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  1. fouling finish pin

    Years ago, in a club race that was twice around, the Committee Boat was a mark. In almost zero wind we barely touched the boat's anchor line with our boom. We get back to the club and find out we are listed as DSQ! I ask why and was told it was because we hit a mark and didn't do any penalty turns. My (at the time) 12 year old son who was crew said that the anchor line is not part of the mark, "everybody knows that", and also what's with the DSQ? The Race Committee reinstated us in the position we actually finished. This was with a well established, very active racing, SoCal Club, by the way
  2. V.Green...need an opinion

    I turned in a shotgun to the police a few years ago. ( It had been sitting in a closet unused for about 20 years and wife hated it, so... ) I called them first because I definitely didn't want to stroll into the PD holding a double barrel 12 gauge. A cop came to the house, had me fill out some paperwork, and took it. Cop was kind of prick, actually, but it felt better knowing that it went there, rather than being sold or given away to who knows who.
  3. Reciprocity Inequality

    The prices charged to members are sometimes less than visitors because they do, after all, pay dues to that club. A different pricing structure for non-members seems perfectly reasonable to me.
  4. John Lennon

    I saw the Beatles live in San Diego in '65. It was at the height of Beatlemania. They proceeded to get more creative and important. Of course by '80 they had been broken up a while, but there was always a possibility they could have a reunion. Groups do that all the time. I'm in SoCal and on that day I was on a business trip in Chicago, when I heard the news (today oh boy). I obviously didn't know him personally, but it did affect me. I guess I realized that that period of time, and my life, was really gone and couldn't ever come back. I recently saw "Love" the Cirque du Soleil Beatles themed production in Las Vegas. It was really good, and frankly the whole story and music moved me still.
  5. My wife has had a permit for 10+ years. It was authorized by 2 people with MD after their name ( orthopedic in nature, fused bones, etc. ) but her medical condition is not obvious, and frankly no one's business at all. We notice the occasional looks from people who think they can instantly diagnose what qualifies as a disability, and it can be annoying. I personally think that the person who went to medical school and all that follows is probably more qualified than me to judge someone's physical condition.
  6. Putting out bait and waiting for an animal to walk up to it is not hunting. Real hunters spend time determining where prey would be, stalking the prey, and making a clean and quick kill. This idiot did none of that. When he finally killed it almost 2 days later, he skinned it and beheaded it so he could have a big he-man trophy. This slime ball convicted felon poacher deserves everything bad that comes to him.
  7. Weeping About Weeping Keel

    Since yours has a wing keel (which I admit I missed), it is at least a '79 or newer, so, yes, it is newer than mine. I'll have to plead ignorance on the wing keel construction. I have had the chance to see several old C27 keels removed from the hulls and they were all lead, no iron, no filler bricks, etc. But anything is possible I guess. The simplest test would be to try a magnet. Best of luck on your repair.
  8. Weeping About Weeping Keel

    This owner of a C27 older than yours says that you have lead keel. Also, if the weeping is near the bottom of the keel I would not assume it is coming from inside the boat. Do some further investigating before deciding what the solution is.