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  1. LakeBoy

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist
  2. LakeBoy

    How does your sailing/yacht club do ice?

    Is there a disinfectant spray bottle for the disinfectant spray bottle? Perhaps the bottle is seeping enough to be self disinfecting.
  3. LakeBoy


    Defender 12 Millimeter Illusion Interesting difference with Minuet Yachts is the ability to carry onto a dock and launch.
  4. LakeBoy

    Lot Lines and Development Shenanigans - HELP!

    Any chance the "soil mixing factory" is a variance from "Diversified Ag?" If so, is there any change the variance was restricted to the owner it was issued to and therefore not transferrable on sale? Along the lines of that others have said could it be shown that the volume of saw dust far exceeds the capacity of the soil mixing business so as to reclassify the operation as a storage facility subject to other restrictions?
  5. Thanks everyone. I've taken a swing at the Revocable License Agreement for attaching PWC floats to the common dock. Will be discussing it tomorrow with the Committee Chairperson then reviewing with Board & HOA's attorney. Starting on the dock guidelines. Tempted to just write "Be a nice person." in a large font but I think they are looking for more detail. Have reviewed the Development's CCR and found that I think some of the concern (like the color issue) may already sufficiently covered. "...and in no event shall any pier, dock or other structure be erected that does not conform to the specifications established by the Architectural Review Board which are as follows:" "There shall be no covered boat docks without the specific written approval of the Architectural Board." (leave open if "covered boat dock" is applicable to a cover attached to a boat lift installed at a dock) "All docks shall be white, gray or natural in color." (again subject to presumption that a removable cloth cover is actually part of the dock)
  6. Thanks IB. I'd like to think that I am in the category of "reasonable members" volunteering to work out issues for the HOA. We are a small development of about 30 lots. All volunteer HOA. KIS, it is not ME who may be so anal as to regulate the colors. That is an example the Committee Chairperson gave me when requesting I take a stab at drafting guidelines. I don't really have a care in the world as in the summer the tree canopy obscures the dock from my views. Only by participating can I head off onerous guidelines. Leveraging IB's comment, it may be wise to preclude blue poly trap and the like as covers and say it should be Sunbrella (or equivalent) fabric fitted to the frame and stop there. Hopefully any issues can be addressed by a HOA representative having a private conversation with the "offender" explaining specifically what the concern is and what action is expected. That said, the HOA does need to have mechanisms in place to enforce (hopefully) reasonable rules for the benefit of all.
  7. Bought a new house this year and volunteered to assist the "Dock Committee" of our HOA. Got tasked with drafting some recommendations for guidelines and a Revokable License Agreement. The situation is that about 70% of our HOA homes have a deeded (1/xx) interest in a community dock. As such, there are no guidelines established in the CCRs. The development is about 16 - 20 years old and as far as I know, no issues with dock usage. One pending area of concern is the color fabric used for replacement boat lift covers. (i.e. allow "anything goes, limited choices, single color, specific color per slip to establish a pattern as covers are replaced) If any of you can provide or point me to some examples, it would be helpful. Also interested in experiences that made for good (or bad) guidelines. In addition to the deeded slips, the HOA has agreed to allow a limited number of personal watercraft floats to be attached to the walkway. Someone proposed a Revocable License Agreement between the HOA and slip owner to cover this. Again, examples & experiences would be helpful in crafting a draft to present to the HOA Board.
  8. LakeBoy

    Trailer Light Thingy

    Been almost forever since I dealt with trailer lights. Is the 4-pin flat connector so dominate that trailer makers won't switch to a 6-pin connector and separate turn signal bulbs in the light housing or separate housings?
  9. LakeBoy

    Abandoned Hobie 33

    One of those is my old boat. Glad to see the current owners really stretching her legs. She spent too much time just sitting on the trailer when I owned her
  10. LakeBoy

    Abandoned Hobie 33

    Assuming it is a lifting keel version there is already a large hole in the hull that will keep the water from getting more than about 10" deep. You can use hoses to syphon more water out
  11. LakeBoy

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Bookend I have hull #185 which was the 3rd to last. (believe hull #187 was last) She was in Ohio when I owned her. Bought her from Louisville KY. That owner said she came from the Seattle area. When I was polishing the hull I found where the gelcoat on the transom had been protected by a decal that IIRC said Campers World _____ New Mexico. I renamed the boat Cynical Girl. Prior name was Athena. Don't know before that. The guy who bought her took her to FL and renamed her. Don't recall the name but I believe he said it was his 3rd Hobie 33 and they all had the same name. (track that!) Got a message from the next owner when he was looking to buy. They said they were taking her from FL to CA. The sure do get around. Its the wheels, man.
  12. Didn't see a thread. Any more information? CBS News article
  13. LakeBoy

    Dinghy on mooring buoy in a rolly bay - capsize preventer?

    Can't recall if a C-15 centerboard is wood or glass. If wood, I think there is a tremendous difference between 150 - 200 lbs of a person working to right the boat (pressure across the grain at the hull/trunk junction) and hanging 100 lbs of lead that would try to pull the pin up splitting the grain. While a bulb may not be the answer, the idea is worth pursuing. How wide is the centerboard slot? How heavy a chain can you feed through? A weight like a chain or anchor hung through the centerboard slot would put some weight low in the boat (cockpit sole height) which may be enough stability.
  14. LakeBoy

    Any S2 owners out there?!

    While we are on the topic of S2s, anyone have experience with the 5.5? Wondering how the sail in spite of having the "companion way" to port.
  15. LakeBoy

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    think we found the connections