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  1. LakeBoy

    Abandoned Hobie 33

    One of those is my old boat. Glad to see the current owners really stretching her legs. She spent too much time just sitting on the trailer when I owned her
  2. LakeBoy

    Abandoned Hobie 33

    Assuming it is a lifting keel version there is already a large hole in the hull that will keep the water from getting more than about 10" deep. You can use hoses to syphon more water out
  3. LakeBoy

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Bookend I have hull #185 which was the 3rd to last. (believe hull #187 was last) She was in Ohio when I owned her. Bought her from Louisville KY. That owner said she came from the Seattle area. When I was polishing the hull I found where the gelcoat on the transom had been protected by a decal that IIRC said Campers World _____ New Mexico. I renamed the boat Cynical Girl. Prior name was Athena. Don't know before that. The guy who bought her took her to FL and renamed her. Don't recall the name but I believe he said it was his 3rd Hobie 33 and they all had the same name. (track that!) Got a message from the next owner when he was looking to buy. They said they were taking her from FL to CA. The sure do get around. Its the wheels, man.
  4. Didn't see a thread. Any more information? CBS News article
  5. LakeBoy

    Dinghy on mooring buoy in a rolly bay - capsize preventer?

    Can't recall if a C-15 centerboard is wood or glass. If wood, I think there is a tremendous difference between 150 - 200 lbs of a person working to right the boat (pressure across the grain at the hull/trunk junction) and hanging 100 lbs of lead that would try to pull the pin up splitting the grain. While a bulb may not be the answer, the idea is worth pursuing. How wide is the centerboard slot? How heavy a chain can you feed through? A weight like a chain or anchor hung through the centerboard slot would put some weight low in the boat (cockpit sole height) which may be enough stability.
  6. LakeBoy

    Furnace filter anarchy

    Menards 5" pleated paper
  7. LakeBoy

    Furnace filter anarchy

    My house has an electrostatic filter box (complete with switch) however the PO had a 16x25x5 filter in it. Seems to work just fine. Yes, $35/filter is a bit ridiculous but I still try to change it out ever 90 days. Just put a new one in today after realizing I missed the end of March change. Oh well. As far as 4 vs 5, as long as the 20x25 or 16x 25 is a snug fit to minimize bypass, you should be OK. Set the 4 against the frame side the airflow will be forcing it against. P.S. I'm just a home owner, not a HVAC pro. Take it for what its worth.
  8. LakeBoy

    New spinnaker from 1996! for Olson 29

    3 gybes by my count where did you "find" a 22 year old new sail
  9. LakeBoy

    For Sale: Used Empty YETI Cardboard Box

    Isn't that like Chuck Norris' bodyguard??? completely redundant if you ask me. If Yetis are as tough as they claim, why are double reinforced, full flap, corrugated protection systems required for shipping? They should need nothing more than a strip of tissue paper that reads "Sanitized for your Protection" loosely draped across the opening.
  10. LakeBoy

    He's on the .....

    Hunt Prowl But agree with Bull & SloopJB Don't recommend going this route
  11. LakeBoy

    What Is It? NW Salvage- One HellOf A Rig!

    Found a reference in 1999 & 2000 race results Annalise - Wylie 34 Custom Not sure it lines up with the pic on Sailboatdata Did I win something from Teaky's desk?
  12. LakeBoy

    Are you going to buy the boat?

    and a repeat.....
  13. LakeBoy

    Any S2 owners out there?!

    While we are on the topic of S2s, anyone have experience with the 5.5? Wondering how the sail in spite of having the "companion way" to port.
  14. LakeBoy

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    think we found the connections
  15. LakeBoy

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    What caliber is that thing!!!