you dont like a straight talker like espo and are sittin in your sand box cryin over a story that you only know half of, espo is better man than a lot of people that i have met and contrary to alot of people out there he actually has gota pair slaveboy
  4. Laserslave

    espo is a dick

    shite espo's here...if that fackered is found...he might never be found again ey?