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    Weta anarchy

    Ok, thanks for the comments! It was only a short way to the buoy. I guess we learned the hard way what you mentioned and what apparently also is in the weta manual. We will get a new pole from weta this time, so good service there! Lesson learned.
  2. SirFreda

    Weta anarchy

    Bowsprit damage Was out sailing our new weta, model from 2013, but taken in use this year. This was only seventh time out. Wind was approximately 6m/s, had the screecher up and trying to make the next buoy without rolling it in. So we're going as much upwind as possible. Then this happens. Measured the sidewall thickness at the breaking point to around 1.3-1.5mm in the bowsprit. I haven't seen any previous reports of bowsprit breaking like this. Could there be some manufacturing issue with this particular one or is this normal on the weta. Brgrds Fredrik